Larry Birkhead: A Self-Proclaimed 'Corny,' 'Sensible' Dad

09/11/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy OK! Weekly

The manner in which he became a single dad might have been unconventional, but Larry Birkhead is doing all he can to give 3-year-old Dannielynn Hope as normal a childhood as possible.

To that end, the daddy-daughter duo recently moved into their new home in Kentucky, far from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

“I just want her to be a kid and not worry about all the nasty things going on in this world,” he explains. “I’m her shield and that’s how it will always be.”

When asked by OK! if he loves fatherhood, Larry replied in the affirmative, noting that although “it’s hard work and time-consuming…it’s worth it when I hear her laugh.”

“All my friends are out in bars, but I don’t miss it. In fact, I’m morphing into my parents — I’ve become corny and sensible.”

Although Dannielynn is growing up without mom Anna Nicole Smith, Larry says that the late model and reality television star is far from a stranger in their daughter’s life. The two could be twins, according to Larry.

“It just happened in the last year,” he notes. “I have photos where they look exactly the same…She loves posing for the camera like Anna, too. And she’s going to be tall like her mommy.”

Speaking of photos, Larry says he keeps Anna’s on display throughout their home and Dannielynn, as a result, “recognizes [Anna] straight away.”

“She knows who her mom is — I make sure of that…I want to keep her mom and [her late brother] Daniel [Wayne Smith] in her mind.”

At the same time, Dannielynn has begun to question Anna Nicole’s absence from her life and Larry, 36, admits he doesn’t always have the answers. “She misses her mom so much,” he concedes. “Right now she’s at the age where she’s noticing that other children [on] television and in books have moms.”

“She said to me the other day quite seriously, ‘Where’s my mom?’ It was sad but I explained to her, ‘Your mommy is in the clouds and you’ll see her again one day.'”

Click below to learn about Larry and Dannielynn’s birthday party plans.

Larry and Dannielynn are firmly focused on the future, and at the moment there is nothing bigger on their horizon than Dannielynn’s third birthday party. Admitting that he has at times gone overboard with his daughter’s fêtes, Larry nonetheless doesn’t appear to be altering his approach. “She’s at the age where she appreciates it now and she’s excited,” he says. “Her birthday is a happy occasion.”

Calling his daughter “such a great kid,” Larry says that the good times might be coming to an abrupt end, however!

“I’ve been warning her that she has to give up her bottle when she turns 3, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Source: OK!

Click here to see more images from the photoshoot.

— Missy

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JMO on

A bottle at 3??

yikes!!! Well good luck with that Larry. The longer you wait the harder it is!

He seems like a great devoted dad. Dannielynn seems like a very well adjusted tot. And I’m glad to see he’s moved out of LA and to Kentucky where he can give her a much more private upbringing!

Liliana on

After everything that little girl has had to endure in her short existence, I’m happy to see she’s thriving. Larry seems like such a doting father and the love he has for Dannielynn is evident.

It’s great that they’re now in Kentucky. It will give him the chance to raise her in as normal of an environment as possible. I’m sure she’ll appreciate that when she’s older.

Also, I’m happy to see he makes sure both Anna and Daniel’s memories never fade. I’m sure Anna would be both proud and relieved to see how well her daughter’s being raised.

Erika on

He seems to be doing such a great job with her! She didn’t have the best start in life, but I’m so glad he’s the father, as he seems to love her very much and seems to be doing a very good job raising her. She’s such an adorable little girl, and she looks like both her mother and her father.

I agree that settling in Kentucky seems to be a good decision. Aside from articles that Larry provides, I haven’t seen many pictures of her (paparazzi) and I think that after what they went through in the 1st year, there should be as little publicity as possible.

Kristin on

She is beautiful but “My Mom is a Hero” on her shirt? I don’t see how Anna Nicole was ever a hero. Hmmmm…

Megan on

I am so happy to see how happy they both look!

Crystal on

He fought sooo hard for his rights as her dad but he seems like a wonderful father! I’m happy that Danielynn is settling into a safe, stable, happy, healthy life. I wish them all the love and blessings in this world!

urbanadventurertales on

Did she ever have that surgery to correct her eyes? She still looks a little cross-eyed in this picture. Maybe it’s just me, I can’t really tell cause it’s not close up.

Sadie on

Wow…I think he was the only person in the entire Anna Nicole Smith/Custody situation that actually cared about the child. I know Anna’s estranged mom and that other Howard Stern guy along with a few other guys claiming paternity all wanted a piece of the pie, but thank God Larry was the father. It sounds like he’s giving her a stable and loving home…something she may have not had otherwise.

gursaq on

Erica : “He seems to be doing such a great job with her! ”

i’m agree with you:))

Sadie on

Kristin, he’s probably trying to emphasize her mother’s good qualities…she is very young and needs to be reassured that her mother loved her very much and was a good person at heart. He says she’s been asking about her mom, why not encourage her to think of her mom fondly?

Sadie on

Urban, she had surgery awhile ago but I think Larry had said she may have to undergo another one. I don’t know how you see cross-eyed in this particular picture though..

Samantha on

She looks just like her mom!

michelle on

I really like that fact that Larry gives the public a quick, but controlled peek at Dannilynn every six months or so, but keeps her mostly out of the spotlight. It satisfies our curiosity but protects her from constant attention. Good job Larry!

And we need to go easy on the guy about the bottle. He’s doing the best he can. Some things you just have to let slide.

Stéph on

Kristin- By the way if you look at the picture on Ok!, it is not written ”My mom is a hero”, but ” My mom is MY hero”.
I think Larry just wants her to feel good about her mom, he seems to be a great dad.

Dannielynn is just the sweetest little thing. She is gorgeous and I can totally see both Anna and Larry in her. On the pictures on OK, I have never seen a child so cute. Look at her in her little car with her sunglasses. Too cute for words.

Happy Birthday Dannielynn!

lily on

i just got teary at the where’s my mom section
he seems to be doing a fantasic job
and deserves credit for that

and dannielynn is so cute

Rachel on

She is absolutely beautiful! And you know, I always though she looked just looked just like Larry, but in the photo of her snuggled up in his lap with the big grin, I see Anna there too.

I think Larry seems to be such a wonderful father and I think it’s great that he’s moved here to Kentucky to raise her, close to his family and far from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Kentucky is a wonderful place to raise a child.

So good to see her growing up so happy and healthy!

Becky on

urbanadventurertales – I read this article and he said she has had 2 surgeries so far but may need more. He said it is hereditary (on Anna’s side) and could always come back.

I loved this article! What a sweet guy and I am SO glad that he was her dad and he got her instead of Howard Stern. It is sad Anna’s mom is still fighting him. She is the only one still fighting this.

She is a doll!!

aurora mia on

Are ya just so happy that he is her dad?? Well done, Larry. She is gorgeous and she’s going to shine brightly. Hold on to you hat…:)

momof4 on

Dannielynn is extremely lucky to have Larry raising her. He’s doing an incredible job!

Loralei on

I think this is a beautiful little girl with a father that loves her and wants the very best for her. Larry wants her to love and remember her mother and brother and that is heartwarming.

mom to boys on

I am SO happy that he doesn’t put this kid on display. They seem like such a cute daddy/daughter team and it’s commendable that he instills mommy pictures to her. It’s hard on anybody to wonder where mommy/daddy is.

Tori on

She is such a beautiful little girl!! I just have to say as a mom who was unable to breastfeed I have never understood why it is ok to nurse past a year but the bottle is so horrible? (I never let my kids carry around their bottles only drank them while snuggling with mommy, and their teeth are perfect). After her rough start I say the bottle is so trivial.He looks like an excellent daddy.

Jstn on

Urban — her mother was an Rx drug abuser in addition to other things. You can’t just “fix” some of the problems associated with this. Are you a doctor? Then please, educate me. If not, go to the library or read up on prenatal exposure to as many substances she was exposed to and then tell the father that he should “get it fixed.”

Also, if you find a plastic surgery that reverses prenatal exposure to, at the very least, all the symptoms of all of the various parts of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, then, maybe then, we can get to discuss the prenatal impacts of the prescription drugs she took on the way.

Despite her difficulties, she seems to be a happy child and her father seems to be doing his best.

Stephany on

Wow, Jstn, I really don’t feel as if there was a reason to attack Urban for her question. Larry has been very open about the fact that Dannielynn has had to have corrective surgery for her eyes, something that is hereditary and not because of Anna Nicole’s drug abuse. I felt that your post was a little harsh and maybe not too accurate…

Anyway, I think Larry is doing an AWESOME job with her! She is such a beautiful little girl!

Kat on

I think as much as that little girl went through i am proud to see her have to smile and be happy that’s all that matters for that little girl

Christa Bledsoe on

That is so sad. I nearly burst into tears when I saw the picture, she looks just like her mommy.

Jenny on

Jstn…I think you were missing the point of urban’s post. I remember reading early on that Dannielyn would need corrective surgery for an eye condition and I have to say, her eyes still look a littled crossed. I didn’t post about it.. but just thought about it.. not in a negative way.. it just crossed my mind and I was wondering how her eyes were. I think urban was just thinking aloud.

Erika on

Jstn- Your post was a little harsh. Urban said nothing wrong, she was just inquiring about Dannielynn’s medical condition. Also, although we know that Anna Nicole Smith abused perscription drugs, and also possibly other drugs, there is no proof that she used them during pregnancy and it’s not right to assume that caused some kind of condition. Her son died 3 days after Dannielynn was born- don’t you think that could have started with his death? Anyway, ANS may not have made the best decisions, but there is no need to judge her for something you don’t even know she did (drugs/alcohol during pregnancy).

Erika on

Tori- I agree with you, and I don’t have kids so I’m not very educated on this topic. But I did see on a documentary a mother who nursed her kid until she was 6. Another lady in town did it until her kid was 4. I’m not saying it’s unacceptable just…unusual? But anyway, it doesn’t make sense how a bottle can totally damage a child’s teeth, cause them to have speech delays etc, but nursing can’t do that.

If the bottle comforts her, why not?

Jstn on

I’m sorry that both probability and medical science are so offensive to you all. Thank you for setting me straight with your insightful comments.

Anna Nicole abused considerable illegal substances, but stopped using them the moment she knew she had conceived. Then, after childbirth, she started using them again, which was exacerbated by the death of her son, who also used illegal substances. But the little girl was unharmed and her “crosseyed” symptoms, as the original poster called them, were fully a function of genetics.

I agree wholeheartedly with you all now. It was Nicole and/or Larry’s faulty genetics, not any sort of substance abuse while pregnant, that’s responsible.

urbanadventurertales on

Jstn- I don’t know why you got all up in arms about my question. (And thank you to those who answered it and didn’t take it the wrong way or get offended).
I remember about a year ago, Access Hollywood did a feature on her eye surgery and I was just wondering if it had been corrected or not? In their interview, Larry made it sound like it was something that could be corrected with surgery, so I was just curious if they’d gotten the surgery and if it had worked.
I wasn’t saying anything about the reason she had the issue with her eyes…I’m assuming it’s genetic as I’ve never heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or RX drugs during pregnancy leading to a child being cross-eyed.

nks on

Whoa Jstn, calm down. No need to be passive aggressive and angry. You cannot prove all the facts regarding your Anna Nicole theories, and while I myself was not a big fan of hers, she is no longer alive, let it go. Respect other posters, and the fact that Larry seems like a great dad, and we don’t know the exact cause of Dannielynn’s eye condition. Larry has openly talked about the condition before, and previous treatments, so no need for your “insightful” diagnosis.
This is a nice article and picture, not a reason for you to take out your aggression for a situation you don’t know all the facts about.
Anyway, Dannielynn is adorable! I can see both parents in her!

Erica on

Dannielynn is so sweet and Larry seems to be an excellent father. He’s doing a good job of keeping the spectacle and tragedy of ANS’ life away from their daughter and for that, Dannielynn will thank him someday.

Jstn on

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Not FAS.

Please, at least give a read. It’s free, it’s there, and if you’re going to offer opinions about it, please read up.

This will probably get a whole bunch of new verbal attacks, which I’m fine with. If even one of you actually opens the link and reads it, then that’s all the better.

I didn’t get ‘up in arms,’ but if you’re getting your information that you’re making definitive statements over from “Access Hollywood,” maybe you should try to dig a little deeper. That’s my only point. This entire site is about babies, and we’re constantly subjected to things like “THAT KID LOOKS TINY FOR HIS AGE” and “HER FACE LOOKS SMUSHED,” where if there was at least one voice of reason to educate people about medical facts, some of that might get alleviated.

I’m not here offering opinion statements on whether kids should be breastfeeding at age 4 or should be left alone to walk or should have a hat on their head when they touch the sunlight. I’m trying to provide useful information to people who might find it useful.

I’m sorry it’s an ugly and nasty truth but the kinds of substances she abused throughout her later years have all sorts of complications associated with them, and the even more unfortunate part is that a lot of them are still to come. I’ll keep on hoping every day that she doesn’t see them, but until then, I’m just happy that she’s happy, cross-eyed or not. It’s not yet time to cut open her face and try to fix things.

Micheley on

What a mini Anna. She is adorable!
Im so glad that Larry is keeping Anna AND Daniels memory alive.

lisa on

Im not sure that pushing her mom/brother in her face all the time is a good idea. A child cant miss something that she’s never had or was too young to remember. She misses what she see’s that other children have or what she see’s on tv or what someone is feeding her. She should know about her mom/brother but not to a point where she’s upset because they are dead. The fact that they are dead should be a every day part of her life. Accepted but not a huge deal to her. I dont think its healthy for a child to be constantly reminded of her loss.

Stephany on

So, jstn, are you saying that the reasoning behind Dannielynn’s crossed-eyes are because she abused drugs and alcohol during her lifetime and that she has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder? Because that’s what it looks like you’re saying…

SH on

While all your “knowledge” about Anna, her life, her drug abuse and FASD may or may not be true…one thing IS true…Anna definitely had those wierd looking eyes too! Dannielynn probably DID inherit them from her…it’s called genetics.

Liliana on

Lisa, where in the article does it state that photographs of Anna and Daniel are constantly shoved in her face? Larry says that pictures of the two are displayed throughout the house. What’s wrong with that? It’s not a constant reminder of her loss but a way to keep memories alive.

My eldest son was born seven months after his father passed away. He’s now seven. From day one, I’ve had pictures of my late boyfriend around the apartment. From an early age, my son was able to recognize who his father was. After losing my boyfriend so suddenly, my biggest concern was how would I let his memory live on in a child who never knew him. Through family, pictures, and videos, I’ve done this to the best of my ability.

Despite having multiple male influences in his life, there came a time when my son began noticing the absence of his father. This is natural. I explained what happened in terms simple enough for a three-year-old to understand and while for awhile, he’d ask questions daily, he was able to move on. Never has he been traumatized by people’s attempts to keep his father’s memory alive. Now, at seven, he’s thriving in school, enjoys sports and recreational activities, and is as well-adjusted as a child can be. The picture of his father on his dresser that he sees whenever he’s in his room doesn’t hinder him one bit.

any on

Dannielynn is absolutely beautiful, and seems to be very comfortable in her own skin. Larry is doing a great job. It must be hard to be both mother and father. About the bottle: Each child is different, although I managed to transition both of mine into the sippy-cup right before age 3.

Micheley on

I think your missing the point. It is so important to keep a memory alive. People can say many things about Anna but no one would ever be able to convince me that she didn’t love her children. Dannielynn should know that. My nephew and niece were 1 and 3 when their mother passed and have been brought up in her memory, and I think for them knowing that they can talk about her has been one of the most comforting things.

Micheley on

Also the fact that she is missing someone due to death will always be apart of her daily life, whether Anna’s memory was kept alive or not.

Claire on

Wow Lisa, would you rather he ignore the fact her mother and brother are gone? My father died 2 months after I was born. My mom never talked about him and I rarely saw pictures of him. It still makes me sad to this day to know so little about him.

p.s. Louisville is a great place to live! I’ve lived here since I was 10 years old and it is beautiful. I’m not sure the specific house Larry and Dannielynn live in, but I do know what neighborhood it is in and it is incredibly tasteful, beautiful, and safe. Larry seems to be doing a wodnerful job with her!!

Jstn on


I’m sorry, I’m not going to respond to personal attacks until you actually read what I’ve posted. If you’re going to attack a position, please learn about it first.


If it’s called genetics, and since we’ve just about mapped the genome, which pair is it that yields “wierd looking eyes”?

Please, all. If you want to make a genetic argument or refute a biological argument, please just spend a few hours reading up on whatever point you’re trying to make.

Jstn on

Switching gears onto the Lisa subject:

My mother had two miscarriages between my sister and I, and because she was open and honest with both of us, when my sister just had a miscarriage after years of trying to get pregnant, it was easier to handle and she had someone to go to to talk about the various emotions she was feeling.

Dishonesty, I believe, hurts everyone involved. I had a great uncle that was banned from family gatherings because he was ‘disabled.’ It’s not a happy place. A better understanding of the things we as a species are faced with makes all of us happier, I think.

RIP Michael on

He is by far the best thing to happen to Danni. God bless them both.

I have always thought she looked like her mother. I never saw it when posters said she looked just like Larry 🙂

Sidenote: I think a lot of us post on here just to start a silly debate with each other. You guys argue over every thing!

CelebBabyLover on

Jstn- Actually, when Larry talked about Dannielynn’s stabismus and subsequent surgery to correct it last year, he said that he’d spoken with her doctors, and they assured him that the condition IS genetic, and that it wasn’t caused by Anna’s drug abuse.

Anyway, I don’t know why you’re so convinced that there’s no way it could have been genetics. You’d be surprised at what can be hereditary. For example, a tendancy to have fraternal twins can be inherited by women. A fast or slow metabolisim can be inherited, as can head size, mouth size (my father and I are living proof of this. We both have very small mouths….and as a result both required braces to correct our very crooked teeth), and even some dieases and conditions, ranging from colorblindness to Eczema to a tendancy to develope certain cancers.

All of that said, Dannielynn is adorable, and she does look like Anna, but I also can’t see how anyone could have ever denied that Larry is her father! 🙂

fay on

not trying to be snarky, but does larry do anything for a living besides sell pictures of dannilynn to the “prying eyes of the paperazzi”?

Emma on

Awww, part of that made me cry, when Larry explained what he told Dannielyn when she asked about her mum 😦

I think he’s doing a great job bringing her up singlehandedly.

Alice on

Jstn “If it’s called genetics, and since we’ve just about mapped the genome, which pair is it that yields “wierd looking eyes”?”

You’re joking, right? Do you know exactly where every allele is on the human genome? It’s not by “reading up” on the subject that you will grasp and know something so precise and complicated.

I have no idea where Dannielynn’s cross-eyed condition comes from and I don’t care as she seems to be a happy and well-adjusted child. I don’t think your drug abuse theory is far fetched at all, it could be either. But if Anna had it too and if Larry (who knows a bit more about his kid than we do) says it’s genetic, it likely is.

E on

Jstn – although crossed eyes can be a sign of fetal alcohol syndrome, it is a secondary sign and she does not display any of the more telling primary signs – short palpebral fissures, a smooth philtrum, or growth retardation (as he says, she is a tall girl). It is obviously hard to judge, but she doesnt look or sound to have mental retardation either, as many kids with FAS do. I think it is maybe a bit harsh to suggest that her strabismus is down to her mother’s alcohol abuse. I have a couple of friends whose babies were born with strabismus, and none of them touched a drop of alcohol in their pregnancies. It is just bad luck.

genegirl on

@jstn — you don’t know what you are writing about. I *am* in the medical field and do know what the craniofacial defects in FASD and/or FAS look like. It is hard to assess her from the photos and, to me, she doesn’t appear to have other potential physical characteristics associated with FAS(D). If you were educated and understood probability, you’d understand that possibility does not equal probability. There are many risk factors for oculomotor defects of which FAS(D) is but one. And, furthermore, mapping the genome means that we know the sequence of most of the coding regions and non-coding regions of the genome and can estimate the number of genes, it does not mean that we are even close to knowing the function of every gene and definitely not the genetic defects (that may be mono or polygenic) that result in individual differences. You are not biomedical and statistical expert, that is obvious.

Finally, you should think about what you type here. This girl can and may read your comments someday. For whatever you are getting out of this (I shall refrain from playing armchair psychologist), please consider how much your words may hurt this girl. she is her own person…

beyond all this, she is a beautiful little girl and I am happy reading that she is being raised with stability and love. Here’s hoping that people can respect her for who she is.

Dazzle on

she is adorable and she is look like her mummy.

Jstn on

genegirl, you are correct on all parts.

Also, that girl is a cutie patootie.

Jstn on

E, you really need to read up and figure out what I was trying to say, because you’re attacking me for the exact opinion I started off trying to dissuade. We’re on the same team, you know.

Jessicad on

I think he’s doing a great job, you can tell he loves her and is a great dad! She is sooooo precious. and honestly, if I could pose for a magazine with my child every 6 months, make enough to support us and not have the paparazzi after me I’d do it! As far as I know he gets to stay home with her, why not take advantage of what he was given? I don’t think he exploits her at all, we rarely see these two. He’s a great example of what a single father should be, and I’m glad he fought so hard to get her. He could’ve easily just walked away and let others care for her, but he didn’t!

Tazina on

You go from crossed eyes to FAS? Strange. And No. 48 “not trying to be snarky”….yes you are. Your comment is just that. He seems to be managing just fine and it’s hardly anyone’s business how he makes a living.

Vera on

He seems like an excellent dad, and I’m sure moving to Kentucky is a great thing to do for D’s childhood, but then he goes and sells pictures of her birthday party to a second rate magazine.


Beautiful little girl – bless her!

Adeline on

I’m always weary when people idolize people like Heath, Anna Nicole, Michael and other people who’ve died because of abusing drugs. It’s one thing to keep a person’s memory alive for their children but Larry seems to understand that Anna Nicole was a complicated person and died as a result of her own actions. One day Dannielynn will have to learn how her mother and brother died (just like Matilda with Heath and Michael’s three kids) so it’s a fine line to walk in keeping their memories alive without idolizing people who don’t deserve emulating. So far Larry seems to be doing well, but of course, Dannielynn’s a small child and hasn’t been exposed to all the info about her mom. His work will get harder but he seems up to the job.

janie on

#48 – I totally agree with you. Exactly what does Larry do for a living?

He wants this little girl to lead a normal quiet life – so why is he in the media, selling pictures and doing interviews?

poppykai on

I think it is VERY presumptuious to say that Dannielynn’s Strabismus is due to FAS or the abuse of drugs by Anna. My 4 y.o. son just started showing signs of Strabismus (there are several different types) where his left eye turns in when he looks at me. His physician prescribed glasses for him to wear for up to 2 years and the next and only alternative would be surgeries. It sometimes takes several surgeries and there is still no guarantee that the eye will be fully corrected. I think it is sad that when we don’t personally know a person/celebrity we feel entitled to verbally attack them based only on what we read in the tabloids. I believe Anna did have a very difficult struggle with drugs but I don’t believe Dannielynn physically suffered from the effects of her mother’s addition. Strabismus is a genetic condition not related to drug or alcohol abuse. I am happy to see such a cheerful look on Dannielynn’s face and that she is being raised away from the intrusive viper pit of paparazzi. It is nice to see a father like Larry emotionally support and love his daughter despite any condition/disability she may have. About the bottle, I think all any parent can do is to try and do the best they can for their child even if it is outside of the norm. I am sure Dannielynn will turn out just fine despite drinking from a bottle at 3!

fay on

tazina, i WASN’T trying to be snarky, because i REALLY want to know… anna didn’t have any money, as far as we know she didn’t get that j. howard marshall money yet, and he doesn’t seem to have a job… and ur right, it’s not any of my business, but neither is the fact that his daughter has a genetic eye disease, nor is it my business abt her 3rd birthday party… and mostly it wasn’t my business w/ the freaking paternity mess that surrounded my birth, but for whatever reason i know abt all of it… so unless u got an answer to my question, u can miss me w/ ur pseudo psych telling me the underlying inner thoughts abt the question i asked…

thanks (snark intended)

Hayley_B on

I think she looks a lot like her Daddy, but there’s a little of Anna peeking through. She’s a cute, happy little girl and her Daddy’s doing the best he can to give her a normal upbringing.

I think it’s wonderful that he shares photos of her mom and brother with her. My friend’s husband died last year and they have 2 small girls, 2 & 4 now. They both love looking at photos of their father and hearing stories about him. It’s normal and healthy and gives the child a sense of comfort.

In Dannielynn’s case – it’s especially important to instill how much her mom loved her and to tell her stories of the real Anna – the one the public didn’t know, but Larry did. Poor little sprite will have enough to deal with when she’s old enough to google her mom’s name. Giving her a solid foundation now will help her understand later, imo.

trish on

im so sick of all of u “mothers” judgeing everyone like your lives are so perfect.

Sara on

goodness shes sooo cute, and 3 wow !!! they both look soo happy ❤ hes doing GREAT with her!

KLo on


What exactly is your source?

You stating that it has to be substance abuse during pregnancy is the same as others deciding it is genetics from a picture. However, he has said that it is genetic so lets give him the benefit of the doubt. She does not display the typical characteristics of substance abuse during gestation.

And, although we have mapped the genome, and know the locations of a lot of proteins etc, ‘Junk DNA’ or variable DNA is unique to the individual (this is how we can differentiate using DNA tests) and it is this area mainly that would show for this characteristic. It is quite possible that she has had a targeted DNA test which would confirm the diagnosis (like the two breast cancer genes for example).

Samantha on

Right on, trish!

Jen Dc on

She *is* tall for three years old! And to whomever said she looks like her Mom in the picture where she’s snuggled in LB’s lap? Totally right!

I think mostly she resembles LB, however. In any event, she seems pretty happy in the pictures and I hope she continues to thrive away from the spotlight.

Mia on

On the topic of the bottle, everyone is different. I don’t think people should follow a “Doctor’s Method” on when a child should be potty-trained, or without the bottle…etc. Whenever the person is ready, they are ready. As long as she is happy, thats what matter. And I have always thought she looks exactly like her daddy, but she is definitely looking more like her mother. I remember when the pregnancy was announced!

lizzielui on

Larry Birkhead is a professional photographer.

urbanadventurertales on

I just looked at the rest of the photos from OK magazine and it looks like one of her eyes still turns in slightly, but not very noticeable.
For the record, when I originally asked the question, it was not to stir up a huge debate or controversy. I simply was curious if she’d ever had the surgery to correct her eye and if it had worked. I never even thought about it being linked to drug use, so I’m not sure why jstn brought that into it.

angelika05 on

Wow – she still has a bottle at 3? Hmmm…hopefully she doesn’t end up needing major dental work.

marimel on

you people are hilarious.

i sucked my thumb until i was 10 and have perfectly straight teeth without ever having had braces. i also know a little boy who was still wearing a diaper (not pull-ups, a full on diaper, 24/7) and sleeping in a crib at 5. Guess what? He’s fine, too. If Dannielynn wants to drink a bottle at 3, then so be it. every kid is different, and if she needs braces as a teen then she’ll fit in perfectly with her peers.

Camilla on

JSTN, give me a big ‘ol fat break!!!! My niece has the same problem with the eyes and her mother, my sister, has never touched alcohol. Ignorant, that’s what you are!

Erin on

All the ladies on Annas dad side have crossed eyes, its genetic, shame on all you who continue to degrade her mother- its sick-

Brianne on

I think Larry seems like a great dad that loves his daughter endlessly. Despite the rocky road it took for them to get to this point, he has always, imo, put forth a positive attitude and dedication to giving Dannielynn the best life he possibly could.

She’s a cutie pie. I have a soft spot for Dannielynn, as I think most do, and I truly wish her so much happiness.

robinepowell on

I’m happy to read that this little cuite is having a normal childhood.

Seems like she’s got her daddy wrapped around her little finger. 🙂

Shannon on

What a sweet little girl. I am so, so glad Larry is the one who got custody. He seems to be the only person in that whole thing who actually cared about her. I love that he keeps photos out for her to look at, and that he’s living his life out of the spotlight with her. He’s doing a great job. As far as the bottle goes, considering the rough start she had in life, I’m not too suprised that she still has something like that for comfort.

Too bad he couldn’t have settled down here in my neck of the woods in MO! He’s a pretty hot dad!

CelebBabyLover on

janie- To ensure that she can live a normal, quiet life. I agree with the posters that said that most likely, Larry does these photoshoots and such so that the paparazzi will be more willing to leave them alone at other times.

lizzielui- You are correct! At the very least, Larry was a professional photographer when Dannielynn was born. He was mentioned as being one in several articles from around that time. He even brought it up himself right after he got custody of her, saying that, since he’s a photographer, of course he had to be the one to take Dannielynn’s passport photo.

CelebBabyLover on

I was just looking at the other photos of Dannielynn from this photoshoot that CBB linked to…and in a few of them, there is another little girl pictured with Dannielynn. I wonder if that’s one Larry’s nieces or something (the girl looks a little like Dannielynn, and from what I’ve read, it seems like Larry is very close to his sister. I don’t know if she has kids, though.)?

Oh, and a couple of the pictures reveals that Larry and Dannielynn have a dog, a little Yorkshire Terrier! 🙂

Edwina46 on

There’s some lovely body language going on between father and daughter…Larry is obviously doing a terrific job…that Dannielynn is clearly such a happy, joyous child is a credit to him.

Andrea_momof2 on

She’s a cutie but I don’t see people begging on his doorstep or following his every move…? Most/ALL celebrities get killed by the media for even doing one photoshoot, why is he an exception? 6 months ago we “knew he was a great father and DannieLynn’s doing well”, did we need to know all over again? It’s terrible that her mother died but does that mean her baby has to be in the media every 6 months?

eternalcanadian on

wow, i’m surprised at all the catty remarks about the little girl’s eyes. who the freak cares if she has cross-eyes? she’s adorable just the way she is, and people shouldn’t be pointing out her eyes or that she needs to be fixed or something like that, ya know? she looks pretty darned cute and healthy in that picture if you ask me.

Becky on

“shame on all you who continue to degrade her mother”

Erin – After reading all the posts, only one person on here (Jstn) was saying that her condition was caused by her mother’s drug use. Everyone else was backing up what Larry has said all along, that it was a hereditary condition. I don’t know why you’re making it seem like all of us, or a lot of us, are degrading her.

Gabbadoo on

Hey Kristen..dont be such a nit
Maybe she is a Hero to her…I may not agree with Anna’s lifestyle and not like some of her choices but she was still this girls mommy…so Anna can be whatever this girl desires.

Basia on

My grandfather has 3 children from 2 different mothers. All 3 children were born with crossed eyes and had to have the same surgery Dannielynn had. It’s genetic, and it’s common.

Jeannette on

The picture of Larry and Dannielynn together on here is certainly a very adorable picture.

I don’t see anything wrong with having pictures of her mother and brother up around the house. Anna Nicole and Daniel may be gone but they will always be Dannielynn’s family despite her never having her own memories (can’t remember anything at 5 months old).

As for Anna, she may have been a lot of things but I never saw anything negative about her being a bad mother. Both her kids were wanted, loved, and she was devoted to them. Dannielynn should grow up knowing that her mother and brother DID love her very much despite being taken away from her so soon. Larry will make sure of it. He’s doing the best that he can do as a single dad. I respect him for it.

SouthernBelle on

She looks SO much like Anna! It’s a joy to see that child smiling and happy and to see Larry doing his very best to be both mother and father to her…not an easy task. I’m normally appalled at hearing a child is still on a bottle at 3 years old, but I think Larry is doing the absolute best that he can and maybe he just can’t bear to hear her cry or see her upset. I think he will handle the bottle issue soon and I really admire the job he’s done with precious little Dannielynn. It’s not easy to be a single parent and it’s not easy to explain death to a young child…you want to be careful not to confuse or frighten them. He has been given a tough set of circumstances in which to raise a child…could any of us know how we would have handled it being a man with a new baby and no mother to help? God bless them both.

Unknown on

I think having pictures around the house of Anna and Daniel is a wonderful way to remember them. You can say anything you want about her “professional” actions but nobody really knew how she was with her as a baby. That was and is her mother – the person who gave birth to her- who after losing her son tried to recover enough to take care of her. She may have done drugs and if she did that was her business and her own struggles. People like to judge celebrities because they are in the “limelight” however we don’t understand or choose to dismiss is they are regular people with everyday problems. They are people who struggle far more than we will ever know. I would just wish that you as mothers or friends of mother realize she was a human being who made mistakes who I believe loved her children with everything she could give – remember that her daughter will always have a different outlook on her. You remember what is it like as child you looked at your parents as a “hero” (if you were lucky enough to know them and have a good relationship with them). Be mindful that she has to growup hearing about Anna let her believe that she was a hero as long as possible.

CelebBabyLover on

Andrea_momof2- True, we don’t see a lot of papaparazzi photos of Larry and Dannielynn at other times, but I think that’s laregly due to the fact that Larry does these photoshoots perodically.

Also, the last time I remember seeing a photoshoot of Dannielynn was right after her 2nd birthday, which was a year ago (obviously). I don’t know where people are getting the 6 month thing from. In anycase, Dannielynn appears to be happy and healthy, and that’s really all that matters! 🙂

mmh on

How wonderful that Larry keeps both her mom’s and her brother’s memory alive. That is sooo important and will mean so much to her… Danni is sooo tall and looks so much older than 3!!!

Kathleen on

Some of y’all are a bit harsh. I used a bottle until I was 4, and I turned out fine. These pictures are sweet. Dannielynn seems very happy and Larry appears to be doing a good job with her. I’m glad he took her back to Kentucky. I admit that I cringed a bit when I saw her tshirt, but I guess he’s trying to emphasize the positve. I am no fan of Anna Nicole’s and stronly disaprove of much of her behavior, but there is no denying her love for her children.

alana on

oh my gosh look how cute dannielynn is in her little barbie car in the link! So adorable. I’m so glad she has a wonderful dad like Larry.

belicoso on

Now that Larry doesn’t have Dannielynn parading out in front of the paps as much as he used to it’s easier to think that they are leading a normal father/daughter life. Larry should take stock of how good he and his daughter have it right now and thinks better of doing anything that might rock his boat and destroy the good thing they have going. It would be totally foolish for him to listen to anyone who tells him that he could use his daughter to revive the absurd claim against the Marshall family that her mother fought for so long. A brand new media circus would ensue (which would actually be the 2nd in this tot’s short life) and they’d both be hounded by media for the duration. Here’s hoping that Larry doesn’t feel a need to upset his lifestyle.

Doc on

Jstn —

I AM a doctor. In fact, I am an OBGYN. The type of eye issue that Dannielynn has is fairly common and occurs in about, oh, 1 in 30 births to some degree. Not only is it caused by many different attributing factors, but it would be — especially alone with no mental deficiency or other issues — a rare defect to find because of drug use during pregnancy. Feeling informed NOW?

Pretty Princess Nikki on

She looks just like her mother. She looks adorable.

Bree on

Fab job Larry! Watching all this unfold when ANS died was horrible. A small helpless child the center of so much controversy, and now look how sweet she is! Well done.

Diaa Kristy on

Dannielynn is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!

Looks just like her beautiful mom. Thanks for sharing these glowing and adorable pictures.

We’re all so happy for you and your loving family.

Great job, daddy!

Sometime soon, you may want to introduce her to other families that have only one parent. Just so she won’t feel so ‘different’ by the time she starts school.

They shouldn’t be too hard to find, if you look.

There are so many reasons that kids have only one parent but there are surely many families of widows and widowers who would love to share their lives with you and with her.

All the kids could learn a lot from each other. Parents, too.

Be careful, of course, as always. Lot of weirdos out there.

As always, we trust your judgement.

(You’ve earned it)

Thanks again for warming our hearts and putting a smile on our faces, too!