Kendra Wilkinson Celebrates the 'Home Stretch' of Pregnancy

09/14/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Kiley Bishop/London Ent/Splash News Online

The finish line is inching closer and closer for Kendra Wilkinson, who later this month will enter the third trimester of her first pregnancy.

“I’m in the home stretch,” the 24-year-old reality television star noted to Celebrity Baby Blog on Saturday. “It’s really uncomfortable.”

To that end, she said that the trip to California to attend both her baby shower and this weekend’s Brent Shapiro Foundation Summer Spectacular would be her final visit until she delivers son Hank Baskett IV, due Christmas Day.

“I’m going home [to Philadelphia] on Monday…and it will be my last time,” Kendra explains. “I get up [on the airplane], like, every 30 minutes and I have to pee and walk around.”

Appearing at the event — which raises awareness of drug and alcohol addiction — was worth the discomfort, however.

“It’s good to bring awareness,” she noted before adding,

“That’s what I’m all about lately. I don’t want to just go to a party, I want to actually stand for something. It’s just unfortunate that this had to happen, but I hope this helps other people.”

Craving peanut butter waffles — “my mouth just waters,” she says — Kendra concedes that she’s indulged a retail craving or two along the way. “I got him cute little cowboy boots,” she explains. “And just a swing…I really wanted a swing.”

As she puts her purchases away in the nursery, husband Hank Baskett can often be found close by doing his best to bond with his namesake. Kendra reveals,

“He reads to the baby, little children’s books…and then he puts headphones on my belly and we play Beethoven and lots of classical music for him.”

— Missy with reporting by Susan Yara

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Allie-Rose on

I don’t care what people think of Kendra, I find her incredibly cute and adorable since she’s been pregnant. I think she and Hank will be great parents;

SH on

HAHA, HOME STRETCH?!?! she has NO idea. you think you’re uncomfortable NOW…

urbanadventurertales on

Kendra continues to surprise me in her commitment and excitement about her pregnancy/parenthood and marriage. I hope it continues for the rest of her life!

Patricia on

They’re so excited about their little guy! I love it.

Kendra looks great, pregnancy suits her.

I wish her all the best and a smooth remainder of her pregnancy:)

MissMissy on

Third trimester already? It seems like 2 seconds ago they were announcing the pregnancy! Wow. It sure does fly by.

Rachael on

She thinks she’s uncomfortable now??? Oh girlfriend, you have the most uncomfortable months coming up, this is the easy part!

While I like her, at times I find her to be completely clueless.

These last few months could be interesting!

Crystal on

I’m excited for the Baskett family and I can’t wait for them to introduce us to little Hank! Kendra and Hank are going to be wonderful parents and I wish them all the best!! 🙂

Lynn on

I love Kendra. Can’t wait to see the baby.

I’ve never been pregnant before, but I know she’ll definitely be pretty uncomfortable.

marimel on

she looks really beautiful. really, really beautiful. and i love how she is enjoying every ounce of this pregnancy. i think she really hit a grand slam with her husband Hank, he seems like such a great man and role model. as far as her being “clueless,” if you’ve never been pregnant before, how the heck are supposed to know what to expect until it happens?

also, does anyone else think it’s kind of weird that they keep saying the baby will be Hank Baskett IV in articles, won’t he technically be Henry Baskett IV?

melissa on

She looks great!

Stephany on

I love Kendra! She’s been so adorable this pregnancy. Sure, she has a case of verbal diarrhea but I still think she’s going to make a great mother!

Kate on

Most of the time Kendra acts really dumb, no exception here. Trust me, I have 4 kids and she has NO IDEA……

MZ on

marimel perhaps her husband’s given name is actually hank? i know there has been a trend of using nicknames as a given name.

and i don’t know ladies…i didn’t think my 3rd trimester was bad. my first 16 weeks were terrible and the test was not too bad. i loved feeling the baby kick so much during the 3rd trimester, and i wasn’t uncomfortable till week 37 or 38. maybe it will be the same for kendra. i think the most uncomfortable part was the 10 weeks post c-section, lol.

acidstars9 on

Why are people so negative toward her? Kate, she merely mentioned that she is going through some discomfort now in her last trimester, just like anyone else, she didn’t mention anything “dumb.” It seems to me like everyone just wants to be negative toward less experienced mothers because they hold a grudge against them or something.

jordyn on

Kate- how is she acting dumb?
If she were acting dumb, she would have said she didn’t expect to be uncomfortable at all in the coming time.
All she said was that was uncomfortable, no need to call her dumb :/
And your right, she had no idea..SHE HAS NEVER HAD A BABY BEFORE!

Benigna Marko on

She looks absolutely beautiful. Benigna marko

Rachel from Boston on

Kendra looks so cute here!

and this is her first experience with pregnancy, maybe she doesn’t have any idea how uncomfortable she’ll be, but she shouldn’t – it’s ALL brand new to her

for her sake, I hope the last few months and delivery are a breeze, she’s so excited for this baby & I’m happy for her 🙂

Loralei on

I think she looks beautiful. I remember discomfort throughout the third trimester and even other times (the charlie horses about killed me). Yes, toward the end it did get more uncomfortable-she’s not saying this is the worst it’s going to get, she just said she’s uncomfortable.

marimel on

MZ, thanks for your response, but his given name is Henry “Hank” Randall Baskett III, haha so we’re back at square one. I appreciate trying to help me understand though, i definitely agree the trend of nicknames as given names is growing in popularity!

Sar on

All pregnancies are different and when your having your first child of course everything is new. I have three children and my first two pregnancies were horribly uncomfortable at the end, my 3rd baby who I had 5 weeks ago was my smoothest pregnancy ever and I went overdue yet always had a full nights rest with no discomfort whatsoever.

celebsarah on

Just looked it up, his real name is Henry. I really hope they call him Henry, just to be different than his dad. My husband has the same first name as his dad and no nicknames. It’s confusing at times.

Liliana on

I don’t think anything in the article would prompt me to say Kendra’s dumb. Every pregnancy is different and while yours may have been one way, it could be completely different for another woman. After the initial three months of morning sickness during my first pregnancy, the rest was a breeze. I had absolutely no complaint. With my second, I was sick up until about month seven and a week or two before my third trimester began, it was extremely difficult to sleep and instead of having back pain, I’d get constant leg cramps.

If you recall, Kendra’s never been pregnant before so everything that occurs during this pregnancy is completely new for her. Those who are mothers on the board did not go through pregnancy the first time knowing every twist and turn. A woman can read information until she’s blue in the face but until it actually happens to them, a person has no idea what to expect.

Sarah on

Kate it was completely out of line for you to call her dumb. Nothing in her interview warranted that, she was merely stating how uncomfortable she was. As a woman experiencing her first pregnancy she would have no idea how uncomfortable it would be. So why don’t you get off your high horse, and try and be a little more understanding.

melanie on

they probably just say hank because that’s what her husband is called. i’m sure legally he will be henry but it would probably confuse a lot of people (assuming they don’t know hank’s real first name is henry–and, honestly, why would they?) if they said “henry baskett IV” instead of “hank baskett IV” so it’s just easier to use the name hank (her husband) goes by…

marimel on

thanks melanie, you’re absolutely right. i think i’m just a stickler about technicalities and fact-checking as i received my degree in journalism and all those rules were shoved down my throat the past 4 years. but based on your point, i can definitely understand saying Hank IV. thanks!

RIP Michael on

She looks beautiful in that picture.

I am so prod of her! She seems to have gotten all of her partying out of her system. She is really making the transition from party girl to a woman. She seems to be trying to create a better image for her son to see when he gets older.

Go Kendra.

Marissa on

She may have a problem with staying put in Philly. The Eagles picked up a new QB today and ESPN is reporting they are trying to trade Hank Baskett to make room for him. Looks like you may be moving, Kendra!

SouthernBelle on

Hank’s given name is Henry…they are just calling little #4 Hank, but he will carry on the name Henry Randall Baskett IV. Kendra is absolutely glowing, both parents look ecstatic and I wish them nothing but the best. And, despite what the Mommy Mafia thinks, she will be a great mother because she is full of love and fully committed to motherhood and being a great wife. Yes, she will make mistakes (and you will quickly point them out with venom) but who of you did everything perfect? And I usually can’t stand to be around ditzy people, but Kendra is anything but vapid. She’s just young, naive and has never been down the motherhood road before…she will find her way.

April on

It almost looks as though her belly got smaller. I like Kendra, she’s harmless.

MZ on

Thanks, Marimel! I gave it my best guess, lol :-p

CelebBabyLover on

Shelia- Why shouldn’t she be allowed to gush about her first pregnancy?

CelebBabyLover on

Marissa- I hope that’s not true. They should not make a a heavily pregnant woman move!

Tracie on

When I was pregnant with my daughters, I was told that anything with peanuts in it was a no-no. Is the same advice given in the US?

sarah on

I think she is adorable!!!
I am due about 3 weeks after Kendra with a little girl and I have to say, my first 4 months were awful! I threw up round the clock, lost tons of weight, was in the hospital…now on medicine and am feeling fabulous! So, every pregnancy is different, she really could be uncomfy. She definitely sure seems smitten with her new little man and that is so sweet to see!

ritter on

She has said he will be named Henry, like his dad, but it seems they will call him Hank. too bad, imo. It’s weird to see her do such a 360 in such a short amount of time. She was pretty crazy on Girls Next Door. On her Kendra show they said her old room at the mansion will be made into a nursery and the baby can sleep there while she parties at the mansion. Hopefully she’s kidding or only does it once in a while. Hey, a mom can party once in a while too. She is such a cute girl if you can get past those huge fake breasts! I wonder if she will have them removed later? It’ll be like carrying 3 babies around.

Lyndsey on

I think she is adorable. She looks amazing. I remember things hurting at different periods when I was pregnant with my first…by the time my second came along I was miserable my whole pregnancy. I felt like one big body ache.

Liliana on

Marissa, I heard that too. I’m sure they’ve discussed a plan of action in case that scenario happens. Hank went into the season as a restricted free agent so he knew it was a possibility. The Philadelphia Eagles are a business and if they see an opportunity to make money and better the team, they’ll do so.

meghan on

That dress is very pretty. She looks wonderful!

Elizabeth on

I’m not a fan of Kendra’s by any means but I just had to say that I think she does look beautiful in this photo. Her dress fits properly and and she looks very sexy without looking overly so.

marimel on

i saw an interview with her while she was at the event in which she is pictured here and she said that they weren’t setting up a nursery in Philly because they would be moving back to California to raise the baby once Hank’s season is over. So maybe they already knew a trade was in the works?

Jessica on

I had my baby girl on Christmas Eve last year and let me tell you, last September I was not feeling like i was in the home stretch. She’s got a lot of pregnancy left!

Shannon on

I was just going to say the same thing, Elizabeth! She looks very classy and beautiful in this picture.

Angelia on

I have one child now and pregnant with number 2 and feel Kendra is not in the home stretch by any means. I do think she looks gorgeous though

Jessica on

Hank’s out of a job…Eagles let him go for Michael Vick

eagles lover on

no the eagles didn’t let him go because of Vick they let him go because Donovan got hurt and they got rid of Feeley and they needed room for Garcia who is a better quarterback then Klob

Angela Brown on

Good thing she has money because her husband just got cut from the Eagles – maybe another team will pick him up, but for now he’s unemployed…

Liliana on

Hank signed a one year offer in the off season for a little over 1.5 million. That was for this year, alone. Even if Kendra was completely broke, they’d be doing just fine.

gargoylegurl on

I hope she has the baby on Christmas Day. It’s a tradition in my family…my son was born on December 25th, and it’s my dad’s birthday too. ☺

Kendra looks lovely here!

CelebBabyLover on

marimel- Interesting about not setting up a nusery. I wonder where the baby’s going to sleep until they move back to California, then?

Sarah- Sounds like you had Hypermesis Gravida, literally meaning excessive vomiting in pregnancy. Sorry to hear that you had such a tough time!

Anyway, as for Hank getting cut from the Eagles…I hope they’ll still be able to stay put in Philidelphia until the baby is born!

SH on

the baby can sleep in a cradle next to their bed. that’s where all 4 of my kids slept until they were well over 6 months old. a baby doesn’t need a nursery, it’s more for the parents.

CelebBabyLover on

SH- I’m confused by your comment. You said that a baby doesn’t need a nursery…But you also said that your kids only slept in your room until they were six months old. Didn’t they need nurseries after that?

SH on

actually i have 4 kids, 5 and under – the youngest is still sleeping in her cradle but will eventually move into a bedroom where i have 2 cribs – my 2 year old is still sleeping in a crib as well. so we have a room where we have the cribs and also have a room where we have 2 more beds for the 2 other kids. there are also dressers in the rooms for clothes.

but a stereotypical pink or blue nursery with a changing table, rocker, matching bedding, lamps, and all the things that you don’t use/need that is mostly for the parents – ie. a nursery – no, we don’t have that. we definitely get by without it!

connie on

i’m so happy for kendra..and hank! there having a boy.. and hank is playing for the indiana colts..i can’t wait to see him play.. i wasnt worried about the colts but now i think we got a better chance of super bowl.thanks hank for singing up with us.. will you be moving here to indiana? we can be neighbors….lol

rita on

my son birthday is the 20th of december so i hopin kendra will have her son that day

Isabel on

How cute Kendra Wilkinson Baskett & Kourtney Kardashian are like two and a half weeks before my baby girl is due! 1/7/10!!! Yayyy

Claudia on

I have always been a fan of Kendra’s.I see that she is maturing.i think she will make a great mom.Good luck Kendra and Hank!!!!!

Adeola on

I think Kendra will be a great mum. Sure she could feel unconfortable now but in some couple of months, it will be over and a new born will be up the world. All the best and goodluck to marital greatness.

Lili on

Kendra congratulations on your pregnancy,
I am Brazilian and watch all their programs on E!
Congratulations to you and pro Hank!

His laughter is a comedy.