Kourtney Kardashian Dodges the Drops

09/08/2009 at 10:30 AM ET
Pichichi/Splash News

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami star Kourtney Kardashian tries to stay dry while stepping out in drizzly Miami with boyfriend Scott Disick on Thursday.

The reality star — who expects her baby in December — stopped at Intermix to shop before checking in on her own store, Dash, in the Florida city.

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pelin on

such a cute baby bump!

Angela on

she looks super cute… minus the gigantic pocket (?) coming out of her shorts, lol.

Bugs on

LOL i hope this post doesn’t get swarmed yet again with ‘she’s-not-a-celebrity comments. We all know it.

janie on

What exactly does Scott Disick do for a living? Does he work?

urbanadventurertales on

Janie- thank you! Why is no one commenting on what a creep he is!? He seriously gives me the willies!

Sheri on

I wish I would have looked half that good pregnant (or even not pregnant). I think her man looks a little swarmy but I bet that will be one gorgeous baby!

Brandi on

Scott is just a preppy boy. My brother in law’s family is old money WASPs and that’s how they all dress. They are nice people though, not creepsters. 🙂

Anyway Kourtney was either hiding that belly for a long time or has really popped out in the last two weeks. She looks great.

Shannon on

Man that guy’s eyes just creep me out! I don’t know why, I’ve never even seen her shows, but he seriously gives me the willies!!!!

Pregnancy definitely agrees with her though. She looks beautiful, and I love that outfit (minus the pocket!). Those boots are great!

mmh on

Well, just because they do dress preppy doesn’t mean they should!!!! =)

mom to boys on

she must have pregnant brain to wear knee-knee high boots with mid-thigh shorts with that massive pocket hanging out. EEE-gads! Cute top though.

Elisabeth on

If your pockets hang out that far your Shorts are too short ;o)
Just a little tip~

Shaya on

I’m so glad other people have questioned her boyfriend, I thought it was just me who felt he was kinda creepy. And no I don’t know the guy but it’s just something I’ve always sensed. I love her boots though.

Leah on

What the h is she wearing?

Jessica on

I live in Miami and I couldn’t imagine wearing those boots this time of the year. It’s too hot. Maybe rain boots but those look like winter boots.

L on

Scott did get a bad rap on the show…but she also didn’t trust him one bit, people change…stop judging! I think she looks cute, I love her outfit!

Patrice on

I really don’tknow about these two. I mean, they had the ROCKIEST of realtionships at best before, and now that Khloe is pregnant all of their previous problems have been put aside and everything is honkey-dorey? Of course I hope it works out for them for the sake of the child, but thus far, I don’t by it. Too much of a turnaround way too soon.
(I only say this because the Kardashians are so vocal about everything else. Ever since the pregnancy was announced, Khloe has kept mum about Scott and magically they are just back together over night without a word).

Momta2 on

He looks skeevy..don’t exactly know what that means but if it was a word, he’d look like it…

Just jokes guys…

She’s adorable though.

janie on

There is something very strange about this Scott guy!

Does he work or is he living off of the Kardashian reality show money?

Patricia on


It’s Kourtney that’s pregnant. Not Khloe.

I wish these two the best. So far on Kourtney and Khloe’s new show, Kourtney’s been so mopey about Scott. So hopefully they worked out whatever issues they had. 🙂

Lorus on

He looks like such a sleazy creep! She looks really cute while pregnant. I hope things turn out well for her.

marimel on

those are quite the pockets you got there, kourtney! I prefer this look on scott over the red shoes and madras plaid shorts (I get the fact that it’s preppy, one of my best friend’s dresses this way, but it just looks goofy on scott). That hair-do is rivaling donald trumps haha. And supposedly he’s some kind of entrepreneur… can we get a more vague job description?

mrsE on

No offense, but I am so tired of CBB posting things about her. In the way that Kim always keeps her names in the headlines for ridiculous things (like commenting on EVERYTHING), Kourtney seems to be doing the same with her pregnancy. You know how they post ridiculous stories about the Gosselins (do we need to know about an ambulance going to their house?), the same is being done with her pregnancy and it is definite overkill. She is cute prego but I wished they would find more interesting things to post here – I am way over this pregnancy story and their no holds back tell all lifestyle that comes with it.

Carolyn on

Wow. I have had way too much of Kourtney’s pregnancy. You’d think she’s the first person to EVER get pregnant. No joke, she has been the top story on people for almost two weeks!

Barbara on

With the high temp at 91 and the low temp at 77, why on earth is she wearing boots? They look like suede boots. In the rain?

She is obviously dressing for the camera. Ugh. Let’s have a lot less of her, please!

Nicole on

Barbara: Have you ever watched the show? This is the way Kourtney dresses most of the time. A lot of celebs have been seen in the summer months wearing boots. Who cares what she’s wearing people?!

I think she looks great!

CelebBabyLover on

janie- Per an earlier Kourtney post here on CBB, Scott is an Entreprenaur. 🙂

Anyway, Kourtney has hardly been the top story on PEOPLE for the last few weeeks. In fact, it’s Kim I’ve been seeing stories about on PEOPLE recently, not Kourtney (granted, a lot of them relate to Kourtney, such as Kim saying she wants a baby now and talking about preparing to host Kourtney’s baby shower, but they aren’t about Kourtney, per se.).

Oh, and if you don’t like Kourtney posts, then don’t read them!

Patrice on

mrsE: It’s not Kourtney’s fault that she’s on here in this circumstance (magazine covers and interviews, sure). It looks like she was just out living her life and the paparazzi snapped her picture (and had probably been following her all day).