Ellen Pompeo Picks Up Gifts

09/15/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Ellen Pompeo smiles as she stops by Juvenile Shop to pick up gifts for Grey’s Anatomy co-star Katherine Heigl on Friday.

The actress, 39, then spent a few hours at her pal’s Los Feliz, Calif. home, where it is believed she met Katherine’s newly adopted daughter Naleigh, 9 ½ months.

Ellen expects her own baby girl next month. This will be the first child for the actress and husband Chris Ivery.

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lala21 on

She looks great pregnant

Sandra on

Wow, she looks stunnning, cannot wait to see her baby girl (and to find out what name they have chosen)!

urbanadventurertales on

She looks so much healthier being pregnant! I love seeing that! I hope she keeps the weight on a bit after she gives birth.

jessie on

i like her dress

aurora mia on

I am just jealous…I loved being being pregnant…She just radiates and glows. She looks beautiful. She should save that picture for the baby album.

mims on

wow she looks amazing!! i love the dress!

sirechilde on

She’s gorgeous.

Crystal on

I ♥ the way she has dressed throughout her entire pregnancy! She wears such form fitting outfits that show off her growing belly. She looks BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t wait for her to introduce us to her princess!!! 🙂

Holly on

I love that dress – it looks amazing on her! Anyone know where i could find it?

Lola Marie on

To urbanadventurertales: She does look healthier…not as skinny as before and more toned. I hope she keeps the weight on too but in Hollywood I doubt it.

vixen on

She looks great – but am I imagining things or is her navel not central?! Maybe it’s just the way baby is lying.

MZ on

I wish I’d looked that good when I was pregnant. *sigh* 🙂

Sammy-xx on

Has it been confirmed that she is having a girl?
I know there was pink gifts at the baby shower at Kathrine Heigls but now that she has a baby girl I wondered if maybe it was Katherines shower.
She looks beautiful, she is the perfect example of someone having a pregnancy glow.

Bancie1031 on

aww can’t wait until we meet Naleigh not to mention Ellen’s new little girl ….. Ellen looks great

Janne on

Now THAT is pregnancy glow! 🙂

Jenna on

Anyone know where to find the dress?? Love it!!

Jessica on

She looks so good. Hopefully Katherine can handle motherhood with grace, she seems to have some difficulty in that department. That said I really admire her for what she’s done for that little girl.

Erika on

Jessica- Just curious what difficulties Katherine Heigl has in the motherhood department? I am not a big fan, not offended or put off at all by your post, I was just wondering since I don’t read much about her, what you are refering to.

I also think Ellen looks great!!

Electra on

Erika, I think she meant the grace dept. and thats the best pregnancy dress EVER.

Elizabeth on

Ellen looks beautiful. Pregnancy definitely agrees with her. I can’t wait until she has her little girl.

MiB on

Erika, Katherine Heigl and her husband just adopted a baby girs with special needs from Korea. I guess that’s what Jessica was referring to.

Ellen just glows!

Tanisha Lavette Scottham on

Wow-I hope she names the baby Vera Joy! My pat new baby gift is a Muestela gift set, a flap happy hat, and a seitz bath for mom!

CelebBabyLover on

Sammy-xx- But why would Katherine have thrown her own baby shower? That’s pretty much the biggest shower no-no there is! Anyway, yes, I believe Ellen has confirmed it’s a girl. 🙂

Baby shower pro on

She looks stunning in that dress!

April on

Erika-I believe Jessica is referring to the fact that alot of people think that Katherine is difficult to work with and the fuss when she pulled her name from last years Emmy’s noms b/c she said her work did’nt warrant a nomination.Well-every-one then said she was fussy and should’nt bite the hand that feeds her.
Personally I have always liked KH/Izzy and am happy that some people have been made to rethink their opinions about KH>