Adriana Lima is Ravishing in Red

09/15/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Marion Curtis/PictureGroup

She may not be able to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year, but Adriana Lima is still doing what she can as an Angel!

The model, 28, showed off her belly at last Thursday’s Fashion’s Night Out in New York City, where she signed autographs at the Lexington Avenue Victoria’s Secret store.

Adriana expects her first child with husband Marko Jaric in mid-December.

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urbanadventurertales on

She is so stunning! Love that color on her. But every picture of her boyfriend that I see make him look kind of weird. I don’t want to sound rude, that’s not my intention at all. Maybe he’s just not photogenic?

Shirelle on

Adriana is so pretty! I Hope she has a girl!

StreetGirl on

I think red is for sure her colour, she looks blossoming!

Anon on

I’m guessing a boy 🙂

Patricia on

she’s gorgeous. As many of you have said, red is DEFF her color:)

I wish I could see more of a profile shot of her belly.

Lots of December babies coming up!

Tina. on

she looks so pretty! 🙂

Courtney on

she looks absolutely fantastic and I’m also betting the babe is a boy because of how small the belly is

Jennifer on

She is a very pretty girl. Even with any baby weight she gains she will still look gorgeous.

Benigna Marko on

She looks gorgeous.

Lima-Fans on

Actually she’s quite large, and she was overheard several times at the launch referring to her bump as a she.
This photo of her shows how large she actually is.

She was so proud of her bump at the launch though. A staff member at our website actually met her for the third time, and not only did she remember her, she spoke about her pregnancy quite a bit. We all hope People does another article about her, they always seem to have the best interviews with Adriana.

Savanna on

I was the staff member that met her recently. I still think it’s a boy! I didn’t hear her call her bump a she myself, but other people were whispering about it. Anyway, I’m sure she’s having that baby next month (not December) too. I agree with the person above though and hope that she’s doing some sort of an exclusive for People which is why she seems to be hiding her stomach.

Savanna on

Also, she is one of those pregnant girls who only looks pregnancy from the side. When she first got there, she was ginormous and when she was sitting I had asked her what kind of work she had coming up and we had a laugh as she sat back in her seat and said “I AM PREGNANT, CAN’T YOU TELL?” and rubbed her belly for me and I swear that I was baffled because I know that she was huge when she walked past me. I think she’s carrying really low too so that could be it also.

Lauren on

Have you seen the side angle of Kendra? Adriana’s baby bump seems to be the same size as Kendra. Plus both of their husbands are not small guys, perhaps they will have a big/tall baby.

I know she took a virginity pledge, but everyone seems to suggest she got pregnant before marriage because of the quickie wedding and size of her bump… Since she got married in february and lets “assume” got pregnant in janurary/february, wouldn’t she give birth in october/november? But according to adriana she is due mid-december giving her a march conception date right? If she is lying.. what is she going to do? Announce the baby was born prematurely? She will dig herself into a much deeper hole… so, i believe her…

Savanna on

Adriana is way bigger than Kendra who just recently popped. She was showing well before any of the girls who are due in December (Gisele, Kourtney, Camila, etc.). First babies are usually late. She could get away with it, I’m sure. The mid-December due date was never right to begin with though if you’ve been keeping up with updates about her. I’m sure she would say the same if someone asked her. That will probably be her excuse actually. That nobody asked her because she is telling everyone different. Even Heidi insinuated that they got pregnant around the same time, having had the same cycle from being around each other a lot and Heidi is due mid-October. The begining of November is also possible if she’s running late. However, I think she’ll have the baby late next month.

Lima-Fans on

People aren’t suggesting it because of that….people are guessing that was because she was showing in Feb (way before her claim) and she was congratulated on her pregnancy in Jan on a Turkish television show as well. So our guess is she conceived in Jan, which would make her due pretty soon withing October most likely. The quickie wedding kind of adds suspicion since she was busy planning a HUGE two wedding event in July of this year, and had been planning it for 6+ months and then all of a sudden she just got married…along with her showing and her wearing her evil eye baby necklace in Feb (which she confirmed to someone at the event stood for her, Marko, and the baby) Plus the people at the event say she’s much much larger than the people who are also due in December.
My guess is she’s due in Late October (which would add up) and it would make it so if the baby came, say she gave birth at 41 weeks (normal for first time mothers) she could claim the baby just came early at 37/36 weeks. It would still make her full term at 37 and would give her those weeks to stand behind.
Like I said people don’t think she’s due earlier because of her quickie marriage, it’s the fact she was showing and about a million other things that are coming into play.

Savanna on

From tonight at the Coco Before Chanel premiere. I rest my case:

Lily on

I agree, she’s gorgeous. But her face has changed, so my bet is that it’s a girl.

CelebBabyLover on

I hope she really is due in December. If she isn’t, then she broke her virginity pledge, which would really dissapoint me. Why go on and on about how you’re going to stay a virgin until you’re married if you’re not going to keep that promise? And really, would it have been THAT hard for her to wait the extra few months until after the wedding to lose her virginity?

Melanie on

why don’t we all just wait and see when she has the baby instead of making assumptions? and to be honest, why does it even matter? is it affecting your day to day life??

CelebBabyLover on

And why would she have lied about concieving in March? She could very well just be like Naomi Watts and Isla Fisher (everyone thought they were due a month or two before they really were, too….both times in Naomi’s case.)

Anyway, it DOES appear that the people who claimed that Brazillian press confirmed she’s having a boy were wrong, as a commentor on this post said that Adriana referred to her bump as a “she” multiple times at the launch. Therefore, it appears she’s having a girl. 🙂

Oh, and Lima-Fans, I just noticed that you said she was “showing” in February, which was “way before her claim”. By, “her claim,” are you referring to her virginity pledge. If so, then I take back what I said in my previous comments. In that case, it could easily be that she didn’t want to announce that she was pregnant before marriage, so she used the virginity pledge as a cover.

Oh, and speaking of her “showing” in February….She very easily could have just having PMS bloat or something. I mean, how many times have celebs been rumored to be pregnant because they have a bit of a bump….but then turn out not to be (and some really HAVE looked pregnant. Nicole Kidman is a perfect example. In some of the pictures from when pregnancy rumors were swirling around her right after she married Keith, she really DOES look pregnant.)?

Anyway, whenever Adriana is due, congrats to her!

Savanna on

I was at the launch and these two girls passed by me and said “She called her bump a ‘she'”, but it was confirmed by Adriana’s cousin that she’s having a boy. Also, Adriana also told people the same night that she didn’t want to know the sex of the baby (obviously a lie). It doesn’t even have to do with her showing back in Feb. In Jan. she said thank you to someone who complimented her on being the most beautiful mother. Anyway, I stand by what I said and here’s another picture…:

Savanna on

You can’t tell me this girl is 6 months and you can’t compare her to Gisele, Kendra, or Kourtney:

CelebBabyLover on

Savanna- Yep, definently Naomi Watts 2.0. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and for the millionth time, all women carry differently! Like I said, Naomi Watts was absolutely HUGE during both of her pregnancies. Nicole Kidman, on the other hand, barely showed at all until her third trimester.

Lauren on

Melanie, I was just trying to bring up a small debate, from previous CCB posts about her, a lot of the commenter’s are wondering the same thing. And yes everything she does affect’s my life *sarcasm*…

Savanna on

Naomi 2.0 or twins. You can’t compare Adriana who is 5’10” to Naomi who looks pretty short.

freebreeze on

She looks great but she has definitely chubbed out around the face. Typically that happens nearer the end of a pregnancy…

Lima-Fans on

Keep in mind, she was congratulated on being pregnant in Jan, which she replied happily too with “Thank you” she didn’t want smokers around her at that time when she herself is a regular smoker, she wasn’t granting interviews that whole month claiming she was feeling very ill (morning sickness) and then she started to show in Feb. She canceled several events in Jan right around that time as well. Plus now she’s much bigger…if all of us were basing this just on her tummy it would be one thing..but we aren’t. Keep in mind if she was PMSing she was bloated for about 3 months straight before she was pregnant, happened to be ill during all of it, canceled her wedding that she had been planning for almost 7 months, stopped smoking and drinking instantly at that time…and accepted a a congratulatory remark about being pregnant…I guess that’s all coincidence.

Lima-Fans on

Also keep in mind, when she announced her pregnancy, it was a few days after this appearance, which she claimed she was only about 3-4 weeks along…Yea, most women carry differently, but you don’t have a belly like this in the first month.
If she would have come out and said when she got pregnant her virginity pledge would be shot to heck, and I think that’s why she’s pulled what she has.

Savanna on

I’m thinking it’s a girl now after seeing more pictures? It’s really high. She was carrying really low in the beginning. Everything else says boy though. Her cravings and the stuff that she can’t eat, the way her bump looks like a basketball, etc.

Tiffany on

With all of these celeb twins, it could be 2 in there or a massive baby considering how big her husband is.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I’m really confused about her showing in February. If she had been pregnant enough to be showing, she would have had to have been about three months along…and that would have made her due last month (August).

CelebBabyLover on

Then again, since she’s pretty skinny normally (I’m assuming, anyway, since she’s a model), I suppose she could have just started showing really early on. Or maybe it really is twins (although I doubt it, as she was overheard referring to her bump as “she” and not “they”). 🙂

FC on

She looks fabulous in that red and has the best accessory: her baby-to-be!

Savanna on

Adriana isn’t the typical skinny model. She’s always had at least 10-15lbs on those girls who walk in High Fashion. Adriana hasn’t been that skinny model in like 6 or 7 years. Maybe more. February would’ve been kind of like the time she was gaining back the weight she lost in preperation for the fashion show in November of last year. It really wasn’t her tummy that caught our attention, but her boobs. We’ll see though. A lot of things add up to her getting pregnant as early as late December last year/early Jan., but if it was late Dec. that would mean she would be popping soon and though I think she is popping sooner than she is claiming, I don’t think that soon.

Her bump is low for her, but I think we see it as being high because she has such long legs and a short torso and then she was wearing heels. It could very well be a boy still.

MiB on

I really love that colour! It’s gorgeous!

As far as the pregnancy date rumors go, I have looked at the pictures from just after she announced her pregnancy and she looks like she is arching her back in these pictures. Also, I think she looks like one of my friends did last September, and she had her baby on Christmas day (ok, she was two weeks late, but still), so I will give her the benefit of doubt, just like celebbabylover said, think of Naomi Watts. Only time will tell when she might possibly have concieved.

Savanna on

Okay, but she’s not arching her back in the ones where she’s sitting. Everyone keeps saying Naomi, but this is a tall girl here. From what Adriana has been saying, November is the due date not December so forget about December. I don’t think it’s November either, but still.

Bella on

I bet she will deliver end of this month early next month. I am pretty positive too. This isn’t going to be a December, or even November baby.

CelebBabyLover on

MiB- Couldn’t agree more! Yes, Naomi is short and Adriana is tall. However, one poster on here mentioned that Adriana has a short torso. If that is indeed the case, then she could still be Naomi 2.0. When you have a short torso, there’s no where for the bump to go but out.

Similarly, Nicole Kidman has a long torso, which is probably why she carried so small with Sunday. 🙂

Anyway, now that Savanna mentioned it, I do remember speculating way back when she first announced her pregnancy that she was actually due in November (this was because she said it was a honeymoon baby. She and Marko got married in February- on Valentine’s day, I believe-, so if you due the math, that would give her a November due date if she did concieve on her honeymoon).

I actually kind of hope it’s a November baby, too. First of all, not a lot of celebs are due in November yet (not that we know of for sure, anyway. There are a few who have given “Fall”, “late Fall” or “early Winter” due dates, which could mean November). And second of all, it’s my dad’s birth month. 🙂

Savanna on

Another thing is though she said she was 17 weeks (5 months) on July 14th or 15th making her 6 months like the week of August 2nd. She is still claiming to be 6 months now. Impossible. I’m telling you, this baby is coming soon!

CelebBabyLover on

Savanna- As other posters have said, Adriana HAS actually indicated that she’s due in November rather than December (saying it’s a honeymoon baby, among other things). If that is indeed the case, then what she said in July is right on!

Anyway, I agree with the poster that pointed out that, if IS lying about her due date, what’s she going to do? Claim the baby was born prematurely?

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, ignore my comment about Adriana having to claim the baby was premature or something if she is indeed lying about my comment. I just saw Lima-Fans’ comment about that, and I what she said makes sense. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I meant lying about her due date, not lying about my comment!