Gwyneth Paltrow and Her Shorn Son in Spain!

09/08/2009 at 12:30 PM ET
G Tres/Splash News Online

Someone got a haircut! Moses Martin, 3, shares a laugh with mom Gwyneth Paltrow as they depart Barcelona, Spain on Sunday.

The family has been on the road this summer as they support Chris Martin‘s band, Coldplay, on their Viva la Vida tour.

Chris and Gwyneth, 36, are also parents to daughter Apple, 5.

Gwyneth holds Angel Dear Blankies in Tiger ($13) and Puppy ($13).

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mazzie on

how lovely and fresh do they both look, considering they are flying…? i love the colors she has put on moses, his complexion is lovely like his sisters.

JMO on

Love the short hair!! Finally he looks like a boy and more like daddy!

Lis on

Yay! It seems short hair on little boys is becoming tredy again (at least for those with the long hair)… first it was Ryder (Kate Hudson’s son) with the short ‘do, and now Moses!!! Too, too cute!!! And how happy does he look with mommy? Absolutely precious!

Stacia on

What a little cutie! LOVE the haircut – looks like daddy!

Cherise on

Moses looks so handsome with short hair, and now maybe he’ll quit being confused with his sister in photos of him!

mmh on

He does look like Daddy here!!! My son is the same age and he is constantly putting his fingers in my face too — what’s with that boys?!!!!

Patrice on

Tahnk goodness they FINALLY cut his hair; adorable 🙂 Moses looks like such a big boy now!

Hey on

What a cute little boy. He is going to be a heart-breaker!

fuzibuni on

i’m always surprised that so many people feel strongly about the length of little boys hair.

Benigna Marko on

They look so lovely together. I love how mom is handling so much with a smile. Great pose.

Stephany on

Oh, I love the haircut! I really don’t care if parents grow out a child’s hair or not but in this case, it was the right move! Moses looks a whole lot cuter (in my opinion) now!

alana on

What a sweet looking boy!! A very happy looking momm and son!

Ana on

I agree with you fuzibuni. Nevermind.

It seems like little Moses has gotten a little tanned. Lovely. Great smile.

MZ on

Aren’t they Jewish? In some Jewish sects it is tradition to keep a boy’s hair unshorn until his 3rd birthday, so that could explain the haircut.

Tracy on

He’s so cute. I LOVE short hair. I keep my son’s super short. It’s a personal preferance and I think Moses looks fab!

aurora mia on

Love the hair cut….he’s adoreable.

JM on

he looks much better with short hair. i don’t have any objections at all to long hair on boys none of my sons have really really short hair. but it just doesn’t suit some, and moses doesn’t have the hair for it, it’s too thin and wispy. like this he look gorgeous and somehow older. very cute.

danda_lion on

He’s grown so much!

Brandi on

I liked the long hair but this is a cute look also. Moses looks a lot lke his dad I have to agree.

Marissa on

Just like the song sings… So Happy Together!

janie on

Moses sure is a cute pie!

E.B. on

He actually got his hair cut shortly after his third birthday in April, so it might have something to do with the Jewish tradition.

Anyway he looks so cute and its a great pic.

Lorus on

I agree that it’s because of Jewish tradition that he had his hair until after he was 3. Ryder Robinson’s hair was really long until he got it cut after 3 too.
I think some boys look really cute with long hair but I have to agree with the others and say that Moses looks adorable with his shorter locks.

Linda on

Chris Martin is Jewish? I know that Paltrow is both christian and jewish. Most jews dont really follow this tradition unless they are very strict and very religious. I wonder if she had a bris for him, I am guessing not since they live in London, dont know!

JMO on

hmmm those of you may be right about the jewish tradition…may I ask why that’s a tradition though? We may have referenced it before but I kind of forgot why. Nonetheless I love boys with short hair…call me old fashion….I don’t mind some with long hair as long as they can pull it off but I absolutely dislike little boys with bangs (which Moses had)…makess them look to feminine and for me I like a boy to look like a boy and girl to look like a girl. Just my personal prefernce.

Lea on

Such a cutie, love the shorn locks!!

Electra on

I think paltrows father is jewish, but her mom is not and I recall her referring to herself as a WASP and Martin is not jewish.

Jane on

He looks so cute with short hair.

ma74 on

He looks like Chris 🙂 Adorable picture

mazzie on

chris is, or was, a christian… and gwyneth, i remember reading, said she had an interest in her jewish roots and considered herself jewish..
also why couldn’t they have had a bris in london?! my best friend married into a jewish family in london and all their boys have had a bris..

Bancie1031 on

awww see he’s such a handsome little boy …. glad to see that he finally got a haircut.

Kristin on

I believe Gwyneth is doing or has done a food show in Spain as well. Just googling looks like I remember right….

stephanie on

Gwyneth’s dad is Jewish and she has said she believes in some of the Jewish superstitions, but Apple is named after her and Chris’s mother, who are both still alive, so I guess she doesn’t believe in that, lol.

She’s best friends with Madonna and sometimes went to Kabbalah services, that’s more likely why. Anyway, that’s a gorgeous picture! I don’t recognise Moses at all. I don’t get why people complain about his hair so much, I’ve always loved Gwyneth’s hair and her kids inherited it 😀

MiB on

I don’t know about the jewish tradition and it’s roots, but in many countries in Europe children used to be dressed the same (with minor differences) until the age of about 3-5 years. By dressing all the children like little girls, parents hoped to fool death som it wouldn’t take their boys away (boys were and are still more likely than girls to die in early childhood). Maybe the long-hair-tradition has the same roots? Just a thought though, I haven’t had time to do any research on this subject.

MiB on

Forgot to say, it’s an adorable picture, so full of fun and love.

Diane on

Stephanie, Gwneth’s father Bruce passed away before Moses was born, I believe…

CelebBabyLover on

Diane- Actually, Bruce passed away even before Apple was born.

Sunny on

You have got to hand it to Gwyneth, she makes beautiful babies!!

Tatyana on

little moses looks so cute.

Simply Bohemian on

WoW! They grow so very fast!