Meet Walker Nathaniel Diggs!

09/15/2009 at 06:05 PM ET

Is he a Broadway baby in the making? At only two weeks old, it’s too early to tell, but we’re happy Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel decided to share a photo of their latest co-production!

Son Walker Nathaniel, who arrived on September 2nd, makes his debut in a family portrait released to the Associated Press Tuesday afternoon. Too cute!

AP/Courtesy of Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs

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dearling on


Jessica on

Too cute!! The whole family looks great! Congrats to them.

Tatyana on

What a cutie. I congratulate them. They look so over the moon.

Gen on

what a gorgeous picture!

Cassandra on

He is adorable! And his name actually fits! 😀 They all look so happy.

girlJordan on

So Beautiful!

Crystal on


Hea on

Oh my, he is absolutely adorable!

Mia on

He is the cutest thing. His parents look sooo happy! Congrats to the whole family, he is beautiful 🙂

Forever Moore on

How sweet…Taye looks elated!

Ashley on

They do look “Over the Moon”

🙂 I am a big fan of RENT.

Erica on

Walker is a beautiful baby with an excellent name. Taye and Idina have good taste.

I love how some of the best pictures you’ll see anywhere are very untouched and natural!

Brooke on

Oh How Sweet…………..

Brandi on

Adorable!!! On a side note, I love when celebrities release their own pictures. They look wonderful.

Janna on

Oh, my.. what a precious photo!

ahnteelala on

Awww so adorable!

anonymous on

Flail! So adorable.

Sue on

Beautiful family – gorgeous picture – great name! Much happiness to them all.

alex on

too cute! they look so happy!
and i love his name

anna on

he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!

Emma on

So cute!!! They should have even more kids!!

Lauren on

My God. That baby, those parents-GORGEOUS. They’ve talked about having kids for such a long time, and to see Taye nuzzling his son’s head and Idina kissing his cheek makes me melt. I can’t wait to see this guy-and hopefully their family-grow. Bless them.

Tina. on

thats so cute<3 hes a really good mix of the two.

dee on

He’s gorgeous. This just makes me all the more excited to see Ellen Pompeo’s baby girl.

Elizabeth on

how adorable is he?!

Pam on

Adorable family, and what a touching photo!

Jenny on

That is a great picture of their family. Cute baby boy!

Emma on

who do you all think he looks like? I guess it’s way too early to tell.

Jessica on

O god I just love newborns! This picture makes the ovaries ache lol. Love the smile on Daddy’s face. What an awesome moment.

Lauren on


buckbeakbabie on

OMG! So adorable. 😀

Ayldan on

Awwwwww. He’s so cute. And so lucky to have such wonderful people as his parents.

Liliana on

He’s beautiful! Mom and dad seem to be so in love with little Walker.

Lisa on

Yep, I knew it was true…beautiful people make beautiful babies! He is gorgeous!

Nicole on

Walker Nathaniel Diggs is GORGEOUS! Gorgeous name, gorgeous baby…what else could we expect from such gorgeous parents? He looks like he has Taye’s eyes and Idina’s mouth. So cute!! Love them!!!!

Samantha on

He is tooo cute!!!! Such a beautiful family!!!

mary on

I’m in love:)

Jana on

My what a beautiful family!

j.U.d.E. on

~ B E A U T I F U L! ~

Walker is very fair skinned!

Brooklyn on

Aw! He’s a cutie. And Idina and Taye look soooo happy =)

Jenn on

He’s just gorgeous!!!! (Of course, with two parents so gorgeous, too, we all knew he would be!) 🙂 They look so in love with sweet!

Sarah on

What a beautiful baby!! It’s so nice when celebrities share their own photos, it’s much more personal, rather than the paparazzi launching sneak-attacks to catch a glimpse of the newborn. It’s obvious that Idina and Taye adore this little guy, and it’s no wonder, he’s so gorgeous!! Congrats!

Ana on

AAAWWWW! He is gorgeous! This totally made my day! The family looks so happy!

Steph on

Just precious!!! I’m so happy for them. 🙂

mazie beth on

pretty baby, awww. and with a good solid name, too. love this family photo so much I can feel heart melting and, like Jessica, my ovaries are quivering.

Erika on

He’s a really precious looking newborn!! He has his dad’s face and mother’s coloring, I think. He’s cute!!!

debbie on

Totally beautiful.
OMG Taye is such a hottie…..

brannon on

Gorgeous! (Baby cute too 🙂

CTBmom on

Yes!! I am ridiculously happy that Taye and Idina released a picture of little Walker! He is just as beautiful as I thought he would be! I agree…I love these personal pics over formal ones, but I’m not complaining either way. Anyway, this pic is too, too sweet. I just love this family! =)

Summer on

he’s real cute!

danda_lion on

So sweet!

Karm on

Erika, true pigmentation can take 6 months to a year especially with a child of mixed race. Who knows maybe he will stay lighter or have more of Taye’s colouring later. 🙂

Kat on

this beautiful baby and his elated parents just make my ovaries ache… I’m thrilled for them.

Leto(Gaia's mom) on

He’s a cutie!!! One thing tho black babies and children of color period tend to be born quite fair and darken as they get old. Or the other way around, I was born fairly dark and got to tawny and my daughter looked white(as her dad is white) and she’s now my complexion. Its kind of like how some white children are born with blonde hair and are brunette by age 2.

RIP Michael on

It was well past the time for these two to have a kid! 🙂

He is adorable and is making me want a baby! Loving the three of them in this pic.

Benigna Marko on

What a beautiful picture of the family. They look lovely.
Benigna Marko

Laurie on

absolutely beautiful picture and family! best wishes!!

Anthea on

I love this couple and how they met and they son is so cute.

Trinh on

OMG! I love this picture! 🙂

Amanda on

Wow, he’s cute. I have feeling he will have an AMAZING voice.

Hayley_B on

Awww! What a lil dreamboat! Such kissable cheeks! So happy for Taye & Idina!

Tia on

Awww. Look at them!!!

Sandra on

Such a great photo. Beautful family. So happy for them.
Walker is so gorgeous, and his parents look so much in love with him.

fyca on

OMG! The RENT baby is here! I’m so happy for them I could cry!

Louise on

Adorable, what an amazing looking family.

Allie-Rose on

Oh my gosh, what a cutie!!

Alex on

Oh, he is just beyond cute. Mummy and daddy look so happy and content. Such a beautiful family.

Samantha on

What a sweet sweet baby boy. I could just eat him up! Awww, they look so happy, I’m sooo happy for them. 🙂 God bless their beautiful family.

Sammy-xx on

I didnt think Taye’s smile could get any bigger.
Walker is beautiful, just like his parents.

jen on

Was there a baby in this photo?! Because all I see is one gorgeous man!

Shannon on

Awwww, soo sweet! This photo is so precious, they are such a wonderful family! So glad they released a personal photo to introduce little Walker. He is so adorable!

Bella Mama on

what a lovely photo.. congrats to the gorgeous family!

Amanda on

OMG he’s precious!!! Congrats Taye and Idina, and I do believe he’s the Bway baby in making, I can see him taking voice at age three, dancing by four, acting by five! Omg can’t wait to get People Magazine when they land on the cover! He looks just like the two of them!!

jessie on

he’s cute

Vanessa on

He’s beautiful….the baby’s cute too.

Patricia on

This is such a beautiful, natural picture.

What a cute baby boy:)

Congrats Idina and Taye!

Daisy on

Gosh, what a gorgeous picture!! They both look phenomenal & so happy, Walker is such a cutie, I can’t wait to see him grow!!

Joy on

Awww! He’s so cute. Love the normal name!

Dee on

Congratulations to them both. Walker Nathaniel is an excellent name and a very adorable baby. My ovaries ache too I cant wait to get pregnant….ahhhh!!!

Brianne on

What a gorgeous picture.

daniela on

One word – Beautiful!!!!

daniela on

@ Jen – Hilarious!!! I was thinking the same thing when I first looked at the photo! LOL!

Ashley on

This is a very lovely family picture. The baby is so cute, and Taye and Idina look so happy. Idina is very pretty.

sarah on

Love this family – so happy for them and this is such a gorgeous image of a happy loving family!

abbie on

omg how adorable! yay finally a picture of the baby! and not one where the paparazzi had to like, pounce on them! so much love in this pic :)i agree with nicole, mom’s lips and dad’s eyes.

Kristynn on

Oh! He is adorable!!!!!! Congrats to their family! And I love his name it fits him well, thank God it’s not a weird name. Yeah for two celebs who have the decency to name their baby a good name. Congrats Idina and Taye

niman israel on

mazal tov!!
i gave birth to our first, baby son a day before you, sep’ 1 09!!
your baby is so cute and you are a lovely family.
mazal tov

niman israel

FC on

Nathaniel is such a doll! And that photo is beautiful. I can feel the love seeping out of it: from Idina’s chaste kiss to their son’s cheek and Taye’s luminous smile. The whole family has a glow to them. 🙂

Congrats to Taye and Idina. 🙂

FC on

Whoops, I meant to have Walker Nathaniel, but I left it off. 🙂

blondeblondy on

WHAT A CUTIE!!! They look so happy!

Wendy Sue on

OMG… How adorable!! I hope he sings like his parents!! Congratulations to them both!!

Sandra on

So chuuute! I really want to kiss Walker!!

Alex on

What a cute baby & he has a great name! Congrats to the parents!

Vicki Boston on

Congratulations Taye and Idina.
A sweet charmimg picture of Walker too.
He’s simply adorable.
May there be many happy years of SEASON OF LOVE to you three.
I hope tha Idina tells Walker OVER THE MOON from RENT.
He’ll love it.
And instead of WIZARD OF OZ-WICKED will do.
Beautiful baby Walker is.
Love that name.

CelebBabyLover on

Vicki Boston- I’ll bet they are also ENCHANTED by him. 🙂 Anyway, you know what warms my heart? Seeing that this post has 94 comments…and every single one of them is postive! 🙂

Whitney Sterk on

wow – he’s very light – so far…. can’t wait to see how he will look as ages( his coloring and features)all gorgeous of course

Kendra on

He is so adorable! He qill more than likely turn out very talented, too.

I love the sweater he’s wearing. =)

That is a beautiful family!

Melody on

What a beautiful little baby! Congratulations Idina and Taye!

Marcia on

There is nothing better than parenthood. Taye and Idina now have the best job of their lives. Congrats to them both.