Matt Damon Has 'Testosterone Deficient' Home

09/14/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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As the only male in a household of four females, Matt Damon‘s life is filled with love and fairy princesses.

“I call it the ‘testosterone deficit.’ But I’m happy with that,” Matt told PEOPLE at the premiere of The Informant! at the Toronto International Film Festival of his home life. “I love my girls and it’s lot of pink, a lot of princesses and a lot of fun.”

With his bachelor days behind him, Matt, 38, and his wife, Luciana, are in domestic bliss, celebrating special milestones in the lives of their daughters: Gia Zavala, 13 months, Isabella, 3, and Alexia, 11.

“Gia is just ready to start talking and making sounds,” said the proud papa. “It’s been really exciting and we are anxious to hear what she says.”

The budding linguist, however, already is a skilled walker. “She’s been walking since nine months, which is pretty incredible,” he said.

Gia’s big sister Isabella is getting ready to attend preschool — possibly leaving the star in tears. “I think I will get emotional when we take her. Her mom and I will probably be a big mess. She’s ready but I don’t know if I will be.”

As for his oldest, Alexia, she has been thoroughly entertained by the Oscar winner’s transformation of gaining 30 lbs. in order to play his new role in the black comedy The Informant! “She had fun with it by squeezing all the soft squishy parts and called me ‘Fatty Matty,'” Matt said with a laugh.

In fact, some believed Matt’s pudgy physique was an upgrade over his normal weight. “Every day people would come down to watch us shoot and invariably somebody would say, ‘Wow you are so much better looking in person,'” the star told PEOPLE at the film’s press conference Friday afternoon. And I said, ‘thank you.’ But I really did wonder, was it the wig, the mustache, the 30 lbs. and the fake nose, or maybe the wardrobe that helped?”

And what did Luciana think of her husband’s extreme transformation? “She was a good sport about it. There was just more of me to love. I loved parading around with my belly.”

The Informant! hits theaters Friday.

— Paul Chi

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Something About Baby on

I should show this to my husband since we have a 6 year old daughter and another girl on the way. I remind my husband that our dog “Max” can carry on the family name.

Andrea_momof2 on

I really appreciate that Alexia is counted as his daughter, but as people are going to ask, yes she’s from his wife’s previous marriage (which is why she calls him Matt).

Stephany on

I love Matt Damon! He’s just so sexy…and I love that he has all girls! It’s adorable the way he talks about them!

Benigna Marko on

He is so adorable, glad to see he is surrounded by beautiful women.
Benigna Marko

nks on

I love reading about Matt Damon and his adorable family! Such a cute article!

Bancie1031 on

Andrea_momof2 – I was just thinking the same thing ….. well actually wondering if I would see people asking that already ….

I love Matt Damon also … I would love to see more of him and his family but I know that their really private people …. I do have a question though …. does anyone remember the last time we have seen Gia?

Mary on

Whenever I see this guy, I think about the horrible things he said about Sarah Palin. He seems so hateful. Hopefully he’s a good father accepting his children’s opinions even if they are different from his own. Yikes.

Heather on

I’m sorry, was there an article to read here? All I saw was one hot dad 😉

Erika on

I agree Mary, it’s unforgivable and I can’t imagine what hate he will pass on to his children 😦 It’s unbelievable to me how others can live lives of such hate, and how one can criticize another human that way, and how so many others think its funny or support him in that. Awful.

Otherwise, his kids are cute, and this is a cute interview. I think he makes a good father anyway.

SAR on

Matt Damon is “filled with hate” about Sarah Palin? I’ll remind you that Sarah Palin said some pretty hateful things about President Obama, such as “he’s a terrorist.”

Oh, I get it. Someone is “filled with hate” only when they criticize a Republican. Republicans, meanwhile, can call Democrats “terrorists” and that’s free speech.

Let’s see if this even gets posted.

Micheley on

Mary- I consider myself a fairly neutral when it comes to politicians (republicans/democrats) so I say this not because I like or dislike sarah palin.
I think that when it comes to politics people are so passionate about their beliefs that it often comes across as rude, and is much more blunt and out there then they would ever imagine being. And I think especially with celebrities, who are mainly democratic because imo people in that career tend to be democratic, it is not surprising that they wouldn’t be supportive of a repubican. Im not excusing it, Im just saying I don’t think you should label him based on political comments.
Also so many celebrities, politicians, etc. have made “rude” comments would you consider them to be a bad person?

SouthernBelle on

SAR, I disagree…Obama is not a terrorist…but his words are filled with racist undertones. There’s a big difference. And I’m just getting my information from the two books HE wrote…you should read them and how he feels about his white/Caucasian heritage…you don’t have to delve too deep to know what he believes. There are very few celebrities who I’ve found informed enough to even state a valid, considerable, well-formed opinion…whether they be a Democrat, Republican or otherwise. There are some exceptions, mind you, an informed few from several different parties, who do their homework and don’t have the lemming mentality of just following the Hollywood crowd of what’s “hip” at the moment, and I respect them even if I disagree with some of them. Matt doesn’t have the moxie to foray into the political arena, but he makes beautiful babies.

April on

I liked that Matt was open about his feelings during the election. We all need to make our opinions known, especially with health care at the forefront. It’s important that everyone has the chance to learn the options and speak their mind. We are so lucky to live in America and have the freedoms we do, and I think that sometimes that is easily forgotten.

CelebBabyLover on

I can’t believe Gia’s over a year old already! 🙂

mihay on

This story made me say “awwwwwww”. So darn sweet and a wonderful daddy.

Mousseauchocolat on

LOL! My husband was a bit fazed when the doctors told him we’d have a second daughter. But then a friend told him: “Boys make boys, men make girls.” He’s never complained since then 😉

Mousseauchocolat on

@Mary: I just watched his interview about Sarah Palin and it didn’t seem “hateful” to me at all. He just basically said he was worried she’d make a bad president – which is certainly a feeling that was shared by many people around the world at the time. Nor did I think he was particularly rude to her in person.
While I agree that he hardly seemed well-informed enough to enter politics, all he did was express his views and worries. I can’t imagine that his political opinions will negatively influence his parenting skills – at least he’ll make sure his daughters learn about evolution!

Jane on

Wow, I did not hear anything hateful in what Matt Damon had to say about Sarah Palin, and in any case, does it have anything to do with what this website/blog is about? No, it’s about him and his family.

Mary on

First off, I made the comment about Matt because the post is about Matt (not Sarah Palin). Second, you can have your opinion all you want but instead of being FOR Obama, he was anti-Palin and so full of anger when he talked about her. We need to focus what we want, not what we don’t want. It’s healthier and a more positive way of thinking. I’m not an Obama support but you will NEVER hear me say anything bad about him. Ever.

Mary on

One more thing,
I know that this is a blog about celeb babies but that’s the damage that Matt’s done, I don’t see him as a good actor anymore, the first thing I think of everytime I see his face was that interview he did bashing Palin. That’s all.

elana on

sarah palin made women pay for their own rape kits, she deserves all the bashing in the world, matt’s daughters are beautiful!

Shannon on

I think it is so cute how he and Ben Affleck both have little girls the same ages! What a perfect way to keep a friendship alive! I love that he refers to Alexia as his daughter. My stepfather is the same way, I’ve never been called a stepdaughter by him, and I love him for that. It really lets me know how he feels about us when he introduces me saying, this is my daughter, Shannon. *love*

Anyway, Matt seems like such a great daddy, his girls are lucky to have him! His wife is too-he’s a hottie!

Jules on

My husband and I had the (very) good fortune of meeting Matt during one of his rehearsals for The Good Shepherd. I have to say, he was a genuinely nice guy (there were no cameras around, so he wasn’t playing it up for anyone). My teenaged niece also happened to encounter him, and he was kind enough to take a pic with her on her cell phone. I’ve always considered him good-looking, but he is even better-looking in person!

I too saw his comments on Sarah Palin, but I didn’t find them hateful. He was just giving his honest assessment of what he thought about her, as freedom of speech allows. I’ve lived in China, where speech is restricted by the government, and although you may disagree with what Damon said, I’m so glad he can make such comments freely in the US without fear of retribuation or imprisonment.

Mary-Helen on

Haha, Matt sounds like my husband. We have three daughters as well and he keeps telling me he has the neutured cat to keep him company, as he is joining the cat shortly LOL!!!

Gracie on

Matt Damon comes across as so down to earth and nice, not to mention what an A+ actor he is. Going to see his latest movie The Informant! My favourite is Talented Mr Ripley. He is a certainly a looker but this isn’t why he is one of my favourite male actors 😉

Oh, and our home is estrogen deficient!

Gracie on

Oh and to add re Matt’s Palin comment. Good on him. Palin leaves much to be desired as a competent politician.

Erika on

SAR- I disagree. I’m an independant, and I never loved either side, however to comment on Sarah Palin in that way was rude. What makes him educated to make that statement anyway? And I don’t condone anyone saying Obama is a terrorist, but where are the celebrities that said that? If you want to say “I love Obama as a president, or “I wanted McCain to win” that’s one thing, but to criticize another political figure is rude and offensive. I really think celebs need to stay out of politics.

Lauren on

Are we referring to his comments about Palin’s story “being something out of a Disney movie?” By no means am I a Palin fan, but if we really wanna talk Disney plotlines, our President’s life story would make a damn good one. In other words, his statements on Palin, while hardly “hateful,” came across as immature and uneducated to me-much like many celebrity political gospels. Nothing irks me more than people who couldn’t be bothered to get the education many Americans have preaching to the choir about what they should and should not believe. Obnoxious beyond belief.

At any rate, his daughters are beautiful, and I adore their names. With regard to the last time we saw a pic of Gia, I distinctly remember one of him with the girls in NYC last spring that was posted for a few hours before being taken down. I assume that was done for liability purposes, but I was curious nonetheless.

Jessica on

SouthernBelle if you actually read his book and not watched Fox News all day long you would realize that the President went through a period where he only acknowledged his black side (since people see him as black, not biracail). It’s typical in biracial people, but you wouldn’t know that.

Gracie on

If a US citizen can’t form an opinion of a political candidate, then go on to express it, then what does the term ‘the people’ refer to? Only those ‘educated’ (ie have tertiary level degrees, or perhaps a poster may have meant one with a masters in political science being equipped to discuss).

Curious statement I have often heard re other citizens of your country stating their opinions on a political candidate.

Lauren on

It has nothing to do with Americans not being able to have and express their own opinions. Since you do not apparently live here, you may not be aware that it is commonplace for a handful of celebrities to act as unappointed spokespeople for their candidates and causes of choice, regardless of how much they truly know about the subject. I (and apparently others) just find it annoying and ironic that these people couldn’t be bothered to graduate from college or even high school in some cases, yet they see fit to educate the “glib” public on what they should know about this or that.

Gracie on

I don’t think I agree with you still, Lauren. Expressing an opinion, isn’t ‘educating’ the public. If a member of the public is swayed simply by the celebrity’s opinion on a candidate, then IMO, that person doesn’t think for themselves in the first place.

I know certain celebrities are outspoken about their political views, as many non-celeb folk are. Is it perhaps that ppl think a celebrity has a responsibility as being somewhat of a role-model, and therefore should stay out of any political commentary?

Why does remarking on a political candidate amount to becoming an “unappointed spokesperson?” Is it b/c their remarks are broadcast on TV and/ or they have many fans? There are plenty of other ways to ‘broadcast’ your opinions without being deemed as an ‘spokesperson’ and some non celebs out there can be quite persuasive themselves in sharing their opinions–should they also be told to not voice their opinion?

It is so strange, but yes–often true, that many celebs have been role models for others. However I don’t agree that just b/c they are an actor or celeb that they should keep their opinions to themselves b/c some person out there will be swayed. It is free speech. And it wasn’t like Matt Damon was sprouting hate.

On the matter of education–although coming from someone with a grad degree–I personally do not believe formal education gives anyone more of a right to get on their soap box than someone who opted out of higher education. There are many paths of learning and information, not all are institutionalised versions. However I do advocate for informing ourselves as much as we can.

Oh, and I have lived in the States for years 🙂

Rachelsun on

Matt Damon sounds like a great dad. As a US citizen he has the right to express his opinion. Ms. Palin’s comments have been far from nice about those she disagrees with. Ms. Palin is a public figure who was running for VP. We ALL have the right to comment about her even the rich and famous. I am sure Mr. Damon has enough fans that he does not need your support anyway. There was no “hate” in his comments.
President Obama is not a racist but you hateful rightwingers like southern bell are all over trying to perpetuate this myth for your own agendas.
Mr. Damon treats his step daughter as his own and that tells me much more about his character and the type of person he is.

JM on

so people aren’t allowed opinions? even strong ones?
people may not realise but what he said very much reflected, certainly what people throughout the world thought about sarah palin. i remember seeing that interview and i can unashamedly admit that i compeltely agreed with him. and talk about hateful, sarah palin wanting to take away people’s rights, gay rights for example, is not exactly loving. i find that far more hateful than disagreeing with someone’s politics and calling them a bad president. let’s face up to it, sarah palin would have been an appallingly bad president and a dangerous one too. thankfully some people had the guts to stand up and say it. well done matty and teach your kids that critical mind, it will get them far, rather than just following anyone blindly.
maybe if more people had spoken out this way about bush we wouldn’t have had that 8 year catastrophe.

Summer on

JM – Yes!! Agree with you 110%

newfound love on

ahaha!! that is so sweet!