Naomi Watts and Her Blond Boys

09/15/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Doug Meszler/Splash News Online

Looks like the Schreiber boys are a little sleepy!

Naomi Watts strolled with Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 2, and Samuel Kai, 9 months, in the East Village on Sunday.

The actress, 41, was taking her sons to meet up with dad Liev Schreiber.

Naomi is now in Canada at the Toronto Film Festival, promoting her latest movie, Mother and Child, while her boys stay back home in the Big Apple!

Sasha and Kai ride in Phil & Ted’s Dash with doubles kit in Black ($649).

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mamabear on

Wow, the boys are so cute 🙂

I really do not care for that stroller though – it appears that the little one riding in the back gets really shortchanged!

Not only is he lower but his entire front and upper view is blocked by the front seat. A bit claustrophobic-feeling to me. Also, without a longer handle, I cannot imagine NOT bumping into that lower seat with your knees when the parent pushes the stroller.

Just my opinion though 🙂

Kat on

mamabear – trust me, everyone has that opinion until they try out the stroller… not only is it great because you can easily switch it from single to double easily (and in newborn/toddler mode, the seat on the bottom goes on top while the main seat is fully reclined), but kids LOVE that back seat. Not only is it great for preventing overstimulation during a long day, but kids think it is SO fun… I have yet to meet a parent with that stroller whose kids didn’t do what mine did… fight over who GOT to ride in it, and who HAD to ride in the main seat.

Jaime on

Too cute, I love how it appears Samuel is peeking out saying “look at me too!”

They look a lot alike. Very cute little boys.

Lola Marie on

Cute little blonde boys 🙂

That is a unique stroller 😀

mamabear on

Thanks KAT! I did not know the stroller did all that – if you can raise the lower seat to be higher then the main seat for a newborn- well that is just too cool 🙂

All Women Stalker on

Wow, Naomi looks tinier. And her blonde boys are so cute.


Patricia on

Samuel has gotten so big!

they’re such cute little tow heads 🙂

Nanny-Emma on

Gorgeous boys.

I have this stroller at work and I think its ingenious. I’ve used it on the bus numerous times and its as easy as a single stroller. Have 2 toddlers 18 months apart and they would happily take it in turns and as oldest got better at walking, just took the back off! (although its great for loads of shopping!) we have a newborn so back seat goes on the front and newborn can sleep away!…I actually like babies facing forwards but when you’ve got little ones close together this really helps!…and I’ve had no problems banging into the back seat, it looks that way in the picture but not in real life.

Lena Stern on

She is sooo thin – skinny is the better description.

Lena Stern on

She is sooo thin – skinny is the better description.

Lena Stern on

She is sooo thin – skinny is the better description.

Lena Stern on

She is sooo thin – skinny is the better description.

Lena Stern on

She is sooo thin – skinny is the better description.

Stephanie on

I have this stroller too…LOVE it!!! Brilliant idea!! 🙂

Manon on

I agree mambear! The little one looks like he is straining to look out. As for “preventing over stimulation” one of the criticisms against this stroller is that it’s not good for development to be hidden away without a view like that.

The little one always seems to be hidden away in the bottom!

Oh well.

Jessica on

I don’t see why people feel the need to comment on women’s weight almost 90% of the time. I find it inappropriate and rude even if it’s on a website.

Anyways the babies are cute and I love Naomi.

JMO on

Hate the look of those strollers too but everyone raves about them.

Sasha and Kai look so much alike!

Angel on

Cute boys, terrible stroller, in my opinion. I don’t buy the theory of “preventing overstimulation”. I feel it’s important for kids to see what’s happening in their little worlds and not be hidden away in the bottom of the stroller because it’s convenient for mom. I would DEFINITELY be claustrophobic if I were the kid.

Micheley on

Im not bashing at all but when I saw the stroller I literally got sick to my stomach and my claustraphobia kicked in lol. If kids don’t mind it then great, but I know I wouldn’t be able to ride in the bottom of that stroller.

Beautiful boys though!

Kris on

The boys are super cute.

I also have this stroller I only have one child right now but use it often as a double with family and friends. And my daughter will fight the other child to get the bottom seat. She loves it down there. She even asks for that seat when we have just her.

Elby on

I have heard rave reviews about the Phil & Teds and have had no problems pushing them when I’ve swapped buggies with friends but I don’t have 1 myself, mainly cos I’ve got 2 sets of twins so they wouldn’t work for us but also because I didn’t like the idea of someone being stuck in the bottom. Where do you put all your shopping, dummies, spare muslins, jumpers etc when the tray is full of feet?

Andrea_momof2 on

I got this stroller as a gift and my kids hated it. To each their own of course but my 1 year old loves to see everything and my 4 year old is too big to go underneath. To each their own of course!

Jackie on

Since I am not a mom yet, I don’t pay attention to what kind of strollers people have. I just assume whatever works for them, works! Anyway, I have said this before, and I’ll say it again. These boys are just TOO CUTE!! WE haven’t seen much of baby Kai, but he’s a sweetie pie, just like Sasha.
Once again, I can’t get enough of these kids. Naomi and Liev seem like excellent parents.