Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Adopting a Baby Girl

09/09/2009 at 09:45 PM ET
Lisa Rose/JPI

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and her husband, singer/songwriter Josh Kelley, are adopting a baby girl from Korea, her rep confirms. The actress, 30, will officially announce the news on Friday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show.

RadarOnline.com was first to report the news.

Katherine has been open about the couple’s plans to adopt, citing her sister Meg — who was adopted from Korea herself — as an inspiration.

“It’s definitely something we’ve talked about and want to do. I want to honor her and her part in my life. I think adoption is a hugely important thing.”

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fergette on

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this at all. what great news for she and her husband. Congrats to the new family.

Tina. on

she may annoy me sometimes, but yay! πŸ™‚ very happy for them! cant wait to see the baby!

Electra on

Wow, congrats to them!

Crystal on


alexis on

unexpected but awesome! that’s great that they’re adopting too!

Mandy on

Yay! I’m so excited for the couple! Congrats!

Kelli on

I think this is great news, I just wish that more celebrities would support Domestic Adoption.

kmb on

yayy!! congrats to them! that’s great to hear!

TripletMama5 on


Names 4 Real on

That is awesome. How exciting.

Micheley on

I was so happy to hear this. I love Katherine Hegil, and I am definitely an adoption supporter so this is great news imo!

Mallory on

What great news! Any adoption is a blessing, and I admire anyone willing to take it on! Congrats to Katherine (and Josh), I love her!

gggg on

I was there at the taping of Ellen and she also mentioned the baby has a disability.

Cricket Seranade on

I think it’s awesome that she and Josh are adopting. I can certainly understand her wanting to adopt from China since that is where her sister is from. Her sister is adopting from China also, so I imagine they will be very close cousins. I really hope this will be the motivation she needs to finally stop smoking. She said it’s the one thing about herself she doesn’t feel good about. What better reason to quit.

lillyr on

omg so happy for her…Love the name too. I have a daughter with the same name. Except hers is spelled Naylee

Casandra on

Kelli, there are tons of celebs (Jolie Fisher, Justine and Joseph Simmons, Rosie O’Donnell) among others who have adopted domestically and have advocated domestic adoption.

I don’t understand why everytime a celeb adopts internationally someone always has to comment about how they wish they would adopt domestically and how “there are so many kids in the US who need homes.” Yes, that may be true, but it seems like the ignorant people who make those comments have no idea what the adoption process is about.

There are tons of pros and cons when adopting internationally and domestically, and I’m not going to go into them because I could write a book. But I think it’s ridiculous to criticize or even comment on whether a child is adopted domestically or internationally.

At the end of the day, a child is provided a (hopefully) loving home, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re from Korea or the US.

alice jane on

Wow, this was a surprise, but then I remembered her mentioning in past interviews that she wanted to adopt, so I guess it’s not so unexpected! I’m not a big fan, but this is wonderful news for her and her husband, and especially wonderful news for this little girl!! Congratulations to them all!

Cassandra on

I didn’t think this rumor was true, but I’m really glad it is! I think its great when ever anyone adopts, no matter what the country. Congrats!


wow, what a great tribute to her sister

Congrats to the happy couple and new soon to be family!

Val on

I am always happy to hear when a child is adopted. However, I find Katherine’s recent comment quite arrogant.(I’m done with the whole idea of having my own children,” Heigl told USA Today. “[It] doesn’t seem like any fun. I don’t think it’s necessary to go through all of that.”) My son was worth every ounce of discomfort I may have experienced and being pregnant was one of the happiest times of my life. Sounds like she is too afraid to experience it to me.
Regardless, they are in for one amazing journey once they get their little one.

Erin on

Seeing as she has a sister who was adopted from Korea, I think it makes perfect sense that Katherine and Josh chose to adopt from the same country, as they said they were planning to adopt all along. It’s feels like a little homage to her sister and parents, really. I wish the family the best!

Kait on

That is VERY awesome. Congratulations to Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley – so glad to hear this confirmed in light of leaving Grey’s for good, just going on hiatus – for adopting. I hope people who don’t like Heigl (or don’t want to reflect on the news in general) turn this around to say she’s being selfish of not having her own. I love the couple and they will have so much fun with Grey’s Anatomy Generation 2 playdates!

Sydney on

Cricket Serenade- her sister is Korean and she is adopting from Korea, not China

J.D. on

Congratulations to Katherine and Josh! I love that she’s adopting from Korea in part because her sister was adopted from there. She obviously has a personal connection and to even insinuate that she should do domestic adoption instead is wrong. She’s adopting a child who has no home and that should be respected.

felicity on

How lovely of them! All my best wishes to their new family πŸ™‚

Electra on

Kait she’s going on haitus to film a movie, she’ll be out five episodes.

Kait on

Here’s a picture of Meg by the way; so great that she’s opened her eyes to adopt thanks to her parents adopting Meg (and joking about how “Knocked Up” also made her enthusiastic about adoption, lol!) http://img237.imageshack.us/i/wedding4ka6.jpg/

Kait on

Electra, Ohh, I may’ve heard about that before this announcement and forgot! I was afraid the “hiatus” was going to be pro-longed from the older rumors of her wanting to leave the show. Thanks for clearing that up.

Devon on

Congrats to Katherine and Josh! Adoption, regardless from where it’s from, is an amazing thing. That little girl is going to have parents who love her so much!!! My dad was adopted and it’s something I’ve always thought of doing. I don’t necessarily agree with her comments about having biological children since I would love to experience pregnancy, but who knows if they’ve been trying and can’t or already know that they can’t have kids biologically. It’s not fair to jump to conclusions. It’s always easier to say you don’t like or don’t want something instead of having to admit the painful truth. I would love to experience both options since I don’t think I would be here if my dad hadn’t been adopted.

Eve on

That’s awesome. Good for her. People have so many reasons for not getting pregnant. Women could just not be able to conceive, or they have a physical disability, and if there is mental illness that runs in the family, such as depression, that is another reason. There’s a long history of depression and bipolar that runs in my family that I think to have my own child would be selfish and irresponsible. I would hate to pass down those genes. Ofcourse, the child you could be adopting could have a mental illness as well. I’d rather not risk it though.
Oh yes, everyone please research “chemtrails” when you have a chance. Just google it. Another reason I won’t bring a child into this crazy world.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Katherine and Josh …. can’t wait to see her πŸ˜€

marimel on

so so so happy for them! i know she said awhile ago she had planned to adopt from Korea at some point so how exciting that their wish is coming true! and if the baby does indeed have a disability, I admire her even more, it takes a special person to care for anyone with a disability, especially a baby. God bless the three of them!

and Kait…. holy smokes, her sister is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Sarah K. on

gggg, really? wow! i’ll admit that i wasn’t always katherine’s biggest fan- but i have deep respect for someone who would welcome a disabled child of a different race into their home. they’re taking a challenging but very rewarding journey. also, how lucky that you got to see ellen!!

kelli, do you even realize how many celebs adopt domestically? it’s actually even (if not more) than those adopting internationally. but regardless, adoption is a personal choice. everyone has their reasons for choosing the location. katherine is adopting from korea because of close personal connection to the country.

oh and, just because she is adopting or doesn’t want to have bio kids doesn’t mean she’s hiding the fact that she can’t have kids. not everyone feels the need to give birth and that is ok.

congrats to katherine, josh, and baby leigh!!!

Anonymous on

I think this is just awesome. So cool that her sister is from Korea and now this little girl will have a Korean aunt to bond with. Love it.

Eve, your family history of depression and bipolar disorder could very likely be familial lyme disease. Google that. If you can consider chemtrails you should definitely consider Plum Island, NY aka Lab 257, the government’s premiere biological warfare testing facility.

Jess from Ohio on

Congrats to them! That is so great! Can’t wait to see baby Nayleigh (I’m assuming this is her given name?).

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them! And gggg- The baby has a disability? I hope it’s nothing that will impact that precious girl’s life too much, and I hope Katherine will not try to hide her from the public because of it!

legemc on

It’s funny they plan to call her Leigh because you if you swap the “L” and the “H” in Katherine’s last name it would spell Leigh (which is also my name).

Brooke on

Not a fan of Katherine Heigl at all, but I am always in love with people adopting….Good for them….

Clara on

This is wonderful news, I actually teared up just now. Congratulations to their growing family!

Marissa on

I am so happy for Katherine and Josh! I know that she has always openly said they wanted to adopt…. I can’t wait to see pics of this special little angel that will bring them so much joy! Congratulations Katherine and Josh!

Liliana on

Congrats to both her and Josh!

As for domestic vs international adoption, what does it matter? Regardless, a child is being welcomed into a loving and stable environment and for that, everyone should be happy.

Shelby on

Wow, talk about something I wasn’t expecting! All personal preferences aside, I am so incredibly happy for this couple! Adoption is an amazing, wonderful blessing especially when it has a strong family connection. What truly wonderful news, congrats!

sdfsd on

They are very lucky. I’m not surprised they are adopting, as they said they would in the past, just that they have done so so soon.

And I agree with Cassandra. Why do people always have to criticize Americans for adopting internationally? Don’t you people understand that not everyone is ABLE to adopt domestically? Not everyone who is elligible for foreign adoption is elligible to adopt through the US foster care system. And as for adopting healthy infants in the US, there are 25 couples looking to adopt one for every infant available.

Micheley on

I think Brad Pitt said it best in his People interview, when he spoke of choosing to adopt internationally instead of domestically and he said that your children choose you not the other way around.

anonymous on

that’s wonderful–being born a girl with a disability can be very difficult in some countries (including the USA) so it’s nice to see “known” people making an effort to adopt babies with disabilities.

CTBmom on

That is wonderful!! As an adoptive mom myself,I got really emotional when I read this. Adopting my little guy (okay, he’s 12 now and taller than I am)has been the most amazing, fulfilling experience of my life. I wish them all the best with their new daughter.

MrsDevilDoc on

Congratulations to them! I am so very excited to see that a child who needs a home will find a loving one in the Heigl/Kelley household no matter if that child comes from Korea or the USA.

Erin on

Aw! I love this couple! I always pegged her as a girl who’d make a great mom…she’s mouthy and not afraid to speak her mind – LOVE THAT! A child given a loving home is ALWAYS a wonderful thing and not everyone wants or can adopt a child from this country – just like not everyone wants or can have biological children. To each their own. In the end, a child is adopted.

noam on

well, that was somewhat unexpected. a few weeks ago, there was a tabloid shot of her and tr knight looking at baby stuff, but the rumor was that HE was adopting. hahaha…once again, tabloids get it wrong!

sat on

congrats! wishing the new family all the best!

nika on

Great that she’s adopting ! Just out of couriosity, how come it only took them 6 months? We’re adopting from China, and the wait times are 3-5 years. I do believe that Korea waiting times areshorter, but I can’t imagine it would be such a drastical difference

Allie-Rose on

I’m not a fan of Katherine’s and that’s definitely unexpected, but congratulations to her and Josh. It’s also a beautiful name they picked – sounds a bit of a shame to me they’d simply call her Leigh when Nayleigh is so beautiful.

merry on

Unexpected, but totally awesome. Always liked her and now I like her even more. As for myself, Ive been thinking the idea of having biologial child through for some time and I believe that the decision of not have them is mature and everyones own bussiness. This world is crazy, why to bring more kids when there are already many of them without home and love. Thus I dont consider Kates notes arrogant. By this I dont mean to offend anybody. To each their own.

LB on

What a beautiful choice to make. Congrats to them!

Diaper Cake Becca on

I always think it is nice when a “spotlight” couple provides a great home for a child who comes from a less-than-advantageious situation. Congratulations to them and their new baby!

Chloe on

Wonderful news, they are doing a great thing and I think they’ll make wonderful parents. Congrats to Katherine and Josh πŸ™‚

Mary-Helen on

While I think some of her comments are head scratchers, congrats to her and her husband. I think she is just one of those people who just blurts out what they are thinking all of the time, kwim? Either way, kudos to her for opening her heart to a child who needs a home.

JM on

how wonderful for them and this little child. congratulations, may they all be very happy.
i do wish someone would explain why it is so much more important to adopt domestically than from abroad? because to me that seems to be some sort of failed logic. unless you are happy to admit that you feel american children are more important than other children and therefore deserve a home more than kids from other countries. surely a baby is a baby… it’s not as if a baby has a sense of national identity. and either way they are still going to need a home. i just honestly don#t understand it and wish someone would explain it….

Alex on

Yeah, I’m not a fan of Katherine either, but I think this is just wonderful news. I remember reading about Katherine’s adoption plans, but I must admit, I thought it was just talk, like a lot of people say “oh, I’d love to adopt” without putting any thought into it. Also, a lot of people would be afraid to cope with a child with disabilities so this does send out a good message in that respect. With regards to domestic/international adoption, as far as I’m concerned, no child is more deserving of a home than another, they are all equal. And in Katherine’s case, she clearly had a very specific reason to want to adopt from Korea.

Congrats to Katherine and Josh, I hope we get to see their little girl soon!

Kim on

Nika, it could be that they started the adoption process right after they got married or even before that and haven’t mentioned any of this to the press before until they finally got the news they could adopt their future daughter. Which is about 2 years now I think since they got married.
Good luck on your own adoption process and I hope you will receive the good news very soon!

jessicawilliams on

Well, regardless of where the child is from, Katherine and Josh are giving that child a home filled with love and isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? I think it’s actually a good thing to adopt children from other countries, especially if those countries are war-torn or poverty stricken. What child deserves to grow up in a country that has been torn apart by war or is too poor to implement policies that protect its people? And if it is true that this little angel has a disability, some cultures actually frown upon any kind of imperfection. What Katherine and Josh are doing is giving this girl a chance for a better life…one filled with love and hope. I admire them actually!

stephanie on


Maybe it’s also because they’re adopting a special needs child? They’re less “in demand”, so to speak. Hugh Jackman once said they asked for a biracial child when they adopted their kids for the same reason.

Shannon on

I’m also not a big fan of hers (do love her movies though!) but I am so happy for them! It’s wonderful that they are not only adopting a child, but from a country that is very important to their family, and with a disability as well. This little girl is going to have a much, much fuller life now with her new parents.

I haven’t seen the interview or anything, I guess they confirmed her name is Nayleigh? I think that is really, really cute. Does anyone know when they will have her?

JMO on

I knew she’d adopt since she never seem adament on wanting to bear a child. I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon but I’m very excited for them. I’m not really a huge fan (love her on Grey’s but really despise her attitude sometimes). But I wish them the best of luck with their baby girl on the way!

janie on

Not a fan of hers but congratulations!

JMO on


They are getting the baby sooner because she’s special needs and they wanted to move the adoption process quickly to get her into a home sooner. I think Naleigh is a beautiful name. Wow I didn’t realize there’s going to be so many babies on the set of Grey’s!!

you can read more here

Daisy on

Although Katherine Heigl has a history of being a complete “diva” I think this is so great, especially since her sister was adopted from Korea, how special! Great that she also quit smoking for little Nayleigh, love the name too!!

Tazina on

Kudos to Katherine and Josh for adopting a special needs baby. Congrats to the happy couple!

Allison on

How exciting for Katherine and Josh! I am so happy for them. I am a proud mom of a little girl from China (adopted at 15 months in 2005). Can’t wait to see their little beauty.

ll65 on

Congratulations to Katherine and Josh!

Patrice on

What a wonderful thing for Josh and katherine to do. I just hope that they’re doing it for the right reasons (longing to be parebnts, passionate about adoption)and did not chose a Korean child simply because Katherine has an adopted sister from there. That seems like an unusual reason to adopt a child from aparticular place. Would, say an American child not equally be as loved or welcome in their family?

Ella on

So surprised! Good for them – congrats!!

Patrice on

Erin: This exactly my point. A child should never be “an homage” to anyone! This is a human life we’re talking about here; not a trophy. I couldn’t disagree more.

Annie on

Firstly congratulations – secondly I thought wow greys cast has had alot of babies this year and was more comfortable with her break from Greys. It just like maternity leave really, she’ll work less hours on her movie and get to adapt to having a new baby in the house. This explains the shopping she was doing the other day. So far this year Chyler Leigh had a baby girl, Ellen’s having a baby girl and now Katherine adopting a baby girl If the rumours of Rebecca Gayheart turn out to be true that will be 4 greys babies this year.

Anyway adoption is great

Shannon on

JMO, thanks for the link!

sdfsd on

“i do wish someone would explain why it is so much more important to adopt domestically than from abroad? because to me that seems to be some sort of failed logic. unless you are happy to admit that you feel american children are more important than other children and therefore deserve a home more than kids from other countries. surely a baby is a baby… it’s not as if a baby has a sense of national identity. and either way they are still going to need a home. i just honestly don#t understand it and wish someone would explain it….”

Some people feel that Americans should take care of their own country’s problems before they take care of the problems of other country’s, including the problem of children without homes. However, they don’t realize that:
1. There are a surplus of people wanting to adopt healthy American infants and not enough healthy infants available for adoption. So this really isn’t a “problem.”
2. As for older children in foster care or disabled children, not everyone is eligible to adopt them. For example, when a child has been abused, officials are extra careful about what home they place them in. A couple like Heigl and her husband, who have not been married long and both of whom work, might not be foster care’s first choice for adoptive parents.

sdfsd on

Patrice, I really don’t understand your comments. How does adopting a child from the same place your sister was adopted to equate with that child just being a trophy? You are making inflammatory statements that don’t even make sense.

It may be that Heigl thought it would be easier to adaopt from Korea since she has a Korean sister. It also may be that she feels it’s nice her daughter has an aunt that shares the same birth place and ethnicity.

You think it’s bad that she’s adopting from Korea because her sister is Korean, yet you think she should adopt from America because Katherine is American?

sdfsd on

I am wondering what the child’s disabilities are. Often times, what is considered a “disability” in other countries is something that can easily be cured her in America.

Mishelle on

I really wish I had the means ($) to adopt. I’ve thought about it often and would absolutley LOVE to adopt a baby girl to add to my fam. of boys’! Great News! πŸ™‚

jen on

In order to adopt a child from Korea the international adoption agencies require that couples be married for a minimum of three years, with no more than two divorces. The wait time for an infant girl from Korea is between 18 months to three years but they somehow were able to find this waiting child. I wish I was a celebrity and could bypass all the red tape so that my daughter could have a sibling. But I guess we have to continue our arduous journey and add another five years onto the two years that we have already been waiting.

jen on

JMO-even if the child is a ‘waiting child’ there are rules and regulations that need to be followed. You mentioned that they, the adoptive parents “are getting the baby sooner because she’s special needs and they wanted to move the adoption process quickly to get her into a home sooner” is not accurate. Adoptive parents cannot ‘move’ anything to get a child ‘home sooner’. You need to do some research and think before you write comments such as those.

Nika, I feel for you. We have been waiting two years and expect another five years. What is your LID?

natalie on

I also have an older brother who’s adopted from Korea and I think adoption is an amazing thing, and I sincerely hope that I will be able to adopt one day.

@80, Jen
Maybe that’s just in the US, because my stepmother, who adopted my older brother from Korea in 1986, just needed to be married in order to adopt. Now, I don’t know for how long they (ie my stepmom and her ex-husband) waited, but I’m pretty sure that they didn’t have to wait 3 years.

ANYHOW! Congrats to Katherine and Josh!! Adopting a baby from the same country your sister was adopted from is DEFINITELY NOT a trophy, it’s an extremely beautiful thing to do and it definitely shows how much Katherine and her sister Meg love each other.

Shannon on

As I was about to say, jen, if you had read the link posted by JMO, you would know that it was Katherine herself that said things were sped up b/c the baby was special needs. So JMO read the article and then repeated that when someone had a question. You should pay more attention before you start implying someone isn’t thinking.

Jessi on

I am so happy! While I was reading the other article on People.com I started getting tears in my eyes once I found out that the baby has some special needs! I think that is great! (Not that she has special needs, but that they are adopting her!)

jen on

natalie-things were ALOT different back in the 80’s. About four years, give or take, a referral was received within months, now it is years. A few years ago, a single person could adopt from China but now things have changed and singles are no longer allowed to adopt. A person who had a high BMI was allowed to adopt a few years ago and now there are more strict regulations.

Shannon-I did read the article that was linked. Do you take everything that is in the written form as fact? In actuality, a child that is a waiting child which can also be a special needs child does not follow the same adoption path as say a healthy child. A soon to be adoptive parent cannot influence the speed of an international adoption.

Well, then it should have been posted “word for word” instead of being stated and implied. Before writing, hard research should be done.

jen on

I wonder why the infant is considered a waiting child. It is not due to advanced age. Does the child suffer from something that may be corrected, such as cleft lip or is it something that is forever such as Down Syndrome? Based upon the parents I would guess that the child has ptosis or a hernia, something that would not even be considered ‘waiting’ but was made waiting just for them. Karma!

Shawna on

For those who are waiting to adopt have you ever considered programs with shorter waiting times, like Ethiopia?

Shawna on

Oh, and it IS true that programs move faster when you are adopting a special needs child. There is usually no waiting list for this type of program and they (the foreign government) want to get the child home as quickly as possible so that they can start any treatment they may need.

Kari on

That great about them adopting congrats to the new family

sdfsd on


There are programs that offer financial aid or grants to families who want to adopt but don’t have the funds.

Rebecca on

There could be a lot of reasons that the child is listed as a waiting child, I’ve browsed adoption websites with pictures of waiting children and most of them have really severe issues, like fetal alcohol syndrome, spina bifida, cystic fibrosis, and other degenerative diseases. There’s also older children, ones with down’s syndrome, cleft lip/palate, and emotional problems. The waiting time for them is so much less because not many people want to take on the challenge of raising them.

JMO on

Ugh jen…..I know how to think, thank you very much!

I was trying to quote the article not make up some BS for the sake of saying it and then I realized hmm maybe I should just post the link (which I did).


Lauryn on

I read she’s named or naming her Naleigh after her mom and sister (Nancy and Leigh)
Congrats to them, Im happy for them and the little girl.
I always hear so much negative things about Katherine and her “diva-like” personality, most recently from co-stars in her movies, hopefully a baby can ground her a little bit.
I always love her characters, especially Izzy, but most things I read about her are about how horrible she is to work with. She even said her self that its in her contracts to only work with “pretty boys”

nika on

jen Its APril 16, 2009. We had a bio baby baby in june so we are kinda ok with the longer wait, we’d have to wait 1 year anyway for the placement and maybe we’ll “squeeze” one more baby before we are matched (we want three total)

nika on

I also dont have a problem with celebs jumping the queues. Its not like they increase the wait time by doing that for others. After all, another child finds a home earlier and the celebs by adopting are bringing the attention to the adoption itself so others are inspired, too

maggie on

OH MY GOD! i wish them the best of luck and it’s cool how ellen pompeo is also having a girl too

Emily on

I think this is FANTASTIC news. I am very excited for Katherine and Josh, and I was also really touched to hear her explanation as to why adoption (especially from Korea) was so important to her.

@Patrice, I agree with sdfsd. Your comment doesn’t really make sense. It is quite clear that Katherine has not chosen this path simply to adopt a “trophy child”. How could her desire to adopt from Korea even be construed this way? I think it’s gorgeous that she’d like her daughter to share a common ancestry to a sister with whom she is close. And as sdfsd said, Katherine should no more adopt a Korean child because her sister is Korean, than she should adopt an American child because she, her husband or her husband’s siblings are American. Katherine probably shares a special bond with her sister and knew from a young age that she wanted to honour that closeness and establish a new closeness in her family through the adoption of a Korean child.

@Val, there’s nothing arrogant about Katherine’s comment. Bearing biological children (or pregnancy, for that matter) is just not for everybody. I know several close friends who are simply disinterested, if not opposed, to having their own children. While I myself cannot wait to have my own children, I understand that this is their decision and moreover their right; and I have no place to dispute or oppose it. Even if you found your child to be worth the discomfort and pain of pregnancy (and that’s fantastic, by the way) it’s NOT going to necessarily be the same case for others. I would say it’s a little unfair to impose your perception of what “should” or “shouldn’t” be done in terms of child-bearing onto others, by labelling them as arrogant for expressing it in an open, honest way.

P.S. I think the name is gorgeous, and the reasoning behind the name is even more lovely. Naleigh is so pretty!

sdfsd on

“I also dont have a problem with celebs jumping the queues. Its not like they increase the wait time by doing that for others. After all, another child finds a home earlier and the celebs by adopting are bringing the attention to the adoption itself so others are inspired, too.”

That’s how I have always felt, too. While I think it is unfair that celebrities get to jump to the front of the line, I don’t blame the celebrity for that. Afterall, if us non-celebs could cut in line, most of us would jump at the chance.