Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Welcome Son Sparrow James Midnight

09/09/2009 at 02:20 PM ET
Seth Browarnik/Startraks

It’s a boy for Nicole Richie and Joel Madden! The couple welcomed son Sparrow James Midnight Madden at 4:37 a.m. on Wednesday, September 9th in Los Angeles, Calif. Baby boy weighed in at 7 lbs., 14 oz.

“Nicole, Joel, Harlow and Sparrow are all doing well. Thank you for all of your good wishes,” reads a statement on Nicole’s website.

Sparrow joins big sister Harlow Winter Kate, 20 months this week.

The couple had announced the pregnancy in February, with Joel saying,

β€œI am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family. Hope you’re all feeling as good as I am right now.”

Source: Nicole Richie

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Mommyof3 on

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking forward to this day for some time now:) COONGRATULATIONS to Nicole, Joel and Harlow. I can’t wait to see what baby Sparrow looks like.

fergette on

Oh my gosh! I actually like the name. I think it goes well with Harlow too. Congrats!

VerΓ³nica on

First of all: CONGRATS TO THEM. I was thinking that she was having a boy!

And now…SPARROW JAMES MIDNIGHT? REALLY? What the hell..? I loved Harlow’s name but…Sparrow? Isn’t that a pokemon’s name or something? Personaly, i think its a very ugly name for a baby…but its my opinion.

Cant wait to see how cute he is!

Jen on

Wow! Congrats!

I love the name sparrow, had it in mind for a girl actually, but its unique for a boy, too!

Beth on

Finally!!! I’ve been on here every 5 mins for the last week!! I’m so happy they had a boy… I don’t know how I feel about the name, but I think it’s going to grow on me. Yipee, so excited!!

Dierna on

Sparrow James Midnight?? They must be fans of Capt Jack….

JM on

awww…congrats to the entire family!!

mommaruth on

Harlow and Sparrow? I’ll be the first to say I don’t like Sparrow’s name AT ALL. But congratulations to the happy family πŸ™‚ I’m sure he’ll be an adorable little boy!

alana on

Congratulations Joel & Nicole! Interesting name, but it sounds very sweet put together. πŸ™‚

amy on

very interesting…odd…name, but congratulations to the happy couple and little harlow!

Meredith on

I would not have picked the name, but when nicole and joel use it it sounds cute! im so happy for them! best of luck, they’re great parents.

Ashley on

Wow..that name is horrible!

Bella on

Awww, congratulations. That sure was a quick pregnancy.

Wishes for a healthy, happy life for this little family.

Valerie on

i am sorry, but sometimes these crazy names go out of control….Sparrow? i think James is a good name, but Sparrow??

alana on

I just realized Sparrow was a boy! I was so excited to post that I thought Sparrow was a little girl. I do like the name, and he’ll definitely have his choice of names to go by when he’s older! (Do you think they’ll call him Sparrow, or James?) Can’t wait to see him!

Christine on

I’ve been waiting to hear of she had her baby.
Interesting name. I would have thought Sparrow more of a feminine name, likely because it’s my Nana’s maiden name and my neice’s middle name.

Congrats to them!

Moira on

I am extremely glad that they had a safe delivery and a healthy baby and mommy.

But Sparrow? If you are going to force a bird name on your new son, at least give him a boyish sounding one, like Hawk or Eagle.

Zara on

Aww! Congrats to the Richie-Madden family! I can’t wait to see what the new baby looks like, no doubt he’ll be as cute as little Harlow (-:

April on

First of all congratulations! Been waiting forever for this news!

But I knew this would happen with the name….I love love love Harlow and had high hopes but I figured it would be something not so good…(just my opinion). I don’t care for that at all, especially for a boy but it’s not my kid πŸ™‚

Mommyof3 on

Fergette, I love their names together as well! Some may not like it but I will just say…… “Don’t name YOUR child that then” LOL

camillee on

i thought they were going to have a girl… but still, congrats πŸ™‚

Susan on

Sparrow? Um? Seriously? Wow – might as well give him a wedgie and dump him on a playground. Glad the kid is healthy, but WHAT?!

ava on

Sparrow, thats not a very nice name, Harlow is cute!

Daisy.. on

Finally! This is going to be one cute little boy.

I think the name isn’t that bad, it seems a bit weird I reckon because Harlow Winter Kate sounds so classic and old fashioned. Can’t say I would pick Sparrow James Midnight but it isn’t my son. There have been far worse names in celebville.

Zinn on

WHOOHOO!! Congrats to the happy family! I have been checking the site non-stop waiting for this news! Can not wait to see a picture of the whole family!

Timiann on

I love the name!…I think it is very fitting for the unique couple. I think Harlow and Sparrow sound great together!!!! Congrats!!!

Lily on

My grandfather is called sparrow
so i dont find it too unique
but i love it
I screamed when i saw the post

Chelsie on

Finally! Congrats to them!
I actually like the name Sparrow James. dont really like the Midnight though.

sat on

Aw, congrats!!! Welcome baby boy!!!

Elli on

I had a big old smile on my face when I read this, sooo happy for them. Sparrow is an awesome name! and Midnight is such a cool middle name as well. Congratulations to them xo

Alexis on

Hate the name sounds like they tried to hard especially with two middle names. I prefer one middle name. But that’s just my opinion. Anyway Congrats to the family and im sure he is a cutie!

Melissa on

Congrats to them! I just went to Joel’s twitter page to see if there were any updates and he had just put the baby news on there two minutes ago so i rushed over here to see if it was here.

I think Sparrow would have been a better girls name but it goes with Harlow.

Marilyn on

They must be going for names that end in “ow”. Congratulations to them.

lmama on

I had the highest expectations for the name as well, and I have to say I am not a fan of the one they chose – but to each their own. Congrats to the family.

Dana on

I was waiting for quiet a few days for this news. I thought it would be another girl but anyway Congrats!
And welcome in this world little boy!

Patricia on

FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this news!

Congrats to Nicole, Joel and little Harlow for becoming a big sis!

I wish them all the best in the world, I bet that’s one cute baby:)

CJM on

At least he can go by James.

Amiyah's Mommy on

What a beautiful name…I absolutely love this family!

Shirelle on

Congrats Nicole and Joel!

Krystal on

I’m glad they had a boy, but Sparrow? I like the James Midnight part, but not Sparrow. Can’t wait to see him!

jen on

Congrats to them.

Do not like the name sparrow at all. Ecspecially with a sibling named Harlow. Too similar sounding.
Oh well, it is their kid, not mine. I was just so excited to hear the name because Harlow is such a cool name. Sparrow, not so much.

Alice on

Congratulations on the little captain!
I think they’ll call him Sparrow because it goes well with Harlow. It’s an unusual name but it’s actually cute. A sparrow is a cute little bird. And a drop dead gorgeous pirate. That’s all I wish the new baby!
I like how both sibling have corresponding names. Harlow and Sparrow: same ending, Winter and Midnight: both a moment/time and James and Kate: both short common names.

Nicka on

Congrats to the family. I am surprised they went with something so matchy-matchy with Harlow in terms of names. Harlow and Sparrow almost sound like they should be twins! It will be cute to see Nicole & Joel raising a boy and a girl now.

Abbey on

Oh, I love the name Sparrow! I had it in mind as a middle name. Goes well with Harlow, I think.

Congrats to the happy family!

Mallory on

Um no. Just no. Congrats on a healthy baby and all, but no.

Kaila on

You can name a boy Robin, so why not Sparrow?!?! Congrats to the Richie-Maddens!

KT on

I’ve literally been refreshing CBB all day for this. I had a feeling it would be today. Not so fond of the name. Congrats!

merry on

Congratulations to happy family! Sparrow is interesting first name. Ive got tears in my eyes, have been looking forward for this announcement.

Chicki on

Congrats to the happy little family – the name is starting to grow on me and I bet he’s going to be gorgeous!!

Sue on

Sparrow?? Sounds like a girl name to me. I LOVE Harlow Winter Kate and I know they would so something “funky” but UGH . . . I surely do not like Sparrow! 09/09/09 is cool tho! and its MY birthday today!

e on

‘sparrow’ is a great name, reminds me of the ‘Sword in the Stone.’ it’s plucky and cheerful, a nice complement to ‘midnight.’ and you can’t really go wrong with ‘james’ and ‘kate,’ both classic lovely names.

and for anyone who thinks a name is too feminine, it’s amazing how that perception can change so quickly. i wanted to name my son ‘jules,’ but decided against it at the last minute because it didn’t suit him. however, the fact that so many ‘julie’s are nicknamed ‘jules’ also made me think it over before putting it on the short list.

Names 4 Real on

Cool. I have been waiting for this one. I have seen the name Sparrow in birth announcements for my blog (names4real), but usually for a girl. It’s different. I wonder if it is in reference to the Pirate or to the bird. And Baby Sparrow has a cool birthday 09/09/09. Congrats!

miameows on

How cool to be born on 9/9/09!! Love the name, can’t wait to see the little guy!

Shelly on

lol, so I guess that puts the twins rumor to rest. Congrats to them on their new healthy little boy!

Alice on

Congratulations to Nicole, Joel and Harlow on the birth of Sparrow! Just knew the name would be different, unusual and highly controversial!

Mira on

I gotta give it to Nicole and Joel, they’ve chosen very versatile names for both of their kids. If they grow up to be entertainers, they can go by Harlow and Sparrow. If they grow up to be senators, they can go by Kate and James. And if they join a hippie commune, they can go by Winter and Midnight.

To those saying Sparrow is feminine. How about Jack Sparrow?

erin on

I have been faithfully checking the site for this announcement! I am so happy for them, beautiful baby I’m sure. I was thinking it was gonna be another girl though.

Dakota on

Congrats to them πŸ™‚ SO not digging the name though.

itstartedwithafish on

Congratulations !!!!
Yohoho, Captain James Sparrow :o))

Sparrow, – how cute!
Over here in Germany “Sparrow” is a term of endearment, especially for children, rarely between lovers.

Jaime on


Cheryl on

So happy they have a boy this time!!!Not a fan of Sparrow.But it really sounds cute,though.I’m only disappointed with their decision because Nicole once said if it was be a boy she would name him Michael(in honour of Michael Jackson,who was her godfather).

Samantha on

Yay!!!! Congrats to the family!!! Cool name! It fits really well with Harlow Winter Kate.

Hey on

Hopefully, he will go by James. Anyways congrats!

Daisy on

I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever!!! I am so happy they had a little boy, I bet he is absolutely gorgeous just like Harlow!

Although the name is a bit odd right now, I am sure it will grow on everyone…and Harlow & Sparrow actually sound really cute together! CONGRATS MADDEN FAMILY!!

kami on

sparrow??? that is horrible–poor kid. Maybe he’ll be a rockstar and it won’t matter. james is cool though…maybe they’ll have him go by that.

Forever Moore on

Maybe Midnight has to do with the timing of his birth…

suzannah on

i had a feeling she would have a boy this time around (:
the name is a bit odd, but still, it goes well with Harlow

Kristi on

Congratulations!!!! Does anybody know if they knew what they were having before he was born? I know it wasn’t public knowledge but I wasn’t sure if they found out and kept it a secret or didn’t know at all. The name could have worked for a boy or a girl so maybe the really liked the name and decided no matter what the sex was that’s what the baby’s name will be. I’m sure he is absolutely adorable and I am very happy for the family πŸ™‚

J on

Or hopefully they could call him by his name Sparrow, right Hey? πŸ˜‰

Lisa on

Congrats to Joel and Nicole and of course little Harlow being a big sister!! I have been waiting for this news all week now. Everyday, I would think, is it today?

Not fond of the name, i acutally would have preferred Midnight James Sparrow but it will grow on me. Congrats!!!!

Megan on

The name sounds too much like Harlow…

ashley on

congrats on the birth of their son.

i don’t care for the name sparrow. it is a little out there… and sparrows are not the most gorgeous birds either.

i wish they would have named their son RICHIE MADDEN… maybe the next one? how cute would that have been?!

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! I love James Midnight. But I’m not a fan of Sparrow. Too bad though as I love Harlow.

K on

YESSSS!!! AH i am so excited for them!!
I just LOVE their baby names choices. Especially love the Midnight part. So killer.

CTBmom on

Something tells me that little Sparrow is going “rock” his name. I totally see Sparrow Madden 20 years from now being lead singer of a rock band just like his father, but how cool if he ends up being be a lawyer or a pediatrician, LOL.

Cortney on

Loving it, Loving it! This baby is going to be so handsome!
and he is exactly 10 years younger than another celeb baby, Ava Philippe!

Vera on

I’m so glad that they finally had their baby, the pregnancy went quickly until there was that photo of her on the beach in july(?) and she looked so PREGNANT, i thought she would go sooner. Anyways, I didn’t really like Harlow Winter Kate Madden, and Harlow Madden sounds odd to me, but I’m now so used to it it doesn’t bother me anymore. I did expect this though. Nearly everyone loves Harlows name, we were bound to be disappointed with the second baby. Jack Sparrow anyone? Sparrow Madden. Sparrow James Midnight Madden. He has a built in superhero name there, Midnight Madden, and James Madden is very scholarly, and Sparrow is, well, Sparrow. I don’t like any of them except James, but they have a theme. Harlow + Sparrow = both ending in W, two syllables, and have a similar feeling. Then you have the time/season think, Winter and Midnight, and the the traditional, short, one syllable safe names, Kate and James. Both full names aren’t BAD, but they aren’t Valentina or Ever, but they are still far away from Sadie and Sunny and Bandit Lee and Peanut Kai. Take Jennifer Garner, Violet is beautiful, and so is Seraphina, but we weren’t expecting it AT ALL, and Violet Anne Affleck sets the bar pretty high, just like Harlow Winter Kate Madden. I’m not a fan of Sparrow, but I don’t see how it sounds feminine.

Banana24 on

Yay! I’ve been waiting on this announcement. 1st off how cool to be born on 9/9/2009! 2nd the name is so unique and perfect: Nicole and Joel and now Harlow and Sparrow. Goes so well together. Congrats! I absolutely love love love this family!

angela on

Cool birthday to have! πŸ™‚

I personally don’t think Sparrow sounds good with Harlow, but maybe it’s just me…I guess I’m not big on sib names that rhyme.

Cassandra on

Well, I knew they weren’t going to disappoint when it came to naming their baby. I can’t say I’m in love with the name, but I definitely don’t hate it. I love Midnight as a middle name though. Its very romantic. Congrats to the family and I can’t wait to see Sparrow soon. πŸ˜€

marimel on

congrats to them… i do like how they chose to incorporate “kate” and “james” into the middle names, in case Harlow and Sparrow decide to want something more common they have the option. I also think it’s sweet that they gave them a “theme” name that corresponds with when the were born. Meaning, “Winter” because Harlow was born in the middle of winter and “Midnight” because he was born in the early morning hours, just after midnight. Not something I would personally do but I think it’s a sweet nod to remember the birthing experience.

Alex on

Ooh, can’t wait to see this one! Congrats mum, dad and Harlow! On the subject of the name, sorry, but Sparrow is just horrible. James and Midnight are nice though.

Mandy on

I was just thinking about them and that she should be due soon.

Not a huge fan of the name, but hey, its not my kid.

Congrats to big sister Harlow and the new parents!

K on

Seriously? Who are they kidding? I agree – sounds WAY too much like Harlow. Harlow was a cool, hip name. Sparrow is just kinda lame.

Elizabeth on

And I thought Harlow was a terrible name. Sparrow is hideous.

Doreen on

Wahoooooo!! Praise the LORD!!! πŸ˜‰ I’ve been waiting for THIS announcement to come!!! Finally!! I’m escatic that they have a Son and a Daughter!!!!

danic on

Sparrow James Midnight Madden.
I didn’t get it at first but that is such a rock star name.

anonymous on

Interesting name, but great birth date (9/09/09!)

Alesha on

So much congrats!! On our anniv!! I expected a unique name, & think it is so sweet & romantic..I’m sure we’ll hear an explanation..”Midnight” I’m sure prob as he came “in the wee hours…” These two have surely grown up together being parents & I wish them the they have their daughter & son….I am sure great comfort in the wakes of Nicole’s recent losses!!

robinepowell on

Congratulations to them both. πŸ™‚ I was reading the article and realized Harlow and Sparrow are very similar names, with very similar spelling. πŸ˜›

Erica on

It’s not the worst name, but like many other celebs it is obvious these two tried way too hard…your child will be beautiful and unique even without smorgasbord names people!

But I am glad their baby arrived safely.

Abi on

awww, he was born on 09/09/09! I was so hoping they were going to have a baby boy! Sparrow is different, but I kind of like it! Especially how it goes with the ending of Harl”ow”

Congrats to the Joel, Nicole, and big sister Harlow!

Cortney on

Just donned on me Sparrow? Hello! Its a Twitter name too! So cute!

Nancy on

Congrats to the pair and Harlow for being BIG sister now! I am also not into sibling names that rhyme… Maybe they will go with Jamie or Jimmy for Sparrow. LOL – who knows. ;o) Most important is healthy baby!

Ames on

I Adore the name Sparrow James Midnight Madden its so cool!!!!!

Courtney on

loving the name they chose but like somebody else said I was sure it was going to be another girl but congrats to the family

tink1217 on

congrats!!! not liking the name, but there are far worse out there in celeb baby land…ummm…Pilot Inspektor…Banjo…nuff said,…besides…he could always go by James ifhe wants to!

Boy and a girl…how nice!!!

T. on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name so her style!!

Michelle on

YAY!!!!! I love that name. And another 9/9/9 baby. Reese Witherspoons daughter was born on 9/9/99. That is really cool. I love the name. Cant wait to see what the little one looks like.

Ana on

Congrats to the whole family, a baby born on 09/09/09 aswell, i was waiting for something special to happen on this day and im glad its a good thing!
LOVE the name james midnight, sparrow i think will have to grow on me but nevertheless im happy for them all!

Rachel-Jane on

Oh I LOVE the name! Sparrow is unusual but cute and quirky, not horrible at all. It’s interesting that the middle names are positioned Conventional Unconventional, whereas Harlow’s name is the other way round.

Anyway, the name is fantastic and I’m sure wee Sparrow is gorgeous like his big sister. Congratulations to Nicole, Joel and Harlow!

Lauren on

I REALLY hope everyone who ripped David Boreanez’s baby’s name apart last week holds the same standards for this child’s name and doesn’t deviate because of whose baby this is. James Midnight alone is perfect. Sparrow? Up there with Zuma as one of my absolute least favorite baby names. Awful.

aurora mia on

I am in total agreement. He can always go by james πŸ™‚

Dawn on

I love this family!! I cant wait to see pictures! Congrats!

Lynn on

They definitely did not disappoint on the name! I love it and congratulations.

Michaelaavril on

Congrualtions to Joel, Nichole, and big sister Harlow! i’m not really liking the name but its not the worst name i have heard

KillMilla on

Finally!!! So, so happy for them! Must admit, I’m not too crazy about the name Sparrow for a boy (for a girl its absolutely lovely), but I love James Midnight. Sounds like a really cool rocker ( or a vampire in these Twilighted days ;))
I’m sure Sparrow will grow on me though, after all, Bronx Mowgli has grown on me.
Can’t wait to see him!

Jessicad on

Congrats to them! It seems like she was pregnant forever. I’m digging the name!

Dannie on

Congrats on the new bundle of joy, but yeah not a fan of the name Sparrow AT ALL.

Kelly on

Congratulations to Nicole, Joel & Harlow!

katie on

Oh my gosh!

How exciting!! Congrats to them!

I LOVE his name.

Mellissa Redman on

My goodness, why is everyone griping about the baby’s name? Why can’t you all just be satisfied that a healthy baby boy was just born? Give it a rest.

Elida Valdez on

Congrats, those are some really really cool names ya picked for your children, god bless all!

cassie on

adorable name..congrats

Marcia on

Congratulations on the new baby boy

Alex on

I thought they would have a girl! Sparrow is not my style. James Midnight is pretty cool.

Carrie Jo on

Congrats to them on their boy! I think the kid’s birth date is super cool!

Lynn on

I love it!!! She is a genius at picking names! She should write a baby book–she is truly a name poet. GO Nicole!!!

Dorie on

Sparrow is going to be such a cool, stylish boy!
James Midgnight Madden would be my first choice to name a child but Sparrow’s not band.

Such a wonderful couple with now two cute little children!

P.S. I read a magazine a couple weeks ago which said it was a boy. Did they announce that or was it just a 50-percent-guesswork?

All Women Stalker on

I like Sparrow. Very Jack Sparrow. haha. Congrats to them!


Diana on

I’ve always loved Lionel since he was with the Commodores (still listen to his CDs), and now he has these two lovely grandchildren. How blessed he is.

paperskyyy on

Congratulations to the Richie/Madden family!
Personally I LOVEEEEE the name Sparrow! LOVE the whole too!

M on



BUT… Sparrow,, that hurts!! I love Midnight. But Sparrow not at all :(, i am a little bit disappointed…

kat on

Congrats on the newest addition to your gorgeous family. I hope that god contiues to keep blessing you and your family

MaddKiwi on

The name is a little weird…but then Nicole is hardly normal, she doesn’t do anything by halves that girl, i think it fits well within their family, it wouldn’t sound right if someone else named their baby that but it suits Nicole and Joel. And I FREAKING LOVE the name Sparrow James Midnight….Congrats to a gorgeous baby πŸ˜€

Mary-Helen on

It’s not a name I would pick, but it surprisingly enough sounds cool with Harlow and isn’t so stupid that he will get beaten up. Like he can go by James when he is older if he really wants to.

Congrats to Joel and Nicole!

Shaunie on

Congrats to them!!!

Not loving the name though, but to each their own…
It’s very “Pirates Of The Caribbean” sounding to me! lol

Violet on

Yay!! I’ve been impatiently waiting for this for the past couple of weeks!! So happy for them, Cannot wait to see the happy family. As for their choice of name I think I like it, it’ll be a grower, but goes perfectly with Harlow, and love Midnight πŸ™‚

(09.09.09 πŸ˜€ Awesome Birth date)

Jenn on

Congratulations on your new arrival. As the mother of a 15 month old boy, I can tell you they are a lot of fun and a whole lot of crazyness!

Kat on

Awesome…Congrat’s to them!! When I first read the name it was like “Huh”, but now I am loving it! It totally fits their family style and goes great with Harlow…I think it’s great!!! Can’t wait to see picture’s, he is a cutie for sure!!!

daniela on

Oh my, serioulsy???? I absolutely do not like the name at all. Sparrow reminds me of a flitting little bird. And it sounds more girly IMHO. Why Midnight? Harlow is a much nicer name but I have a problem when names are so matchy-matchy like that too. Hopefully they will call him James. Oh well….

Congrats to the family on their new addition!

Nichola on

I love that name congrats to them.

Barbara on

Yea you have your boy and a girl and a wonderful choice for a name Sparrow and Harlow. I absolutely LOVE IT!!

sharron on

a BIG CONGRATZ to the whole family !!!!!!!!!! i just love the name Sparrow James Midnight Madden…..sounds so cool, a rockers name..just like Harlow Winter Kate sounds like a movie star… but with the parents and grandparents they have, what did you expect, nothing but unique ! i’m a hugh fan of grandpa lynole.. can’t wait to see some pictures you know he’s got to be as cute as harlow….I’ve watched nicole grow up and i must say she has REALLY turned her life around,,,thanks to a good man and now two wonderfull children !! CONGRATZ !!!!!!!!!

Tazina on

Don’t they realize this kid is going to get a lot of “Hey Sparrow! Tweet Tweet Tweet!” in the playground? Do parents not think these things through?

katie on

I don’t like the names Harlow and Sparrow together. But what do I care, it’s not my kid.

TXCatLady on

I have noticed many people getting tattoos with sparrows.
I don’t remember the meaning behind them but maybe the baby’s name is a nod to that?
I like the James Midnight part of his name πŸ™‚

Rosy J on

Congratulations to the cutest couple ever and OMG that name is sooo cooool. I love it as much as big sis Harlow’s.

StΓ©ph on

I actually like the name Sparrow, it’s cool and goes well with Harlow. ANd for those who didn’t see, Harlow’s middle name Winter is probably because she was born in Winter and Sparrow’s name Midnight is probably due to the fact that he was born around Midnight.

Nice names.

Erin on


Congrats to the Ritchie-Maddens!!

Pippa on

This just totally made my day! So happy for them! LOVE LOVE LOVE the name as well; goes very nicely with Harlow’s name ^^ such an amazing family.

Layla on

FINALLY it seems like Nic was preggers for about 15 months!
And AWESOME name!- I was kindof worried because she did such an amazing job naming Harlow, I thought it would be hard to come up with a name just as good And she did Sparrow is unqiue and flows nicly with big sis Harlow’s name!


Katie on

I LOVE the name! So happy for them! Harlow will be such a great big sister.

Lily on

I like the name! Congrats to Nicole, Joel and big sister Harlow! :o)

Maddy on

a very interesting name! but i really like the sound of it! i also love that both of them have 3 names. i love the nature names like winter, midnight, etc. very cool!

congrats!! πŸ˜€

Stephany on

I am so excited that they had a boy! I don’t like the name AT ALL but I do think it flows nicely with Harlow. Congrats to them!

mary on

Most importantly baby and mom are healthy. About the name, I feel really bad for the grandparents. Imagine them showing their senior friends pics of their grandchild, “And here’s a picture of our newest addition Sparrow”. I mean come on. I think these celebrities need to think about their kids AND their own parents when it comes to baby names. I shuddder thinking what if my two year grows up to name her baby “Roach” or “Bark”. Who knows what weird names will be in style twenty yeard from now. Here’s hoping the baby goes my James. If you want to use a cool and quirkey name, use it on a pet.

Tina. on

omg that is the coolest name ever!!!!!! i really thought she was having a boy!!! i am so excited and happy for her!!! YAY πŸ™‚

Laurel on

Oh my! Congratulations, but hate the name! He’s going to have lots of teasing in his future.

erin hatten on

congratulations on the newest arrival! love the name sparrow! it is fitting! glad to hear he made it safely! also glad mom is doing well. cannot wait to see pictures! i bet he will look like harlow when she was born! god bless!

Crystal on

I can’t believe Harlow is 20 months! Time FLIES!!! Congrats to Nicole, Joel, Harlow and Sparrow!! The name is crazy to me but to each his own!!! I was sure she was having another girl! Can’t wait to see little Sparrow!

poupsie on

“Sparrow is going to be such a cool, stylish boy!”

OMG, he is just born today and you already know how he will be later. πŸ˜€

Harlow and Sparrow sound so ridiculous to me. Look like the title of a marionette show. It would be worst if they were twins but come on. Harlow and Sparrow…. Look like they don’t have their own personnality

Wathever congrats to the family

Angel on

In my opinion, Sparrow James would have been a nice name and would go well with Harlow. However, Midnight is just over the top. Reminds me of a cat.

Benigna Marko on

Congratulations. Your son’s name Sparrow sounds strong. I love it. Again, congratulations.
Benigna Marko

Lori on

GREAT NAME! I think he will be thrilled with his name. It is old English, and is used for both sexes. Very serene and earthy. Just like Nicole’s persona. She is so Bohemian Fabulous/Hippie Chic! Can’t wait to see this little guy! CONGRATS!

abc on

I love the name Sparrow but then my boyfriend and I chose it as a middle name for one of our girls

Jana on

Sparrow? Isn’t that a bird? Interesting to ryhme the children’s names likes they’re twins. Congrats to the happy family.

Rachel from Boston on

Midnight was when he was born?
Winter was when she was born… I think…

hehe.. cute names, IMO πŸ™‚

Congrats all around!

Jessi on

Congraulations on a nice sized son!

Anna on

Which name for #3? Meadow, Rainbow, Farrow, Willow, Winslow, or Woodrow? Eh, it’s better than what I dreamed they have: a boy named Blood…lol. I do like the name, just not Sparrow and Harlow together (and I don’t like the name Harlow).

Did Nicole have an elective c-section?

Debbi Sparrow on

Congrats to you all πŸ™‚

I love the name you picked
My son’s name is James Robert Sparrow
We don’t know each other but we do have something in common – the names we have picked for our sons.

momof3 on

Interesting…I kind of like it….I bet he’s adorable.

dawn on

sparrow? oh my goodness these poor kids…nicole is a cool person,but the name seems unusual to me…

Tia on

Aww. He is a 09/09/09 baby. Cuuuute!

Anna on

First, let me start off by saying that this has to have been THE longest pregnancy EVER. Okay, now that’s out of the way, I’d like to congratulate Nicole and Joel on the birth of their healthy baby boy! …but Midnight? Really? I think Sparrow James Madden is a great name, but they’re killing me with the Midnight… Oh well, at least it isn’t his first name. And I think the matchiness of Harlow/Sparrow could have something to with Nicole/Joel being rhyming names. They might’ve thought it would be cute for there kids to have that too. Just speculating. Anyyyway, congrats are once again in order. And I hope this new little bundle will bring Nicole lots of happiness considering her recent losses.

Karen on

OMG poupsie, your post is awesome!!

I personally hate the name…love Harlow’s, but Sparrow?….good grief! Reminds me of a little bird….poor boy is going to get picked on, but I guess I shouldn’t predict the future like some others on here saying how fitting & strong he’ll be…gag.

Anca on

I can’t believe she stole my baby name! I’ve always loved her and I was so excited for this baby to be born. Of course I love the name, it just means I can’t name my son that now, like I had planned. Bah.

Tina. on

poupise, show some respect. its not your kid, they can name him whatever they want.

Christina on

Congrats!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of this little guy!!!

Cynthia on

Wow Congraduations to the birth a healthy baby boy. I applaud how Nicole has slowed her lifestyle down for her children. May God continue to bless your family through the years.

Tanya M on

Love this family! Congrats and all the best!!!

Lola Marie on

To my surprise I am really feeling that name. I like it! πŸ™‚

Lola Marie on

…wow that is a lot of comments!

Mia on

I knew it was a boy, congrats! I am not a huge fan of the name, but it does sound really great with Harlow, very cute. I wonder what this little guy looks like!?

corina on

AWWW! I am so glad they had a boy. I love the name and it’s pretty cool the date he was born

Allie-Rose on

Congratulations to the Richie-Maddens and welcome to baby Sparrow.
Definitely not a name I was expecting as Harlow sounds more classic, but I kind of like it πŸ™‚

AJ on

Lighten up, people! Face it, celebrity kids don’t get teased in school or on the playgrounds. Who is going to tease them? Apple Martin? Moxie Crimefighter? Bandit Lee Way? Oh please. If you don’t have anything nice to say about the name, how about not saying anything at all?!?

Jennifer on

So excited for them! Can’t wait to see pictures of him; I bet he’s adorable. I love all 3 names as a whole (Sparrow James Midnight) but Sparrow alone doesn’t do much for me…and I love unusual baby monikers! Oh well! At least they didn’t name him “Peanut”. πŸ™‚

noam on

i think the name is pretty cute. all four names-sparrow james midnight madden-is quite a mouthful, but sparrow madden is awesome.
in romania (and i think elsewhere in europe, maybe) sparrow is a term of affection for little kids from adults. similar to the way buddy is used here in the states…don’t know if they knew that, though…

Whitney Sterk on

Sparrows are usually associated with Sailors…. maybe it has something to do with DJ AM….. Sparrow….flying away to heaven….

And maybe that is why she couldn’t call him Michale because DJ AM was Adam Michael…

Silvermouse on

I love the name Sparrow!

Blue on

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love the name. Its orginal and very hippie chic, just like his mama. Also compliments Harlow very nicely. Well done Joel & Nicole!

Sarrah on

Terrible name.
Is it a game in Hollywood to see who can give their kid the worse name!?

Jessica on

I really like this name. Harlow and Sparrow sounds like siblings. I really like it. Congrats to them!!!! I wonder if they named him Midnight because that’s when he was born.

P.S. Anything is better than Bronx Mowgli.

Brandi on

FINALLY I feel like she was pregnant forever!!! The name is interesting and I’m sure it will grow on me. What a great birthday 09/09/09.

Harley on

Aw, congrats to the happy family πŸ™‚ I do like Sparrow, though I see it more for a girl than a boy, but whatever lol. It probably doesn’t bother me because animals are important in most tribes and my kids will have animals as their second middle names.

freebreeze on

Personally I think Harlow is one small “t” away from harlot…Sparrow is more rock n roll. As long as they like them, all power to them!

KP on

The sparrow actually has a lot of significance behind it, it symbolizes freedom and finding your true love. I think that symbolically and as a name in general that it is beautiful and means a lot more than naming your child something that goes along with a fad.

umma on

cool baby names for a cool couple

Carissa on

Yes, these kids with names some of you folks don’t agree with will be teased by YOUR kids. Kids will make fun of them if they have parent’s that are as judgemental as some of you.
I for the life of me will never understand why some people have to be mean, a simple congrats will do just fine. I like the old saying. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. I have to say worrying about kids with names you don’t approve of and you will never meet is sad, worry about your own kids as this school year starts. Congrats to the family.

Alice on

I’m surprised that most of you like Midnight and not Sparrow. I think Sparrow James was fine. But I still like the full name! Sparrow James Midnight Madden. It’s very cool!!

Sorry to the poster who asked that we say the same as for David Boreanaz’ daughter… Sparrow and Bardot both end in “o” sound, which is masculine to me.

Jazz on

Finally! lol. I’ve been checking for over a week waiting for Nicole to have her baby. I like Sparrow better for a girl for some reason but I like how Harlow and Sparrow go together.

Congrats to Joel, Nicole, and Harlow!!!

Caroline on

Congratulations! That’s so awesome! I’ve been checking every ten minutes to see when the baby would come.

Mary Sanders on

Congratulations! The best to you and your beautiful family. MS

Faith's mama on

Sometimes we may not like the sound of a name but what about the significance a name(s) holds? When I named my daughter Faith Elisabeth the Hispanic side of my family was very upset because they had trouble pronouncing her first name. We had to explain to them that her name meant a great deal to us because she was born in critical condition and for those 11 long days that were touch n go, faith is what got us through. Sometimes a name may sound ridiculous to you or me…but for a special reason it sounds beautiful to parents.

Danielle on

Last I checked this was a message board and on public message boards people voice their opinions freely. Maybe it’s judgemental, but hey there’s nothing wrong with it.

Hate, hate, hate the name…but, as long as they’re happy so be it. Everytime I hear the baby referred to as “Baby Sparrow” I can’t help but laugh. Sounds like a newborn bird!

ritter on

The names Harlow and Sparrow sound so rhymey to me. I would think 2 girls if I didn’t know Sparrow was a boy. Very soft sounding. I like Harlow a lot (for them), but Sparrow not at all. But they don’t care, obviously, since they didn’t ask me!

Shelby on

Oh I have been anxiously waiting for this news! What a beautiful blessings, congrats to the family! The name is different and cute plus it fits the family perfectly! Although it’s a little tongue twister to say Harlow and Sparrow together. Congrats again!!

Denise on

Congratulations Joel, Nicole and Harlow, on welcoming baby Sparrow. Glad to hear everything went alright with the birth and everyone was eager for this day. Nicole, take some time to rest up and we know how draining giving birth can be. Harlow, enjoy your baby brother. Joel, keep being a terrific dad.

Congratulations to all of you.

Denise – San Jose, CA

mims on

Sparrow is something I’ll definitely have to get used to but I love the rest of the name. I can’t wait to see Harlow with her baby brother. I’m expecting this one to be another mini-Joel, congrats to them.

Shannon on

I LOVE IT!!!!! I have been on here nonstop waiting to hear about this little one’s arrival. So exciting for them to have a little man now. I absolutely LOVE both of their kids’ names. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Congrats to the Richie-Madden family!!!

Ellie on

Congratulations and Best Wishes on Your New Addition!!

Melissa on

Congrats to Nicole and Joel! I love Sparrow James Midnight! Perfect for Joel and Nicole. And I love how Harlow and Sparrow both have 2 middle names! Congrats to my fave celebrity couple. Here’s wishing you both the best. ❀

heidrunosk on

congrats! i am so happy for them πŸ˜€ such a cute name
the best of luck ;*

Cyn on

Wonderful.. absolutely wonderful
Nicole you are a wonderful wonderful example for motherhood and as a mate and a daughter
Congrats to you all

Lacey on

It’s interesting that Harlow’s birthday is 01-11 and Sparrow is 09-09-09. Congratulations, Nicole, Joel, Harlow and of course grandpa Lionel! Names isn’t all too bad!

Laura on

I really don’t like the name… but Congrats to them!!!

Helen on

Like the way that Nicole and Joel incorporate times of when their children were born – Harlow’s birthday is in Jan – Winter and Sparrow in the small hours of the day – Midnight.

Thank goodness they weren’t born at lunch or during Spring.

Helen on

Harlow and Sparrow have ‘normal’ middle names so they can revert to these if they so wish later in life.

Bancie1031 on

WOW Sparrow James Midnight?? Going to take a while to get used to that one ……
Congratulations to Nicole, Joel and Harlow πŸ˜€
Can’t wait to see him!

elle on

ay, ay, ay, ay, ay. . ..James Midnight, alone, would have been classy. Sparrow???? 😦 I can’t wait to hear what Heidi and Seal, and other pregger celebs will come up with! It’s actually kinda hilarious (but sad for the children) that these people seem to be trying to outdo one another with outrageous names! LOL

Marissa on

OH my! I have been waiting and waiting for this news! I love his name and am so happy for this beautiful family! Congratulations to them!

alice jane on

Congratulations to Nicole, Joel, and Harlow!! I think the name suits their family and their style perfectly, and I bet he’s absolutely beautiful.

As for him being made fun of on the playground because of his name, I remember going to elementary school with a girl named Ashley, and for whatever reason, people always were calling her Ashpit and Ashtray. Kids can come up with anything, and little Sparrow will only be made fun of for his name if people keep insisting he will be.

Lola Marie on

LOL @ AJ πŸ˜€

“Lighten up, people! Face it, celebrity kids don’t get teased in school or on the playgrounds. Who is going to tease them? Apple Martin? Moxie Crimefighter? Bandit Lee Way? Oh please. If you don’t have anything nice to say about the name, how about not saying anything at all?!?”

That was so friggin’ funny! But so true…

Ashton on

I absolutly LOVE the name. I know little Sparrow has made a beautiful addition to an already gorgous family.

anonymous on

at least the kid will grow up in Hollywood where plenty of other kids have just-as unique names…

Jane on

Sparrow is a really stupid name. Poor boy. At least he can fall back on James when he’s older.

Andy on

I actually cried when i heard the name, its so beautiful and romantic!!! A sparrow symbolizes freedom and finding your true love bcos sparrows mate for life. they go far away but always return home

Skipsie on

an hour ago, i saw this and i immediatly thought that i didn’t like the name, and decided not to comment as i don’t like to leave negative feedback.
in the last hour the name sparrow has really grown on me! i think its really cute and goes well with harlow!
anyway, congratulations to nicole, joel, harlow and happy birthday sparrow

Adeline on

It’s not as cool a name as I thought it’d be. It reminds me of Bronx where the parents worked too hard to be cool and just came off seeming desperate to be different. Bandit is goofy but I believed those parents were naturally giving their kid a wacky name. Sparrow seems like the parents overshot the weird name category and ended up with something kinda boring. Last names as first names have been done to death. I guess they figured it worked for Harlow.

Alesha on

KP & Carissa, Amen….usually we do name our children their given names for ” specific” reasons or meanings; Sometimes I guess some just follow a fad..all 4 of mine have 2 middle names; my oldest son was named for someone who was like a big brother to me + his maternal grandfather & great-grandfather, the latter who passed right B4 conception. Son number 2 was a name I came up w, plus his brother & grandfather-It felt right to me to honor these people like this. My twin daughters also have the two middle name bit, as they both have middle name derivitives of their dad, & I had to keep up the tradition;) It’s funny this has become so popular & controversial, but I did this 18 yrs ago, & royals have done it forever-my friends used to tease me about the royalty thing all of the time!!

DianeC on

Sooo happy for them! Interesting name….I don’t love it or hate it. I think once we see him and start knowing him as “Sparrow” it will suit him….sorta like Zuma for me. Love his middle names as my dad and son’s middle names are James and Midnight is very cool. Congrats to them!!

kiki on

Congratulations, Nicole, Joel and Harlow on the new addition (I can’t bring myself to use that name). Please reconsider and do not call him that. That is a bird, not a baby boy, or little boy, or adolescent boy, teenage boy or adult man. That is a bird. Please do not do that to him. If you like it that much, then call yourselves that, but please do not do that to a tiny defenseless baby.

Hallie on

I really love the name!!! Yeah, Midnight is a bit cheesy, but I still like it πŸ™‚

Congrats to Nicole, Joel, and big sister Harlow on baby Sparrow!

(BTW–I so totally had the name Sparrow on my baby names list, but it was a middle name for a girl, heehee)

Danielle on

I actually like Sparrow, and it’s listed on ‘’ and they don’t list other names like my friend’s daughter has an old english name Dimity. So it can’t be THAT weird.

Emma on

James Midnight I think are wonderful middle names but, personally, I wouldn’t pick Sparrow as a first name. Then again, I wouldn’t have picked Harlow either but love Winter Kate! Congratulations Joel, Nicole & Harlow xxx

Katie on

Why would you name your son a name like Sparrow? That’s a bird and it sounds so feminine! You people have to think about your children. Seeing that Hollywood is so blinded by the real world, in the real world, children tease each other. Quit trying to be different and think about your children! God Bless them for the inappropriate names that they receive!

Lilly on

I hate the name. It is awful.

Jess from Ohio on

Congrats to them! I really like Sparrow (I think it goes great with Harlow) a lot. Not to fond of Midnight and think Sparrow James would have been enough, but that’s just my opinion and I’m sure they have their reasons. Congrats again to them!

hannah on

These celebrity kid names just get worse and worse!

DianeC on

Just realized his birthday is 9/9/09….kinda cool. My son was due 8/9/08 and everyone wanted him to be born on 8/8/08 but he had his own plans and came on the 5th!

donna on

whats with these stupid names, that poor boy has to live with that stupid name. it sounds riddiculous

Amanda on

I’ve been waiting on this news as well!! Congrats to everyone– and Sparrow– awesome name.

Lo on

and baby Sparrow has the same birthday as me :)!

I knew it was gonna be a boy, congrats to the family!

Melissa on

YAAAAY!! Congrats to you both. :):)

hopeso on

This is the best news i have had today. I am a big fan of Nicole&Joel, Congrats. i am happy that they have a healthy baby. God Bless the whole family…..

JMO on

okay seriously – Sparrow??

Harlow I was totally on board with but Sparrow?

Did I read that right?

yikes! But ugh yeah congrats to them! I knew it was a boy but secretly hoped they’d give him a super cool name like they did Harlow…..guessed wrong!

JMO on

oh on a side note pretty neat to have your baby be born on 09-09-09 – he shares the same birthday with Ava Phillippe (Reese Witherspoon’s daughter) who I believe was born 9-9-99

Ella on

Sparrow’s a great name. So what if it doesn’t fit societal standards of whats “manly” and all that crap? It’s different, its nice to hear besides the same old boy names, and the kid isn’t doomed for life because of it like some of you people are acting. Open your minds.. and Congrats to Nicole and Joel

nonsinger3 on

“I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free. His eye is on the Sparrow, and I know He watches me”. Congratulations to the Ritchie Madden family and God bless!

Rob on

Let me guess…Sparrow (poor kid’s going to get beat up over that one) was born around midnight, right? Harlow was born in winter, hence her middle name. I see a pattern here.

Corrie on

I love the name – very cool and unique. Congratulations, Joel, Nicole and Harlow!

Vanessa on

Congrats to them all but not a fan of the name. What kinda labour drugs was she on? I mean, seriously. This kid is gonna be picked on for the rest of his life.

JMO on

Could you imagine these kids all in a class together and the teacher calling out:

Bronx, Zuma, Sparrow, Moxie, Apple, Moses, Banjo, Pilot….LOL

Tina. on

will people shut up with the tweet! tweets!?!!?!? thanks!

Courtney on

Do not like the name ONE bit! poor thing! But im so happy for this beautiful family!

sar on

Kids will tease kids for things other than names that are different so there really isn’t a way to get out of that anyways. The only thing we can do as parents is teach our children that everyone is different but we are all human and deserve to be treated equally regardless of our name, how we look, how we dress…etc…. Many things kids do are learned at home so it’s all about teaching tolerance at a very young age. πŸ™‚

btw I like the name even though it’s a little different….

Sara on

Seriously what does it matter what they name their kid!! CONGRATS to them, ive been stalking this and pereze hilton as well so yayayayayay i love the name!!!

Kelly on

Congrats Nicole, Joel, and Harlow on the newest arrival Sparrow. Can’t wait to see the new pictures of the Richie-Madden family.

Xan on

I guess if some people name their sons Robin….

Elizabeth on

Congrats to them! I knew they were going to have a boy. I dont think the name is that bad. I don’t like “Midnight” as a 2nd middle name. “Sparrow James” sounds nice but just “Sparrow” sounds like a girl’s name to me. I can’t wait to see him, I’m sure he’ll be a cutie.

JMO on

I was secretly hoping she’d give him a middle name perhaps honoring her dad or even her late god father Michael. She had plenty to work with Lionel, Richie, Michael, Joseph, Jackson – Sparrow came out of left field and to me Midnight is just throwing something in there for whatever reason. Love James of course, can’t go wrong there…oh well to each their own. I’m sure it will slowly grow on me like a few others have πŸ™‚

tamara on

I am totally bemused by some of these comments. Let’s just cut to the chase and point out that Sparrow is a ridiculous, tryhard, pretentious name that will get the poor child mercilessly teased on the playground. Beyond that, in what parallel universe is Midnight a “classic” name as someone suggested?! James, yes. Midnight, no. And for those who are saying that Banjo is a worse name than Sparrow, that’s a very US-centric take on the name – here in Australia there was a very famous poet Banjo Paterson.

Not that I’m condoning the use of either Banjo or Sparrow – I can’t even see the name Sparrow without shuddering. Do celebrity parents really get surprised when their kids turn out to have so many personal problems?!

Terri on

Well that’s an interesting name. Guess it kind of goes with Harlow.

Ashley on

omg! congrats joel & nicole!!! cant wait 2 c if hes as cute as harlow!

lele on

i do not like sparrow at all but sort of like midnight of some reason… i really like the name harlow and harlow and sparrow??? not good…. for me at least. make they like captain jack?

Tia on

God Bless & wish your entire family love, peace, health, & safety
Tia L

Stella Bella on

Why is the rum always gone?

Amber on

Well, at least the name will memorable? This one just makes me laugh, which is better than groaning about it. πŸ™‚

Lesley Lednicky on

Congratulations! On baby no. two, the name is beautiful, I know the two of you must be super excited. You’re love is truly an inspiration! Keep up the good work, we can’t wait to see what your future holds, I’m sure it will be amazing!

Once again, congratulations and the best of luck!

Clay & Lesley Lednicky
Woodway, Texas

Lauren on

Wow, that is definitely an interesting name choice! Its not my style, but to each is own!

Ash on

Congrats to them πŸ™‚ So sweet can not wait to see pics.. I wonder if celebs like these do newborn images like hire a photog. Id love to see those. Anyways…

I have to say its so tacky to put down other peoples childrens names! When I was preg. people would ask what the baby’s name will be. I said Paxton Alexander” and the faces and rude remarks I got? It made me so sad. I think everyone should keep it to themselves.

lisa on

Congrats on the new little one. I love the name sparrow. How did you come up with it? They seem to grow up so fast don’t they. Congrats again.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Not sure whether I like it or not, Sparrow James rolls off tongue easily enough (don’t like the Midnight bit added, but perhaps wanted they just wanted him to have 2 middle names as with Harlow, both have a conservative middle name and also a unique one, as in Kate/James and Winter/Midnight) but certainly ‘different’, lol. Not a huge fan, but their choice.

Prefer their daughters name by a mile, always loved name Harlow. Can imagine the ‘birdie’ type teasing, poor kid, but their child. Cool birth date though, an at least he’s arrived safely.

Congrats on the new arrival though, and hope Harlow enjoys being a big sis to him. Our daughter is same age as Harlow I’m sure?, Freya was born 1/1/08 and intersting seeing a baby the same age as yours and stages etc, and can’t imagine having a newborn as well, we have over 3 years or so between our two, easier I think, but each to their own. Our bub factory is now closed as I’m a real oldie compared to Nicole however, being 37 and her 27, lol. Can imagine them (being young and wealthy!) having 3 or 4 kids, who knows? Prefer it to the name Echo, however, which I saw on a separate posting recently, that some singer called his daughter.

melissa on

yay! congrats on baby Sparrow!

Kelly on

Congrats to the happy couple! Happy they had a boy. But imo I don’t like the name. Can’t wait to see him!

Lianne on

I was really looking forward to hearing what they named this baby… but “Sparrow”?? Harlow is just beautiful, but not really digging Sparrow, what were they thinking? Sparrow, yeah that sounds pretty MASCULINE? not really? Come on Nicole, you could have come up with something better than that?

Tas on

Congrats to all of you and I love his name. Miss Harlow and Master Sparrow…beautiful!

crg on

It just doesn’t sound like a name for a grown man. Which he will become. Well, he has enough names that he could choose which one to go by!

maggie on

congrats to nicole, joel and little harlow. i don’t like the name i think it would be kinda cute for a girl but who knows maybe she was watching alot of pirates of the caribbean when she was pregners with him?

Baby2BE on


I couldn’t be happier for then, I’ve been looking so forward to meeting the newest Madden, and a boy as well, she is so lucky!

I wanted so much for a boy and a girl!

And the name Sparrow is just wonderful, I love earthy names, just as I loved Harlow. Congratulations to the happy couple, and I look so very forward to meeting Sparrow.

Brianne on

Congrats to them.

Like other people have said, don’t care for the name. I think it’s pretty much par for the course nowadays though. Sparrow and Midnight scream “Look at me! Look at me! I’m a celebrity and feel the need to create a stir with my child’s funky and outrageous name!” Just my opinion and I get that they don’t want a child with an uber-common name, it’s just a little too much for me…

Kristin on

Doesn’t really matter if you like the name or not — he isn’t your son.

Congrats to Nicole and Joel! Great to hear the little one is healthy and everyone is doing well!

Elisabeth on

can you imagin the conversations in the future:

“honey where is Harlow?” ” Harlow Apple and Bandit met up with Story and Atlas at the movies. Sparrow, Moses and Peanut will go by after to pick them up. Pilot Inspektor and Honor broke up because she thought he cheated on her with Ever but really Pilot was with Saraphina. So none of them are going to be there.

oh boy!

Emily on

Congrats to Joel and Nicole! I’ve been really excited about this little baby, I’ve been checking CBB a lot recently. I thought it was due in August and was surprised when it turned out to be September! I was convinced however that it would be another girl – don’t know why! Glad to hear the baby is healthy, very exciting.

Really not a fan of ‘Sparrow.’ Well, actually: I sort of like it, sort of don’t. I can’t put my finger on which! I think the middle names are quite cool (wouldn’t be my choice for my baby – but then it’s not my baby!) I personally feel that James Sparrow Midnight would have rolled just that little bit better, but of course it’s their baby and I’m sure little Madden will grow into the name really well!

ashley on

This is just embaressing. Glad the baby is healthy but come on do these people even think about the child having to live with such a ridiculous name?! wow insane!

Holly on

LOVE the name!!!!!!!

Emily on

@Kristin – Yes, I agree, it doesn’t matter at the end of the day if we like the name (and yes, he isn’t our son) – but this is an open forum, specifically designed for us to express our opinions. As long as no one is nasty or out of turn with their choice of expression, then all opinions should be welcomed.

JM on

i’m sorry Sparrow is a ridiculous name. i mean why not just call him mouse, it has the same connotations. not to mention that the three names don’t go well together. James Midnight Somethingorother would have sounded better. i’m not crazy about Midnight but it’s ok as a middle name. and Sparrow and Harlow together just looks tacky. i was never crazy about the name Harlow as i associate with a place in the UK that really isn’t terribly glamourous at all but i guess Americans wouldn’t have that connotation. (it’s much the same with Preston actually). but at least it sort of sounds like a name. Sparrow, you can’t even make a cute nickname out of it…

anyway, i am glad that the baby and family are happy and healthy. obviously that is all that matters. but there is nothing wrong with voicing and opinion. it’s not like they really care what we think anyway, which is fair enough…

Sofia on

I love this name πŸ™‚ I love that celebrity’s give their children unique names!! I’m so tired of people giving their children normal names, as my parents gave to me and my siblings: Mikhail, Natalia, Sofia, Elena, Tatiana, Anastasia and Felix, what could be more boring?

Micheley on

I personally love the name. But I know many people won’t. The one thing IMO people cannot deny, is that it goes well with Harlow Winter Kate. The first names are unique, the middle names have both have naturish/serene type thing (midnight and winter) and classical names (james and kate)

Zenaida on

Congratulations on your new arrival!!!!

Jamie on

Wonderful! I am so happy for the family.. Sparrow is an adorable name. Midnight is also romantic. Hope he is brunette to match his name.

christina on

Congrats! love that they have a boy now too!

Definitely not a fan of the name….almost rivals Gwen Stefani’s choices in the “trying too hard to be cool” category.

gargoylegurl on

#56 – Mira, lol at your post! ☺

Congratulations – I love this family! Cool birth date 9/9/9 – It’s my understanding it’s thought to be a very lucky date (or set of numbers) in some Asian countries! ☺

Marilyn on

I’m happy for them but it would be nice if they’d call him James instead of Sparrow. People occasionally call their child by the middle name instead of the first name (I never understood why but in this case I could).

Danielle on

congrats on the baby boy!!!! I love you guys as a couple so cute, wish you all the best

celebsarah on

I have to disagree that the names Sparrow and Harlow go well together in anything other than a poem. There are many years ahead of:

Nicole: Sparrow?
Harlow: What?
Nicole: Not you…your brother!

Think, people, think!

vegasks on

Congratulations to you both! Nicole, I am so proud of you! You are a beautiful young woman who really turned her life around–it is nice to see you so happy!

Momof3girls on

Sparrow……horrible……Midnight……I have a 3 month old kitten named Midnight…….

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- I highly doubt it. She had a vaginal birth with Harlow, and prior to Harlow’s birth, a close friend of Nicole and Joel’s that CBB used as source for pregnancy information said that Nicole wanted to go as natural as possible. It appears that she did just that, as she was home from the hospital within hours of Harlow’s birth (which she probably wouldn’t have been allowed to do if she’d had pain medication).

Aussie Mum on

Hi,I’m in Australia so,09/09/09 was yesterday and there were a few newspaper articles & fun facts.Example 09/09/09 is the last SINGLE digit across birthdate until 01/01/3001.Also Wednesday and September have 9 letters and it is the 252nd day of the year-2plus5plus2=9 of course. So,the number 9 should be his lucky number.
I don’t think i’ll comment on the name as other names I have not liked have grown on me. My sister named her two boys Harper&River,now I could’nt imagine them named anything else.Also Shiloh,Suri,Harlow&Nahla have all grown on me.

Aussie Mum on

Also,WHY do some posters say”If you have nothing nice to say don’t post” Well I’m sorry this is a blog for people opinions,so as long as posters are’nt being nasty-they can post weather they like a name or not. Is’nt this what a blog is for???

I loved the post were it said that Sparrows mate for life!That’s really nice.

Electra on

Dreadful. Harlow Winter Kate sounds like a name, Sparrow James Midnight just seem really abstract and random words. Cool that theyve got a boy though! I thought it would be.

April23 on

Some posters are suggesting that maybe they will call him James.The above article is from Nicole’s website and it says Nicole,Joel,Harlow&Sparrow are doing well,so I am sure they will call him Sparrow.

eternalcanadian on

Aw, congratulations to Nicole and Joel on the safe arrival of their new baby.

But what were they thinking calling their baby SPARROW? Oh dear, I can imagine the horrible nicknames. No matter what kids are going to be cruel on the playground and in school. For example, “Hey birdy!” or “Tweet, tweet” or “Aww, lookie little sparrow crying.” Never mind Midnight.

Nicole and Joel gave Harlow such a cool name and totally bombed when it came to their new baby.

Bugs on

Don’t like the name but congrats!

Electra on

and Stella Bella made a funny “why is the rum always gone!” haha

Triba on

I love the name. You are blessed to have a girl and a boy so close in age so they can grow up together, and have someone to play with.

CelebBabyLover on

kiki- What if they’d named him Robin? Isn’t Robin the name of a bird, too? Yet almost nobody complains when someone names their kid Robin. Or how about the name Jay? One could argue that name is a bird’s name, too, as in Blue Jay.

Anyway, it really irks me when people say that celebs are “trying to hard to be cool” in the baby naming department, or that they “try to out-do each other” with unusual names. A few maybe are that way, but it seems like most celeb babies have names that actually *gasp* have special meaning to their parents.

For example, Nicole Kidman’s father explained shortly after Sunday’s birth that he and his wife (Nicole K’s mother) suggested the name Sunday to Nicole and Keith. Someone (either Nicole K’s father or Nicole or Keith themselves) also said that Sunday’s middle, name, “Rose” is after one of their grandmothers or something (I forget exactly which relative the middle name came from, but I do remember that it was from some relative).

Also, four of Angelina and Brad’s kids were also named by or for family members. Shiloh, according to Angelina, was a name that her parents had planned to use for their first child….whom her mother sadly ended up miscarrying, as well as a name she grew to love. Pax’s name was picked by Angie’s mom (she said that her mother gave them a list of name suggestions when she was pregnant with Shi, and Pax was one of the suggestions). Knox’s first name is after his great-grandfather (Brad’s maternal grandfather, Hal Knox Hillhouse), and Vivienne’s middle name is, of course, after Angie’s beloved mother Marcheline.

My point is that, for all we know, Sparrow’s name could hold a very special meaning for Nicole and Joel.

All of that said, congrats to Nicole and Joel (to those who ask, Nicole said on Larry King Live that they didn’t know the gender, but there was some speculation that they really DID know and just didn’t want to share….just like Densie Richards, or like Heidi Klum with her pregnancies with the boys and possibly Leni as well), and to big sister Harlow as well!

I wonder if Sparrow will make his public debut in PEOPLE just like his big sister did?

Lily-Kate on

Welcome, Sparrow Madden! Congratulations to the whole family!

jayne on

Sooo happy for you guys!!! If Harlow is anything to go by, keep em coming! you have beeautiful kids!

Best of luck

Micheley on

I realized after your simple and sweet post, just how good Sparrow Madden sounds. Take out the middle names (which I personally like the whole name) and when your left with just Sparrow Madden I think it sounds like a strong nice name.

Jennifer on

Nicole, Joel, Harlow and Baby Sparrow:
Congrat’s on the birth of your beautiful baby boy. Many happy wishes and blessings to your family.

carly on

Congrats! Sparrow James Midnight? what a cool name!

crimpe on

Surprised I’m the first to note this, but…to all you haters: they are both from families of diverse musicians. Dolly Parton has a very haunting song, “Little Sparrow”, that was covered by David Cook on American Idol. It is beautiful, and was the first thing I thought of with the name. I LOVE the name. I doubt he was named for a Disney pirate…but you never know!

Bugs on

Seriously, and i do mean this in a serious way, why these celeb parents don’t stop and think for a moment about how much these kids are gonna be picked on at school due to their names?

I know they’re trying to be “cool” and “oh-so-unusual-cause-my-kid-is-unique” kinda thing, but to me it’s seriously falling in the ridiculous mode, all in the name of being ‘different’.

Cause we all know that it’s your deeds what defines you as someone special and not your name. That only happens in literature and novels, but reality is no literature. You can be named Sparrow Midnight and still be a jackass when you grow up, whereas you can be named simply Bill, and become a computer revolutionary genius. You know what i’m saying?




Alicia on

Well first of all, I thought for sure that she was having another girl! The name Sparrow!!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me! What is with all these celebrities naming their kids these ridiculous names. What in the heck is this! I thought Bronx was a terrible name, but Sparrow, OMG the poor kid is going to be razzed at school because of that name. Just let me say it again, Sparrow! Not good!



Micheley on

Can people please stop accusing Celebrity parents of 1. being the only ones to name their kids unusual names and 2. that they are doing it for attention/to be cool.
Like someone else said we have no idea the reason behind the name so we should not assume anything. Just as celebrity’s have talked about how their children being more expressive/artsy/theatrical etc. because they come from that kind of home, I think that is also the case with baby names. This is a group of people that is in a very different world and live very different lives and often have very different feelings because of the enviornment they are in and the people they are, I think that is how we get such unique celeb baby names. Not just because they are trying to stand out. Because Im sorry, but I think those who claim that are ridiculous and can’t find anything better to say, you can’t tell me that a celebrity who has many different ways to bring notice to themselves would choose to do so through a baby name they don’t love but think will be good promotion. Get Real.
Also like I said, celebs aren’t the only ones who don’t name their kids average names. A girl from my high school named her daughter Victoria Secret, my cousins name is Remember John (his mother claims Remember is a family name, and John after John Lennon) So its not just celebs.

Electra on


To an extent I agree with you, but I want to point out that quite a few of the names you gave as example are ‘real’ names and I don’t think they’re quite as out there. My issue with the name isn’t so much that its out there, lots of out there names are nice- Ever Gabo comes to mind, I kinda even like Audio Science. Its just the name to me doesn’t flow very well..kinda like Bronx Wentz. Bronx by itself isnt bad but Bronx Mowgli Wentz is awful.

Justine on

I can only imagine being a teacher in Hollywood, calling out their student’s attendance list:

And now.. Sparrow James Midnight?!

Oh, those teachers. Must get a kick out of these ridiculous names. At least they won’t have any two names the same. They are all of different, so VERY VERY different. Hahaa.

Bancie1031 on

CelebBabyLover – Very nicely said!

Devon on

Congrats to Joel, Nicole & Harlow!!! Sparrow is going to be one adorable munchkin! As for his name, at first when I saw it this morning, I was think “ok…” but it is growing on me. Sparrow Madden. I like the double consonants in the middle of each name. As someone above said, the name can go multiple ways depending on what profession or personality the kid has. A doctor, lawyer, judge, senator, President…can go by James. Rocker like his papa and grandpapi can go by Sparrow or Midnight. Hippy = Sparrow or Midnight again. I wish more people thought about that when they are naming their children. OPTIONS PEOPLE! The whole name together, Sparrow James Midnight Madden. It does flow nicely, as does Harlow Winter Kate Madden. I am not going to lie, I do love Harlow’s name. Loved it from the moment I saw it. But I really think Sparrow James Midnight Madden is awesome and fits Nicole and Joel. And it’s their baby, they can name him what they want. Since Harlow looks so much like daddy, I wonder if Sparrow is going to look more like his mummy. Regardless, he is going to be CUTE!

Kait on

Of course I have to congratulate them! I am kind of irked by the name, phonetically it may not rhyme completely but HarLOW and SparROW clashes a little in my opinion. I was hoping that they’d somehow pay respects to either Adam Goldstein or Michael Jackson because the family was very close with them. Or to Lionel Richie for obvious reasons. I love the family, just naming the boy Sparrow is completely different than Harlow until they explain otherwise. Harlow was named for separate icons to each Nicole and Joel that inspired them. Sparrow… makes me think of a weak bird. Midnight is certainly different but spunky. Hope they explain the name.

April on

Not really loving the name,but others that I have’nt liked have grown on me. Sparrow Madden sounds better, with the middle names taken out.Still my vote for worst celeb name ever-has to be Peanut,how could any-one be so cruel as to name a beautiful baby boy-Peanut.They may think it;s cute or significent in some way,but it’s Peanut who has to go through life with that.Poor Kid!

RB on


em on

I love the name…for a baby girl. Naming a boy after a cute little bird though? terrible, terrible.

Cece on

If she wanted a bird name, I would have preferred the name “Dove” sometimes spelled – Dov – at least it’s a real name, sounds cool and is more masculine….. But then I don’t think it would have gotten so many comments!

crimpe on

em – Robin has traditionally been a male name. I don’t see the problem, really.

Sadie on

Congrats to Joel and Nicole.
But ugh… that is one hideous name. Some names are weird but have a lovely sound or rhythm, like Apple Martin and Pixie Geldof. But Sparrow James Midnight is beyond awful.
I was surprised to find myself so disappointed. I think they so nailed it with Harlow Winter Kate. It was 2008’s name of the year. Was expecting another good one!
Anyway, not really any of my business, just wanted to add my two cent’s worth.
BTW, Celebbabylover, Nicole did have an epidural with Harlow. Not that it makes any difference. But I read an interview where she mentioned she’d had one with Harlow.

CelebBabyLover on

Can someone please explain how Sparrow is going to get teased at school? First of all, think of who he’s likely to be going to school with: kids with names such as Apple, Bronx, Zuma, Peanut, etc.

Second of all, there is no name on the planet that is tease-proof. My grandmother purposely gave my mom a very short, “normal” name so that kids couldn’t tease her. Well, guess what? It didn’t work! My mom was called several nicknames by her classmates…none of them exactly flattering!

You can give your child the most “normal” name on the planet, and your kid will probably still get teased by it. Take the name Mary, for example. How much more classical and “normal” can you get than that? And you can’t really come up with a nickname for it (except for “Mar”, pronuced like Mare, which I’ve heard a few different women named Mary go by.), right? Wrong!

For starters, there’s the kid’s nursery rhyme about that begins, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary….” Also, there is, of course, an Alchohlic beverage called a “Bloody Mary”. That could certainly be teasing fodder for the middle and high-school aged set.

Bottomline: Kids are going to find a way to tease just about any name!

Bancie1031- Thanks! πŸ™‚

crimpe- Exactly! A robin is also a cute little bird. πŸ™‚

Cece- Actually, I think Dove sounds very feminine. πŸ™‚

Micheley- Thank you! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! πŸ™‚

Nita on

Congratulation Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

Anna on

The name is not my style at all. James would’ve been ok but the others and 2 combined…just awful.

liza on

i LOVE it!!

CelebBabyLover on

I also meant to point out that, with a name like Harlow Winter Kate, did we really expect a name like John or Matthew or something?

Jane on

Robin comes from Robert. Jay comes from any name starting with “J”. Not the same as naming your kid Sparrow.

LiL on

Congrats! I love the Richie-Maddens. Their family is so cute and I’m so very happy for Nicole turning into such a great young lady.

Wedding bells? I can’t wait to see the new addition πŸ™‚

Amy on

Congratulations Nicole and Joel! A beautiful little girl and now a wonderful little boy..what a perfect family!

Mellie on

I also have been hanging our for the new addition to the Madden-Ritchie family, I thought that a boy was coming and couldn’t wait for them to tell us the name they had choose Sparrow is different but love it also.. thanks so much for sharing with us !!!!

merry on

Im totally in for defending their name-choice. Seriously, to each their own, right?

freebreeze on

Lets call him Spaz for short.

MaddKiwi on

Oh yes, and on the topic of birth dates, 09/09/09 is pretty cool, i like to think my cousin’s is pretty cool too: 08/08/08 πŸ˜€ My beautiful girl Marcy πŸ˜€

LB on

Congrats to them!! I can’t help but think of a bird or Captain Jack Sparrow though…lol. But, Johnny Depp is hot so I guess that works! To each his own- is all I have to say:)

Shannen on

Awwww, was anyone else hoping for a little Ritchie? Ritchie James Midnight Madden would have been cute, but Sparrow it is.

Sarah on

I was kinda hoping for a wacky celeb baby name and I see they didn’t disappoint. LOL
It’s still not as bad as Zuma Nesta Rock or Bronx Mowgli though.

And I’m glad they gave him the name James also just in case he ever wants to be a lawyer…

Oh and Harlow and Sparrow?! Seriously?!
Let’s see… their next kids could be named:

Pillow Michael Afternoon
Elbow Jane Fall
Bungalow John Daylight

or Pigeon.

Jennifer on

Congrats to the Richie-Madden family. I am so pleased to hear that your son was born healthy. He will be loved and treasured, no doubt.

For all of those commenting on the name: I think it’s disgusting that ANY of you are judging a child’s name. Don’t you think that Sparrow might decide to look back on this page when he’s old enough to do so and feel a little twinge of sadness that so many people spoke ill of the name his parents chose to give him? Shame on you all.

Brianne on

Congratulations Joel, Nicole and Harlow! Sparrow is a very lucky little boy to be blessed with such a wonderful family! I wish all of you nothing but the best!!! πŸ˜€

fischer on

congrats to you baby son, sparrow like jack sparrow of pirates of karibien..hahahaha….

jerri on

I know Lionel is proud all over again! Congratulations to you all. Now you have one of each and hope you will all hang in there for the long haul of marriage and parenthood. No matter what type of career you are in, the spotlight or the low life (that the majority are experiencing with this recession) committment and love never fails.

Kirsty on

09/09/09, how cool πŸ™‚ I knew it was a boy!
Not sure of Sparrow though.

jessica on

I like the name apart from midnight… sounds kinda freaky apart from that its nice !
Congrats I also have been waiting what feels like foreverrr!

Mary-Helen on

The more I hear this name, the more I think it works for this family. It’s still not something I would name my child, but it definitely works for Nicole and Joel. Either way, Sparrow is their son and they can really call him whatever they want, as long as it’s not something offensive, like the F-word or something.

lolita on

I think that Nicole and Gwen are compit with each other who gives the coolest names!!!! LOL πŸ™‚
I’m so happy for them and I even like the name.

Dazzle on

Finally:)congrats to them and i also like the name especially james midnight:)

Emjay on

Congrats to Nicole and Joel, not a big fan of the name. But i wish them all well

Denise on

I’m not a fan of outrageous celebrity names. Starting with Moon Unit Zappa and Dweezil Zappa, Pilot Inspektor and ending with Sparrow. If you want an attention grabbing name, why not put it as a middle name. That way, the child can choose to go by it later in life.

Just plain strange and I don’t agree that, hey, the parents can name anything they want since it is their kid…must I remind everyone about the family with the little boy named Adolph Hitler? Think about the embarrassment your child will go through. Childhood is awkard enough without adding names that are WAY outside the norm. Trendy names are one thing but Sparrow?

Sofia on

Hey and congratulations ! Parenthood is a blessed gift from God and a healthy child is a wondeful thing . I had a feeling that it would be a boy and I am surehe will be just as sweet as his sister. Congratulations! I wish you all the best.

golden on

Go Virgosssssssssssss !! Congrats on your New Baby Boy

Enjoy GOD BLESS ….

Blackrose on


ImmaAdiva on

Congrats to both of you, Joel and Nicole! You guys really are viewed in a positive light and it’s so refreshing to see that. Harlow is now a big sister πŸ™‚

Lisa on

Congratulations! I love the name!

Lis on

Sorry, but that name is a disappointment. It sounds like they’re trying to hard.

Harlow is by FAR my celeb baby name, so I am pretty surprised you can go from such a great name, to something…well…not.

I just hope hope they have girls from now on, since they are much better at coming up with girls’ names πŸ˜‰ (Light-hearted comment people; take it with a grain of salt!)

facingdawn on

Hey, their kid, their name choice. All I can say is, at least it isn’t Bronx Mowgli.

Paula on

Congratulations to Nicole, Joel &Harlow on the birth of their healthy baby boy. People are so rude it is not your child therefore you do not have the right to condemn their chose of names.

Donna on

Best wishes to you on your new addition!

JV on

Congrats!! You have one of the most cutiest babys in Hollywood already. Can’t wait to see the new addition.



The name is quite unusual not my preference but then again not my child…I thought I read somewhere that she would name the baby Jackson if the child was a boy to honor her godfather MJ. I suppose that was a rumor??

anon on

maybe they’re big fans of the PotC franchise?

It’s a strange name, but not terrible. I don’t think celebs give any actual thought into what they’re doing to their child when they name them. It’s as though they assume they will be growing up in this great artistic family and they will continue to do great artistic things.

I can understand that the name may have meaning for them, but sometimes you have to think it through.

Sparrow James Midnight Madden may make a great rock star name, but what would your opinion be if you had to see an oncologist called Dr. Sparrow Madden?

Luciana Mottola on

I’m so happy for them! i was surprised by the name Sparrow but it’s ok for me! but i like the Midnight! i love Harlows name, it’s cute!!!

Ellen Smith on

Well, they’ve covered the seasons with Winter, the times of day with Midnight, dead movie stars with Harlow and Kate, birds with Sparrow, and the ordinary with James. I think everyone should be pleased.

Patty on

congrats Nicole and Joel on your baby. I happen to love the name it sound Native American.

For all those say things about the name look up unusual celebrity baby names here’s my favorite Pilot Inspektor

Denise on

To the person who said at least it isn’t Bronx Mowgli….at least the outrageous trendy celeb name is as a middle name. Bronx at least sounds male. And city/place names are not so outside of the norm anymore. When I think of a sparrow, I think a tiny little delicate object. Can anyone in their right mind imagine a football player named Sparrow?! Or a CEO named Sparrow? I can’t even imagine a rock star named Sparrow. Like I said in my previous post, think about what the child is going to go through. Kids are cruel, it isn’t character building to be harassed through life about your name. We all don’t have to be John and Jane but do we have to use bird species or in some cases, made up names by adding K’ or L’ to the front of a name? Well, I guess he can always change it when he comes of age. The positive is that I’m sure he is going to be absolutely adorable like Harlow.

Kristin on

Sparrow Madden – That’s a great name!! Not that it matters what we all think – he’s their kid. Congrats!

Jennifer on

im sorry but common. yes harlow is a very cute name for there baby girl buttt COMMON! wtf is with celebrities and there baby names? what apple? now sparrow? im sorry but that little boy will get teased so much no matter who his parents are… celebs say they want to be normal as much as possible…… try tyler? or somethinggg…………………. sparrow? common!

Amanda on

What a great day to be born Sparrow!! MY BIRTHDAY! Congrats!

Rina on

Wow so many people dislike the name Sparrow! I think its a great name πŸ™‚ For school Nicole and Joel may register him under James as his first name so he won’t get ridiculed and teased. Either way there are worse names they could’ve used for him. Congrats to the family πŸ˜€

spaghettiii77 on

i love the names!!!!!

TinaC on

Wow! Finally the day comes for the little guy to make his debut into this big ol’ world. Congrats go to Nicole, Joel, and Harlow for the newest member of their family. …As for the name, well it is different but at the same time I like it because it goes well with Harlow’s name. Sparrow and Harlow sound nicely matched, James and Kate are nice normal old fashioned names, and then Winter and Midnight which to me mean time. I gotta give it to Nicole and Joel for coming up with these amazingly matching names for there children. As for celeb names these two children have as close to normal as could be. Congrats for the baby being here.

Antony on

YAY! Congrats you guys! Awesome name! πŸ™‚

roxanne on

OMG I am hoping that it was a typo and his name really isn’t Sparrow James but the otherway around. I like James Sparrow much better. and what is up with Midnight also as a middle name???? I get it she must have been watching Pirates of the Caribbean while giving birth. lol congrats to them anyway.

Gracie on

You have to give it to N Ritchie that her name choices are unique & creative. Harlow is a GORGEOUS name, and Sparrow isn’t bad. It is a name that could really grow on ppl actually. As adults anyway, we tend to want a unique name for ourselves.

However whatever name a person is given, it doesn’t really have much impact on their lives. As long as they are loved πŸ™‚

Congrats on arrival of second baby. That is always a joyful, exciting time for parents and family.

NR ‘seems’ to revel in pregnancy & motherhood, and it becomes her.

Gracie on

oh, and the mention of the name Bronx for a male (that another celeb couple named their son). That name is quite cool in my opinion.

Fact is we all just have our opinions and no name will be liked, loved or hated by all. Parents can’t take other ppl’s opinions into account when naming their little ones for this very fact.

Love James” and ‘Midnight’ as middle names, btw. I also likes what another poster said re Sparrow sounding Native American. True, true. In that regard, the name grows on me more.

Christina on

Congrats Joel, Nicole & Harlow!! Cannot wait to see pictures, he is sure to be a doll πŸ˜‰

patttypat on

love the name!!!!!

lena on

there’s something I don’t understand,
because: Harlow Winter Kate, so the traditional name is her third name. And: Sparrow James Midnight, here is the traditional name his second name. It was a lot better if it was: Sparrow Midnight James. Much more similar to his sister.
The unusual names as the middle name, and than the traditional names.
But I like it!

babyboopie on

Nicole, Joel, Harlow and Sparrow are the cutest family ever! Love his name too, I can’t help but like it because it is such a typical name you would expect from the Richie Maddens! He will be as every bit as gorgeous as Harlow is. I bet they have a beautiful explanation for his name, and when we see pictures of him, people will be like ” Oh he looks like a Sparrow, it suits him…” However, how cool would it be if he was Sparrow James Richie Madden??

He is also such a big baby for Nicole’s size, but I’m not that much bigger than Nicole is so I am worried now, as I am much bigger than I was with my son.
Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple and Harlow! Wonder if she is adjusting to him well?

Terri on

Congrats to them all. Sparrow..poor kid. He’s gonna get so made fun of in middle school. Harlow is more masculine sounding than Sparrow. Oh well…maybe they’ll call him James?

Emily on

But Jennifer…this is a public forum, designed to express opinions. Maybe some shouldn’t express it quite like they do…but an opinion is an opinion, and we are entitled to it.

Lorraine Bendjy on

May you both have many happy years with your new baby boy and his big sister. Congrats!!

Maggie on

Congrats! I love the name Sparrow, it goes so good with Harlow. Can’t wait to see what he looks like. Congrats Nicole and Joel.

Micheley on

I find it funny that everyone who doesn’t like the name is concerned that the boy will be picked on but from where Im sitting people like those saying this are the problem. Children aren’t born knowing what is and isn’t a normal name. When they enter school most names are new to them. As parents we influence are childrens beliefs and thoughts and when we put down names and label them as weird, that is when our children start to make fun of other children. So I hope everyone here who is “concerned” realizes that more likely than not, they are part of the problem.

anna on

i love this couple, they seem to be amazing parents, i pray they have a lifetime of love, health and happiness…

CelebBabyLover on

babyboopie- Yes, that would have been cute….but then people would probably be complaining that they didn’t give Harlow “Richie” as one of her middle names!

Jennifer- I completely agree! Yes, this is a forum to express opinions…but you can do so without being nasty about it!

Oh, and I’m still waitng for someone to explain how Sparrow is going to get teased in school when he’ll most likely be going to school with kids named things such as Apple, Pilot Inspector, and Moxie Crimfighter.

Erikas on

Joel posted “Sparrow” by Simon and Garfunkel for his “little song bird” on Twitter- So cool!

Miss Mattie/South Carolina on

Im sending some prayers and wishes to you and yours
Ive watched you two grow into wonderful people and
parents. God has richely blessed you. Im glad to be a fan.

chelly on

Congrats ….. the names of both children are different but surprisingly i like them both…..stay committed to your children and each other ….also, be spiritual it will keep you at peace… your mom and dad (both sets) should be proud!

J.J. on

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JOEL, NICOLE, HARLOW AND THE ENTIRE RICHIE-MADDEN FAMILY!!!!!! Honestly I don’t find anything wrong with Sparrow James Midnight….classy and stylish IMO. I was betting on another girl but glad it’s a boy!! He gonna be one cutie just like his sista!!!!

NZ Casey on

love love LOVE midnight i think its amazing…but just a weird question, im not from the US so was wondering to you guys have sparrow birds over there?? they are extrmely popular in nz and thats what it reminds me of. certainly cute though has grown on me.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

NZ Casey, I’m in Wellington NZ, and thought the same thing, lol..

Cara on

Congrats! I bet he’s beautiful! πŸ™‚

Sharon on

Congrats Joel and Nicole on the birth of your son Sparrow. I am glad baby and mom are doing well. Joel and Nicole, enjoy this time with your children because they grow up so fast. I can’t wait to see Sparrow and would love to see more pictures of Harlow. S

CelebBabyLover on

NZ Casey and Sam & Freya’s Mum- We have sparrows all over the place here! πŸ™‚

Joe's Mom on

Congrats! I’m glad Baby and Mom are well! I have an unusual name, and I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s caused me a ton of nightmares over the years, especially as a little kid. I think your name is part of who you become, and he’s gonna get some grief over that one. I don’t think any kid deserves that, just cuz of a name. But other little kids are ruthless.

christine holter on

Congratulations Nicole and Joel…God has blessed you greatly! I’m sure that Sparrow is every bit as stunningly GORGEOUS as that lil’ peanut Harlow is. Every time I saw a pic of you guys with her it made me smile because she,and the parents look so happy. I just sensed that becoming a mother would mean all the difference in the world in Nicole’s life-style and overall outlook, and man, was i right. 1 last thing- don’t let the baby-name haters get to you…its sooo not their place to even be wieghing in w/ their snotty comments. What you NAME them means little…how you LOVE them means EVEYTHING.

Bev Jansen on

Congrats Nicole and Joel…

What great news! Best wishes and lots of luck to you both…

Luv you Nicole!!!

Camisa on

Congrats to you both you guys make the cutest babies havent even seen him yet and I already know he is going to be so handsome cause Harlow is sooooo beautiful conagrats again and best wishes to the both of you.

sherri jones on

I am proud of Nicole, for changing her life, and I know that they are proud parents, I am so happy for them

NZ Casey on

Cara – thanks you certainly halped on that question lol but i really like the name im sure he will suit it but with a daddy like joel he’l suit any name his given how oculd he not πŸ™‚

Kelly Bosak on

Congrats to your new addition to your family. I can’t wait to see what Sparrow looks like. Harlow is such a cutie! Your blessed.

Lisa Bennett on

Congraduation to Nicole and Joel

anna on

really? are ya really dissing on joel and nickole’s son? i think that sparrow is a beautiful name. understand that most names have meanings to them. like if a child is ill, or that they were name after a love one. so please just back off and be happy for the madden family