Kingston Rossdale Does Fashion Week

09/11/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Leaving Milk Studios with Gavin Rossdale after the presentation of L.A.M.B.’s spring 2010 line on Thursday, Kingston James McGregor Rossdale showed off a little personal style himself!

The 3-year-old sported his ‘hawk, skinny jeans, a jaunty scarf and — ready? — yellow nailpolish!

The family is in the Big Apple for Fashion Week and the US Open — Gavin was spotted cheering on pal Roger Federer at a few matches!

Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani‘s latest collection — which she watched walk the runway from the audience — earned positive reviews from the style world.

Kingston wears Creative Recreation T Cesario Gold/Navy/Burgundy/White ($60).

Click below for two photos of Gwen and baby Zuma Nesta Rock!

Gilbert Flores/Celebrity

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JMO on

Zuma could pass for a little girl in these photos…he looks very angelic! And Kingston just knows how to rock it!

Mom*of*boys on

LOVE THEM ALL! Any info on Kingstons shoes?

Daisy on

Kingston is such a cool kid…..just waiting for someone to make a comment on him wearing nail-polish!!They are such a great rocker family, I love them all!!

Gwen’s line is gorgeous by the way, to bad its so expensive!!

Something About Baby on

Little Kingston is fashion from head to toe. Looks like he is loving every minute of it too.

Michelle on

Kingston is sooo cute! I was in New York last weekend and saw Gavin and Kingston riding a buggy through Central Park. It was so cute!

fuzibuni on

ZUUUMMMMAAAAA!!! he just might be my new fav. he seems so calm and observant. plus i love love love his chubbiness.

Rachel from Boston on

aww!! so adorable… and fashionable!

I wanted to post this link to a photo someone took on flickr

during Gwen’s solo tour she had a video in the background with a picture of her as a child (on the left) and Kingston (on the right)
is that resemblance crazy or what?! 😀

stedine on

I so love Kingston!!!! He is rocking out from head to toe. I love the military jacket and those shoes are too darn cute.

janie on

Kingston is an adorable little boy but I do not agree with dyeing his hair! I think it looks ridiculous!

Kait on

wow that picture that Rachel from Boston posted… Gwen and Kingston are twins! That’s so cute.

Erika on

They are adorable little boys!!

Forever Moore on

This family is so stylish…loving Kingston and Zuma’s matching jackets!

natalie on

Where are all of you people who claimed that Kingston’s hair is sunlightened, not dyed? Hm? Because it so clearly ISN’T!! Those boys are incredibly cute though but I just can’t believe why they are dyeing his hair, he’s too young!!

Kat on

Such dolls! Loving baby Zuma’s little cupie (sp?) curl!! Kingston is such a little rock star! They are gonna break some hearts for sure! 🙂

jen on

My friends with little boys always complain that the boys clothing selection in stores is so limited and similar, compared to the girls’ selection.
I think Kingston is an example of how little boys can be totally stylin’ too. Gwen has great taste!

Malady on

I love Kingston’s shoes! Anyone have any info on those? And the cute jackets?

Elizabeth on

This has got to be the MOST ROCKIN’ FAMILY EVER! Love it!!

freebreeze on

He is so going to need years of therapy poor chap.

freebreeze on

Unrelatedly I LOVE their jackets…CBB where are they from?

marilyn on

cute family….but i disageree with the yellow nail polish…how about no nail polish and no dye jobs, mommy gwen

Natalia on

They are so cute.I

Samantha on

How bout, they’re not your kids!!! Don’t like dyed hair and nail polish i
on kids, then don’t do it to your kids! Enough already, sanctimommies!

janie on


We are just stating our opinions that we do not like dyed hair and nail polish on little children.

We have the right to disagree!

JMO on


Why would you say that? Because of his hair? Clothes? Nails??

I don’t think Kingston will need therapy cause he has two LOVING parents who devote their time to him and let him express himself. You may not agree with it but he’s not your child and as far as I’m concerned Kingston isn’t hurting anyone.

The children you should most be concerned about are the thousands who grow up in broken homes who have no stability who will surely end up in therapy.

Kingston will be fine!

Tom on

Cute boy, lovely family.

Samantha on

Right, you can disagree. But you don’t have the right to decide what is right for ALL children. I think some people forget that. They aren’t your responsibility. Unless they are being abused or neglected it shouldn’t matter to you what someone else does with their children. If you want to state that you wouldn’t do those things to your kids (I personally wouldn’t), then say it that way. Don’t make a broad judgement about what you think all parents should do. I just have issues when people try to tell others how they should be living. Live and let live.

sarah1116 on

Samantha and JMO,

Well done!! Couldn’t of said it better myself. These women here are so concerned with celebrities kids, if they are so concerned about other children, how about they help other kids out in the world that actually need help and need love??

Kait on

Samantha, all people SHOULD think about what they’re doing for looks, and how it’s affecting their child’s brains. Dying hair and using bleach versus natural lemon products, and nail polish versus toxic-free markers. Huge difference between having fun and being safe. All we are doing is puttng it out there that there is a noticeable difference, and that parents should focus on something more important than looks if it harms their children in any way. Unfortunately it’s not something all parents do do.

Chicki on

I find it a little strange that we NEVER see Gwen holding or taking photos with Kingston any more! It’s all Zuma all the time now! Gwen and Kingston used to be so close – I just wonder how he feels about being so obviously “replaced” by his new little brother! 😦
Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Gwen with Kingston, and if I’ve EVER seen Zuma in his dad’s arms! Just an observation, not a judgement!

Christina on

@Chickie…give me a break!

This sounds exactly like when Shiloh was a baby and everybody said Angie didn’t love her as much as her adopted kids. Like Shi was at home locked away in a dungeon somewhere. lol I’m sure Kingston gets held and loved by Gwen as much as Zuma. And Zuma gets the same from Gavin. Remember pictures only capture an instant in time. They dont tell the whole story. We are not at home with this family. Gavin and Gwen seem like great parents.

katie on

When I was little my mom would paint my nails because I wanted her too. And my brother would sometimes wear nail polish because he didn’t want to be left out. The chemicals from nail polish never harmed us.

Caroline on

None of us know how/or if Kingston’s hair is dyed or what exactly is on his nails, be it polish or toxic free markers, so there is no reason to get all upset about it. For all who are searching for the maker of Kingston’s sneakers, I would say they are LAMB.

Samantha on

There is toxic-free nail polish for kids. CBB had a post about it a while ago, but I can’t remember what it’s called. He could be wearing that, we don’t know.

Samantha on

The non toxic polish I was thinking of is called Piggy Paint. As for the dyed hair, I would suspect it’s bleached. Not something I’d allow my daughter to do, but to each their own.

Rachel from Boston on

as far as the who carries who issue:
maybe it’s because over the summer Kingston was with dad and Zuma was with mom and we’ve seen so many pics like that?
I’m a huge Gwen fan and I’ve seen a TON of her holding Kingston, too… and loads of Gavin carrying baby Zumes on the beach when Gwen got back to California.

I’d say the kids get equal time ;D hehe

JMO on

Chickie you can’t go by just these photos on CBB….I have seen other sets of these pics and Gwen is holding Kingston in a few. ANd I’ve seen her hold him in others recently. I don’t get the whole beef with the kids being held by one parent? Like Britney always holding Jayden and not Sean…it’s not the case and CBB doesn’t need 20 photos to display they only purchase one or two (nice photos) that they feel is necessary to display the parent and child.

And not that I would necessarily dye my child’s hair or paint my son’s nails…it certainly would be the least of my concerns.

I remember when my nephew was 3 and asked his mom to paint his toe nails. She explained boys don’t normally do that but then again you always tell your kids that “girls can do anything boys can” so why not the other way around?? My nephew’s mother ended up painting them and I can say at 8 years old he has no ill effects from having that done to him. In fact he doesn’t even remember it!

Liliana on

Oh, brother.

Freebreeze, what a rude comment to make. Kingston and Zuma are obviously loved and thriving. Why would either one of them need therapy?

Annd Chicki, really?

I’m sure you’re one of the individuals who comments on how Britney only loves Jayden and disregards Sean Preston. If I recall correctly, weren’t there pictures recently of Kingston and Gwen playing together on the beach. No one mentioned that by doing so, she was taking precious time away from Zuma or poor Zuma.

Stop trying to read into things that aren’t really there.

Alecia on

freebreeze, why would you say Kingston will need years of therapy? I’ll keep my comment PC & simply say you are nothing like your moniker illuminates. Both Kingston & Zuma are happy boys.

becky on

@Chicki: There were pictures some days/weeks ago of Gwen holding Kingston at Gavin’s concert and of Gwen playing with Kingston on the beach… and Gavin has been holding Zuma a lot too. They get pretty much the same amount of time with both of their parents, I don’t get what you’re talking about.

Lauryn on

I don;t see a problem with the nail polish, but hair dye on a kid that young is no good. Its irresponsible and unnecessary.
Why do people get so defensive when people comment on it? They are celebrities, live in the public eye, that’s what they get. People have opinions and its part of the business.
If a kid in my neighborhood or sons daycare has their hair dyed that young,people would be commenting on it, same thing.

michelle on

It’s one thing to comment on the hair dye or nail polish and say that you disagree or would not do it to you own child. That is your personal opinion and totally within your rights to express without fear of backlash.

It is quite another to say that bleaching a child’s hair or polishing his nails is irresponsible and ridiculous.

Remember: it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Sarcasm and tone are not discernible in a blog post. Sometimes we need to re-read what we write before we post it.

michelle on

and P.S. – love the skinny jeans on Kingston. What a rock star!

Samantha on

But see, I wouldn’t comment about some kid’s appearance in any situation. I don’t talk negatively behind people’s backs, I was taught that is rude and I intend to teach my daughter the same thing. I couldn’t imagine making comments to other mothers in a daycare about some kids hair! It’s just so catty, and I suppose that’s my problem with this whole thing. I come to this blog because I like the celebrities, I don’t come here to criticize other parents. But it just seems like a lot of people come here with the intention of criticizing the celebrity parents and I can’t understand why. Criticizing others for their life choices has never made me feel better about my own.

JM on

it’s so weird for me seeing picture of Kingston. he is a COMPLETE dead ringer for my second oldest son. seriously, they could be twins. i mean, they look different now that Kingston has his new haircut but when he had the longer hair i could have passed off pictures of him as my own son.
i love the way he dresses, my sons have similar clothes. i think they’re cute.

Shaunie on

The sneakers are by CREATIVE REACTION, I own a few pairs myself!!!

I LOVE how stylish these boys are! But they’re so adorable they could wear anything and it would be cute!

April on

Sorry Every-one,but Kingston’s hair looks stupid.He was much cuter with his plain brown curls. This is my opinion and since this is a blog for opinions I will say what I feel.
Samantha-There are sites were there are just pics of celeb kids,so if peoples comments are so upsetting,maybe you should try one of those, and not come here and complain about posters thoughts,since this is what a blog is for.

paperskyyy on

Must the good old kingston hairgate 2009 be discussed EVERY time a picture is posted of him?

Stephany on

They are definitely a rocker family!

I still don’t know how I feel about dyeing a 3-year-old’s hair. I’m not sure what products they are using but I’m sure they are doing it the safest way possible and it’s obvious Kingston is a much-loved boy. He is never going to be limited on creativity, that’s for sure! I definitely wouldn’t do it with my kids, though. But as long as K & Z are happy and healthy, that’s all that really matters.

CelebBabyLover on

Christina- I agree! People also complained that, at the time, Angie was always seen carrying Zahara and not Shiloh. Like you and other posters said, these pap pictures do not tell the whole story. I also want to point out that Kingston is 3 years old now. It’s very possible that he doesn’t like being carried very much anymore, and/or that he’s too heavy for Gwen to carry around a lot.

I also have to chuckle….because when other celeb kids Kingston’s age are seen being carried, people often say things like, “Put the kid down and let him walk!”. Yet here people are saying Gwen should carry Kingston as much as carries Zuma!

Anyway, Zuma is a mini-Gwen, but this time I’m seeing some of Gwen in Kingston, too! 🙂

Samantha on

April – I happen to like the articles not just the pictures and I enjoy the people who post nice comments, but thanks for telling me I should leave. Real nice. You are exactly what I’m talking about when I say people in this world are so rude it’s disgusting. Enjoy that karma!

Kristi on

Here is a pic from what looks to be the same day of Gwen and Kingston…

cubanita on

My babies were 18 months apart & when we were out as a family & both kids needed to be carried, my husband would always take the older one. Plain & simple…He’s stronger & can carry a heavier load for a longer time.
In any other situation, my kids got equal time with both parents(still do!) & I’m sure these boys do too.

Erika on

My mom painted my nails when I was like 2-3. Not against my will, but I wanted her to. That said, I would never put nail polish on my son (I would put it on my daughter though) because he’ll look back in pictures and be like “What did you do to me” lol, and plus I think it’s weird to feminize little boys. But Gwen is into that, so I think it’s fine for her, just not for me 🙂

janie on

I hate dyed hair on little children. It looks so tacky!

Why on earth would you paint a little boy’s finger nails?!?

Samantha on

yeah, I personally wouldn’t let my daughter dye her hair until she’s much older, like a teenager. even then, I think I’d only let her get highlights or something. but she has beautiful strawberry blonde hair naturally, so why muck it up, ya know? I also wouldn’t put nail polish on a boy, but I would let my girl wear it, if she wanted. but only the non-toxic kind. but, what Gwen does with her own boys doesn’t really bother/concern me.

Shelly on

janie Says:
September 12th, 2009 at 9:55 am
I hate dyed hair on little children. It looks so tacky!

Why on earth would you paint a little boy’s finger nails?!?

Because he asked maybe?

Rachelsun on

Yeah Samantha, totally agree w/ you. Don’t let the BBB tell you what to do or how to think or not to criticize other’s opinions. It is interesting if you don’t support negative comments the same posters tell you to leave! It works both ways. Since no one was there when Kingston’s hair was done who can say w/ certainty whatw as used and if it was ahrmful? no one.

Great photos and family.

JM on

^^ janie, maybe because he wanted to have them painted. there’s nothing wrong with it and we don’t know what she used to paint them.

cubanita, same with us. our kids are a little older now but if we are out with any of them and any of them need carrying my husband always takes the older one. i’m sorry but he’s just stronger. even with our twins he tended to carry our daughter because she was heavier when they were babies.

eternalcanadian on

Whoa! Those are two really spiffy-looking kids! Zuma, haha, he looks so cute with that lil puff-mohawk on top. Kingston rocks too!

Amy on

Is it just me or do skinny jeans look unnaturally tight on children? I think skinny jeans look good on skinny teenage girls, but to put them on kids ( boy or girl) is bizarre fashion- selling out the kids to wear uncomfortable clothes for style. Shouldn’t kids be thinking of more than fashion nowadays? No offense to Gwen and Gavin, but the skinny jeans look on their little boy is weird and unattractive, as well as tasteless. I think Kingston looked better with his natural brown hair color, as well. Its sad how parents sell out their children for fashion, making them grow up too fast and look beyond their age. I am glad my parents let me be a kid and not a ridiculuous fashion-plate.

christina on

Something about Kingston’s photo is a little off to me…like they’re trying way too hard to create the perfect little “cool” rocker-baby…why not just let him be a typical little boy?

freebreeze on

Amy and Christina I’m with you! Those jeans look so tight the poor kid will probably be a soprano for life. Also to call a spade a spade…Kingston is a scrawny white boy…he so does not have the chutzpah to carry off that mohawk and the jeans just emphasise his chicken limbs. Yes I am being opinionated, then again I am sure Gwen Stefani couldn’t care less what I think and good on her!

Zuma is seriously divine.

CelebBabyLover on

Amy- Maybe Kingston LIKES wearing those outfits!

Shannon on

Kingston has been wearing outfits like that since long before he could possibly have had an opinion on what he wears. It’s pretty clear Gwen dresses him like that to support the fact that she’s a big rock star fashion “icon”. I’ve never known a 3 year old boy who would walk around saying, Mommy can I please wear my skinnies, and make sure to accessorize them with my plaid scarf and my dyed mohawk!

Lauren on

I have to agree with Christina. Fashion is my major weakness and there’s no greater vice I have than going on a mini spree, helping others shop for clothes, etc. That said, something about Kingston in the last few months has really rubbed me the wrong way, and Christina nailed it. Landon Barker wears a mohawk but still dresses like a typical 5-year-old boy. Estela Montaverde wears bows and dresses but is still allowed to run around the park and play. Kingston’s look here just screams that his parents are trying desperately to make their son look like the coolest kid around-and it looks like he knows it, which is far from an attractive attitude for a toddler to have. I am all for matching outfits and gorgeous clothes, but with certain people you can tell it’s less about having fun with fashion and more about using their children as their own little models to suit their own ego. I’ve seen it with the way some parents comment on this site as well as here, and it’s less than cute.

Karen on

Mohawks are fine on children but dyed hair is crossing the line imo. Cute kids though…

Summer on

Not that I think the style looks good (because I don’t) but don’t ALL moms dress their kids in the style THEY like? I know I do with my daughter (who is still too young to have an opinion). I figure, now is my chance to have fun dressing her the way I want, because she certainly won’t be opinionless for long, and I would like to respect her own style when she is old enough to have one (as long as it’s not utterly ridiculous).

FC on

Kingston and Zuma are working those outfits. I think it’s cute they both have matching jackets on, too.

Legacy on

My 9 year old son loves to wear skinny jeans, and I don’t see what’s wrong with that. But on a 3 year old? I highly disagree.

Website on

lovely babies, they automatically attract towards them.