Bronx Wentz Gets the Giggles

09/14/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

So sweet! Bronx Mowgli Wentz giggles at dad Pete Wentz as Ashlee Simpson-Wentz looks on Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif. The trio hit the park, playing in the sandbox (Bronx practiced his crawling) before heading over the playground equipment, where Bronx, 9 ½ months, worked on his staying upright!

“[Pete] is a great dad. So sweet and loving,” Ashlee recently told Redbook. “When you see the dad with your son, it’s a whole new side of them. Just beautiful.”

Owen Beiny/WENN

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rebecka on


Kait on

Wow, this is adorable. Ashlee doesn’t even look like a mother right here. She just seems really down to earth, but Bronx is definately a cutie and has her eyes and Pete’s nose, no doubt!

Maya on

he’s a cutie! and Ashlee looks very pretty.

babyboopie on

Aw Bronx is so cute! Ashlee and Pete seem like loving parents and yes, Ashlee is very beautiful here, she looks far better here than she does on the cover of Redbook!

Daisy on

Such a cutie…this may be weird…but last night when Pete presented an award at the VMA’s for some reason all I could see was Bronx…lol!

Crystal on

What a great family photo. Ashley looks AMAZING! Bronx looks JUST like his grandfather.

Liliana on

Bronx is adorable and his parents seem to be absolutely in love with him.

Brooklyn on

Cute picture! Look at his little feet =)

Katie on

Wow, Bronx looks just like Pete! Ashlee looks great.

Bumbles on

What a sweet picture, they look like any other young family in the park enjoying the sunshine!

Britt on

It’s great to see them just having fun and enjoying each other.

Mary-Helen on

He is pretty much all Mama isn’t he?!

Ashlee looks radiant here, loving her role as a Mommy! What a sweet picture!

lucy80 on

ok i might be completaly alone here but i just dont think bronx looks ANYTHING like either Ashley or Pete, he must be some recessive gene or something, i think its the eyes mostly, doesnt have either of their eyes.
While very cute i just didnt expect their child to look like this at all.
just me???

Mariel on

wow Bronx is all his grandfa
i dont see any ashlee or pete on him

Alexis on

I think this is a beautiful picture. I agree I do not see Bronx looking like either parent though?

Sydney on

A great family portrait! One of the few advantages of having paps trailing you all day!

Sarah on

He looks just like Ashley! The same smile and eyes and everything!

On another note though, I really hope her jeans aren’t the start of something. I really can’t stand tapered jeans and if that becomes popular again, well then I’ll have to be an outcast! 😀

Topsi on

Sarah, ‘skinny jeans’ have been in style for a couple of years now. It can not possibly be the first time you are seeing these!

Oh yeah…Ashlee does look great in this picture!

Bren on

So cute!!!
I agree, Skinny jeans have made a come back but bootcut is still in style as well so no worries Sarah!

marimel on

ashlee looks so down to earth and beautiful! And Sarah, no worries about being an out cast, fortunately with jeans there are always several styles that are in. I agree, tapered jeans are heinous, but skinny jeans are actually a different cut than tapered. God help us if tapered pants ever come back in (especially with pleats!), it’s bad enough the acid-washed look is making a comeback.

on a side note, i don’t think bronx looks anything like his parents either.

ritter on

Ashlee has gotten so thin, her shoulder didn’t used to jut out like that. I think Bronx looks like a mix of his parents (who look nothing alike) and that’s why it seems he doesn’t look like anyone. He has Ashlee’s coloring and eye shape, jawline and chin. He has Pete’s nose and maybe cheeks/cheekbones. He is very chubby (cute), so when he thins out later he will probably seem to resemble them more. On the jeans, they’ve been in style for so long now. I pretty much hate them on everyone, including super skinny people. I think straight or boot cut are much more flattering.

aj on

Gah!Bronx is an absolute doll!! They make such a cute little family.

ava on

I think Bronx looks EXACTLY like Ashlee in this picture… so cute!!!

urbanadventurertales on

I agree that Bronx looks like Ashlee in this pic. So cute to see him laughing!

And I also agree about the skinny jeans- don’t look flattering on anyone, especially when Pete wears them! They make his legs look so short!

Patricia on

Look at that little face! He’s just to die for!

I love pictures of babies laughing. Pete and Ashlee look like they’re so in love with their little man

cute family:)

Tina. on

that is so cuteeeee 🙂

Stephany on

That is the CUTEST photo ever! Ashlee looks so natural here and Pete looks like he’s just goofing around with his baby. I love it! And, of course, Bronx is adorable!

Bancie1031 on

awww what a cute picture!

Allegra on

Bronx seems to be getting cuter and cuter, and kind of “growing into” himself, if you know what I mean. Ashlee looks so beautiful with that natural happy smile on her face. They seem like a very loving, sweet family 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, this is embarassing, but if I didn’t know who the Simpson-Wentz’s were, I would have guessed that Ashlee was Bronx’s older sister or something rather than his mom. She looks so young (I know she’s only in her 20s, but what I mean is she could pass for a teenager!)!

Kait on

CelebBabyLover, that is exactly what I meant by Ashlee not looking like a mother. Like she seems like she’s a great mother and everything, but she looks THAT young, not fitting the typical Mom stereotype! Glad someone knows how I feel.

mihay on

Bronx is so ridiculously adorable! What a sweet family picture.

percy on

That is the most beautiful picture of Ashlee. I know that joyous feeling so well of just feeling so connected and happy and in the moment with your little family. It captures it wonderfully.

Terri on

I can’t wear the skinny jeans either and I have no hips. Somebody once said that anyone can wear skinny jeans with the right shirt, but if I have to cover them up with a certain shirt why would I want to wear them? Hello?

And yes, let’s hope that the tapered, pleated, and acid wash jeans stay out of style!

Ashlee looks so pretty here.