Lauren London and Lil Wayne Welcome a Son

09/14/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

It’s a boy for Lauren London and Dwayne Carter (aka rapper Lil Wayne)! In a statement to PEOPLE, a rep for the 24-year-old 90210 and I Love You, Beth Cooper actress confirms the birth, revealing that a “healthy baby boy” arrived on Wednesday, September 9th. Lauren’s publicist adds:

“Everyone is happy and well.”

The child is the first for Lauren and third for Lil Wayne. He is already dad to daughter Reginae, 10, and son Dwayne III, 10 ½ months, from previous relationships; In addition, he is currently expecting a baby with songstress Nivea.

Lil Wayne’s next album, Rebirth, is slated for November release.

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Samantha on

wow….i’m speechless on that last paragraph….

Janna on

A 10-year old, a 10 month old, a brand new baby and one on the way… all from different “baby mamas”?

Why, ladies? Just why? Have some self-respect.

Gigi on

Is this guy’s goal in life to procreate, or has he just not figured out what’s causing all these babies?

melissa on

Congrats, but wow he sure does get around

danda_lion on

Congrats to them but what a complicated family tree.

Mallory on

Wow. Sorry to be blunt, but somebody needs to learn how to keep it in his pants. Good grief, this is crazy. Congrats on a healthy baby, though.

Tee on

It gets better… Wayne has another young lady pregnant, Nivea has twin boys with the Dream too, The baby’s name is Lennox Ari Carter supposedly…

Lauren on

wow congrats to lauren & lil wayne. seems wayne is adding a lot of kids to his brood in a short amount of time. nivea also has twins with the dream & the dream is now expecting a baby with christina milian. it seems to me these adults should really look @ what they’re doing with their lives, but i do hope the children are all provided for & loved which is the most important thing.

Jazz on

I’ve heard about this since it was just rumors and I still can’t believe it. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s like in the last two years he decided he had to keep up with the Duggars and have all these kids.

Kami on

Wow! He’s been busy spreading his DNA around.

Alice on

Apparently he won’t mind paying child support to 3 different women for the next 18 years.

skunknuggets on

Ummm…congrats on the birth of a healthy baby. That’s about all I can say…

anon12 on

Congrats to Ms. London and her son…first and foremost…

This guy is not much to look at that is for sure…don’t know what all these women see in him…let alone have unprotected sex with him…quite disgusting…

marimel on

well congrats to them, but i wouldn’t touch that man with a 10 ft pole.

Jenna on

No class!! Feel sorry for all of those poor kids actually.

marimel on

wait, Tee, you mean he has another woman, in addition to Nivea, that is carrying his child? WOW. the name Lennox Ari is kind of cool though!

Kara on

I think Nivea also has three-year-old twin boys with The-Dream, though I have never heard their names.
Congratulations on a healthy baby. He will have two half-siblings very close in age…

Wowza on

The Dream is also expecting with his new bride, Christina Milian. Can you imagine that family tree!?

Kate on

The ONLY good thing about this situation is that he can afford to support them. How disgusting. I feel sorry for these kids.

alana on

congrats on the healthy baby boy, every child is a gift …but….

wow. just WOW.

isabellasmama on

it’s not really right to compare the Duggar family to this boy who can’t keep it in his pants and keeps getting random girls pregnant

Sarah M. on

Oh, what a tangled web they weave.

Congrats on a healthy baby. But, seriously, all of these ‘adults’ need to grow up and at least learn how to use precaution…

Sarah M. on

Isabellasmama – I agree with you. Though the Duggar’s do have 18, almost 19 kids (I don’t know if it was posted on here, but she is pregnant with their 19th), at least they are all by the same parents. Not 4 kids with 4 different moms, the last 3 within around a year.

Lilybett on

I come from a complex blended family myself and we joke that it’s less of a family tree than a low-lying shrub or ground cover of some kind… but having three women pregnant (if the comments here are true) at the same time is a little crazy. I think he needs to learn about contraception or, if he’s letter-of-the-law religious, about abstinence or monogamy.

Rye on

this is just gross.

Chris on

Birth control for him omg

Tee on

What has been said, in addition to Nivea’s baby, there is YET another little one on the way..I read he was engaged to the last baby mother!

Summer on

He gets around, yeah?

Erin on

Either these women don’t care, know, care to know, or are downright dumb about the man they have chosen to be the father of their children. It’s just so ridiculous that women don’t respect themselves more than to entangle their kids’ lives with multiple half siblings, new girlfriends, ex-wives, etc. I’m liberal, but you can’t congratulate people bringing their kids into the world in this type of situation. Congratulations to the baby for arriving on the planet. That’s it.

J on

Well he’s just a regular Johnny Appleseed. Wow!

Benigna Marko on


Marilyn on

It seems ever since he became famous he has woman falling all over him and he is taking adavantage of the situation, that’s for sure.

nks on

Holy crap, wrap it up!. Does he think he’s above birth control? Poor kids, so many mothers and one sleazy father.
This is disgusting.

Jurnee on

Whoa! Lil’ Wayne needs to buy a Big box of condoms! And why are these ladies having kids with this loser? UG! Glad the baby is healthy, but hope he stops procreating soon!!

Crystal on

I was wondering if CBB was going to report this. I ♥ Lauren London!!! I was disappointed that she is/was having a baby with Lil’ Wayne but I’m excited that she has joined the mommy club. CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN AND WAYNE!!! I can’t wait to see their son! 🙂

O.S. on

Message to Lil’ Wayne: Dude, wear a condom. Condoms are simple and inexpensive, and they’re effective more often than not.

aroundtheywaygirl on

Yikes! Double Yikes! Triple Yikes! I just can’t imagine opening my legs to a man who has been incarcerated without doubling up on the condoms. However, in the spirit of new life, congratulations to Lauren.

Moira on

He’s one rapper who needs to learn to wear a wrapper.

IDK my BFF Rose on

VASECTOMY – I repeat vasectomy

miss annji on

congrats to the couple!!!!! i emailed this wednesday actually along with actress christina millian is pregnant with her first child with super songwriter and producer the dream

Asheley on

i hate to be the bearer of bad news but lil wayne is expecting ANOTHER SON…DUE ANY DAY NOW with the singer nivea….CONGRATS LAUREN!!!!!

DeeDee on

LENNOX SAMUEL ARI CARTER is the rumored name for Lauren London’s son. Also, Nivea, who is due to have his 4th child, is the one Lil Wayne is rumored to be engaged to.

Liliana on

Congrats to both of them on the arrival of their son.

While I am fan of Wayne’s, I must agree that he and his partners need to take measures to protect themselves not only from pregnancy but STDs.

Tina. on

i think hes a great artist, i like his songs. i like him rocking and all that but whoa! im not here to judge but he has a 10 month old with one woman, a 5 day old son with lauren and another baby with ANOTHER woman!!!?! ha, thats alot of kids with different women lol.

Tina. on


TC on

Well he may have money but not enough for condoms, maybe we should start up a collection for him seeing as he can’t seem to find one when they are needed.

brannon on

wow. confusing post and this guy needs to start thinking with the other head…but amazed by how many of you commented on the ladies? seems to me that there is at least a possibility they didn’t know what he was doing…as opposed to his role in all of this. Yeah it takes two, but in his case it seems more like 3 or 4 or 5… best wishes to all these mommas and their babies. daddy too so long as he steps up (though i guess there is really no indication that he isn’t planning on doing so.)

Jen Dc on

Congratulations, Lauren!

And to piggyback on the other comments, yeah, WOW is just the beginning. HIV is real and it is clear the Li’l Wayne has an issue using condoms, evidenced by the fact that he’s a father three times over in LESS THAN A YEAR with three different women. Ladies, if he’s not providing condoms, you need to because the alternative isn’t worth it.

To be on the safe side financially, he’d just have to set up a trust fund for my baby. I wouldn’t rely on any promise other than that or a judgment.

Tina. on

at least he can afford it, you know hes rich and famous. he seems like a good dad, no matter who the kids mom is.

Elle on

soo happy CBB did this post. I thought for a long time that they were ignoring lauren. anyways, lauren has gone to twitter to say the media has her son’s name wrong. yet, she has not released his real name. i can’t wait to see the baby. lauren and wayne have two very different looks. i am sure the baby is cute as can be.

shereece culbreth on

little wayne im gonna be needin you to strap up youre going to be like easy-e. you are the shit dont get me wrong but please! please! dont have anymore kids!

Lena on

All the woman who are getting pregnant by him (except the first one)are most likely looking for a payday in child support. Different websites mags and music television channels always report when famous people are dating because we want to see it. There’s no way I can believe these woman didn’t know he was with different women. He goes on tour and frequently meets woman in his videos and parties. All of his babys mothers are famous and that’s probably how they met him. (except the first one which I don’t know what she does but judging by how old the daughter is, lil Wayne was young)

Lena on

sorry meant ” women. In some spots.

Crystal on

Elle-I thought the EXACT same thing!
Asheley-When I saw Nieva on another site it looked to me she was carrying a boy. 3 boys and Regine(his daughter). WOW!!! 🙂

urbanadventurertales on

I just don’t see what these beautiful women see in him? He is fugly to me!

annabelle on

^^ I heard Lil’wayne was 15 when his first daughter was born and her mother is Antonia Carter, she has some reality show.
I’ve seen some cute pics of Wayne and Reginae and heard him say some very sweet things about her, I wonder how he’ll be explaining all these half siblings in such a short time to her.

electra on

Laura London always came off as if she could cross-over into mainstream respect film productions. Now she’s just Lil Waynes baby mama who he really doesn’t even want to ‘claim’. Way to go down hill.

Lacey on

I think I just got pregnant by reading this.

Lady on

@Tee…That’s not the babys name…Lauren posted on her twitter the media is “naming” her baby & she is going to play along for another week or 2!!

Although Wayne disgusts me…I adore Lauren, she is such a sweetheart show obviously fell in love and procreated with a *bleep* of a man…on that note…I bet LL’s baby is just as gorgeous as she!!

kendrajoi on

Ick, someone call Maury Povich, stat! I’ve got a great idea for guests for his show!

I hope everyone in this senario, especially the children, end up OK, because that’s who is really important here.

nks on

Hahaha well put Lacey, well put.
What a slimeball of a man.

NYC_Nona on

Memo to Lil Wayne…box of condoms cost a heck of a lot less than 18 yrs child support…Wrap it up!

Erika on

Wow!! He certainly is fertile. I’m assuming he never had long term relationships with any of these mothers (with maybe the exception of the 10 year old)? But if that’s the case, I find it odd that the 10 1/2 month old is Dwayne III. Why would a mother allow that if she wasn’t in a long term relationship?

On the positive end, a healthy baby came out of this, and I’m sure he will be loved regardless.


CRAZY…. Run ladies Run very far from Lil Wayne LOL On a happier note congrats to Lauren on a healthy baby boy.

robinepowell on

Congrats on the baby, but why is he having another one so soon with another woman?

Anna on

I don’t understand these women. Didn’t anyone teach them about STD’s? Even if you want to sleep around with random men/women at least use protection.

Ruby on

ohh lord.
shm. . .
he is STUTTiN’ like my daddy.

( my dad had my older sister,
March 23rd 1993.
June 21st 1993
My younger. little sister
April 8th 1994. )
three different women ?
all most the same hah,
we all ended up pretty darn well and so will all of these kids.
my mama and i always joke about it, my dad at least useful
for planet earth and did his job REPRODUCING. haha,
7 kids with four babymama’s. and he will definitely pay for it,
just like my dad is doing 15 years later, paying his A** off on
child support. neither my dad or lil’ wayne can regret it what they did
because if they would have used birth-control none of these kids would’ve
been born. . . . but ohh well.

Briannon on

I think the original Duggar commenter jokingly meant that Lil Wayne found out there was a celebrity (or well-known) family with 19 kids and wanted to beat that number in the quickest way possible. Not that the Duggars’ actions are reminiscent of Lil Wayne’s.

Erika, Not knowing anything about this except for what’s in the above article…

I agree the use of his name does seem to imply that they were in a relationship or at least on very good terms when their son was born. Dwayne III’s mom may of thought the relationship would last. When she got pregnant Lil Wayne only had a then 8 or 9 year old. Who knows how long they were together before that and it seems Lil Wayne was able to ‘keep it contained’ during those 9 years. I don’t think she was expecting him to knock up someone when their son was under 2 months old.

LiL on

Lauren London is way too pretty for this drama. While I’m very pleased she and baby are healthy, it make no sense whatsoever that Lil Wayne is doing all of this. He needs to get a vasectomy!

But Congrats Lauren. Make sure you surround you son with nothing but happiness and positive influences. And when times are rough being a single parent, look at your son’s smile and it’ll all be worth it.

Ronda on

Somebody has been quite busy! Congratulations to Lauren and to Wayne I’ll just say congratulations for the rest of the year because who knows who else is pregnant by him right now?

I’ve heard that Lil Wayne stays high with some sort of cough syrup mixture so maybe he’s just so buzzed all the time he’s not even considering the consequences of his actions. Yeah he’s rich now but what if that well were to start drying up? Child support payments will eat him alive.

As far as the Women allowing themselves to become pregnant by him money and power can be a helluva seducer but they have to think of when he moves on from them (which apparently is pretty fast) they will be a single parent for the bulk of the time. Are they prepared for that? Think about it Ladies…..;)

sat on

lol i like his album name!

mz....tate on

congrats to lauren and lil wayne on yall healthy baby boy!skip wat all the haters saying they just mad dat they dont have a baby by lil wayne must of the females are saying all type of stuff like what these girls thinking and thats nasty but if lil wayne was to approch them they will give it up to him too!!so to all the haters fall back and let dat man be a man at least he wealthy enough to raise his kids and man enough to claim them.

SouthernBelle on

There’s no excuse in this day and age for people not to use birth control, or exercise a little restraint, instead of spreading their DNA all over the country and not being around to help raise the child(ren) they helped create! It’s too tacky for words! My sister is a third grade teacher. She teaches children in challenging situations and homelives. She said it is HEARTBREAKING to see those little children try to 1) explain how they are related to their many steps and halves and 2) watch the devastating effects on the children when their parents/stepparents break up and each goes their separate way, taking their own biological children with them, separating children who knew others as “brother” or “sister”…the loss they express is devastating and they have severe trust issues. They are afraid to love too deeply for fear that person (step-parent or step-/half-sibling) will be gone! And she has whole families with each child carrying a different last name. She comes home and cries herself to sleep over the heartbreak these children experience. The pain people inflict on children is mindboggling and their selfishness knows no bounds. Lil Wayne needs to keep it in his pants or double-bag it. And the women who accept this as normal? Tacky!

SouthernBelle on

mz….tate…um, no and gross!

Rye on

“at least he can afford it, you know hes rich and famous. he seems like a good dad, no matter who the kids mom is.”

Being rich and famous does not make someone suitable to be a parent. Parenting isn’t about throwing money at a child and walking away. It’s about raising the child and spending time with them and helping them grow up to be a stable, well-rounded, kind human being. I am about as liberal as they come with most issues…I just do NOT condone promiscuity in this day and age. The consequences of disease and unwanted pregnancy are too scary!

Brianne on

Congratulations on your latest offspring, Lil Wayne. I think everyone who reads and responds to this post should pitch in at least $5, so that we can send him a huge box of condoms via Priority Mail!!!

nae on

Wow… like many of you said before…. I really thought this was a rumor. I guess he is trying to achieve the goal in his hit song with Drake. Having sex is one thing but protecting yourself these days should be #1. I think he is awesome as an artist and I know he will take care of his children, but this is absolutely insane.

CelebBabyLover on

Uh, people, how in the world do we know that he and his baby mamas (I hate that term, but in this case I can’t see any way around it) didn’t use birth control? I doubt any of us were in the room when those babies were concieved!

I have said this before and I’ll say it again: the only 100 percent effective method of birth control is absistence. Also, why is it always the man who is told to use condoms in these types of situations? Women are perfectly capable of using birth control, too!

Also, while I definently think that he needs to stop sleeping with so many women and use extra-strong protection (two-ply might be best for him: Use condoms, and have the woman take birth control pills), but I think it’s a bit extreme to say he should get a vasectomy. Maybe he’s not sure he’s done having kids yet? Maybe he wants to keep that option open in case he gets in a long-term relationship again sometime in the future (it’s possible he and Nivea even think they’ll be together for the long hall, hence wanting a baby together.).

All of that said, I can’t believe CBB posted shereece culbreth’s comment. According to the comment policy, name-calling is not allowed, and refering to some one as, well, the four-letter word that shereece culbreth used, is definently name-calling!

Lena on

@celebbabylover, saying someone is the s@$t is slang for “really good”

April on

Ummm celebabylover saying something is “the s–t” is a POSITIVE comment. Look it up on Urban Dictionary…no need to get upset….

Monica on

Lil’ Wayne has been a Lil’ busy…

CelebBabyLover on

Lena and April- Sorry about that. I can’t stand swearing, and I think it’s wrong (I’m not by any means saying that people who do swear are horrible or anything like that. I realize that sometimes things slip out.) so it’s hard for me to think of those words being used to mean anything good! Again, I apologize!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and does anyone else think that Lauren looks a tiny bit like a darker version of Nicole Richie in that picture?

Kait on

Playin’ 7 degrees of Separation through the gene pool…

Ahh, I like Lil Wayne’s music but tp quote his own lyrics “safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex. cause you don’t want that late text, that “I think I’m late” text.” Wrap it up, you’re 30 and you’ve got years of child support in the future.

Congrats, nonetheless.

Kait on

And by 30 I mean 26.

mihay on

Five words for this guy: Keep it in your pants!!

Anna on

CelebBabyLover; you really think they used protection? All these girls got pregnant on birth control? yes no birth control is 100% safe but I don’t know anyone that had the birth control fail 4 times in a row.

Tia on

Lil Wayne is fertile. I am not going to judge his skills as a parent though because it appears he is very much involved with his children’s lives.

And it is a little disrespectful to claim that these women got pregnant on purpose to look for a paycheck. Lauren has plenty of money (her own and her families), as does Nivea. The random girl? who knows, but I am not going to accuse her of being a gold-digger.

I just hope Wayne calms down and wraps up because he doesn’t need more babies running around.

helen knight on

Put something on the end of it for goodness sake!!

fuzibuni on

holy wow. this guy must get more a$$ than a toilet seat.
amazing, because he looks like a hobbit to me. guess beauty is on the inside.

but congrats, lauren. you seem way too good for this situation, but i’m sure you’re thrilled with your new son and that’s great. but please, just don’t name him Wayne IV. k, thx.

Jae on

I haven’t made any comments recently, but I HAD TO on this one.. 1st of all, I’m happy the child is healthy & will be taken care of.. but seriously, these women must leave the lights OFF!!! cause the ONLY thing this dude got going on for him is his music & his wallet!!!

Curious though… ANY OF THEM CONCERNED WITH STD’s???????????????
Wow!!!!!!! … and EEW!

Bb on

Lauren is so gorgeous, congrats to her!

Kelly on

wow, 3 babies under the age of 1!

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to her and I think anything about Lil Wayne has already been said. Clearly he is living up to that rapper stereotype, which is unfortunate because so many other rappers/hip hop artists work so hard to negate the hard partying, many “baby mamas” image.

Monique7 on

Congrats to Lauren on her baby boy 🙂 May nothing but blessings touch u and urs!!!

Ashley on

Congratulations to Lauren and Wayne..and Nivea..and Dream..and Christina! I am just shocked by this huge family tree of all these different children and parents and definitely do not get it. I do not find LiL Wayne attractive in the least bit but from what I can tell he is a great father to his children, so thats good. I hope he had somewhat of a relationship with each of the mothers of his children, which I’m sure he did at some point. Anyways Congratulations to the parents and welcome babies! to the world! =)

fay on

which one of these women were under 18 when they got pregnant (except toya and wayne was 15 when reginae was born) not a single one of them…

i said that to say that wayne is an adult, all of the women who have bore his children (except toya) are adults, and NONE of them are draining their tax dollars…

toya, and wayne himeself have said that wayne is a good father to his children, and if we know anything, we know they will NOT be draining the country’s tax dollars…

so i’m wondering WHY he should keep it in his pants, if they have std’s, that’s not really anyone’s problems unless we’re sleeping w/ any of them. wayne has said many times that he’d like MANY children, and however he decides to get them, unless i’m paying for them, frankly, my dear, i don’t give a damn…

i just think it’s funny because, Robert DeNiro has a lot of kids by a lot of women, so does mick jagger, so does donald trump, so does steven tyler, so do a lot of poly amorous or polygamous(look it up) families in the world… bah whatever, i’m not sure why i’m surprised, u ppl are among the most judgmental ppl i’ve never met in the world!!!

Ash on

Wow, what a soap opera. I’ve seen Lil Wayne in an interview on tv (specifically the one with Katie Couric), and he’s much more intelligent than he might seem. He was even in the gifted program at school when he was younger! I blame the drugs and just the peer pressure in general from the hip hop community. It’s such a shame that he went down that path. As someone else said, he’s probably so buzzed most of the time that he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing, and these women didn’t have enough self respect to prevent putting themselves in this situation in the first place. Poor kids. He better hope that the dough keeps rolling in for at least the next 18 years or else he’s going to end up just like MC Hammer lol.

Ash on

“i just think it’s funny because, Robert DeNiro has a lot of kids by a lot of women, so does mick jagger, so does donald trump, so does steven tyler, so do a lot of poly amorous or polygamous(look it up) families in the world… bah whatever, i’m not sure why i’m surprised, u ppl are among the most judgmental ppl i’ve never met in the world!!!”

Um, fay, we’re not being judgemental. It’s called having standards. I despise any man who sleeps around and has many children by many different mothers. Also, Lil Wayne doesn’t deserve respect just for the fact that he’s a drug addict. It’s pathetic that any woman would want to be in a relationship with a man like that. These women need to learn to have some respect for themselves, and they also need to raise their standards. I feel bad for them.

Ellen Smith on

It’s hilarious that his new album coming out is called “Rebirth.” I just cracked up when I read that.

Jessica on

So disappointed with Lauren London and disgusted with Lil Wayne.

Ashley on

CelebBabyLover says:
“According to the comment policy, name-calling is not allowed, and refering to some one as, well, the four-letter word that shereece culbreth used, is definently name-calling!”

We can definitley see how mature you are!!!

Di on

There is certainly a stigma attached to having children outside of marraige especially in the way Wayne has done it so I understand the majority’s disdain about this whole situation but I really don’t see a big difference between a man who marries and then divorces the mother of his child and man who never chose to marry the mother at all.

For example, Donald Trump. He has 3 kids with Ivana (first wife); 1 daughter with Marla (second wife) and 1 son with Melania (third wife). Rod Stewart has 2 kids with Alana; 2 kids with Rachel Hunter; 1 child with his current wife and another daughter with a woman he was not married to. In each situation, you have men having 5 or more kids with multiple women. Diddy has 3 children with 1 woman and another two children with two different women. Most people probably would look down on Diddy’s personal choices but probably would not put Stewart or Trump in the same category even though they have been married multiple times.

I just wanted to point this out.

jen on

Wow, there must be a lot of perfect parents on here! Seriously, who are we to judge that he’s a bad parent? Perhaps his children are better adjusted and more loved than children from a dysfuctional toxic two parent home. Yes, it may not be an ideal situation, but it’s THEIR situation. Let it be. Congrats Lauren and Wayne on a healthy baby!

Nelly on

Congrats to Lauren & Wayne on their baby boy! I bet he is a cutie.

As for Nivea this baby with Wayne will be her fourth child. She a daughter named Navy and twin boys with The Dream.

Shannon on

I think the big difference between Lil Wayne and De Niro,or Trump, or Jagger, etc, is that (as far as I know) they didn’t have 3 different women pregnant within a year! I understand that there are a lot of complicated families out there now, but there is just no excuse for that! Why in god’s name did none of these people think to take precautions? I know it’s not just his responsibility, but clearly these women aren’t doing anything about it either! The whole thing is just so, so wrong.

And I think I read in here that he’s been in jail? I wouldn’t let that man near me with a 100 ft pole, I don’t care how famous he is or how much money he has!

Bethany on

I read that they’ve named him Lennox Samuel Ari Carter.

JMO on

He had his daughter when he was about 16 and then now he has gone on to produce 3 more kids in less then a year with 3 different mothers?! wow. Ever heard of a condom…or better yet ladies birth control!!

JMO on

btw and what lesson is he teaching his 10 year old daughter from all of this??

It’s okay to sleep around and it’s okay for a guy to use you??

Some people really disgust me in this world! I swear you need a license to drive, fish, hunt yet anybody can produce a baby!!

Lola Marie on

There must be something about Wayne that women cannot resist because as far back as 2004 grown woman have been losing there common sense over him (Trina). I was REALLY surprised at Lauren. Wayne didn’t even seem like the type of guy that she would even bother with, let alone get pregnant by.

I used to be proud of Wayne because he had his first daughter so young and didn’t have any more for so long. I just find their behavior so scary. All the STD’s and HIV/AIDs going around…I hope that Wayne and all these women he is having children with are healthy.

Elisabeth on

Glad the baby is heathy. She is beautiful but I agree with previous posters


Anna on

Contraception ftw!

Brand on

Birth control is the responsibility of both parties.

Maura on

This could all be rumors people! Has this been confirmed? Nopne of these women have come out and said “Yes he is my baby’s father” (Lauren & Nivea I mean)


Yes, Lil Wayne is the father of Lauren’s son per her rep.

– CBB Staff

Sar on

Didn’t Oscar de La Hoya have a situation like this?? 3 different kids born very close to each other.. One was Shanna Moaklers daughter Atiana, wasn’t this a very similar mess that Lil Wayne’s gotten himself into??

Crystal on

Ok! So Lil Wayne who had his second child 10 YEARS and now he has two more closely on the way with diff mamas..BUT who cares?!?! He has the money to support them (without the invasion of reality cameras,Dugars or selling his kids off(gosselin)Is it becasue he is AA??? Now I am not AA but I whole heartly think that some the reactions he is getting are ridiculous!Hes paying for them without welfare at that.To the woman saying he is a loser.. he is one of the biggest paid rappers of our time with several platnum album.I hardly think he is any kind of loser.

Terri on

Congratulations to Lauren and Lil Wayne.

Jana on

First, congrats are in order for Lauren and Lil Wayne. A healthy baby is such a blessing!

Second, who are we to judge Lil Wayne? I completely agree with Crystal’s comments! There are plenty men who have just one child but are lousy parents, but Lil Wayne has four (three happen to be close in age) by four different women. So what?? He kids want for nothing! He is an amazing father from what I hear. It’s not like he’s going around knocking women up and leaving them high and dry! He’s there for all of these women and his kids. I think that’s pretty remarkable.

It doesn’t matter that his children are by different women! Not including his ten year old, to our knowledge, Lil Wayne has had three different sex partners over the course of a couple years. Is that really that uncommon? In Lil Wayne’s case, the women just happened to each get pregnant. Maybe he loves children and is a little more lenient in the birth control department because he knows he can afford them! I’m sure many of us would have countless children if we had the financial means to do so. The fact that Lil Wayne is not in a committed relationship makes him no less than you and I.

Lola Marie on

For me its not so much the fact that he is having three kids in one year. Its the fact that this man has groupies in every city and town he visits and God knows if he is using protection with these women! He is endanger his life, the women he is sleeping with and the babies being born (and yes I hold the women just as responsible).

Moira on

At least think about the fact that his four children live in four different cities with four different mothers. How much of a father can he be to any of the four kids when he will hardly be able to spend any time with them. Like all four women will agree to get together so he can see all the kids at the same time. This is not an ideal situation nor a positive one in any way. Yes, he’s rich, but money cannot replace the father that he won’t be able to be. Those kids will barely have a part-time father, let alone a full-time one like they deserve.

andilea on

It is really easy to get on here and complain about Lil Wayne isn’t it? He takes care of his children, not only financially, but he is very much in their lives. Not only him, but his mother as well. (Who by the way told him to have her some grandbabies.) He is a very good dad. And while I will agree with you that multiple baby mama’s equal a whole lot of drama, I think Wayne is smart enough and rich enough to deal with the situations. I also think (my personal opinion)that children do better in a loving home with married parents, I will take nothing away from any family that works, whether they be single moms/dads to unmarried couples. As long as the children are nurtured and loved, I will not say anything about it.
I am happy for him. If you ever get the chance to see him with his children, you will see how much he loves them.
What I do complain about and think you guys should spend half of your time complaining about is the poor children that don’t have anyone in their lives to love them and get shuffled around. But foster children aren’t really as important as regular children right?

Lola Marie on

Hi Crystal: I’m African-American so for me it has nothing to do with his skin color. I hate to see three African-American celebrities (Wayne, Lauren and Nivea) behaving in a manner that is killing blacks in this country. AIDS is one if not the leading cause of death for AA’s between 25-43 and here they are not taking precautions and perpetrating the belief that we are invincible. I know I sound preachy but I just had an uncle die from pneumonia brought on by AIDs earlier this year. Dead from a disease that is nearly preventable when the proper precautions are taken.

And I know they aren’t the only ones, but this post is about them so there you go… 🙂

acidstars9 on

I think the point here is not that it’s really “uncommon” to have different sex partners, but that it is very irresponsible of both Lil Wayne and the women to have unprotected sex. You can argue that that condoms are not 100% effective but come on, if used correctly every time they are very effective at preventing pregnancy and most STDs. The chances of a condom being ineffective 4 separate times are extremely low. Both parties have a responsibility to themselves and whoever they’re with to use protection- clearly Lil Wayne was not using protection and was sleeping with multiple partners.

Moira on

What woman would want to be known as a baby mama and want her child to have a father who serially impregnates women and walks away from them? Why can’t people just have self-respect and respect for their children’s feelings on having a man like that for a father?

Janne on

To the posters who are saying that “Robert DeNiro, Mick jagger, Donald Trump and Steven Tyler all have kids like this, so why aren’t people complaining about them…..”

The difference is that (1) this post isn’t about THEM, it’s about Dwayne Carter; and (2) none of them, repeat: NONE OF THEM, have had THREE babies within a year with three different women.

Janne on

I don’t know that this man walks away from his children and will even presuem that he doesn’t, but you were spot on when you said he is “a father who serially impregnates women”. Well said.

fuzibuni on


how can Little Wayne spend that much time with his kids when he is constantly on tour? He has been traveling across North America and Europe for at least the past year and a half.

and as for your foster children comment… you’re the one who compared them to “regular children.”

acidstars9 on

andilea, just because we are having a discussion about Lil Wayne (because the post is about him!) does not mean we don’t care about foster children. I’m not sure how you drew that connection…because this post has nothing to do with foster children. Foster children are “regular children” and I’m not sure why you would just assume that the people posting don’t care about them.

Carly on


“Safe sex is great sex always wear a latex cuz you don’t want that late text that says ‘I think I’m late'”.

he can’t follow his own advice.

deinna on

He certainly took the phrase “Go forth, be fruitful, and multiply” to heart didn’t he? Of course what concerns me the most is his lack of protection, which means nothing to prevent at least some STD’s. Further more condoms do not prevent against herpes or HPV so that is just more problems.

tadean on

that’s crazy ! can we say he needs to strap it up !!

Sheryl on

First and foremost, congrats to them on the healthy baby boy. That’s the most important thing.

Outside of the obvious eyebrow-raising this situation causes, Brand is right: birth control is the responsibility of both parties. Each party knew what the consequence would be if it wasn’t used. We can really only speculate about Lil Wayne’s behavior with his trysts, but I assume that he’s like 99% of men out there who don’t like the way a condom feels. Guess he keeps his fingers crossed and hopes for the best instead.

CelebBabyLover on

Sheryl- Good point! I also want to point out that it’s possible that Lil’ Wayne and the women are free of STDs and know that (hence why they weren’t worried about protection). I also want to add another possibility: Lil’ Wayne and/or his partners might be allergic to condoms. A lot of people are allergic to latex (that’s why most doctors and dentists ask if you’re allergic to latex before examining you or performing surgery or a procedure on you).

And no, I don’t believe it was a case of a condom, birth control pill, etc. failing four times in a row. However, it’s possible that SOME of the women used protection that failed, or that Lil’ Wayne used protection with SOME of the woman and it failed.

kmarston3 on

Give him a break so what he failed sex education he’s young and sexually active like most men his age. He can afford to take care of them so let him do whatever makes him happy

happyokie on

LADIES!!!! Cervical Cancer is VERY real!!! I didn’t sleep around (not sure about my ex-husband, which makes me wonder!!) and ended up with stage 3B cervical cancer last year. I’m very lucky to have my life, but this cancer is a sexually transmitted cancer!!! Please all the ladies, take care of yourselves.

I’ll only say congrats on the baby since they are all blessings and I now can’t have one with my new husband thanks to the cancer! Otherwise, this baby is going to have a lot of questions about his dad and mom and all the other brothers and sisters he is getting! How very sad for the kids involved.

Smartie Pantz on

It takes two to make a baby, and while I think L’il Wayne has some serious issues with wrapping it up, I also feel like the chicks he gets with need to a) demand “No glove, no love.” and b) use some other form of birth control. If I’m not married to a dude, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna let myself get knocked up. Yes, my bf of 4 years and I still use condoms and I’m faithfully on the Pill. I’m sure some of my people (family included) think I just HAVE TO BE infertile b/c I haven’t had a child yet (I’m a 28 y/o sistah), but hello! There are ways to get your freak on without getting in trouble (STD’s and babies are avoidable, people). And to those who argue that birth control is against their religion: SO IS UNWED SEX, so don’t give me that b.s.

Okay, rant over.

Happy birthday to Baby Boy London-Carter! (The only truely innocent party in this mess.)

Dee on

People should stop being so quick to judge. A man and a woman got together and decided to forgo birth control and had a baby. Who cares how many other kids he has. The women know what kind of lifestyle he leads and knew that he had other children. It’s not exactly a BIG secret.

But either way, they all CHOSE to be pregnant. Kids dont ask to be born in the situation they come into and they dont know any of the rumours and nastiness that is spread about their parents.

At the end of the day, he is in a position to take care of his kids financially and hopefully be able to spend time with them all. We need to get out of peoples’ bedrooms.

Congratulations Lauren and Dwayne. Your baby was conceived in love no doubt and will grow up with it regardless of whether or not mom and dad stay together.

Beverley on

To all the people saying who cares how many kids he has, what is the number that makes it too many for you? 12, 20, 47 kids, all with different mothers and seven or eight pregnant at the same time? Enough is enough.

With people like Lil Wayne being admired and hailed as a role model within some communities, it’s no wonder there are so many men who have multiple baby mamas.

It’s no wonder that Washington DC has an AIDS epidemic going on that is comparable to certain African nations, if everyone has the attitude that it’s OK to be sleeping with however many people you want to and not using protection. I personally find nothing about this person or this situation as something to admire.

Lola Marie on

Amen Beverly…anyone condoning his sleeping around with no condoms is a fool and so are the women that lay down with him. Eazy-E is a prime example.

Dee Dee on

I thought this blog was about babies….who gives a rat’s behind who the father is. The point of the article was to point out that Lauren had a beautiful and healthy baby.

Say your congrats and move the hell on. Half you people preaching shouldn’t be because you all have crap in your lives people on here would be more than happy to critique and critisize!!!!

Good Lord, the woman cant have a baby w/out all this hateration!!!!????

Tae Elise on

Little does everybody know, Lil Wayne is expecting ANOTHER baby will the Sarah, the mother of his son Dwayne. She’s about seven months!

JMO on

Just because one has a means of supporting a child financially doesn’t mean they’re there for them physically. When you have all these kids and a vigourous career how do you manage to spend one on one time with them?? I mean come on. Money doesn’t buy love. And I’m not saying he doesn’t love his kids but he’s a smart man with no common sense and he should use what he says in his own lyrics to live his life!

Julie on

#72 comment: “congrats to lauren and lil wayne on yall healthy baby boy!skip wat all the haters saying they just mad dat they dont have a baby by lil wayne must of the females are saying all type of stuff like what these girls thinking and thats nasty but if lil wayne was to approch them they will give it up to him too!!so to all the haters fall back and let dat man be a man at least he wealthy enough to raise his kids and man enough to claim them.”

We all ask, what are these women thinking when they sleep with him? How can he still get new women when he keeps getting the previous one pregnant? Don’t these women have any respect for themselves? If you read the comment pasted above carefully, you’ll see EXACTLY how he keeps coming up with new women to knock up. There actually are women who WANT to be nothing more than incubators and who believe that all it takes to be a man is to acknowledge the child is theirs and write a check every month. Pretty sick how the woman who wrote #72 used the words “raise his kids” to describe paying for them.

acidstars9 on

celebbabylover…they may have been tested for std’s but some (like HIV) take a very long time to show up in tests, so a person may be affected and not know it. Also, a person may not have any symptoms so they don’t get tested and don’t realize they’re infected. Bottom line, if you are having sex with multiple partners around the same time, it is not at all safe sex to be unprotected. It is only recommended that you not use condoms after you have been in a monogamous relationship for an extended period of time and both people have been tested. Also, condoms may not feel as good, but that is hardly an excuse to put yourself or others at risk.

FC on

Um, wow… Well, congrats on the baby being born and healthy.

But, the end of the statement and the additional baby/babies…Wow. I know it’s not the first time, or the last time, for this to happen, it still doesn’t lessen the shock factor.

CelebBabyLover on

acidstars- Or there’s a third option. Don’t have sex at all until you’re married. Then you don’t need to get tested before foregoing condoms, as there’s obviously no way you can be harboring STDs (obviously there are a few exceptions. AIDS, for example can be spread in other ways as well, so you should obviously get tested if you’ve used illegal drugs and shared needles in the past or something). 🙂

acidstars9 on

celebbabylover, I guess I should have clarified- abstinence is the best option for preventing STDs, but if you are like most people and you choose to have sex before marriage, it’s important to practice safe sex, that was my point. I was just concerned because so many people were posting that it “wasn’t a big deal” that Lil Wayne was having this many children, and not realizing the fact that unprotected sex with multiple partners is very dangerous.

MidaMida on

Those who are hating and talkin about have some self-respect stop it.
If he wanna procreate with different women let him..
As long as he takes care of each one thats all that matters.
And to the baby mamas congrats…
My dad has 4 kids 2 girls including me and 2 boys.. All by different chicks.. And we all okay..

Nee on

Lil Wayne is worth between $55-75 millions dollars. Still wondering why they are having his babies? We commoners have babies by broke men everyday, why should we question what these girls are doing?

Alexis on

I know yall going to stop hating okay yeah he got 4 baby mamas but at least he claiming all his kids and taking care of them..
He could be like these other dads and be a dead beat but he aint so leave him alone

brie on

wow. i am happy for these women but i don’t understand why anyone would want to have kids with someone who has a child with everyone he sleeps with. so you’re just another woman he has to give some money to every month. you’re just another woman on a long list. toya…check. sarah…check. lauren…check. nivea…check. really? that’s all women these days think they are good for, just being someone’s baby mama. that word didn’t even exist fifteen years ago. now that’s the highlight of some women’s lives. they don’t even try to be someone’s wife.

nike on

lol child support will not be a problem… he got a million dollar watch and a cake covered in countless diamonds for his recent birthday present… the man bathes in cash money

ms. nora on

Now look I’m not gonna come on here and say oh he needs to wear condoms, or they should have used birth control. That’s none of my business. However, I will say that this is more of a moral issue. Like SouthernBelle was saying, the kids will suffer. I know because I am someone who has 3 siblings and don’t have the same two parents as any of them.It may not even affect them until they get older and they start to feel like nothing is complete. There is nothing better than a good solid family that lives all under the same roof and all share the same last name. When that is the case you have a better understanding of who you are and are overall more confident in life.Also I will say that the women in the situation ought to be ashamed of themselves for not having enough dignity and/or self-respect to say “No, I’m not gonna be any part of this mess.” That is really sad.

love on

he took the term go forth and multiply literally…lol

Anonymous on

For all the haters on this site who said Lil Wayne was ugly especially urbanadventurertales and everybody else who said it need to stop hating because it dont matter how her look he still got money. And im sure if it wasnt for u hatin he wouldnt be where he at today so im goin to say it for him THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous on

OOOOPPPPPSSSS i mean how he look

skye on

Gaaaah, lil wayne HAS BEEN & WILL BE lil Wayne … Period.
No one should be getting hype about him doing drugs. He’s not affecting any of you by his drug problem or by having multiple baby mamas.
He has his own money, therefore he can do whatever he wants with it.
Atleast he’s maning up and taking responsibility and actually caring for his children.
There’s worse issues going on rather than how many children he has.

skye on

And I’m pretty sure none of u commenting this know him personally and cannot say tht he’s not there for his kids physically

Artii on

First &nd foremost, CONGRATS LONDON &nd WAYNE!!
Second – Omg, Wayne has boo-coo kids!..&nd personally, I don’t agree that Wayne will be a bad father. I mean, he’s there for 10-yr. old Reginae, the daughter he has with Toya. (BTW, he was 17, when Reginae was born!) So, hopefully &nd moe than likely, he’ll be there for Lauren &nd their son!

-.New Orleans Aint thee same without WAYNE!♥♥