Trisha Yearwood: 'Stunt Mom' Extraordinaire

09/06/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

With age has come balance for Trisha Yearwood. Although her 20s and 30s were devoted almost exclusively to her career, the success the 44-year-old songstress gained as a result has enabled her to devote more time and attention to her three step-daughters with husband Garth Brooks.

“I now have the luxury of focusing on making every soccer game and being a bonus mom,” she notes in a new interview with Good Housekeeping. Crediting Jada Pinkett-Smith for teaching her the term, Trisha recalls,

“We were at an event together and she heard me say that I hate the word ‘stepmother’ because it conjures up Cinderella and all these bad things. She came up to me and said, ‘Bonus mom. That’s what you are.’ I love that. I also sometimes say that I’m the stunt mom.”

Life as a bonus mom is easy for Trisha, who raves that “the bonus children are great.” Of Taylor Mayne Pearl, 17, August Anna, 15, and Allie Colleen, 13, Trisha raves,

“These girls are smart and funny, and they’ve been really sweet to me. Garth and [ex-wife] Sandy have made it easy for me to become a part of the family. Garth gave me good advice: He said just be who you are, and you’ll earn it day by day with the girls. And I believe that I have.”

Family life for the two country superstars is surprisingly simple. “We’re more likely to pop popcorn and watch a movie at home than go out,” Trisha notes. “The girls want to go do things with their friends, but they’re also still at an age where they like spending time with us.”

“There are two gals I’ve especially bonded with in Oklahoma; our kids play soccer together and like each other. So they’ll come over with their husbands and we’ll grill out, and the kids will watch Twilight for the 10,000th time. It’s fun!”

Source: Good Housekeeping, September issue

— Missy

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Hea on

She seems like such a wonderful person. 🙂

meghan on

The girls are lucky to have three good parents looking out for their best interests.

J on

My mom called her stepmom her ‘co-mom’.

K on

She and Garth are very nice and down-to-earth. My cousin works at a mall in Nashville, in a shoe store. A woman in sunglasses and a baseball cap came in and was browsing and my cousin asked if she could help her. The woman said, “no thank you, I’m just looking.” My cousin started to walk away, then gasped and turned back with her hand over her mouth. The woman smiled and said, “I guess you recognized me through my disguise!” It was Trisha. My cousin told her what a big fan she was of her and Garth and she said, “that’s so nice! Wait a second! Garth! Garth!” and started motioning across the store to a man in a hat and sunglasses and my cousin hadn’t noticed. It was Garth Brooks. He came over and they talked to my cousin about how they were all from Oklahoma. My cousin told them how much her brother, who still lives in Oklahoma, loves their music, and they asked what time she got off of work. She told them that she was off in half an hour and they hung around until she got off, and then walked out with her and signed autographs for her and her brother and Garth said how impressed he was that she though of her brother before herself. Then they said that they would be sure to come back and see her before they left town. They are just nice people.

hopeso on

i am one of the biggest garth brooks fan out there i love everything he trisha too love her singing. happy for them

fuzibuni on

glad these two seem to have found happiness. both have been through their fare share of drama over the years.

mims on

i thought trisha had a child from a previous relationship, maybe i’m wrong but i thought she had a boy. maybe it’s just not mentioned in here..

Hea on

K – What a lovely thing for them to do. 🙂

sdfsd on

Trisha does not have any kids.

Mary on

I love that Jada said that to her, Jada seems like the coolest person ever. I’m a step mom and yes, the word stepmom seems so evil. I get along with my 16 yo step daughter very well, thank God. It’s so awesome when step parents can get along with their step kids, it makes the whole world a better place!

maggie on

i LOVE Garth!! i have to say im keepin tabs on those girls ages…he did say he would come out of retirment when the youngest reached 18! heres hopin! 😀

Adeline on

I think Sandy is the nice person in the group – being supportive of her exhusband and the woman he cheated with. Sandy’s a class act and her kids are reaping the rewards of her good character. She might not be a celebrity, but count me as a fan nonetheless.

mims on

oh ok, maybe i was thinking of someone else

Erin on

Adeline, you know he cheated on his wife with Trisha how? The way I always understood the story was that Garth was in love with Trisha from their early days touring together, but that she was involved with someone else. Then he got married, Trisha got divorced, married again, divorced again. Then Garth and his wife separated. That doesn’t sound like cheating to me. It sounds like Garth and Trisha always had a strong tie and maybe shouldn’t have waited so long to acknowledge their feelings. And even if Garth did cheat, it’s not “nice” that Sandy is supportive of her ex. It’s called being an adult. She chose to have children with him (even after rumors of a rocky marriage) and so has a responsibility to have a civil relationship with her daughters’ dad and stepmom. Sandy seems very classy and a fabulous mom. To rise above any hard feelings she might have is best for her girls and herself.

StepMom Magazine on

We love to see celebrities embrace their StepMom role – whatever they decide to call themselves! Kudos to Jada, Trisha and all the others who proudly show us that today’s StepMoms are a far cry from the old and tired sterotypes of the past.

K on

From living very near to Sandy, I can tell you that she is not the “nice” person in this group. She is, surprisingly, being responsible. But her marriage ended because she was going out and partying every night, getting intoxicated and coming home at all hours of the morning. I hear rumors that she is in recovery. Although I believe Garth and Trisha WERE in love, I don’t believe they did anything about it until they were both free.

Judy on

I really don’t think that these things are anybody’s business except the people involved in the relationships.. It is certainly not any of our places to judge anyone for anything they do or what you might think they did.
I love Garth and Trisha so much!!! They are awesome parents and wonderful people that belong together. They are a perfect couple and are raising 3 wonderful daughters. I think it is very good that they can all put anything behind them to be able to show the children the security and bonding that is needed to have healthy minded children. Especially these days. All I can say is that the whole family is very lucky to be together and happy and have each other.
What really matters in this life are the many lives we touch along the way, and Garth and Trisha have done that with many people with their kindness!!!!!

Michelle on

Nothing, nothing will ever make me believe that Garth and Trisha were not doing it before he split up with Sandy. Think about it – if he cheated on Sandy (admittedly)before, WHAT would make him stop himself from cheating with a woman (Trisha) that he adored? And Trisha, honey, is one of those quiet, sly, women. The song “In Another’s Eyes” says it all.
“In another’s eyes, I can do no wrong……”