Marley Shelton Welcomes Daughter West

09/07/2009 at 08:55 AM ET
Todd Williamson/WireImage

It’s a girl for Marley Shelton! The actress delivered daughter West Flynn on Sunday, September 6th in Los Angeles, Calif., her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Baby West, who weighed in at 9 lbs. and 21 inches long, is the first child for Marley, 35, and her husband, producer Beau Flynn.

“She’s an absolutely miraculous, gorgeous bundle of pure love,” Beau said in a statement. Mother, father and baby are “doing great.”

The couple, who wed in 2001, announced the pregnancy in March.

Marley recently starred in the CBS series Eleventh Hour and can currently be seen in the film A Perfect Getaway, while Beau’s producing credits include Requiem for a Dream and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

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Niki on

I actually like the name… It’s interesting. I wonder if they gave her a girly middle name πŸ™‚

Erika on

Congratulations to them! I don’t love the name, but it’s definately not the worst I’ve heard. I’m sure she’s beautiful, and she’s a nice sized baby.

Courtney on

congrats to the happy new parents loving the name they chose reminds me of Mae West

Alex on

I’m not a fan of the trendy names that aren’t names thing. This would’ve been super-cute as a middle name, not so good as a first name. It’s sweet, but not to my taste I suppose. Congrats to the family.

Laura on

Sounds more like a boys name, but it works with all the hip names celebs are giving their children these days. Loved her in Bubble Boy and The Sandlot! She’s so beautiful.

girlJordan on

I like West but West Flynn feels a bit short to me. It doesn’t really flow.

amandamay on

I love the name – Probably more for a boy (West Flynn sounds like a cowboy to me πŸ™‚ ) But I still really like it. Isn’t one of David Duchovny’s kids called West?

Samantha on

That is a big baby! I actually think the name is pretty cool. Does she not have a middle name? Flynn is the last name, correct?

Elle on

I just don’t understand why people insist on giving little girls names that are so completely unfeminine. I just don’t get it myself. As a middle name this would have been great but I guess to each their own.

@Amandamay – David and Tea have a little girl named Madeleine West. So that is her middle name.

urbanadventurertales on

I really like the name! I think it’s classic sounding. It could work for a boy or girl, but I think it’s cute.
I saw her in The Perfect Getaway and thought she did a good job. Better than Mila Jovavich in it!

Kirsty on

ugh, the name sounds like a boys name

Names 4 Real on

Elle, you are right. David Duchovny’s little girl is named Madeleine West, but she goes by West.

Lo on

Congrats to them!
Name is different, but okay

lolita on

congrats Marley!!!!!

Tina. on

its weird, but their kid:P

ashley on

West Flynn sounds like it could be a town or something.

Billie on

Ashley (#16): I was just thinking the same!

Lacey on

It seems like a boy name. Not my taste. Congratulations!

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to them but it sounds like a boy’s name more than a girl’s. But it’s not my child, so more power to them and glad to hear mom and baby are doing well!

Andrea on

Definately different! Huge baby!

hannah on

i know the word ‘west’ isn’t particularly strange but naming a child it, christ no! Its not different from calling them north or south or east and thats all pretty weird, i just don’t love that name and i am a fan of unusual names.

Brooklyn on

I think I’m actually liking the name…which is surprising for me! But I don’t think I myself would use it!

Liya on

I love the name West! I think I’d use it for a boy though or a middle name for my daughter but it’s still cute

Helen on

Awful name. If you say West Flynn quickly, it sounds like a disease.

Stephany on

LOL @ Helen! It does!

I am not a fan of the name at all. It doesn’t flow well.

But congrats to Marley and Beau! I knew she would be the next to deliver. And I love Beau’s comment: β€œShe’s an absolutely miraculous, gorgeous bundle of pure love.” That’s so cute!

Hilda on

You know some celebrity is gonna take it a step further(like always) & name their kid North, South & East! lol:) There’s nothing wrong with the name, it’s just that after some wacky, fruity, “original” names, it’s just ok.

cassie on

aw congrats to them!!!

Electra on

West does sound like a boys name and flynn doesn’t help much either. West Flynn? Yikes.

celebsarah on

Her names sounds like the answer to “Where ya from?” And it sounds so rushed and awkward when you say it. You have to either say “Wessflynn” or there is an awkward pause in between saying names while you close the ‘t’ sound.

Micheley on

Hilda- I could def. see that happening.
But I actually kind of like the name East lol.

rebecca on

West. Another ridiculous name. If they have other kids will they call them North, South and East??

christina on

Hmm….definitely reminds me of either a location, or a disease/medical condition, as others have noted. But, it’s their baby — and congrats to them!

j.U.d.E. on

Yeah, don’t like the name much either. For a boy maybe. If the father is called Beau, why not call your daughter Bella? Bella Flynn. Flows better than West Flynn.

Crystal on

CONGRATULATIONS Marley and Beau on your BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!!! I’m not a fan of the name but if she looks anything like Marley she’s GORGEOUS!!! YEA for them!!! πŸ™‚

Emily on

East is somehow much more feminine. Possibly the long vowel. East flynn would be very pretty.

crg on

Haha, it does sound like it could be a town. I like it- for a boy. I tend to feel like if a “boyish” name is given to a girl that at least one of the names should show some femininity. I actually tried to get my husband to agree to Flynn for out first boy, but didn’t win. Wouldn’t use if for a girl, though.

momof3 on

I Love the name!

heath on

crg, flynn is the baby’s last name

heath on

and celebsarah when do people ever call others by their whole name?

Stacia on

Congrats to them!
As for the name West.. is it just me, or do really have to think when you say it? West Flynn has no flow to it, I think (WHAT is her middle name?), and when I say it aloud, I really have to annunciate the letter t, otherwise it’s already shortened to Wes.

If they call her Wes, then I’d love that! It’s what I call my son Weston πŸ™‚

Lucindaloo on

I actually grew up in West Lynn Oregon- so that’s all I hear!!

4little1s on

Not sure of the name, but hey what do I know !!….sounds like somewhere you would go on holiday

RoRo John on

God bless her and her new family.

crg on

ah, just got that. Well, maybe she has a middle name!

Patrice on

I really like this name. By far not as unusual as they could have gone. They world has enough common names! I love it when parents get original(within reason for the child’s sake).

Dierna on


There was actually a movie out years ago about a kid named North. So the name isn’t quite as far fetched.

Sara on


You must have meant to write that you grew up in West LINN, right? I mean since you grew up here and all.

CelebBabyLover on

I thought Marley wasn’t due until next month! Maybe she just gave a false due date to throw off the press, though (if she ever DID give a due date. I don’t actually remember her ever doing so. Perhaps she said “Fall” or something, and CBB/PEOPLE guessed October.).

In anycase, congrats to her and Beau, and West’s size compared with Marely being quite short should explain why Marley was so huge throught her pregnancy. πŸ™‚

When the announced the pregnancy, her rep said fall. However, Marley told us in May that she was due in late August and we reported that throughout the remainder of the pregnancy.

— CBB Staff