Jeremy Sisto Debuts His Daughter

09/08/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Cute! Proud papa Jeremy Sisto smiled while strolling with his daughter in New York City on Friday.

The Law & Order actor’s fiancée Addie Lane reportedly delivered the couple’s daughter in June.

Online reports suggest her name is Charlie Ballerina, but Jeremy’s rep had “no word” for Celebrity Baby Blog when we attempted to confirm.

The Six Feet Under and Clueless star, 34, announced the pregnancy in March.

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K on

I think he is sooo good looking,that baby looks so tiny next to him.Ballerina,I hope not.

Brooklyn on

She’s adorable! and if Charlie Ballerina is her real name, I love it!

Samantha on

Charlie Ballerina has a Ruby Sweetheart vibe to it.

Brandi on

Jeremy is so handsome. If her name is Charlie that is getting to be a popular name, Jerry and Rebecca’s daughter and Tiger Woods son were both named that this year too. I think it is cute.

Lacey on

She’s adorable! Ballerina is actually a pretty cute name.

marlee on

I loved him on “Six Feet Under” — I thought his acting was great. Cute baby!

mazie beth on

gorgeous daddy and precious baby. and the name suits her, too. Charlie Ballerina is perfect.

Hea on

Beautiful baby and dad is, as usual, gorgeous.

michelle on

LOVE LOVE LOVE him. This pic is to die for.

Marissa on

Agh, she is just too sweet! He is one lucky Daddy…my smile would be that big too, if she were my baby girl. He is obviously happy… who wouldn’t be with that beautiful angel to tote around!

shalay on

That is such a sweet picture! I’ve liked him since I saw him in Clueless back in 1995. And then I definitely became a fan after seeing him on Six Feet Under! Charlie is a little doll.

Shelby on

Oh Elton, that handsome man made my childhood. Hah, it’s great to see him as a dad; love the name too!

Liliana on

I loved him in Six Feet Under and his daughter is such a cutie! He is quite the proud papa.

brannon on

wow – super cute photo. adorable man and very sweet baby – not sure why but i hope that’s her name – seems perfect for some reason? 🙂

Shaya on

Baby is a cutie and daddy is gorgeous. *swoon*

Jane on

I hope the reports are wrong. She is a cutie and deserves a real name.

eternalcanadian on

That is such a cute picture!

mp on

There’s nothing quite as seductive as a hunky man proudly toting his wee daughter.

Kait on

Carlene, it really isn’t our business. His baby is adorable; and yet somehow I think I’ve had enough of It’s Been Saids. We really shouldn’t criticize any celebrity for what they allegedly named their baby, or how they decide to keep something private God forbid. We don’t need to know any of this and people get upset about when celebs DON’T release personal, private information. My mom thinks how ridiculous it is that we know everything about everyone because of all the internet and the paps in this generation.

It’s great for us that celebrities are so open about everything – their families, work, etc. – now but it’s a double-edged sword. Why should they tell us anything? They get to deal with all the compliments and then deal with a great deal more negativity for one little thing they did wrong, which we wouldn’t know about within minutes had there not been papparazzi and the internet by the way.

Yes, I am on this site: I love kids and haven’t had the chance to have my own yet. But I do not want to be criticized because I am not complaining about his – nor any other celebrity’s – choice to keep their private life away from the public. It’s just terrible that we really think we ought to know everything about everyone’s business because the internet entitles us access to those who are in the spotlight. Just stop and think before criticizing them on what they decide to do. I mean, honestly, I like hearing about celebrities and families. But if I could change one thing about the way celebrities’ lives get publicized I would make the job of a papparazzo illegal. More bad than good has come out of it. Seriously.

Hea on

Carlene – Perhaps because he doesn’t want to? It’s not like it’s at all mandatory.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Oh my goodness, what a darling little angel!! 🙂

Brianne on

Sooo cute! He’s a good looking guy and I melt when I hear his deep voice. I actually think Charlie Ballerina has a cute little ring to it.

lisa harris on

He is great on Law and Order and lets make sure that he does not
quit too..!!! Finding out that he is a father..that is even more
fun..HE has a fantastic smile and it is nice to see him outside
of Law and Order! You never see him on the internet with is partner..THANKS SO MUCH celebrity baby blog

Gabbadoo on

I think some of you take the comments way too seriously..whether your opinion is positive or negative, to take the time to write an actual 3 paragraph comment is a bit much…cute baby is all that needs to be said…CUTE BABY

Sandee on

I love this pic!! I actually had just passed him walking on the street. He was at a little cafe right before and I was able to get a picture and an autograph!!! I love his voice!! He is very nice he asked my name and where I was from. This was my first trip to New York and I saw him 4 different times!! I have been a fan for a long time and it was great to see he is a nice guy and a family man!! Even more of a loyal fan now!!

Alex on

Jeremy is a total babe! His baby is adorable.

Nicole on

I LOVE Jeremy…ever since White Squall (haha). He’s an amazing actor (no one else could’ve done Billy justice) and I’m so happy he’s a daddy (although extremely jealous that I’M not the one who had his baby). She’s a cutie!!

Samantha on

Aw, Sandee, that’s a great story!! I’m so glad to hear that he’s so friendly to his fans! That makes me love him even more, too!!!

Kate on

Gabbadoo, you have me laughing!!! Sounds like Kait has a little too much free time and needs some wine, she seems very uptight. This baby is too cute!!

Jackie on

I have liked Jeremy ever since Clueless. He is a pretty good actor, and the few interviews I’ve read, he seems like a down to Earth guy. LOVE his little baby-angel!! Whatever her name is, he looks genuinely happy. Best wishes to him and baby’s mom!

Gina on

Cute Dad. Cute baby 🙂