Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Introduce Naleigh

09/17/2009 at 04:10 PM ET
Cheyenne Ellis/AP

Meet Naleigh! Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley introduce their almost 10-month-old baby girl, newly adopted from Korea.

In a statement on the foundation page for Katherine’s brother reads:

“Katherine and Josh have named their daughter Nancy Leigh and she will go by the nickname Naleigh. She is named after Katherine’s mother Nancy and Katherine’s sister Margaret Leigh.

Katherine, Josh and Naleigh are together and doing well.”

See three more images below!

Cheyenne Ellis/AP
Cheyenne Ellis/AP
Cheyenne Ellis/AP

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Julie on

What a gorgeous family! I’m so happy for them!

Brooke on

Oh My Goodness….I don’t even like Katherine Heigl and this pic made me tear up. What a beautiful family.

Brooke on

BTW….I LOVE the name Nancy…..I would love to see her go by that. Naleigh (provided it is pronounced Nally) Kelly is a mouthful.

mimi on

What a beautiful family. They appear to have a great bond with her already.

Tatyana on

Oh wow. This picture is sooo cute. (: Congratulations to them. Little Naleigh is beautiful!

Chelsea on

What a beautiful family!

I much prefer Naleigh to Nancy. Nancy is too old-fashioned (in a bad way)…sometimes there’s a “good” old-fashioned, like with the name Alice, which I love, Nancy not so much.

Brandi on

What a beautiful picture.

LeeAnne on

Lovely family photo! Naleigh is absolutely adorable!

lennie on

oh my god. soooo cute. i bet they will be a happy family. Naleigh is a sweetie. congrats!!

Sherri on

Not necessarily a HUGE Heigl fan… but adoption is a WONDERFUL thing & they are just beautiful! I wish them all the best! Plus, I LOVE the name & the way they’ve honored their Moms… I did the same thing with my newest little one (4 weeks!) 🙂

Allie-Rose on

I’m like Brooke – I’m not a fan of Katherine’s but they all look beautiful and happy. Naleigh is adorable and had a gorgeous name

Risa on

She’s beautiful!

Also, I think its pronounced Nay-lee, like Hailey but with an N…thats what it sounded like on Ellen.

Sarah on

She’s adorable!

I wonder how they pronounce Naleigh? Is it nay-leigh or nally?

Forever Moore on

This photo brought tears to my eyes, tears of happiness for this beautiful family. Naleigh is a doll!

Desiree on

Oh my lord that baby is gorgeous.

KSmomx5 on

Katherine looks over the moon with that new mom glow. What a beautiful family, the photos made me teary-eyed as well.

Tee on

What a beautiful picture! Katherine is glowing and baby Naleigh is precious. I’m so glad that Josh and Katherine have adopted this beautiful baby girl. What a blessing for their family!

Katie on

What a beautiful family, I am so happy for them! That baby girl is gorgeous, and her name is, as well.

Does anyone know what her special needs are?

Darlene on

Congratulations!!! What a gorgeous baby,They look like a lovely family.

Gigi on

What a sweet photo. Congrats to them.

mary on


Camen on


tara on

Wow, what a beautiful photo and they all look so in love. I am thrilled for them.

merry on

Oh gosh, Ive got tears in my eyes. I liked Katherine before, but now I completely adore her. What an unselfish act. I love the background to this – honouring Kates sister and naming this baby girl after her sister and mum.

Holly on

What an incredible photo.

skipsie on

Such a gorgeous baby!
What a very beautiful family they make.
I quite like her name.

Grandma2Three on

What a gorgeous baby and a very sweet picture!

Silver on

Precious . . . esp. her father already totally smitten by his girl. Me eyes are welling up!

Julie on

Oh my gosh, how precious is that?!! I love her name as well. Congratulations to the happy family! 🙂

Elle on

This is such a beautiful picture. I had an aunt named Nancy Lee that passed away a few years ago and she and I were very close. this has given me a great idea about a way to honor her. I agree with the pronounciation being nay-lee like Haylee.
I was saying it nah-lee…kind of like Nahla…rhyming with Holly or Molly.
Beautiful family and picture!

Leigh Michelle on

I love the name Leigh as a middle name (even though it’s my first name, hehe). Anyway, cute little girl!

gravitysmiles on

Oh wow she is sooooo precious!! I remember when I heard last week that Katherine and Josh were adopting I couldn’t picture them as parents, but wow they look content with each other!! Can’t wait to see more pictures!!

Jenn on

I love this photo! How beautiful. So happy for them. And I love the name, too. 🙂

merry on

I know theyve spent quite a time with the adopting process but we see only the ending. And I love the change with Katherine (and Josh of course). One moment she is this glamour, red carpet celebrity and the other she is a proud mom ready to protect her baby at any costs.

Emmy on

I don’t understand why people don’t like Katherine Heigl…. she’s always come across as an okay person as far as I know…. but then here in the UK not much is known about her, maybe that’s why?

I like her, like her husband and I love the fact they’ve adopted this little girl…. who is simply gorgeous.

Wish them all the very best – any adoption is an amazing thing.

JMO on

I just saw these on Jason’s site!! She’s too precious!!!

They said she has a disability and I still wonder if they’d address it. Physically she looks fine. Wonder if it’s a health issue??

Congrats to them!

CTBmom on

Okay, where did I put my tissues? What a gorgeous baby girl, and what a beautiful new family! Congrats to Katherin and Josh!

Catca on

There is so much love in these pictures – thank you for sharing them! While Naleigh is clearly lucky to have such loving parents, Kathryn and Josh certainly know judging from these pictures how lucky they are to have her in their life as well. 🙂 Congrats!

Rose on

You can really see the love in these photos! What a sweet family.

JMO on

I should correct myself I believe Katherine said Naleigh had special needs and not disability.

GeorgiaMOM on

Don’t like Katherine either but that little baby is sooooo cute and chubby.

Bren on

Not a fan of Katherine myself but WOW! What a gorgeous baby and what a beautiful thing to do. I have always wanted to adopt so to me this is such a wonderful thing not only for their daughter but what a nice thing to do to honor her sister. I bet her sister must just be so over joyed with having a neice that she can share a special bond with.

janie on

So sweet. I wish them all much happiness.

Deadra on

BEAUTIFUL!! Gorgeous baby…gorgeous family!

Just K on

Congrats to them, she’s adorable and they look over the moon. 🙂

Hea on

Oh my, the LOVE in these pictures… The three of them are practically glowing. What a beautiful family they make.

I don’t get how people can declare that they don’t like Katherine Heigl. I doubt you know her at all so how can you possibly know?

Natalie on

I am touched. It is a selfless act of 2 people in love taking care of a child in need. She is beautiful!!

Congrats 🙂

Elizabeth on

OH MY GOD THE ARM CHUB ROLLS!!!! Could she be any cuter??

Mandy on

Awww so happy for Katherine! I love her!

And its pronounce Nay-lee. That’s how Katherine pronounced it on Ellen.

Liliana on

That little girl is absolute perfection. So beautiful! I’m thrilled for the three of them and the wonderful life they’ll have together.

urbanadventurertales on

First of all, congrats to Josh and Katherine!!! She’s a gorgeous baby and I wish them all the happiness as a family of three 🙂

Secondly, I need to dispell the myth that all international adoption is providing for a “child in need”. There seems to be this misconception that children from Korea are in great need of adoptive families, when the reality is children there are no more in need of adoptive families than children in the states. Women is South Korea place their children for adoption for many of the same reasons as women in the States do (ie single parent, rape, teen mother).
While Josh and Katherine are providing a home for a child with Special Needs, she is not necessarily MORE in need than a child in the States with Special Needs would be. South Korea is a very stable country that provides many adoptive homes within it’s country for it’s children.

Elizabeth on

I just want to say I like her to make up for all the negativity! Good for her and her family. I also like the way she speaks out in ways other starlets don’t. She seems smart.

pep on

awwww.. i am not one of those people who thinks every kids is cute .. sorry … BUT,, SHE LOOKS SOOO CUTE!!! To say the baby is lucky is nice but i think they are ALL LUCKY !! i am happy that they decided to adopt.. they are just so many GREAT kids out there looking for MOMMIES AND DADDIES to love them …ive seen to many shows about kids in 3rd world countries .. they are all blessed to have each other .. look forward to seeing her blossom !!Who knows !! she might just be our NEXT President !!

cheyenne on


cristina on

lovely!!!!! a lucky little girl.

Mari on

OMG!!! What a gorgeous little girl! I plan to adopt sometimes, o every time I see something like that my heart swells up!!! They look so happy.

Hilda on

Wow, this picture is pure perfection. Clearly a child doesn’t have to be yours biologically to feel unconditional love. I love this picture! C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!!! 🙂

Brianne on

Congratulations, Katherine and Josh! Naleigh is a precious little angel, and just flat-out ADORABLE! Best wishes to you and to your new bundle of joy!!! 😀

Lola Marie on

As soon as I saw that 1st picture my heart melted!

Molly on

Oh my goodness…. what a beautiful baby and a beautiful family!!!

Summer on

Oh, how sweet!!

maggie on

ok…nearly in tears here! everyone looks soo calm and happy! hopefully being a mom will make Katherine lose her alleged diva moments!

fuzibuni on

thanks for the public service announcement, urbanadventures.

and congrats to Katherine, Josh, and little baby Naleigh!
may you share so much love and happiness for a long long time 🙂

Rach on

I loved Katherine in Roswell and her earlier days, but her Grey’s Anatomy days have made her come off as really mean and arrogant and I don’t really care much to watch her stuff anymore (although my mother did make me watch 27 Dresses with her :S )

That aside, congrats to her, maybe motherhood will make her lose some of the negativity she is carrying around and lighten her up a bit.

Kaylie on

Oh my goodness!!! What a cutey! Good for Katherine and her husband for adopting!

Bancie1031 on

Awww what a sweet family picture. They look so happy together….. I couldn’t be more happy for them 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Kathleen on

She is so precious. I’m so thrilled for them.

Momx3 on

I’m not a big fan of her either, but having a special needs child ourselves, I now have nothing but respect for her and them because it takes a lot of extra love and patience! She is one cute little girl!

Blackrose on

i just love love love love love love it when ppl adopt!its one of the things done to make the world a better place!! i love Kathrine ad baby Nancy is beautiful!God bless them!

Brianne on

Congratulations to Katherine, Josh, and Naleigh!!!

The photos are beautiful.

Samira0207 on

Beautiful pictures-such a great family

Chaney on

Aw look at her cute little chubby arms. They look so happy. I am happy that celebrities are showing everybody that it is totally normal to adopt. They are great role models.

JustThinking on

My son is a dwarf (same type as Zach and his mother) on Little People, Big World)and I think she looks a little bit like she might be also. Her upper arms are shorter than her lower arms, she has extra skin around her arms, when she sits up & leans over, her torso seems longer than her thighs and her hands appear similar to his, also. Just an observation…otherwise, my son is as healthy as a horse! He’s had some back surgeries, but otherwise, he’s fine.

Denise on

Awww wow, she is beautiful. I wanna smoosh her. I wish Katherine and Josh all the best with their brand new family.

Erika on

She’s a beautiful little girl! They seem to have bonded really well with her, or at least it looks like it in the picture!

I wonder what her special needs are, hopefully nothing major!!

cindi on

what a gorgeous family. Naleigh is adorable!!!

Ella on

I think adoption is a wonderful thing and extra props to them for adopting a special needs baby. 🙂

Naleigh is an absolutely beautiful baby!! And I like both her nickname and given name — both are very pretty.

And I just love these pictures! The one of Josh and Naleigh made me smile and the one of Katherine and Naleigh made me a little teary eyed.

They are a beatufil family. Congrats to them!!! 🙂

Bonnie on

Beautiful family. Katherine looks so incredibly happy.

Maya on

What’s with all the negativity surrounding Katherine? I happen to be a big fan of hers (not of Grey’s) – she speaks her mind and seems to be a strong (not to mention beautiful) woman. Congrats to her!

jbreen on

uhm…she can’t be our next president because she wasn’t born in the US (and she’d still be a kid), but regardless she’s lovely and they look very happy. it’s always nice to see a new family, regardless of how they choose to come together.

Michelle on

What makes her special needs? Does she have a medical condition?

Stéph on

Oh my, what a gorgeous family. I love people who adopt and I hope to adopt when I’m older (I’m only 18).

Naleigh is such a gorgeous little girl.
I didn’t know her full name was Nancy Leigh Kelly and not Naleigh Kelly, but I like it.

Very cute pictures!

Cathy on

As a parent waiting an agonizing wait for her child from Korea, I have to wonder how Ms. Heigl & her husband received their baby so soon. They talk about her wait being “a few months”. Umm, waits are more like 18 months. I *read* that she has special needs, and I know all about Korea’s waiting child program – better than most; and yes it does move faster than general adoptions from that county. But this child does not appear to have special needs – she’s perfectly gorgeous & chubby – just as a celeb would want for her photos. Yes, I’m cynical. I don’t trust this story. She looks hand-picked to me. Baby girls from Korea are VERY hard to come by. From China, girls are in the majority. From Korea, it’s like 80% boys/20% girls.

Mia on

She’s beautiful, they make a beautiful family congratulations to them! I agree, Naleigh is a beautiful name, she should keep that!

Brooklyn on

Look at those arms! Ah..sooo cute!
That first picture is so sweet.

baroquebabies on

Amazing and wonderful! They are a beautiful family

2little on

OMG!!! So freakin adorable. I know some people joke about ovaries aching & have never felt that way til now. My uterus aches. = } What a beautiful baby/family.

@emmy you ask: “I don’t understand why people don’t like Katherine Heigl” She’s spoken her mind quit uncensored about movie roles and her tv gig on Greys Anatomy…..and people either take it as bieng a ungrateful b and some think she’s right for not censuring herself. I like her and am for the latter.

Rachel from Boston on

What a beautiful family!! Congrats!

Jeannette on

you can see the happiness in katherine and her husband’s eyes. so touching! what a beautiful family!

B.J. on

Stunningly beautiful, the entire family. Seeing little Naleigh with her joyous parents made my day!

katie on

she’s a beautiful baby

danigirl on

First reaction: I said “awwwwwwww” before I could stop myself.

Laura-Lynn on

I think the pictures are very cute!!! I wish them all the best, and happiness. The only issues I have with celebrities adopting children are, that they always adopt kids from other countries. How many little kids are in foster care awaiting adoption in the US? There are so many little kids that need good homes in this country.

Ashley on

Not a Katherine Heigl fan, but these pictures are beautiful! Naleigh is beautiful!

Kate on

Congratulations Katherine, Josh and beautiful Naleigh! What a lucky little girl she is! As an older sister to an adopted sister (from China), I know what happiness and excitement they are feeling… as well as peace-of-mind knowing she is safe and sound in their arms! They make a lovely family and I wish all three of them the best 🙂

Nikki on

I echo the thoughts of previous posters in that I am not a fan of Heigl. I adore Josh Kelly, though. He seems like such a fun, down-to-earth, genuinely nice guy. And if he sees something in her, than obviously there is more to her than meets the eye…

And these pictures prove that. Beautiful family. Seeing them all together brought tears to my eyes. It’s true what they say, your baby finds you. Naleigh definitely found her mom and dad 🙂

Jessica on

Look at those arms – she looks like the State Puff Marshmallow man!! =) Too sweet!!! They all look very happy with each other. Congrats to them.

L on

OMG…what a nice surprise!! Nor do I like Katherine but goodness she looks maternal here, what gorgeous photos! Her and her husband look so happy and blessed with little Naleigh…congrats I wish them nothing but the best in their journey!!!

Beth on

I’m so happy for them. My only hope is that mom QUITS SMOKING. Being the grown child of a wonderful, wonderul mother who died from smoking, please quit.

Jessica on

That first picture is too cute. The last pic of Katherine and Naleigh reminds me of the picture of Gwen and Zuma.

Sarah on

What a lovely family portrait! Naleigh is a such cutie patootie–just look at her chubba wubba arms!! 🙂 🙂

Jessica on

@ Cathy

*Sigh* Children can be special needs without looking special needs. She doesn’t appear to have down syndrome but she may have diabetes. She may be fine intellectually but could have a heart problem. You can’t look at a picture and decide she’s NOT special needs.

Shan on

Simply gorgeous photos, what a beautiful family they are. she is such a cutie pie.

B.J. on

How sweet and precious! A beautiful family!

Beverley on

I think that is one of the cutest babies EVER on this site.
Does anyone know what her special need is? Did she say anything about that on the Ellen show?
I think celebs tend to adopt from overseas because there is less of a chance of the biological parents changing their minds and coming back for the babies and less of a chance of the bio parents deciding to try and get money out of the celebrity. In this country, the celeb would be seen on mags and on tv and on the web with their new baby and the bio parents could decide to try to extort money from them. There is much less chance of either of these scenarios happening in a foreign adoption.

sue d on

You can plainly see that they have fallen in love with their little angel. Totally unselfish. I think that Katherine
should step back and enjoy motherhood and take some time off to
bond with her new daughter. The photos brought me to tears.

noam on

cathy(83): they’ve said that they started the adoption process in spring of 08 and a child (naleigh) was identified for them in spring of 09. so that’s a year, and then the summer months to finalize everything. they also said that the process was a bit faster because of her being identified as special needs (which can include everything from obvious physical deformities to heart problems to deafness). it’s possible they got special treatment, but from the interviews/information they’ve given, it seems pretty standard to me…
laura-lynn(93): katherine said they settled on korea because her older sister is adopted from there, and she wanted to keep that tradition. she also said she thought it would be good for her daughter to have someone in the family to physically identify with.

Susie V Kaufman on

I’m sitting here, trying to put away all the rudely negative comments… even down to the stupid one who has her own personal bad memories of the name Nancy, but who feels that this family should also not use that name (good lord!)… and all the ugliness spewed about on Ms Heigl.

What we should all be thinking about, dwelling upon, and celebrating is that at least ONE more child is now safely in her forever home, where she will be loved and cared for and provided for. Naleigh (surely it’s pronounced “NAY-lee,” which is lovely!) is lucky to no longer be an orphan. I am happy for Naleigh. I am happy for her parents.

Kristin on

SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congratulations to the family.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Very sweet family!!!! Congratulations Katherine and Josh!!!! I agree with the poster about the arm chub rolls. Naleigh is a cutie pie.

Laura on

Awwww such a cute baby!!!!

Not every child with special needs is going to have a certain look. Her special needs could have to do with a multitude of things that are not noticeable by pictures.

sassenach on

I am such a wimp! I don’t care for Katherine but seeing her with her baby will undoubtedly make me a fan. She looks beautiful and natural holding her baby girl. I hope she has already quit smoking.

Sara on

@ Cathy

I agree! People need to get their facts straight…the Heigl/Kelley’s DID go against Korean law in adopting this child. They haven’t been married for 3 years. Couples are not supposed to even APPLY for adoption until they have hit their 3 year anniversary. That is one of their requirements in Korea and yet again we have ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF CELEBS THAT THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. Makes me sick. Beautiful baby, happy for adoption, but they are in the wrong…they should have been patient, met the criteria, and done it the RIGHT way!

aroundtheywaygirl on

@ Susie V Kaufman — Haters are going to hate. It’s their full-time job. By the time this post goes off the front page you’ll have a poster on here accusing Katherine of buying the baby off the internet and then someone will chime in with…why doesn’t Katherine buy an American child to boost the economy.

Nie on

What a gorgeous family!

Reading through the comments, there are a lot of people who don’t like Katherine because of things she has said or done. However, I think these pictures probably demonstrate Katherine’s personality better than any tabloid report ever can.

Benigna Marko on

This family portrait is absolutely beautiful. The following pictures are lovely. The joy in all of their hearts will forever be fulfilled. Theirs for giving to a beautiful girls and that child will forever bring the best times of their lives. Congratulations.

Jenn on

What a beautiful baby girl! Josh and Katherine look very happy with the newest addition to their family and what a wonderful thing to do. Beautiful family and I can’t wait to see more pics!

stevie on

So cute! I’m thinking her “special needs” are minor according to these pictures which is wonderful. My daughter is about the exact same age and Naleigh is even chunkier than my daughter who is 96% for height and weight, not that you can tell everything by pictures as a previous posted stated but just saying a lot of serious things cause babies to be smaller. I really don’t understand why people don’t like her. I also saw something months ago that Katherine quit smoking so good for her!

FT on

What a beautiful family!

Cathy many families I know who have adopted “healthy looking” SN childen – their special needs have varied from significant heart problems requiring several major surgeries to club feet, cleft palate, HIV, Hep B etc.

I don’t think we have any right to know Naliegh’s special need!

Fabulous Family! I always think it is exta special when a sibling of a child who was adopted chooses to adopt!

Laura on

What a beautiful little girl. I hope she has a long and happy life with her new parents.
I’ll bet the number one thing on her list of special needs was a loving and caring family. So very sweet.

Tina. on

OMG! thats so great!!!!! 😀 shes such a cuteeeeee baby! 🙂

MZ on

@cathy it’s people like you who make things for people like me difficult. On the outside I look perfectly healthy, but on the inside I have a rare and life-threatening heart condition. It gets SO. OLD. hearing people say I must be making things up, or admonishing me for taking the elevator instead of the stairs. You might be surprised to know that MOST people with special needs don’t wear it on their face. Please, take some time to educate yourself.

Since this week is invisible illness week, start here: http://invisibleillnessweek.com/ .

The pictures of the family are gorgeous. I really like Katherine and I wish the family the best on their new journey 🙂

Gabele on

Like many other people that posted here before, I’m not a great fan of Heigl as a person. I think she’s a bit too brash, but I wish her new family all the best. I believe that this little girl will be a great blessing to them.

Amy on

Oh my goodness……I have a lump in my throat! Baby Naleigh is beautiful, and I wish them nothing but happiness. Being a parent is the most amazing thing in this world…

Becca on

Simply beautiful!

MomtoB on

I have friends who would like to adopt, but have not been married 3 years, so I can imagine seeing news like this might sting a little.

But never-the-less, this is a beautiful little girl who is hopefully now in a loving family. Honoring her mother and sister is absolutely precious. How wonderful.

A.J. Hietala on

While I’ve never really been a fan of Katherine or Josh – and not because I have something against either of them – I have to say they make a beautiful family, and I have a feeling that they’ll be warm and loving parents. The pictures say it all – they may have known little Naleigh for only a short time, but it is obvious they already lover her very much. She is a very lucky little girl to have been found by two warm and loving individuals.

freebreeze on

Why does everyone want to know what her special need is? I don’t get it. Why do we need to know, or is that our “special” need? Anyway, diddo she is gorgeous and I am happy for all of them.

Alex on

Naleigh is beautiful, it does perhaps seem that Katherine and Josh may have circumnavigated the adoption process in some way, but ultimately, a child has a home and a mummy and daddy, and that’s enough for me. As for the specials needs, given that it was announced (not just rumoured) that the baby would be SN, they really do have to expect curiousity and questions. From these pictures, it doesn’t seem obvious that there is anything different about the baby, so it’s not like they would’ve been asked about potential SNs straight away. They chose to put the information out there, which isn’t a bad thing, but that does invite questions. It’s not fair to criticise people here for asking about it. I knew someone would moan though lol.

Amanda on

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats to Josh and Katherine!!!

Leena on

How sweet! Katie and Josh will be wonderful parents. It’s obvious already how much they love and adore that lovely little girl. She is lucky to have two parents that would do anything for her. These pictures make me smile.

Sophia on

soo cute!

MommyDuty on

Lovin the arm rolls

JMO on

oh gosh here we go again on the adoption drama.

I do not think celebs “think” they are above the law let’s not forget that if they adopt the baby the gov’t of that country gave the okay for the adoption to proceed so perhaps the gov’t should be questioned and not Katherine and her husband. Lets not forget this child is special needs and how many people are willing to adopt a special needs child?? Maybe the applications they get people are not willing to take on that challenge of a child with special needs. So then what? Poor Naleigh sits in an orphanage for a few more years until someone comes along to adopt her?

Yes celebrities do have something that many of us don’t have and that’s a lot money. So maybe they can proceed faster while other couples don’t have the means to quickly gather the funds. The child is here and she’s with a loving family and that’s all that matters.

I’ve seen documentary’s on children in orphanages and it’s sad. My mom’s friend adopted a baby from China and at 10 mos. when they brought her home she couldn’t even lift her head. She acted no older then a 6 week old baby. That’s because the orphanages swaddle them in blankets and put them 2-3 to a crib. They rarely interact with the children because they’re just are too many babies and not enough caretakers. So the children lay there until someone comes along to adopt them and give them a better life. Not sure if that has changed since her daughter was adopted 9 years ago but I’m sure much of it’s probably the same. So instead of thinkin about how these celebs “beat the system” think about it being one less child laying in a crib waiting for someone to come along and take them home.

And I can’t speak for everyone else but since people asked. I love Katherine on Grey’s and think she’s a pretty good actor but over the years her attitude has rubbed me the wrong way about comments she makes esp. about the types of roles she CHOSE to take then turns around and belittles the film or the filmakers. She does come off as ungrateful for her career but she seems like she lets her mouth get the better half of her sometimes.

Kristin on

Wow, what a beautiful baby! I’m probably one of the few people who like old-fashioned names, so I think Nancy would have been fine, but Naleigh is OK, too.

I hope Katherine takes a very long hiatus from her show to give this child the care she deserves. And ditto on the smoking. 😉

urbanadventurertales on

To Cathy- I know your wait is probably feeling sooo long for your child! I feel for you!
I am an adoption specialist and have done several home studies for families adopting through South Korea. You are correct that the wait is close to 18 months. However, for Special Needs (which can be very minor (heart murmur) to more severe) the wait is sometimes less. It’s really no one’s business what SN Naleigh has.
Also, people have commented about how chunky she is… and this is very common amongst children in S. Korea. The Korean Govt. places children in foster homes while they await their adoptive family placement. Often, the foster mothers are older (grandmother-types) and they feeeeed the babies!
Finally, while these pictures are so beautiful adn I’m truly happy for this family, part of me is a little bit sad for Naleigh. She (most likely) is grieving the loss of her foster family, having to learn all new smells, sights, sounds, language…it can be awfully traumatizing for children to come to a completely new family and country. I’m sure the Kelley family will do a wonderful job nurturing her, but I really do feel a bit sad for her.

Michelle on

Congrats Josh and Katherine!

Naleigh is gorgeous! Bless you for a) adopting and b) adopting a special needs child. I’m a 29 year-old woman who also intends to adopt if I ever decide to have children. I have lived overseas in a more impoverished country and know that children are not treated the same way as they are in North America; especially if they are not “normal” so I feel very strongly about adoption. Thank goodness we live on a continent where we can choose whether to have our own children or not. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

dee on

Simply gorgoreous…God Bless them all. The gift of a child is nothing you can ever really describe.

Michelle on

P.S. To those saying that Katherine and Josh circumvented the adoption process, think on this: the agency likely wanted to get the baby to the new family as soon as possible given the more-than-usual difficulty for special needs kids to adjust, especially before they start talking and given learning difficulties; one language is hard enough for people without challenges!

Jessi on

She is beautiful!!! They look like such great parents!

sat on

beautiful mom, daddy and baby 🙂

Leila on

This is so precious! Congrats to Katherine and Josh. I love the pictures of Naleigh. My daughter has the same dress from Egg Baby- http://www.egg-baby.com, it’s on sale right now!!

jen on

Congratulations to this little one on finding a home in America.

Cathy-you are so right! Sara-great comment.
JMO-just STOP PLEASE we want to celebrate this little one’s life and not hear your negativity. BTW: JMO do you have kids? unless you have been a Mommy or a Daddy waiting for years while filling out paperwork upon paperwork and checking adoption agency after adoption agency and list after list then you really should not add your two cents. And yes, things have changed in China and with most international adoptions. There are actually more applications in each of the countries than there are children available, and as for waiting children there are so many people who are waiting lists for children to come available that have special needs. So it is not a matter of the children ‘sitting’ in an orphanage.

Congrats to the little one on finding a ‘forever family’

Lauren on

What a super duper precious baby girl!!!

Best wishes to Katherine and Josh!

Jasmine C. on

Awww she’s CUTE!!!

jen on

@Michelle you stated ” the agency likely wanted to get the baby to the new family as soon as possible given the more-than-usual difficulty for special needs kids to adjust, especially before they start talking and given learning difficulties; one language is hard enough for people without challenges” I guess you are not the proud parent of an internationally adopted child because what you just stated is incorrect.

jen on

CBB please bar JMO from posting, this person just creates anger amongst your readers. Thank you! 🙂

Melissa on

To the people criticizing Katherine for “jumping the lines” regarding the adoption…

You may be right. In fact, I’d say you are almost probably right that exceptions were made for them for any number of reasons. I can fully understand how much that must sting if you yourself have been waiting to welcome a child into your home.

That said, how can you fault them for jumping the lines if they were given the opportunity to do so? If you wanted to adopt a child and were able to, but you know the rule would have you technically wait another year or two, would you wait? Just on principle? Of course you wouldn’t. Every single one of us has pull with something and every single one of us has had exceptions made for us in one way or another. When it comes to something as significant as adopting a child, how could you criticize someone for taking advantage of their situation?

ericka on


Katherine looks so beautiful and happy and does Josh…he looks so content being a father.


mary on

How sad – another child separated from her mother, family, country and culture. My heart bleeds for you little adoptee.

kim on

Bless you all…..I have a beautiful adopted Korean Daughter who is the light of my life. Enjoy every moment with that beautiful child!

Kate on

I would never adopt domestically! It would nearly impossible to get a beautiful baby girl such as Naleigh. The waiting list is years, and the birth parents often change their minds. Foster care involves its own set of risks, and infants are non-exixtent or unavailable for adoption. International is the way to go IMO whether it be for celebs or average people.

Laura on

God bless her! She is a beautiful baby. Josh & Katherine are lucky, They will be brill parents.

Jackie on

I’m all for adoption but I will never understand how people will go across the ocean to adopt a baby from another country when there are so many children in this country (USA) who need a loving home particularly those in the foster care system?

Liliana on

Mary, please save your pity for another time.

chajac on

I am very happy for the lovely new family that has been created with this adoption. They look very happy together.

I am forever saddened by the number of people who feel it is their place to question how someone chooses to create their family. Until you have walked in their shoes you should not critique their choices. Children are children in my book and it honestly shouldn’t matter what their nationality is if they need a home. There are many reasons people choose international adoption and for those who feel so strongly about adopting domestically…feel free to go fight your way through the system and try to get it to work for you. Easier said than done these days for most people. Also, if your family hasn’t adopted then think about how personal of a question you are asking when you start asking people why they adopted and how they adopted. It makes me want to ask you why you chose to have sex to reproduce instead of “saving” some of the supposedly available US foster kids from the system. Sorry to rant…I just get fed up with people needing to have an opinion about how others choose to create their family when it has absolutely no impact on your life or your choices. Can’t we just be happy a child has a home and a new family is formed and happy!?!

daniela on

Wow Kate, seriously??? So the reason to adopt internationally is to get a cute kid, huh?

And infants are available if you are open to adopting a non caucasian infant. And they are just as beautiful as Naleigh, if not more so!

Kate on

Actually, there are waiting lists to adopt any healthy infant or toddler regardless of race. Very few infants are put up for adoption.

Janna on

Beautiful family – I wish them nothing but the best. I love Katherine – I think she is a lovely woman, a wonderful actress, and her husband is handsome and talented, as well. Good luck to them as they begin this new chapter with such a sweet baby.

Patricia on

Look at that face!

Those little chubby cheeks and arms, what a doll:)

Congrats to Josh and Katherine!

Cathy on

@ Jessica look at the Waiting Child list from Korea. Wait, you’re probably not registered to do that, as you’re not in the process of a Korean adoption. If you can, you’ll understand that the absolutely sweet Naleigh does not mesh with those on Korea’s list. I’m fully aware you can’t “see” a special need, but I’d bet money that her special need will be “possible developmental delay” and “wow, she’s doing so well!” (in a matter of months). Fact is, they got this little one a lot faster than most people waiting. Korea has changed its rules, making it more difficult.

I find it funny, too, that people say that folks should adopt in the US or take in foster kids. Those folks who say that, more times than not, would never do that themselves. The adoption process in the US is as expensive, if not moreso, than international adoption (people have no idea the expense involved in this); the US process is much different, sometimes requires open adoptions, writing letters to the birth mom, waiting and being “chosen” by the birth mom. It’s not realistic for a lot of people, though I know one couple in Utah who has been waiting FIVE years for a baby in the US, because no birthmom has chosen them. I can’t fathom that heartbreak. Our wait for a younger sibling for our son has been painfully long, much longer than Heigl’s has been.

I concur with the poster who said that it’s not us saving the baby. It’s a wonderful situation for everyone. It’s the forming or growing of a family. And a child in Korea or China or the Ukraine or Vietnam or Ethiopia has just as much value and need for adoption as a child in the US.

Paige on

What a beautiful little girl.

Josh, Katherine, and Naleigh are a beautiful family.

cait5 on

what a beautiful baby. those arms are insane they are so cute.

makes me tear up a little – happiness for Katherine but sadness for the biological mum who, for whatever reason, doesn’t have this little girl in her arms.

daniela on

Kate that is not true. Many AA babies are considered special needs are have lower adoption fees. If there’s a wait, if any, it will be a very short compared to a wait for an CA infant. And I know this from discussing it witha a few families that have adopted AA infants.

Anna on

I can’t believe people are questioning her being special needs just because she looks healthy! It’s like people were hoping to see a child with Down Syndrome or without a nose or something.

It’s beuatiful that this child has found a home, all children (even those not born in America!!) deserve a home with parents who love them.

Cathy on

Thank you Sara, Jen & Urbanadventures. People who haven’t been through this will never understand; they just won’t, so I surrender .

MZ, I say with the utmost sincerity, that I’m sorry that I’m one of the people who make things more difficult for you. That was not my intention.

Your reply, however, makes you one of the people who makes things more difficult for me, and others in our places. It seems we’re both ignorant of the others’ plight.

I am happy for the happiness that Heigl is experiencing. I am happy that the beautiful Naleigh is with loving parents who can provide for her; I’m especially happy to read that Naleigh will have a relative in the states, of Korean descent – that is so meaningful for a child such as her.

That doesn’t take away the hurt, and the fact that it’s out & out wrong that they circumvented the rules, and they did, and again, I’d bet money, that we’ll never hear of an illness or anything more than the generic “developmental” delay that will never show itself. I admitted that I’m cynical, but when you’ve been through what I have, you would be too.

I wish more people had access to the rainbow kids list, or the waiting childrens list to see the plight of most waiting children (children with special needs or disabilities or delays or other “imperfections” as perceived by outsiders, or older children, or sibling sets). I’m not talking from lack of experience here, I promise you that.

Erika on

I commented already, but just noticed all that HAIR. It’s so beautiful and it looks so long already. Let’s hope my future daughters don’t have that much hair, because if they do, I’ll probably be homeless with the amount of money I’ll spend on hairbows lol (I think they’re so cute). It just looks so beautiful, because she has such light skin, and the dark hair looks so pretty. 🙂

Kat on

oh, what a breathakingly precious baby! I can only imagine how quickly and how hard Katherine and her husband fell in love with this baby… because I am feeling such envy and a desire for a baby just like her right now (of course, with 3 active kids, that will pass, but we are open to adopting down the line, when we have the time and money)

Amber on

How very precious! She’s a doll and I am very happy for them. It will be lovely to watch their family grow together and blossom. Love all that baby chub and gorgeous hair!

As for all the adoption talk and the focus on international vs domestic vs foster care, it seems everyone will be passionate towards what they feel is the right choice. But please remember that choice is for each family to decide what is right, who are we to judge? I personally have adopted twice through foster care (newborn and infant at placement, adoption finalized 6 months in). The process was incredibly easy and inexpensive, I know that is not the case for everyone but it was for our family. I’m thankful for the experience and for my beautiful daughters. It really doesnt matter how we became a family though, what matters is the love we share.

halifaxhoney on

What a beautiful child! So happy for Katherine & Josh! It saddens me to see all of the negative comments about where she adopted. I suffer from infertility and I’d adopt from where ever there was a child that needed a home if my journey ended up at that point.

Mary-Helen on

What a beautiful child! Katherine and Josh look so happy and Naleigh is just so sweet. Congrats to them!

Tracey on

Jen…how the heck can you possibly admonish JMO for supposed negativity (and then ask CBB to ban them because they suppoedly create anger amongst their readers?) It appears you’re the only one worried about what JMO has been saying. She made a very thoughtful, balanced post with nothing bad I could see in it. Cathy and Sara’s posts were both fairly negative too (with Sara’s choice of words bordering on rude, though she is of course entitled to her opinions and feelings) yet you seem to think those ones were pretty okay. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with the adoption process? I do feel for you if this is the case, but maybe don’t read this blog if stuff like this is going to upset you so much.

None of us know much at all, really, about the exact circumstances of the adoption; exceptions might have been made (and not necessarily on the basis of the parents’ celebrity status, either). Not that I have any idea whatsoever about the adoption process, and I’m sure someone will come and tell me I’m wrong, but a thought nonetheless: what if the fact that Katherine’s sister was adopted from Korea was a factor in this adoption, if what has been said about the couple needing to be married for 3 years, is true? Perhaps that helped speed it along – the government may have considered it beneficial for a Korean child to be adopted into a family with an adopted Korean, especially if she were special needs. I mean, maybe the celebrity status helped a bit – but at the end of the day, what’s important is that a child in need of a loving home has found one.

Also, really good post Melissa, I agree with you.

All this ongoing stuff about “celebrities think they have their own laws” aside, congratulations to the Heigl-Kelley family. I am definitely a fan of Katherine’s, I’m not very familiar with the stuff she’s been saying about movies and roles, but I think it’s admirable that she has been prepared to stand up and do something wonderful like this. The photos are beautiful and – whether or not Naleigh is SN (it doesn’t really matter!) – I wish them every bit of luck and happiness in the world.

Candace on

OH she is PRECIOUS!!!

BAS on

What a beautiful family!

People want to know her ‘special needs’ because they were mentioned and because it serves as a way to connect to people. I, for one, love to meet or hear from other parents of special needs children. My son has special needs that don’t physically show and the reactions people give are hurtful. Just because someone doesn’t look different doesn’t mean they don’t have life changing issues.

Sadie on

This is an interesting post. I began adoption proceedings and didn’t get very far because we were lucky enough to fall pregnant. I fully agree with Cathy that nobody can know the intricacies of adoption until they are there. We only got to the first stage of international adoption (a place at the initial information seminar), and guess how long that took us? 13 months. I am surprised that posters don’t listen and learn from Cathy rather than acting like they know the ins and outs of adoption.
I have nothing against Katherine and I know that not all special needs are visible but I, too, suspect this is just a PR spin. My money is on Katherine and Josh have jumped the queue like every other person with money and status.
I often see on this site people talking about adoption as though it is as easy as walking into a shop and picking a baby off the shelf. Seriously, I think that is because we see celebrities adopt so easily all the time. But the reality for everyday people is very different.
Cathy, good luck with your journey, hope you get your baby soon.
And best of luck to Katherine, Josh and Naleigh (who is beautiful).

Eileen on

They are such as beautiful family I’m really proud of the fact that naleigh is a special needs baby. not many famous people adopt a special needs child.

Tori on

I LOVE Katherine Heigl and was so happy to hear of her adoption!! I have been waiting for pictures of her little girl and she is gorgeous!! I love the name Naleigh!

As an adoptive mom of 5 I have to say each and every adoption has been different. My only child I got to bring home from the hospital and who was available for adoption immediately was born cocaine exposed, has a heart condition callled WPW and was 5 weeks early. Oh did I mention he is Afican American.Of all the agencies in our area 3 out of the 4 passed on him. No one wanted him. I brought him home, he needed meds for the first year of his life and had some breathing issues (like asthma) but now aproaching 3 he is off meds and has been so healthy. He is small in size but advanced in every other way, typically testing about 6 mos ahead. One of my other son’s was healthy at birth and has had many delays and problems. Just saying. And by the way because they were foster children the state paid for everything. People waiting for a child should know they are there if your mind is open. The “perfect” child doesn’t really exist, that is until we bring them home and into our hearts.

mom to 3 boys on

What a beautiful picture! What a beautiful family!

Jaclyn on

So beautiful :::love:::

Marissa on

What a beautiful family~ I am sure Katherine and Josh are in another world right now. And that first photo? OH, it is just too sweet beyond words!

Darolyn on

Congratulations! She is beautiful….I am an adoptive Mommy, too! We adopted from China last year, special needs, 3 1/2 years old…she is the joy of our life!


Crystal on

BEAUTIFUL!!! Naleigh is ADORABLE! The first picture is PRICELESS! Katherine and Josh look so in love with their daughter!! She is such a little chub chub! Those chubby arms and legs make me want to kiss on her!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy Naleigh because this time goes so fast and they are only babies for a short time!!

Cathy on

Sadie, thank you so much. What you said touched my heart, truly.

Cathy on

BAS, I agree, THEY brought up the fact that she had special needs; they opened that door, so there really shouldn’t be an issue for them to talk about it, and, as celebrities, bring more awareness to whatever Naleigh’s special need is. Actually, that’s the responsible thing to do.

The fact that it was pointed out that she does have special needs, yet there was no further mention of it, is specifically why I feel it’s a PR spin, as another poster mentioned.

Mandy on

To those posting about how they did this against Korean law: Katherine said things went faster because she was a special needs child and they wanted her to get into a home quickly, obviously. Maybe that’s why they didn’t have to wait the 3 years to be married? I don’t know but its nothing to stress over seriously.

Katherine, Josh and Naleigh are a beautiful family and that’s what should be said and only that.

I can’t believe all this negativity. Its fine if you don’t like Katherine but did you really have to take the effort to type it up? Why not just delete “I can’t stand her but” and just leave in “Congrats to the family and new parents” or something like that?

Liliana on

The domestic vs international argument is just silly. I bet the majority of those who think Americans should adopt domestically have not adopted in that manner nor are they foster parents.

Adoption is wonderful no matter where the child comes from.

Jo on

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. Congratulations!

Melanie F. on

These comments are really sad. Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful moments in the world. A time were parents should be rejoicing in/with the arrival of their miracle of life and this is what these parents get for doing so? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I see nothing has changed on CBB perfect parents united in the comment sections!!!!!!!

Ashley Mooney on

Just like all of the other celebrities who preach to us to sustain our environment and take care of our own, she adopts from another country while there are millions of children in the US who desperately need a home; I am sure there are also many ethnic backgrounds to choose from in the US also. I am so sick and tired of celebrity adoptions, it literally made me want to throw up when I read about the latest. I feel like all of these celebrites have stayed up too late watchin the infomercials about saving children in poor countries and rather than paying less than a dollar a day they will just take them home with them! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

April on

How pathetic that a post full of beautiful photos has again become a place for readers to bare their own insecurities with judgmental comments. Katherine has been very clear about WHY they chose Korea, it would be nice if people would read up on it before running off at the mouth….

Mandy on

Ashley Mooney-

Katherine wanted to adopt from Korea because her older sister was adopted from there. She wanted her daughter to have someone to relate to as she grew up. Yeesh. Chill out please.

You know what? If you care so much about the children here waiting for adoption, why don’t you adopt a few?

Katherine and Josh have done a selfless, beautiful thing and they deserve nothing but praise and good wishes as they embark on parenthood. God forbid its not the traditional way after 9 months of pregnancy. She is a mother. Period.

Diana on

‘Special needs’ what actually do they mean? Is it the child has some kind of medical issue or ???

She’s a very cute little girl.

Kristen on

I don’t see why it matters where a child is adopted from. Regardless of their nationality there is one more child in a loving family rather than in an orphanage. One more child is loved by a mom or a dad or both. Every child deserves that, so it doesn’t matter where they are from!

dee on

My best friend and her husband are adopting a baby from S. Korea. They actually started the process in June and they expect to have him or her (my future Godchild, I’m so proud) in March. And I can assure you all that they are neither rich, or celebrities.

Anyway, that is a beautiful baby, just gorgeous. And I love the Michelin Man arms on babies. Congrats to Katie and Josh.

Kaley on

Congrats to Katherine and Josh! She is absolutely beauitful…and what a little chubster she is! I think it would have been cute if they had just named her Naleigh instead of Nancy Leigh but I understand that she wanted to pay homage to her mother and sister. I wonder if they will also have biological children in the future. Either way, this baby is adorable and is lucky to have them as parents.

bellbaby54 on

What a cute baby. It kinda makes me not dislike her as much as i did. What good people to Choose a special needs baby! It takes a special person to raise a special needs baby when they came from u, but to choose to do this is even more special.

lucy80 on

i read a boook once called the primal wound, about how traumatic it is on children on a cellular level to be separated from the parent who bore them. And then in separated again by adoption. It sais on a very deep level that they ever realy recover, even if they go on to have fine or successful lives.
Although a deeply altruistic gesture, i think adoption is controversial

Anna on

Ashley Mooney; you know what makes me sick to my stomach? People that think that American children are more deserving/entitled to being adopted than children from other countries.
And South Korea is not a poor country. It sounds like you need to be educated.

eternalcanadian on

wow, so many catty comments on this thread when we should be focusing on the wonderful news a child without a family now has a family.

also, why are so many people asking about the child’s “special needs”? kudos to Katherine and Josh for looking past that unnecessary label of “special needsd” to focus on giving a child a family.

Meredith on

I find it so interesting how you can see the love just oozing out of Katherine and Josh. Its amazing how its like Katherine is screaming with her eyes and skin that she is over the moon about little Naleigh. As far as the name goes, I like that they named her the traditional name Nancy Leigh. Also, they gave her something fun so that although she has Katherine’s mother’s name, she also has one she can call all her own (and will make it less confusing). Also, in the future, she can always have a professional sounding name to fall back on or a more mature name if she feels that she wants one.
Also, I wonder how they pronounce Naleigh as well. I see the Haley comparison as well as the Nahla one…I also thought that maybe the “Na” is pronounced like Nancy, so maybe its Naah-Lee [A drawn out “ahh” sound as opposed to the softer nah, in Nahla], rhyming with Hallie, not Haley and not with the sound of Nahla.
Congratulations to Katherine, Josh and Naleigh!

jen on

Cathy : You speak the truth!

erin on

Motherhood looks good on Katherine! That baby is gorgeous and you can feel the love in the picture. What a beautiful family! Congrats!

EEE on

Is it just in the USA or is it all over the world that people think that they should adopt from their own kind/own country? Maybe because it’s an American website, but reading about how there are plenty of kids in America that need adopting…is nauseating. We all know that! There ARE other places in the world besides America where people need taking care of! After all, a bad day in America is not as bad as some days spent living in places like Afghanistan or Ethiopia or Darfur etc. I think it’s wonderful that a baby has found a loving family. That picture of Naleigh and her mother is simply stunning.

April on

#189 Ashleigh Mooney-Seriously??? Do you actually think KH thought of adopting b/c of a trend or it’s some kind of purchase.
Katherine has a sister from Korea,so she knows what’s what.
Sorry,but I find your attitude sad,disrespectful and cruel.Do you think Naleigh would be better off left in an orphanage?????

mary on

Thank you lucy80!!!!! It IS traumatic – I know, I lived through it and it affects almost every aspect of my life, my ability to trust, my personal relationships, my self-worth. And it doesn’t help that society tells adoptees to shut up and be grateful instead of acknowledging the pain. If I told someone my mother died while giving birth to me I would receive sympathy and comfort. When I say I’m adopted I’m told I’m lucky even though in both situations I’ll never know my biological mother.

Mothers are not as interchangeable as people would like to think – at least not to the child involved.

Caroline on

I believe I read that Naleigh has a heart condition/issues, and that is why she is considered to be a special needs baby.

E's Mommy on

Cathy, I’m so sorry you are in such a long wait for your referral from Korea. I was one of the lucky ones who received her referral within four months, and had my Korean daughter home three months after that. We were blessed in our timeframe, indeed, but most do not know that our paperwork was held up for five months because of the changes in legislation in Korean adoptions (they’d just issued the five-month in-country placement rule) and our agency was trying to decide if they could even continue their program with the new restrictions. Overall our wait was 27 days short of a year, which I know is still short.

Suffice it to say I can understand some of your pain. If you’re not already, please check out the S. Korea boards at HoltIntl.org. The families there are so welcoming, so full of knowledge, and you would not be waiting alone.

That being said, I KNOW just what Josh and Katherine are thinking in those photos because I have similar pics. with my little one. Relief and love and protection and fear, and everything else in between. But most of all, it’s like you can finally exhale again.

May they sail through their follow-up visits and finalize soon!

P on

All those pictures are cute but the second picture KILLS ME. OMG.

Patti Stringer on

Awesome pictures – brings back memories of bringing home our 3 month old Korean baby – best thing I ever did. Congrats to the family.

Amanda on

since when is adoption a selfless act??? having the honor to become a mommy or daddy to a child is a privilege and a gift. Their lives have been blessed by their little addition, and as much as they have helped this little girl obtain a better life, they themselves have gotten just as much if not more out of it. I think adoption is wonderful, but I would never consider someone who adopts a child a hero, or selfless.

pia on

good luck to them all.. what a beautiful child.. and a sweet story. gorgeous pix too

mary on

Well isn’t she just a chubby little gem of a baby. I hope their home is overflowing with love.

FC on

Wow, Katherine’s a mom now! And she and Josh and little Naleigh are a beautiful little family! Naleigh is just as precious, especially in the first photo and the ones of her with Josh, then the one of her and Katherine! 🙂

Congrats to Katherine and Josh! 🙂

Ria on

awww, What an adorable baby!

CelebBabyLover on

lucy80- So Naleigh should have just been left to spend her childhood in an orphanage?

I agree with the people who said that special needs aren’t always visable. I have special needs myself, but you would never know that just by looking at me. As for what Naleigh’s special need is…why should Katherine or Josh have to say anything more about it?

I mean, I’m curious about what it is, too, but they certainly aren’t obligated to tell the world their daughter’s exact special need. I also can’t believe that some people think Katherine actually lied about her baby having special needs!

In terms of domeestic adoptions vs. international adoptions….I agree with the posters who had said that a child from a foregin country is just as deserving of a good home as a child from the U.S. One poster said that celebs never adopt from the U.S. That is not true. In fact, that is very far from true!

Sheryl Crow, Calista Flockart, Hugh Jackman (yes, he and his wife are from Australia, but Oscar and Ava were both born in and adopted from the U.S.), Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, and Lionel Richie are just a few examples of celebs who have adopted from the U.S.

All of that said, Naleigh is beautiful. Also, this is probably going to sound crazy, but…In the very first picture, she reminds me a bit of Suri Cruise in her first photos (the Vanity Fair ones)!

Kay on

OMG! What a beautiful baby. She’s going to be beautiful just like her mother some day.

Anna on

Go Katherine! Congrats to that beautiful little girl

Kat on

What a gorgeous baby and family! Congratulation’s to the happy parent’s, I wish them all the best!! The picture’s are just stunning!!!

Erin on

Adoption should ALWAYS be viewed as a wonderful thing…because it is. Those with skewed, negative views are those I find the most scary – they’re the people who bring children into the world and teach them to hate.

This family looks SO happy and so in love with their little one! I’ve been a big Josh Kelley fan for about 7 years and love Katherine Heigl – they seem very real and their relationship seems healthy. Great that they adopted from another country. Kids in other countries need love, too. Would people have such a negative reaction to someone in another country adopting an American child?

Irene on

It’s interesting how Naleigh (if actually pronounced “na-lee”) sounds like an actual Korean name! I guess that worked out well!

blahdeeblah on

Its funny because the parents here look SO euphoric but teh baby is a bit like…”who are thse people?”…whereas first time biological mothers often have a “What just happened?” look on their face after giving birth but the baby is focused on mum mum mum from the instant it is born….

Nancy on

Can’t believe somebody famous chose to pick the same first name :o) Where I live and when I was born the name Nancy was very exotic (do I dare say). At least to my parents POV. I’m not fond about it but prefer to compared to some of my friend’s names LOL. The fact that they want to shorten her double name Nancy Leigh to Naleigh is such a sweet decision! Naleigh sounds more “exotic” in these days LOL! What a pretty girl too!!!!

Amber on

Look at the love in those pictures!! What a lucky baby. Beautiful!!

Celebrity Babies News on

Beautiful little bonney and healthy baby, congrats. Katherine Heigl

Kati on

What a cute little girl! Naleigh – or Nancy – as her loving new paretns call her is truly a beautiful girl. She is so lucky to have Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly as her parents. I´m pretty certain that one day Katherine and Josh will have biological children too but Nancy will always be loved because she is her parents first child. I don´t understand why these celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Madonna, Meg Ryan and many others are critised because of their adoptions. Maddox, Pax and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, David Banda and Mercy, Daisy and all those other celeb children are as much loved by their parents as their biological children. And besides now these chidlren have a chance to a much better life than they would have had in their native countries. Hope Nancy will grow up to be a much-loved little girl!

kendra on


You read the story and the first thing you think about is how they must have faked her special needs and used money as an advantage in the adoption process? Very cynical indeed…

Adoption requirements are sometimes modified for children with special needs and you don’t have to wait as long. This has nothing to do with being a celebrity. Those rules are bent for everyone.

As for this little girls special needs I’m sure Katherine will tell about when she feels like it. Right now she’s probably focusing on her daughter and hasn’t even thought about the questions raised. Special needs vary from less severe to more severe and it’s not weird if she has something less severe. We can only speculate.

Sometimes the rich and famous get special treatment and I do think it’s wrong. However that doesn’t seem to be the case here, everything seems pretty standard considering the fact that they adopted a special needs child. I find it hard to believe that Nayleighs needs are made up just so they could adopt her faster and I find it hard to believe that that could be the first thought in your mind.

Gregory on

i love Katherine.
i love this pic of them.
such a cute family.
such a nice thing for them
to do!

Hea on

What is it that people are accusing them of? Stealing a baby? Buying a baby?

They are celebrities so they think that they are above the law? How can they possibly be above the law in Korea? Isn’t that, in that case, Korea’s responsibility?

I don’t buy it. It sounds a lot more like hostile bitterness than the truth.

bumble beeson on

ah what gorgous pictures and such a special thing to do! Congratulations and love to them all xxx

April22 on

Celebbabylover-Also Sharon Stone adopted 3 American boys,but still got flak because she was in her mid 40’s with the last two.
I guess people always have to find fault.9Also Marie Osmand)Would very sick Zahara Jolie-Pitt have been better off in the orphanage??NO!!!!!!
Congrats to KH,Josh & Nayleigh.

Kath, UK on

WOW! What an adorable pic! Best wishes for them and their daughter. What a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl 🙂

Sarah on

What a gorgeous, happy family. I wish them all the happiness in the world and have the most respect for Katherine & Josh. Bringing adoption into the media again may inspire others and subsequently help children waiting for homes right now. Personally its a route I’m hoping to take.

Also, I know its not my place to say but why do you guys argue on here so much? there’s enough anger in the world and I guess sometimes its best to just let it go, this is a positive story 🙂

Lu on

Lucy80, that may be true, but unless the baby made an attachment to her primary caregiver (could be someone who cared for her at an institution, or her mother if she looked after her) within the ages of 2-7 months old, seperating her wouldn’t have much of an effect. Around Naleigh’s age, she’ll be making more than one attachment anyway, so she should bond with Katherine and Josh well. She’s in a loving family now, and they clearly love her so much. Naleigh is just so cute!

They look like a very happy family already, I wish them all the best.

Kristin on


Leigh Ann on

As the mother of a Korean son and daughter…it warms my heart to see this beautiful family.

After watching the Ellen interview with Katherine, I was pleased that Katherine mentioned that Naleigh is a special needs baby. The process is a bit quicker when one is open to these needs. Our adoptions took 12 and 15 months from start to finish…which I feel is relatively quick. I should mention that neither one of our children was special needs. So Katherine and Josh’s adoption process was right on target at about a year.

So happy for all of them….Katherine and Josh are so very lucky to be blessed with this child.

Dazzle on

OMG!she is adorable.and i like her name.but why kath. adopted a child, interesting.

Dannie on

This is just precious, you can see the love in both Katherine and her husband’s eyes already. Too sweet.

Momof3girls on

Her special needs may not be visible. My youngest daughter is considered special needs, she even attends a special education preschool but people wouldn’t know it!! She is 3 years old and is delayed by about 4 months, she has received PT since 6 months, she receives OT, speech and she was approved for her preschool. All this because she developed hydrocephalus as a baby.

ll65 on

Lovely family; beautiful little girl. All the best the Katherine and Josh.

Hayley_B on

Naleigh is absolutely precious! Congratulations to Katherine and Josh on their new daughter – may she bring you much love and joy! 😀

noahsmommy on

What a beautiful little girl 🙂 A lucky one too, to have been adopted by people who obviously already love her. I could care less where she came from, whether or not the proper “procedure” was followed, she is a child who needed a loving home and is getting one – what else matters? There are far too many petty people on this site who would rather focus on the negative and complain rather than see the beauty in this. Shame…

bella mama on

these pictures made my day.. congrats to the beautiful and happy family… life is beautiful..

jennifer on

It’s amazing that they could adopt a beautiful baby. To provide her with the life she may have never gotten is beyond words. My daughter wants to adopt an Asian baby after hearing many stories of abuse..of course she wants to adopt in the USA first! Congrats

Krystal on

Look at her arm fat rolls!! She’s precious! Congrats to the Heigl – Kelly family.

Nikki on

dee- congratulations to your friend and her husband. Having a fairly short waiting time like that gives a lot of hope to other non-celebrities. International adoption is something I have contemplated for a few years and I hope to be able to do it one day, without having to wait many years for it to happen. Knowing of your friend’s story makes everything seem more of a possibility and more ‘real’. And congratulations on being a godparent!

Tracey (post 172)- I couldn’t have put it better myself.

There are children in every country who need caring for. And in places such as Africa, there are far fewer people who have the means with which to adopt and raise a child. It isn’t just children from your own country who should be considered for adoption, all children deserve a chance in life.

Congratulations to Katherine and Josh! Naleigh is beautiful.

Kate on

Do some of you people still not get that there is no shortage of homes for American infants? Do you get that the number of couples wanting to adopt far outweighs the number up for adoption here?

melissa on

shes absolutly beautiful!!!!!! god bless

Hea on

@ Dazzle – “OMG!she is adorable.and i like her name.but why kath. adopted a child, interesting.”

This makes no sense whatsoever to me. Can you please explain what you mean?

Kelly on

Who cares if they took advantage of their celebrity? I know people who would do anything to have a child and if that meant using something to their advantage, they certainly would.

All that aside, can’t we just be happy for this family? Whatever happened to “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”?

Jessica on

@ Cathy

I wasn’t referencing your waiting time at all. I was just commenting on your comment about “her not LOOKING special needs”. Many other people concurred with me.

Kristi on

Congratulations to them all. What a beautiful baby! I wonder if the CBB staff are moderating the comments think to themselves “Here we go again!”….always something to argue about it seems.

Bee on

Naleigh is such a pretty baby! Congrats to Katherine & her Hubby, they make a beautiful family and wish them love and blessings

Leigh Ann on

As I mentioned earlier…I am the parent of two children adopted from Korea. A son…age 5 and a daughter age 2 :).

Anyone who has begun the adoption process from Korea within the past few years is well aware of the paper work that is involved. We were given a list of over 300 different “special need issues” that has since increased. As a prospective parent you have to review each and every one of these needs and state whether you would consider a child with these issues. It is AGONIZING. Imagine given the choice…how would you feel?

Not every one of these needs is apparent by looking at the child. There are blood disorders to consider, learning delays, birth mother and father issues and so many other things that are addressed in these forms.

Do not fault these people because their baby girl is absolutely gorgeous and “appears” to not have special needs. We do not know the history of this child…nor is it any of our business.

As a side note….The Korean agencies choose the family for their children…not a child for the family. Korean adoption’s main focus is the welfare of the child. Katherine and Josh were chosen for Naleigh because they were a perfect fit. I think it is obvious from the pictures that this was a perfect match.

The first pictures of my children and us are so very precious. There was an instant connection, and we owe it all to these wonderful people. I believe the Korean Agencies do an outstanding job choosing the right families for these babies.

Enough said!

dee on

That is an armful of love, wow what a sweet baby, fat cheeks, chubby arms..

kari on

love katherine and this is sooo wonderful. they both look like natural parents. enjoy every moment and hold her all the time because the moments will fly by and she will grow up so fast!!

Jina Sul on

Beautiful family! Beautiful pics! Beautiful baby! I recently visited Korea and many of their orphanages… SIGH… it’s sad to see so many young children and babies without loving parents. What a blessed family! Thank you for opening your hearts to give this baby a wonderful life. You guys are awesome!!!!!

Christina on

What a precious little girl!!! She’s just beautiful, and the name seems to suit her well. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Katherine and her family. I think it’s wonderful that they chose to adopt, and there seems to be an instanct connection just from the looks of these pics. Enjoy this amazing time and journey into parenthood. It’s more special than anyone can describe.

actualsize on

Adoption should ALWAYS be viewed as a wonderful thing…because it is.

Probably, but it’s perhaps better not to talk in absolutes. I saw a documentary last week about adoption in Ethiopia; one unscrupulous agency was asking parents if they wanted their children to live in America and, some naively, many agreed. The interviews with these Ethiopian mothers who had lost their children was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen, i couldn’t stop crying. It was just as sad for the adoptive parents who didn’t always know that the mother was still alive, and sadder still for the children who had to leave everything they knew from their country of birth.

By the way, I am a great supporter of Angelina Jolie, so don’t think that my mentioning Ethiopia is in any way an attack on her. She and Zahara were blessed to find each other, a genuine orphan who needed a mommy. In general, i think that adoption is a beautiful thing 99% of the time. But sometimes it is not. Like Mary, who has been hurt, I believe a process as emotionally fraught as this needs delicate handling, not absolutes like it being “always” a beautiful or miraculous thing, when sometimes it can be difficult or sad.


None of this comment is meant to reflect anything about Naleigh or her parents, by the way (wow, I’m putting a lot of disclaimers in this post!) who I think look really happy together, and who I’m sure will have a wonderful life as a family.

ice on

really happy for them. i’m sure they’ll be good parents.

Sammy on

Oh my goodness, Naleigh is so adorable! I have always wanted to adopt a Korean baby too!

sil on

“How sad – another child separated from her mother, family, country and culture. My heart bleeds for you little adoptee”

@ Mary, i really hope you are joking…i really CAN’T believe someone can say this seriously.

Congratulations to Katherine and Josh! your baby girl is beautiful.

Ashley on

Awwww! Congratulations to Katherine and Josh and their family on their new baby girl! I love her name and how it came to be! =) What a beautiful person Katherine is- which I never knew- and she looks so happy and beautiful! Congrats again!!

JMO on

Well first let me say thank you Tracey.

I didn’t see anything in my post as being so outrageously negative that I should be banned LOL – sorry that just makes me laugh so much. Because obviously if CBB felt as though my posting was volatile they wouldn’t have put it through so that being said…..

Jen get over yourself!!

I was making a comment toward I believe it was Cathy and a few others who said that she and her husband beat the system. So what?? Likes someone said before if you had the chance to beat the system to bring your child home fster you would do everything you could. And trust me you can tell me all you want that you would only follow the rules but I bet if they said you could have your child much earlier you would jump on that offer. We do not know them personally or know what took place with THEIR adoption. It’s their business not yours and not anyone else’s on this board. All that matters is a beautiful child is with a loving family.

I’m sorry if your experiencing hardship in your adoption process. I hope you get your baby soon. But it seems as though youre so mad at the SYSTEM that your choosing to take your anger out on people on this blog you don’t even know rather then takin your anger out on the one’s that truly matter!! It’s okay, do what makes you feel better. At the end of the day your postings don’t bug me nor do anyone’s elses. It a place to come and state one’s opinions and well if your taking it way too personally maybe you should step away from the computer. Simple as that.

pleasant day.

flower on

Adorable little girl !!

babyboopie on

For all we know, Naleigh may be deaf, partially blind or has learning difficulties? I suspect we will find out in time, but I just wanted to say that the photos are just beautiful and the first one made me well up. She kind of reminds me of Suri Cruise.

Monique on

Such a beautiful family. They look like they have a beautiful bond already! Love them!

lala on

it’s lovely to see all the beautiful comments made about this new family. though in korea, i have to admit that adoption is part of our sad war history and people tend to feel shameful about.
that said, we are seeing an increase in domestic adoption, so we’re starting to be a bit more accepting.

i found the debate about “special needs” quite interesting.
let me try to put that to rest. a korean newspaper interviewed
the adoption agency (HOLT) according to them the child
has ventricular septal defect (VSD), so the little one has a hole in her heart. she had surgery, but still requires much attention.
if you know korean, here’s the link


Rebecca on

awwwwwww she is just so precious…her hair is perfect and she is just the cutest little thing ever! I cannot wait to see her grow up!

theresaipfroehlich on

Adoption is a beautiful expression of unconditional love. This is also a powerful statement of the good that human beings are capable of: love. The relationship between the adoptive parents and child is not one of biological necessity and duty, but it is one of choice.
If I were 10 years younger, I might consider adopting a child who needs a home.

Theresa Ip Froehlich

Babs on

Wow, beautiful, that Naleigh has already bonded with her new family. So very sweet!

JMO on

lala, thanks for sharing.

Erika on

The thought that they adopted as a purchase or trend is rediculous. Adopting a baby is not going to the “baby store” picking which one you like and paying for them. It’s a long grueling process, and I don’t think anyone would do it just to be part of a trend!

noam on

i don’t see how katherine and josh can be accused of jumping the line. i sort of understood when the same things were said about madonna or brad pitt,who are international superstars, but katherine has had just a few romantic comedies and a part on an ensemble medical drama. she’s been famous for what, four or five years now? there are lots of people in the us who probably couldn’t identify her, or just know as “that actress from…” i doubt that her celebrity is so great that both the us and korean governments bent the rules for her. as for their not being married for three years–it is pretty clear (from the research i have done for my own adoption interests) that that is the recommended time, but that korea, like many other countries, considers couples on a case-by-case basis. i know that the adoption agent i’ve spoken to told me to file before that mark, so when we hit it, things would go faster. he also said that we may be picked earlier, as korea picks the family for the child. (when adopting from korea, you can’t just look at a photolisting, pick a child out, and adopt. the photolistings are there so you can express interest, but it’s up to all the korean departments to approve you…)
lala(267): that’s interesting. i don’t read korean, but if that information is correct, it will (finally!) put to rest some of the rumors that the special needs was made up.

Molly on

Sara Says:
September 17th, 2009 at 6:33 pm
@ Cathy

I agree! People need to get their facts straight…the Heigl/Kelley’s DID go against Korean law in adopting this child. They haven’t been married for 3 years. Couples are not supposed to even APPLY for adoption until they have hit their 3 year anniversary. That is one of their requirements in Korea and yet again we have ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF CELEBS THAT THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. Makes me sick. Beautiful baby, happy for adoption, but they are in the wrong…they should have been patient, met the criteria, and done it the RIGHT way!
Wow- you guys are right. This child should have sat in an orphanage for a few more years even though someone was willing to love her and care for her (despite her special needs- whatever they might be) Its too bad people who will love her and be able to provide for her were so selfish… how will this child ever survive??

Janice on

I’m Korean, and I just wanted to say that “Naleigh” if pronounced “nah-reh” means Butterfly in the Korean Language. It might be a coincidence, or it may not, but the name is beautiful nevertheless.

maggie on

this story and pics move me soo much. Much more than Angelinas adoptions. Not sure why! Not a Katherine fan! we re in the middle of an economic recession and she complains that Greys make her work too many hours…..hmmm what will she think about all the hard work a mom has to do!

cornchips on


angie on

I commend you both for not only adoption, but adopting a child with special needs. They truly are a blessing.

kara s. on

what a touching, amazing, beautiful picture!!! she’s a gorgeous little girl!! best of luck to the family!!!

Eva on

What a gorgeous little girl 🙂
I’m so happy for Katherine and Josh, what a beautiful family they make!
Also, Naleigh sounds sooo pretty!

Carol S. on

Congratulations!!! She is adorable and will bring laughs and tears, but is so worth it.

Kaley on

The baby’s name is pronounced NAY-LEE. That’s the way Katherine pronounced it on Ellen.

Caroline K. on

It makes me sick how some people are always all up in celebrities personal lives. How can you dislike Katherine Heigl over something that should have been none of your business in the first place? Is she hurting you? I’d like to think not. She’s living her life, something a lot of you need to learn to do if you even HAVE A LIFE! Its weird to me how people can be NOSY and snooping in other people’s business and then talk shit about them. MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

Anyway, I am very happy for Katherine and Josh, Naleigh is adorable but shouldn’t her name be Naleigh Kelly? I presume she just gave the baby her maiden name what about Josh? The baby is named after her side of the family the least they could’ve done was give her his last name or maybe hyphen it to Kelly-Heigl. But its their decision and the name is beautiful just the way it is. I wonder if she’ll ever naturally have children, their baby would be so adorable.

Megan on

Molly Says:
September 18th, 2009 at 3:17 pm

Sara Says:
September 17th, 2009 at 6:33 pm
@ Cathy

I agree! People need to get their facts straight…the Heigl/Kelley’s DID go against Korean law in adopting this child. They haven’t been married for 3 years. Couples are not supposed to even APPLY for adoption until they have hit their 3 year anniversary. That is one of their requirements in Korea and yet again we have ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF CELEBS THAT THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. Makes me sick. Beautiful baby, happy for adoption, but they are in the wrong…they should have been patient, met the criteria, and done it the RIGHT way!
Wow- you guys are right. This child should have sat in an orphanage for a few more years even though someone was willing to love her and care for her (despite her special needs- whatever they might be) Its too bad people who will love her and be able to provide for her were so selfish… how will this child ever survive??

No one has suggested that this child was better off at an orphanage. They have merely commented that Korean law requires couples be married at least three years before adopting, which Katherine and Josh have not been. Please check your facts before bashing other people for their comments, and don’t put words in their mouths.

The us vs. internationl adoption/ special needs debates don’t even bother me. I’m much more alarmed by the fact both Katherine and Naleigh went through wardrobe changes for this photoshoot and the fact that Naleigh seems to have to “match” what Katherine is wearing. Nevertheless, I’m sure Naleigh will be surrounded by people that love her in her new family

Iz on

Naleleigh is a doll congrats they truly have a heart

Kait on

Oh my goodness, she is beautiful! Katie and Josh looks absoutley smitted with her. I can’t believe all the people on here attacking them. They have done nothing wrong. This little girl will be loved, get one on one attention, be provided for beyond her wildest dreams, and most importantly get the medical care she needs. Katherine and Josh have done a wonderful thing and look so in love with her already.

As for what her medical condition is…I could be wrong but she looks like she may be a heart baby to me. She looks a tiny bit blue around the lips in some pictures. Whatever it is, I hope it is nothing too serious and is easily corrected.

Bancie1031 on

WOW I’m not going to even attempt to read all of these posts …. but from what I can see there is a BUNCH of opinionated people on here!!!!

OK but here is what I was wondering …. everyone is mentioning special needs …. what am I missing??? What kind of special needs? and where does it say this??? Can someone please help me with this?????

Also JMO – is correct in the statement she made about 10 month olds laying in bed so much with little attention from the caregivers, when they get adopted they can barely hold their own head’s up, let alone sit (AND JUST SO WE’RE CLEAR NOT ALL OF THEM BUT WITH SOME IT DOES HAPPEN) ….. I have seen cases like this on Baby Story (TLC) and on Adoption Stories (discovery health).

GG on

OK but here is what I was wondering …. everyone is mentioning special needs …. what am I missing??? What kind of special needs? and where does it say this??? Can someone please help me with this?????

I don’t have a link I can post, however, Katherine was on the Ellen show about a week ago and when she was on there, she mentioned that part of the reason the process went semi quickly for her is that the baby has special needs. Granted, in many international adoptions, this can be as “minor” as the baby having been a bit premature or a sketchy medical history of the biological parents. She never stated what specifically made Naleigh considered to be special needs.
I’m sure you can find a clip on YouTube or Ellen’s website if you’re interested.

Amanda on

Katherine has expressed her desire to adopt from Korea before, since her sister was adopted from Korea. As far as asking why she would choose to adopt…that’s like asking why someone would choose to have a biological child. Families are made in all kinds of ways. I also vaguely remember her saying something after “Knocked Up” came out about never wanting to go through pregnancy and birth because the movie scared her out of it. Anyway, the baby is beautiful, and they are blessed indeed. As far as the three-year thing goes…oh well. There are always extenuating circumstances that can be accounted for in situations like these. Normal, everyday non-celebrities sometimes have such circumstances. I know several families like that, being a social worker. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t necessarily mean that the rules were bent for them. It happens more often than you would think to the “average” couple.

Margaret Schrank on

What a beautiful family.

brannon on

Beautiful baby. Bitter comments. A neighbor adopted a baby girl from korea – no special needs – and it took a little less than 18 months start to finish. no, they are not celebrities. no, they have not been married 3 years. i also had a student last year adopted from korea – special needs – by two wonderful women (though sadly, one had to adopt as a ‘single’). everybody’s family story is different – please don’t judge or be jealous, but be happy that another family has found each other.

Reagan on

This really warmed my heart. Bless this little family and their new beautiful girl!

CelebBabyLover on

Caroline K.- So adopted children are unnatural, and adoption is an unnatural way of having a child? Also, I believe Naleigh’s last name IS Kelly (to be exact, her full name is Nancy Leigh Kelly). Nowhere has Katherine said that she gave the baby her maiden name.

Megan- I don’t think Naleigh actually underwent any outfit changes during the photoshoot. It looks to me like the purple sweater she’s wearing in the first picture was put on over the dress she’s wearing in the other pictures, and they just took the sweater off for the other pictures.

Kait- It sounds like you may be right. Another poster mentioned on here that the Korean press interviewed the adoption agency, and apparently Naleigh has VSU, which is a heart defect.

babyboopie- Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks she looks a bit like Suri did when she was first introduced to the public!

Sirechilde- I believe that Dazzle was referring to the fact that Katherine has said that a big inpsiration for the adoption, and especially choosing Korea, was her sister, who was also adopted from Korea. However, I highly doubt that’s the only reason Katherine and Josh decided to adopt.

jennifer- Unfourtnately, those stories of abuse are all too true. I know a couple who adopted a baby girl (from China two years ago. She has developmental and phyiscal delays (including some hearing and vision loss and seizures)…which her doctors attribute to her having been shaken as a newborn at the oprhanage or her foster home (I’m unsure which, as I’m unsure whether China puts their waiting children in foster homes or just keeps them in oprhanages). That sweet little girl will have challanges for life, all because of the actions of a thoughtless caregiver.

Nikki- Very well said!

CelebBabyLover on

Whoops! I meant: I know a couple who adopted a baby girl from China two years ago (She has developmental and physical delays….).

Mindy on

I’m a HUGE fan of Katherine’s, and I saw her on Ellen, and I’m THRILLED for her and Josh, for the love of this new little beautiful baby! 🙂 I’m a fan from the Love series..and never really got into Grey’s Anatomy..not that I wouldn’t have liked it, just never got into it. I pray for a wonderful and happy life for this whole family! 🙂 God Bless!

CelebBabyLover on

Argh! What I REALLY meant to say is: I know a couple who adopted a baby girl from China two years ago. She has developmental and phyiscal delays (including some hearing and vision loss….).

christine on

I love Katherine Heigl, I cant wait for Greys Anatomy to return. My Husband & I recently (August 3, 2009) Adopted a Baby Girl from China, named Maelyn Marie (Mae for her Great Grandmother) Lyn for her Aunt & Marie for her Grandmother, I was so happy to be able to Honer her great grandmother & Grandmother, by using their names, I am glad Katherine was ablr to also, the pictures are beautiful, and she sure looks like she has bonded to her Mommy & Daddy, God bless this happy family

Eun-Shil Boots (Park) on

In one of the comments -urbanadventurestales- is one of the few people who is asking the right questions. For many many years the adoption children from Korea are NOT orphan (90% and more). Most of them are being ‘extracted’ from their (single)birthmothers by providing medical care to deliver the baby and in return to pay the medical costs, they are FORCED to give up their baby. It is not an incident but daily reality supported by the korean goverment. This is a fact! (and they know it).

I am not against adoption as a last solution but I am very much against how the whole adoptionprocedure works before the adoption is a fact and the child has gone out of the country mostly with incomplete or even false made up adoption files.

When will the wish-parents get their eureka-moment that they do finally realize: parents DOESN’T HAVE the right to have a child but the child DO HAVE the right to have their own parents!

Does an adoptive mother really want to have a child taken away unvoluntary from an another mother??

The western society has to stop thinking about ‘all these poor children’ who have to be rescued by -irresponsable- birthmothers or that they are -reallly- orphan. They are not!

We from United Adoptees International Europe, have to mend all these -dumb- irresponsable actions made by
goverments/adoptionagencies by solving these type of problems through counselling meant for adult adoptees and lawsuits against goverments/adoptionagencies throughout the western world. Eun-Shil Boots (Park) from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Shannon on

Okay, seeing this seriously changes my personal opinion on Katherine! I got tears in my eyes seeing these pics. She is a lovely little girl, and you can just see the love oozing out of Katherine and Josh already. It is so wonderful that they have chosen not only to adopt, but have chosen to welcome a child with special needs, regardless of what they are. It’s not our business to know, if they choose to release that info, fine. If not, that’s their business. She probably only said as much as she did so people would understand why things moved faster for them. And I do believe that is the sole reason they got her faster than most. If it had to with money, I bet they would have had her a lot sooner than 15-16 months after they started! I can completely understand them adopting a child from Korea, seeing as her sister is form there too, and they wanted to honor her and have someone else in the family for little Naleigh to identify with.

Many, many congratulations to the Kelly-Heigl family on their new addition! She is a beautiful baby girl, and will find much happiness and love here with her new family!

stephanie on

CelebBabyLover- I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but yes, adoption IS an unnatural way to have a child. The word “unnatural” has a bad connotation, it’s not PC but it is true. I don’t think Caroline K. meant it in a bad way.

Caroline K.- Katherine has said she never wanted to become pregnant. Seth Rogen has also stated that he never want to have kids, I think it’s funny because they’re both the leads of a movie called “Knocked Up” 😀

kg on

To #93 (Laura-Lynn):

I’m not sure if this has been answered, but it is my understanding that the adoption process in the States is much more involved and tied up in red tape than intl. adoptions… I had read somewhere that Meg Ryan had tried for years to adopt in the US before turning abroad. I’m sure when your heart is bursting to adopt, the wait is brutal.

kg on

Cool – I just read in the comments that this baby was adopted through Holt Int’l – the same agency that placed me (Korean adoptee) with my parents 37 years ago at 7 months old. I had thought Holt was no longer an active agency, as I knew someone who adopted through Dillon and said as much.

I didn’t realize Katherine’s sister was Korean – that is cool too! I have Korean cousins because my mother’s sister also adopted 3 Korean daughters.

To Lucy80 (#197) – I’m not saying it doesn’t happen to anyone, but I assure you, I have none of the feelings that you have described in your comment. And I would go so far as to say that they are not buried deep within, either. I hold no ill will toward my biological parents, though I have absolutely no idea of the circumstances surrounding my being given up… and I don’t really think about it, either. I hope they have / did have good live(s) and that if my being given up was painful for them, that their hearts have healed. But my focus is on my adoptive family, the family that nurtured me.

And to the poster who offered insight on the chub-chub rolls – that is the same thing that happened to me – I was cared for by a foster mother in S. Korea, and they starched me up, LOL – I apparently was fed a lot of “rice gruel” and I had rolls that rival little Naleigh’s… a friend of mine who is 2.5 yrs older than I am who came to the US as and adoptee on the same flight was raised in the orphanage and at 3 years old weighed less than I did at 7 months (our adoptive ages).

ANYWAY, enough about me!! It’s just really nice to read about a couple adopting a child – a Korean child, a special-needs child… Congratulations to this new family of three – may they always be as blissfully happy as they appear in these photographs.

KCBarbieQ on

I love Katherine on “Greys Anatomy” and I’m happy for them. Their baby is beautiful.

CelebBabyLover on

stephanie- I have a feeling that most adoptive parents would beg to differ!

sheri on

I love the name Naleigh, it is so unique and she is a very beautiful baby.. God bless Katherine, Josh and their newest little blessing Naleigh..

Hea on

Can someone present their theories on HOW exactly these two managed to con Korean law and get their hands on this adorable baby girl?

AML on

How sweet! Love the family photos! Naleigh is so cute! I think they pronounce it Nah-Lee

AML on

Just Kidding. I just watched the clip from Ellen and they pronounce it like Nay-Lee

maggie on

check out just jared for pics of Katherine and Nayleigh outside her hotel in Atlanta! i can see my time spent on CBB and other such site shootin right up to grab a glimpse of this little girl!



Miranda on

OMG, leave the family alone. You people are so snooty. ” I’m not a fan”, then why are you even posting or even viewing? Go get a job. The baby is beautiful, the family is beautiful.

jan on

As long as someone’s getting adopted, I’m happy.

caryn on

congrats to the family…just one question though…how is it that these stars can adopt so quickly…my son and his wife have been going thru the adoption process for close to 4 1/2 years…both professional people, own their own home, both physically and mentally healthy…and have gone by the book with an adoption agency…and they’re still waiting…yet it seems when a star decides they want to start a family like right NOW …they instantly can adopt…what’s up with this…

Jackie on

For those who are upset by my comment of asking why some people chose to adopt internationally than domestically, I can make a comment like that because I can. I am a social worker who work within the child welfare system of abuse and neglected children. There are thousands of children who are in desperate need of a home. However many of them will never be adopted because they’re not perfect. They’re not perfect because some of them were born drug dependent, some of them have special needs, some of them have mental helath injury, some of them were sexually and physically abused, some of them are teenagers with behavioral problems, and some of them do not have blonde hair and blue eyes, etc. So if you’re offended or taken aback by my comment, oh well! I’m merely stating facts. Have a great day:-)

Jessi on

Ok I want to say that to those who are saying that adopting children are unnatural. Yes that might be unnatural, but how my parents explained it to me when I was adopted by my dad: My dad chose to adopt me, he wasn’t just stuck with me. LOL

Also I may never be able to have kids in the future. Abigail messed that up and plus I had an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year and they said that it might be best if I may never have children. But I want children so badly. Also I have PCOS, which can and probably will cause issues conceiving. So if I want to get pregnant I will need to go on fertility drugs. That is also unnatural.

Also if I can’t get pregnant then I will adopt. I have already made my mind up. Every child is a blessing. Yes it is horrible that some people can’t get their child so easily as Katherine, but eventually (I assume you will) you will get your child. It makes it harder to see this story I’m sure and I apologize for that, but you need to realize that these celebrities are famous for a reason and they have loads of money that they can use to get a child. But somebody also said that she started this process a year and a half ago and she is just now receiving her baby.

To adopt domestically is more expensive than to adopt internationally. I actually researched it once and it is much more expensive to adopt from the US than it is to adopt from a different country. (Yes I’m from the US.) I’m not sure about other countries.

We all can agree or disagree, but obviously nobody is going to change anybody’s minds. Yes I may not agree with some of your opinions, but you are entitled to those opinions and I will respect those opinions.

CelebBabyLover on

caryn- Some of the other posters have explained it. When a baby has special needs, the process is often sped up by the adoption agency, whether or not they are celebs. Also, the adoption process is often faster if you’re willing to take an older child (this was the case when Angelina adopted Pax. Shortly after the adoption, the worker explained that, because Pax was older, his papers were virtually complete, plus they wanted to get him to a family as soon as possible.).

Oh, and most celebs don’t just instantly adopt. It’s just that most of the time, the adoption isn’t announced until it’s either immenient or the child has joined the family. Katherine (or a rep or friend, I forget which) has said it took her and husband about a year to adopt, and it also took nearly a year for Angelina to adopt Pax. Also, Sheryl Crow recently mentioned that she had some adoption attempts fall through before she finally got Wyatt.

I also want to point out that some countries DO have a relatively short waiting period. For example, most Ethiopian adoptions, from what I’ve read, take only aboout 9 months to complete. 🙂

sirechilde- They didn’t. Another poster said that her neighbors, who are non-celebs, adopted a Korean child recently without having been married for three years. Also, another poster explained it very well. She has adopted from Korea herself, and the being married three years thing is a RECOMMENDATION, not a requirement. For example, if you start the process before you’ve been married for three years, it’s possible that you will get picked for a child before you’ve been married for three years (several posters have mentioned that Korea picks a family for the child, not a child for the family).

Jackie- Could you please explain why kids in other countries aren’t just as in need of families?

jan- I couldn’t agree more! Really, would some of you who say Katherine and Josh broke the rules actually have prefered that they didn’t adopt Naleigh?

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Katherine, not everyone wants only children with blonde hair and blue eyes. For example, I think brown-haired, brown-eyed kids are just as cute as those with blonde hair and blue eyes. African and African-American kids are adorable, IMO, and Asian kids are some of the cutest kids on Earth.

To me, a child is a child, no matter what s/he looks like. 🙂

Hea on

CelebrityBabyLover – I hope everyone accusing them reads that! I’m Hea, by the way, I don’t know why CBB has suddenly changed the way we log in or whatever.

We haven’t, not sure what happened. We can change your name for you though.

— CBB Staff

mhie-ann on

Im happy for kath and josh. The baby is so cute, so angelic. people who feel bad about this are just bitter or jealous. Just be happy for the people who found happiness in that baby. Those who can’t are just bitter

maggie on

@celeb baby lover

I have to say i love reading your comments!! well thought,well argued and stepping on no ones toes! i so agree: show people a picture of an innocent little baby lying in an orphanage with no mommy or daddy and enter a couple who will love this child and give him/her a great life. Now,people who say she got the child too fast which would u prefer for Nayleigh?

Jackie on

CelebBabyLover, I never said a baby in another ocuntry isn’t deserving of a loving home. I was merely asking a question why so many are chosing to go across the ocean to adopt? Maybe it’s because I’m an American and I feel like family comes first. Meaning we should take care of our own first before we help those who are not. Kill me for being selfish:-) BTW, it does not cost a penny to adopt a child in the foster care system.
In my State, a perspective adoptive parent must complete a foster parent licensure process before they can adopt. It’s all good as everyone is free to do what they feel is best.

eva on

Jackie:I guess some people don’t think on terms of “the others” and “our own”.From my point of view I am as close and interested on children from abroad as I am to North American children.There is no instant connection or bond with someone because they happen to live or be born in a particular place.I adopted from the foster care system and I don’t see my child, who was born in the US as a different kind to those children who are adopted abroad.

CelebBabyLover on

maggie- Thanks! 🙂

MiB on

Thet picture is gorgeous, all that love surronding Naleigh. I wish the new family lots of happiness in the future. To Laura-Lynn who claim that celebrities only adopt from overseas, that’s not true. Someone made a list in a previous discussion about international vs national adoption and concluded that there were actually more celebrities that had adopted from the US than from abroad, some of those I can remember, that have adopted children from the US faily recently are Nia Vardalos, Joely Rihardson, that guy in sex and the city (can’t remember his name since I don’t own a TV and have only seen the occasional episode)

ashleymill on

Everyone needs to chill with the “I’m not a katherine fan but” can’t u just say congrats and leave it at that. If there pics bring tears to ur eyes then maybe u should be come a fan, ever think about that? Anyway I’m so happy for u josh and katherine your new baby girl is beautiful!! Congrats!

Jan's camera on

Beautiful photo of the new family. Best wishes to them.

Julia on

To Jackie:

As a fellow social worker, I’m a bit shocked about your statements re: “our own” and “the others.” As a social worker, we are all for human rights and seeing the value in all people equally. So I’m a bit surprised with your mindset. In order to practice in the field, we need to show high competence in cultural diversity and a deep appreciation/respect for all people. I, too work in the foster care industry and yes I do agree with you that there is a surplus of kids here in the US that need families. I won’t argue with you on that. However, there are kids all over the world that need a loving family. All kids, whether domestic or international are deserving of unconditional love, whether it be in their home country, the US or anywhere else. Adoption is a noble act, whether it’s domestic or international. Kids are kids.
Best of luck in your career.

Congratulations to Katherine and Josh. Good for you! Your picture really pulled at my heart strings. God Bless you and your family always. Naleigh is nothing short of gorgeous!

Leigh on

I agree, you cannot say she doesnt appear to have special needs based on appearance (from the 3 pictures) alone! She could have PLENTY of needs that we dont know of based on the pictures. I hope this little girl receives the care and love she needs…shes precious!!!

Jackie on


I appreciate your feedback and I’m so going to leave this topic alone because if you feel as though my comment led you to believe that I don’t have “a high competence in cultural diversity and a deep appreciation/respect for all people” then I’m afraid you assumed wrong. I would not have chosen nor have lasted as long as I have in the Social Work field if I didn’t. I along with my fellow counterparts continue to be a soldier, an advocate, and a voice for ALL of the children who are involved in the child welfare system.

Best of luck in your career as well:-)

MM on

As a mother of TWO children adopted from Korea………you cannot even apply until you are married for at least three years, “special needs” or not. “Special needs” can be something as simple as a Mongolian spot or as complicated as a heart defect. Most all children are considered to be special needs so that they can be put up for international adoption. BOTH my children are considered to be special needs, and we had to wait for the three-year marriage mark for both of them. My son had a hemangioma and severe Mongololia spots, and my daughter’s special need was as complicated as a hole in her heart that we were told would require open heart surgery. However, NEITHER adoption was expedited. My daughter’s adoption actually took longer than my son’s. So, yes, I do tend to think Katherine Heigl was given some special treatment. Also, her child would not have ended up in an orphanage. If you know about Korean adoption, you are aware that the children spend time with foster families and do not live in orphanages. That child would have ended up with another family, just as loving, who wanted her just as much.

Candy on

Not all special needs are visible.

lisa mother of three on

She looks wonderful and has a beautiful glow. No matter how becoming a mother I guess we all get that wonderful glow.
I admire her so much, adpoption is such a wonderful thing!

MM on

Obviously, not all special needs are visible. My daughter’s were not visible. The point is………Katherine Heigl’s adoption was expedited for some reason even though she did NOT meet the adoption requirements for adoption from Korea. Why? I think that is the question others that have adopted from Korea, whose adoptions were NOT expedited, have. The questions is not about special needs, but about not meeting the requirements.

Sue on

Katherine Heigle is a beautiful young actress and I’ve been a fan of hers since I first saw her in Roswell. Their new baby is beautiful and I wish them all the best. Kudos to them for adopting a baby who so needs a good, loving home.

Rachael on

Love her cant wait to see more from the family