The Name Game: In Love With L

09/18/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

J names have had their day in the sun: a whole generation of Jennifers and Jessicas, Jasons and Joshuas are now growing up and having babies of their own. Then came the K names popular in the nineties: Kyle, Kayla, Kaitlyn. Next up? The L names. Pamela Redmond-Satran, co-founder of, says that “L is the hottest beginning consonant for babies’ names here and throughout Europe.” Hotter still are names with a double-L sound like Lila and Tallulah.

There are a litany of celebrity babies born recently with L names in the Luke and Lucy family, which means light. They include Lucia, as chosen by Amber and Rob Mariano; Luciana, as chosen by Carnie Wilson; Lucy, as chosen by Nancy Grace; Luc, as chosen by Peter Gabriel; Luca, as chosen by Vincent D’Onofrio; Luka, as chosen by Tom Colicchio and Luke, as chosen by Natalie Morales.

The letter L is long on variety, however, offering unlimited choices — both traditional and quirky — for parents-to-be. Lindsay Davenport opted for Lauren; Gael Garcia Bernal opted for LΓ‘zaro; Matthew McConaughey opted for Levi; Tori Spelling opted for Liam; Erinn Hayes opted for Lilah; Shane Richie opted for Lolita and Constance Marie opted for Luna — a name CBB readers clearly loved!

Albert Michael/Startraks; Alison Dyer for PEOPLE for use on CBB; Karl Larsen/INF

Click below to read about the biggest L name trendsetter of all.

L names aren’t exactly a new fad, however, and there are plenty of celebrity kids to prove it. Madonna kicked off quite a trend when she named her first child Lourdes, to be nicknamed Lola; Celebrity parents who followed suit include Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, Kelly Ripa, Chris Rock and Annie Lennox. Other older celebrity children with L names include Brendan Fraser‘s son Leland, Kate Moss‘ daughter Lila, Donovan Leitch‘s daughter Lilac, Julianne Moore‘s daughter Liv and Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson‘s son London.

Pamela also points out that although they don’t start with L, celebrities are lending their stamp of approval to names with a double L sound. Both Philip Seymour Hoffman and Damon Dash opted for Tallulah, while Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin loved Delilah.

L names are just as popular outside Hollywood’s city limits. Logan, Landon, Lily, Lillian, Lauren, Lucy, Leah, Luke, Lucas, Layla and Luis are all in the U.S. Top 100, according to Pamela, who goes on to cite some up-and-coming L names like Leah, Lydia, Leon, Leopold and Lionel. Across the pond L names are also all the rage; Lou, Lilou and Louise are popular in France while Louis and Lewis are currently topping the charts in Great Britain.

So why L? “Partly, because it was time for something new,” Pamela explains.

“The J and K sounds had been widely popular for long enough that we needed to focus on a new sound. L is luscious and lovely; it’s associated with lots of positive qualities. And it’s been long enough since the last L wave, when names such as Lisa and Linda and Lori ruled, that the letter sounds new to us again.”

In addition to her work with, Pamela has co-authored ten baby-naming books with Linda Rosenkrantz. Their newest title, Beyond Ava & Aiden, is available now.

— Missy

Which L name do you like the most? The least? Why?


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Laura on

I still think the that the name Luna going over so well is funny. My middle child’s name is Luna Marie and is now three and a half. When she was born her father picked her first name because I had named our son Tristen 3 years previously. My family HATED the name Luna, so it is hilarious for me to see it becoming popular. I now have three children, Tristen 6, Luna 3, and Natalya 4 months. Tristen got relatively popular after he was born as well as the name Luna, maybe Natalya will be the next trendy name. When we named our children we wanted names you didn’t hear often but I guess we are out of luck with that now! LoL

Sanja on

L names are also very popular in Germany and some other European countries. I was soooo hoping that we’d see the end of it:-(
In my neighbourhood kids under 10 with L names include: Luka (#1 boy name here), Leon, Leonardo, Leo, Lea, Lana, Lara, Lucija (#1 girl name here), Laura, Lorena, Leonarda…

Jana on

I’m a bit fan of Jennie Garth’s daughter’s name Luca. Laramie is a nice and trendy L name. I also like more traditional L names such as Lauren and Lola.

Morgane on

my daughter’s name is LetΓ­cia, and i love it

cbbfan on

My daughter is named Lily.

Lis on

I love “L” names! My faves are Lilly, Lucy, Luke, Leo, and Levi. Although for some reason I want my children to have different first initials, I will only have one “L”-named child… Probably Lilly, as it’s my all time favorite name πŸ˜‰

Elle on

I really like Lydia and Livia/Liv. They are very pretty and feminine.

Brooklyn on

Some of my favourites are Luc, Laken, Lukas, Logan, Lauryn, Lily, and Leigha.

Kristi on

Landon is my all time favorite boy’s name : ) Not sure if it has anything to do with it starting with an L but I just had a Landon in my life who stole my heart (a little boy I used to take care of) and every since then I have loved the name. P.S. Levi’s little outie belly button is so cute!

pyjammy on

I have a Linus. πŸ™‚

Sophie on

My boys names are London & Lincoln. I didn’t intentionally pick L names I just seem to gravitate towards Ls! My next favorite boy name is Lyric so I guess my boys are destined πŸ˜‰ Maybe my next will be a girl and we’ll go in a different direction πŸ˜‰

Sarah on

Two of my all time favorite boys names are L names: Liam and Lucas.
I also like Landon, Leo, Louis, Lennon, Levon…
As for girl names, I’m getting tired of all the Lily/Lila/Leahs etc…
I like Lyra, Letitia and Lydia.

Krystal on

My sons names are Logan and Landen and my daughters name is Londyn. I get compliments everywhere I go about how beautiful their names are.

ZBP on

omg iam in love with L names. i love a lot of them. enough to have a duggar size family. (though i wouldnt do that:))

loreena on

my name is loreena, i dont like it that much.

Lea on

How funny. My little girl’s name is Lydia and it would have been Leo if she were a boy. Obviously I like L names!

ReyesPhile on

I like Lola.

Emmy on

I like Lorelei & Leila, but not enough to name my daughter either…. I really like Lily but it’s so popular now!

I like Logan for boys, but it just reminds me of Wolverine (X-Men). Lucas/Luke/Luca are getting really popular again too.

Louis is probably the only boys name I like, (pronounced Lou-wee, not Lew-wiss) but it’d annoy me to correct people who pronounce it Lewis!

So therefore none of the names on my ‘baby name list’ begin with L!

Blackrose on

i love the name Latika from the movie Slumdog Millionaire…

Amanda on

I work for Head Start, and during a home visit yesterday, I met a little boy named Layden. Just when I thought I had heard it all with those names…Hayden, Aiden, Jayden, Kaiden, Paiden…one of the centers I am in charge of (as I am a family resource advocate, and we are routinely in charge of at least three classes, doing home visits, making sure health needs are met, organizing parent meetings, and a million other things)has twenty kids in it, all three years old, and there are six (or nearly a third, if you think about it) kids with names that are the same or are derivatives of the ones I listed above. I have seen “Kaiden” spelled that way, along with Caden, Cayden, Caiden, Caydyn, Kayden, Kaden, Kadin…you get the picture. No offense to you mums out there who have named your children something that ends in the “-aden” sound, but there are just so many of them these days that it’s hard to keep track. They seemed so original a few years ago, but now it’s overwhelming. I used to love Lola, but now it’s just too popular for my taste. My niece’s name is Olivia, and that name was WAY down on the list when she was born nine years ago. Now I think it’s somewhere in the top twenty. When we have children, my husband and I are considering Genevieve for a girl. It’s classy, and we loved it after hearing the song “Sweet Lady Genevieve.” We’re big Kinks fans. Sorry for the ramble. πŸ˜‰

JMO on

I always liked Lexi, Layla, and Lyla.

For boys I like Levi and Landon.

My kids won’t have those names but that’s what I like for “L” names.

But I can no longer take the names Lola, Luke, and Lily.

Jennifer on

My dd is Lillian (Lilly).
When we chose it last year we had no idea how popular it was about to become. We picked it because it is strong yet feminine and was my grandmothers middle name.
That said, I truly do wish that it was not on the top list of girl names. Trendiness irks me. LOL

bubbles on

My 9 year old sister’s name is Lyndsy. Not Lindsay or Lindsey, but Lyndsy. My parents wanted a unique spelling for her name. I love her name but maybe I’m prejudiced = )

Pen on

I have 2 daughters Tabatha and Amity. My third, due in December, will be Luella or Lilac if its a girl or Luca if its a boy!

Tina. on

i like the names laura and lexi, there cute πŸ™‚

brannon on

always loved loralei but had enough with the “l” names with unique spellings … my class has a lohgan, lyla, luk, and a lawrinse (seriously) and yes, they get mad when people spell them the “wrong” way.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I generally like ‘L’ names. I have a nephew with middle name Luca, like Lucia for a girl too. Don’t know if it counts, but with the ‘l’ within name so I guess so, we have a niece in Australia called Tahlia, and love her name personally, would’ve liked it myself had they not had their daughter nearly 5 years before we had ours in 08! I have had a few people comment on name Tahlia, liking it. Think it’s pretty and like it with the ‘h’ like my sis in law spelt their daughter’s. I had only heard it once before which appeals – wasn’t George Clooney’s wife yonks ago called Talia?

Also like Lia, Layla, Ella, etc…quite a few too choose from, lol..

sri on

My youngest girl is named Lilia and we call her Lily or Lee for short.
My husband wanted Liliana but we already have a Juliana (2nd daughter). Too similar. So we decided on Lilia, which is a form of Lilac in Russian.

Turquoise on

I named my daughter’s first middle name Lily after her paternal grandmother. I thought it was a pretty name.

Elizabeth on

I like L names. My husband and I were not going with a theme but both of our children have L names; Lucas and Lana

alex on

Personally my favorite L names are Lena and Lucy for girls and Lucas for a boy.

Jana on

I also happen to love Lucian for a boy.

Sophia on

I like Lola, Layla, Lucia, Leni, Lottie, Lolita, Lourdes, Leonor, Leontine, Lena, Lito and Lainie for girls, Lennox, Leon and Levi for boys and Lyric and Luca for either. I don’t have a particular attraction to L names, I just like a lot of names in general.
Children with L names that I know are Liam, Lainie, Lauren, Lydia, Lewis, Louie, Lulu, Lilly/Lily (which is quite nice too, but I prefer it as Lily-Rose), Luka (boy), Lotte, Lucy, Lucinda, Leiselotte, Laurel, Laurence, Leopold, Lueder (pronounced Loo-da, boy), Leela, Lyndon (boy), Loudon, Lillian, Lana, Laura, Leo, Leonard (Len), Lindsay, Lynx (boy), Lloyd, Lachlan, Lois and Louise.

Lacey on

I’m Lacey(duh). I love my name! If I had to pick a name for myself, it’s total what I would have pick. I have a sister, Laura and a neice Lillianna.

Lacey on

I love my names Lydia, for a girl and Lysander for a boy. Yes, Lysander is for Midsummer Night’s Dream.

marimel on

There are some great names listed here!

My personal faves are:

girls: Leia (pronounced lay-uh… never mind the Star Wars reference), Leilani (lay-lah-nee), Lena (but only pronounced lay-nuh), and Livia/Liv

boys: Leyton, Lachlan, Landon (though I’d never use it due to its popularity)
… apparently I have a thing for names beginning with the sound “lay”

and to Amanda: Layden? Interesting… I work in a NICU and there was a Zayden in there not too long ago. What next? Rayden, Tayden, Sayden, Dayden? Eayden?

Taylor on

I love Lucia!

Jane on

My favorite “L” name for a boy is Luka. I like Lilah for a girl. “L” names I hate: Landon,Logan,Lexie,Layla

guardadocumentos on

i love LEO, because leo my stars sign

KJN on

I love Lucia (pronounced “Loo-sha”) for a girl and Lennon for a boy. πŸ™‚

Shannon on

My youngest daughter’s middle name is Lorelei! I almost used that for her first name b/c I love it so much, but it didn’t fit the “theme” me and my girls have in our names, lol!

For boys I like Leo and Lucas, and for other girl names I like Lillian and Lucille.

Ruthella on

I’m surprised to hear that Lila is popular in some places. I have a Lila and we don’t know a single other one! We liked it after hearing the Oasis song (we are in England), but have never come across another Lila (or Lyla) in real life πŸ˜€

Amanda on

My son’s name is Lukas spelled with a K, the German version (because I was born in Germany, and wanted to pay a little homage to that part of his DNA) πŸ™‚ If we were to have any more kids, L names have already been picked out for boy and/or girl.
For some reason I too, gravitate towards L names!

Mickey on

I know a Lenika , & I love her name. Its exotic, beautiful and unique.

Summer on

Jennifer, we too have a little Lily and did not know it was shooting up the popularity charts when we chose it for her last year. I had a very dear friend named Lily as a child, and always loved the name by association. Also, my grandmother is named Susan, the meaning of which is “lily.” So, it had a lot of meaning to me, in addition to sounding lovely. If there are too many other “Lilys” though, we chose a very lovely (and slightly less common) middle name that she could alternately opt to use.

robin m. on

As the proud mother of a 6 month old Lucy, I have to say that it is my favorite!

Sarah M. on

Marimel & Amanda – My brother’s name is Draven, I know a Rayden and know of a Drayden. Don’t like any of the 3!

Ones I like:

girls: Lucy, Lexi (nickname), Lulu (nickname), Leigh, Leilani, Lily (too popular now, though), Lainey, Leila Lorelei, Lena. Kinda like Luella. Lyric for boy or girl.
boys: Logan, Lachlan, Lawson, Landon, Leyton, Lucas, Levi, Laken, Lincoln (Linc for short). I’ve never heard Lynx, but it’s cute.

Ones I don’t like:
girls: Lana, Lynn, Linus, Lydia, Lola, Lillian, Laura, Lacey
boys:Lawrence, Larry, Lois, Louise, Leonard, Leo, Linus, Liam, Leon, Louie and Lewis.

I know several people with ‘L’ names. A few Luke’s. A Lana, she had a twin named Billy. My middle name is Louise. I babysit for a Lillian, Lilly for short, and 2 other Lily’s. I also sit for a male Logan and used to know a female Logan, prefer it for a male. Cousins named Lacey, Laura, Kennedy Leigh (females) and male Lincoln (Linc). I used to sit for a Rose Emily, she now has a sister named Macy Lynn (the mom’s name is Tara Lynn).

I like names in general, not just ‘L’ names, though. As I already have a list of names for future children, I don’t know that I’d use any of the ‘L’ names I like, though. None are on my list. (When I meet my future husband I’ll just have to talk him into the names if he doesn’t like them. lol)

Dolores on

I am so glad to see Lydia included here, since that is the name of my 5-year old daughter. I know several other moms across the country via the Internet who have named their daughters Lydia, but no one locally. And, unfortunately, since the first day of Kindergarten, my Lydia has been mistakenly called “Olivia” by nearly every child in class. Also, anyone new in her dancing class refers to her as “Olivia”. I never noticed anyone getting her name wrong before, but then she is out and among lots of other children now. I told her to politely say “It’s Lydia, with an L, not Olivia” and her teacher even wrote it on the board for “L” day, but kids still get it wrong! And, I have to tell the moms, because they have no idea, they take their kid’s word at it! Here I thought I was giving her a special, easy-to-pronounce name, ha! Oh, well, people always will make mistakes, even if your name is “Becky”, I guess. We love her name. She IS a Lydia, all the way!

Erika on

Delores, no matter what your kids name is, it will probably get mispronounced at some times, unless it’s in the top 5 names. My name is Erika, and I’ve gotten Eureka, Ricky, Rika, Erin, and people who pronounce it “Air-aayy-kuh” or “Eh-ree-keh”, . Lol, it’s weird. The name Lydia is beautiful by the way!!

Danielle on

Love Liam and Leah!!

claire on

My daughter, due in 5 weeks, will be called: Lola Grace. So that’s my favourite!

Candy on

Four people at work over the last year named their daughters lily, that name has become so popular. Never got into the L names when naming my 3 daughters, but there are some very beautiful L names out there…I like Lucy and Liam

Darlene on

13 years ago I almost named my son Levi. Thank God I didn’t because he has a cousin with that name. His other cousin is Lacy. Besides, Levi is a brand name for jeans. I didn’t want my son to be picked on even though I think it’s a cool name.

Dana on

My daughter’s middle name is Liesel… I have always loved it…

Micheley on

bubbles- I have a cousin name Linzee, and it was spelled that way for the the same reason as your sister, my aunt wanted something unique. πŸ™‚

Nicole on

I named my daughter Lili. I had picked out this name 12 years before I gave it to her. I chose it because my grandma’s name is Lillian and she practically raised me. At that time the name was not at all popular and I thought I had a really unique name. Considering our last name is Johnson we needed something a little different. Unfortunately after we named her her name blew up with popularity. Imagine my disappointment.

Melly K on

We have a Logan and a Lilith, and further on our list is Lachlan. Both were names slightly ahead of the popular trend, and although I dislike the popularity I still like their names, as their middle names are unique (Wales and Morgaine, respectively). L names are generally tamer than K and J names, which I really don’t like.

jessie on

i like the names logan, liam and lily/liliana but that’s about it. L names aren’t that popular in my family, lol

crg on

We have Liam and Lochlan- lots of L’s! It also seems like I meet a little boy named Leo every day. That name is really becoming popular on its own and as a nickname.

Jessi on

Lilith, Lilac, Lavender (Lavendar), Lola, Luna, Landon, Lachlan, Logan, Levi, Liana, Leeley are some of my favorite L names.

l's mom on

While I am not a fan of L’s name overall, I come from a family of female L’s. It started with my great grandmom and has gone all the way to my daughter. Luzella, Lucile, LuRay, Laura, Lynette, Lauren and Laci. So I feel like a part of all of them are with each of us. I didn’t even know we were trendy. πŸ™‚

Carie on

I personally do not gravitate toward any certain lettered name. I am a fan of a few L names though. My grandmother’s name was Lillie Lola (soooo many L’s in that one I tell you!). She passed away this past November and if I am ever blessed with having a daughter I want to honor her memory and name her either Lillie or Lillien. At this point I am leaning towards Lillien Esme or Helena Lillie (the Helena would be after the My Chemical Romance song named Helena and my grandmother Helen). I do have a few L names that I like for boys: Lennon (after John Lennon) and Lincoln. I do love Lysander (I was an English major and love love loved that piece of work). My basset hounds name is Limerick as well. Hmmmm, maybe I do love L names!!

Krystal on

Ha, J names, then K names, then L names? Let me guess, M names will be the next wave! lol

I’ve actually been thinking lately that I like L names, particularly Levi. I also really like K names, but that could be just because I’m a little biased ^-^

Shannon on

I also really, really love the name Lynlee for a girl!

MiB on

I love the L-names Luna and Leo.

By the way, has anyone noticed that the popular letters ar chronologycally in alpabetical order? That’s soooo funny!

wende on

This is so funny. We had already decided our 2nd would have an L name because both of my brothers have L names for their 2nd born, not planned though. Now I’m not so sure of it. I don’t want to be “trendy” but i’m pretty set on Lola/Landry. Something to think about I guess.

Kimberly on

My 21 month old daughter’s name is Lydia. I’ve always loved that name.

danda_lion on

My baby daughter’s name is Luciana, picked before Carnie Wilson’s! It is a family name for us.

Mattie on

My oldest daughter is named Layla. I was surprised to read on here that it has cracked the top 100. She is 5 1/2 and we rarely hear of other Layla’s. When we do we ofter hear that we spelled her name “wrong”.

Kirra on

I have 3 sons and a daughter: Ladon, Lincoln, Levin and our 5 week old baby girl is Laureen. I have always wanted L names because my husband, his dad, and his grandparent’s first names all begin with L. So it is kind of a traditional thing for us.

Lexie on

I love L names my name is Lexie and i love it

Karlie on

I love the name Lola, but I would never name a kid that because that’s what everybody else is named. None of the names on my top 10 or even top 20 list start with and L. I like K,M, and E names better.

Maria on

One of my newborn twin girls is named Livia πŸ™‚ She was supposed to be a Louisa Katerina but the moment she was born I knew she wasn’t a ‘Louisa’ (it’s a kinda weird feeling) so we found another ‘L’ name we liked,and we can always call her Liv πŸ™‚ As a result,we changed her sister’s name too (she would be Sylvia but we hate matchy names) so their names now are Livia Katerina and Isolde Madeleine. πŸ™‚

Jennifer on

I have a normal name that gets mis-spelt all the time and it drives me crazy. I can’t imagine how annoying it is to have a name with a ‘unique’ spelling if I get it this much with Jennifer!
I really have an L name I want to use for my baby but my surname begins with L too and I’m just not sure. At least I haven’t seen it on this list yet so it should be somewhat less ‘trendy’!
Oh and my British friend has a Lila.

Sarah M. on

Jennifer – I think it depends on the names themselves and how they sound together, rather than simply the fact that they both start with the same letter. With Andy Anderson or John Johnson, etc., the first name and last name sound way too repetitious IMO. (I do have an uncle named Robert Andrew Anderson, and he goes by Andy Anderson.) But Alex Anderson or Jacob Johnson sound different enough to work.

The name Sarah is common enough. I have only ever met people with it being Sara or Sarah. Mine is forever being spelled without the ‘h’. Drives me crazy. Now I’ve heard of Sera or Serah as new spellings. The worst that I’ve seen is Saraha. (Yep, I typed Saraha!!) Still pronounced the same, just spelled with an extra ‘a’ at the end. That is just ridiculous to me!

I saw Lynlee as another ‘l’ name after my last comment. That’s very cute, as well!

ZBP on

Maria – i love your girls names. Isolde is one of my faves.Livia is just sweet. i understand why u changed their names but how did u get their new names? oh when were your girls born? sorry to ask personal questions i was just wondering.

Alescaundra on

So i was looking at this and i realized that i seem to gravitate towards the L names as well, but as my childrens nicknames.
I my daughters are: Alivia Blayre (Livv), Alessia Fayth(Lexie), and Aloryn Sofyah(Lo). While my sons on the other hand are Jaxen willyam, and Landen Jay. So i guess I too am a fan of the L names!

Maria on

ZBP- Thank you!:) They were due around October 2nd, but they were born on September 21st.I was aware that twins could be a little premature so I was ready to give birth anytime πŸ™‚ As for the names,my father-in-law is a Wagner fan so he suggested the name Isolde (which my parents,typical Greeks,don’t like at all but anyway) and Livia is my sister-in-law’s name…she actually cried when she found out we named her niece after her,it was such a sweet moment.

P.S. Their 5-year-old brother already calls them Livie Kat and Izzy Mad…never fails to make us laugh πŸ˜›

ZBP on

Maria- Aww Cute.That is so sweet about your son’s nicknames for daughters and your SisterInLaw crying when found out you named a girl after her. πŸ™‚ I like i said Isolde is one of all time favorites. So good choice on both.

CS on

I think this is all a bunch of nit-picking…we could just as easily pick names starting with “s” or “j” and have the same argument….i would like to see less common names, i.e. “emma”, “madison”, “aiden” and “nicholas” and see more originality..and i don’t mean inventing names and claiming them as “diferent.”

Stephanie W on

My daughter’s name is Delaynie, but we call her Laynie. We are also planning on an L name for the next baby.

Carol on

I love L names myself, I have a five month old daughter named Lissianna (Lissi for short) my other favorite names are Leighton, Lexi, Laken, Logan and Lorelai for girls along with Logan, Lysander and Landon for boys. I hate that L names are SO popular right now though because I would hate for there to be 6 kids with the same name in his/her class. Maybe in a few years when I have my next child there will be a new fad…