Heidi Klum Gets Hands On

09/17/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
GSI Media

Just weeks away from welcoming baby number four — a girl! — Heidi Klum takes children Johan, 2 ½, and Leni, 5, to taekwondo class in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The Project Runway host and husband Seal are also parents to son Henry, 4.

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dawn on

are you sure that isn’t Henry? He looks awfully big to be 2 1/2…

dee on

No. That’s Johan. Him and Henry don’t really look all that alike. They are just some really tall boys.

Elizabeth on

Leni is so petite!! Sooo cute. Johan looks like Heidi.

CTBmom on

Heidi has some beautiful kids! Both Henry and Johan are so tall, and I think Leni is on the petite side. Can’t wait to find out what they end up naming their new daughter.

Alex on

When did Heidi adopt Dakota Fanning?! I swear, Leni is the spitting image of her! I love this family!

Alice on

Johan is almost taller than Leni!! That’s crazy! They are both very cute kids.

Daisy on

2 1/2!? He is a very very tall little guy, almost taller then his sister! They are such a gorgeous family! Can’t wait to hear what they will name their little girl!

Lauren on

Wow! i cant believe Johan is so tall. i LOVE his hair

Emmy on

I can’t believe Johan is the same height as his big sister now…. !!!

Gorgeous kids…. you just know forthcoming baby girl is going to be stunning, how could she not be?

Helen on

i have a feeling they are going to name her Klara!

Bren on

Such a cute family, Johan is so tall.
I can not wait to see what their mixed baby girl looks like. I think children of mixed families always seem to get the best of both worlds I mean just look at how gorgeous her boys are but then again her daughter is precious as well. AHH So excited to see the new baby!!

Elby on

I love how Johan is half the age of Leni but exactly the same size. Seal is quite a tall bloke though isn’t he? I guess he inherited that from his dad, I’m not sure what size Leni’s biological father is but given that he was a f1 driver (?) I’d guess he’s not exactly a giant.

Tess on

Does Leni have any contact with her biological father? Did Seal adopt her?

Lisa on

Leni is so cute! Cant wait till they have their little girl! yes johan is very big for his age but i think henry looks even older for his age than johan. i have a 3 year old and they are still so young and trying to talk and they already look like they could be in 1st grade! anyways gorgeous family

Andrea_momof2 on

Tess I read an interview/article about her bio father and I believe Flavio saw her once when she was 6 months old but hasn’t seen her since. Seal said that he has respect for him because he’s staying out of Leni’s life (as in, Leni has a father so he doesn’t need to be around).

Lauren on

Leni’s bio father isn’t a Formula 1 driver– he’s an Italian businessman (Flavio Briatore) who is known for popularizing the Benetton brand and who owns F1 teams.

Seal is 6’4″, so this probably accounts for Johan and Henry’s size…

Tess on

Andrea – thanks.

Rebecca on

Can anyone tell me how Leni is pronounced? I’ve always wondered!

g!na on

aaw! Leni is so petite compared to her brothers! Henry is taller than her and Johan is almost too! cute family!

Elby on

I knew he was connected somehow with F1.

I’m not sure if Seal has officially adopted her but I know he is her dad to all intents and purposes which really is what matters more isn’t it?

Leni is pronounced to rhyme with penny, it’s traditionally a shortening for Helene/Helena but is a name in it’s own right now.

Philippa on

They are so cute, and I can hardly believe how tall Johan is!
And Rebecca, her name is pronounced Lay-nee.

Andrea_momof2 on

Heidi has said it’s Lay-nee 🙂

Stephany on

WOW! Johan is HUGE! Either that or Leni is SMALL! I think the boys are definitely going to take after their father in height!

CelebBabyLover on

Tess- I want to add to the other comments that no, Seal hasn’t offically adopted her. It could be that Flavio refuses to give up his parental rights (which he’d have to do in order for Seal to adopt Leni).

Natasja on

I’m from the Netherlands and the name Leni (pronounced as Lay-nee) is a very old-fashioned name here. So it’s always funny and weird to read about this modern family with the old-fashioned name(s). As many of you i can’t wait to hear the name of their new baby.

Rebecca on

Thank you!

comparethemeerkat on

how is Johan and Leni who are almost three years apart, the same size?? I think that is Henry which would make more sense!

emma on

It is Johan not Henry.
Henry looks very different to Johan.
Here is a photo of Henry from that day:

This photo was taken the same time as this one was.

Heidi was with Leni and johan and the nanny walked with Henry.

CelebBabyLover on

emma is correct. Johan is simply, like his brother, a big boy. Seal, as another poster mentioned, is 6 foot 4, so the boys likely take after him in height.

Oh, and another way to tell the boys apart…Johan is the one most likely to be dressed in superhero gear (such as the Superman t-shirt he’s wearing in this picture). 🙂