Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel Welcome Son Walker

09/03/2009 at 12:15 PM ET
Matt Baron/BEImages

He’s here! Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs welcomed a son, Walker Diggs, on Wednesday, September 2nd, the couple’s reps confirm to PEOPLE. The baby’s middle name is reportedly Nathaniel.

“Mother, father and son are all doing well,” the reps said in a statement.

The Broadway belters announced the pregnancy in March, later sharing that the baby was a boy due September 6th. Although they had a few names in mind, Taye said they were waiting to make a final decision.

“We have a couple [names] in the running,” the Private Practice star explained. “But part of us wants to see what he hits us with when we see him. We’ll see what he looks like.”

Walker is the first child for the couple, who are both 38 and met on the 1996 Broadway production of Rent. They wed in January 2003.

— Reporting by Julie Jordan

Thanks to the many CBB readers who gave us a heads up!

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Chelsea on

I am such a fan of both Idina and Taye and I’m SO HAPPY for them! I bet Walker is absolutely gorgeous. Love the name!

Crystal on

I ♥ the name Walker! CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!! 🙂

anonymous on

Congratulations! So excited for them.

Mia on

I love the name, nice + strong! Congrats to them!!

Erin on

Congratulations! Like the middle name better than the first, but I bet the baby is adorable (and already talented)!

Kristen on

Awwww yay! Congratulations to them! I bet he’s a beautiful baby and I love his name!

Forever Moore on

Cute name, can’t wait to see the little man!

L on

I thought they would have gone the more eclectic route…nonetheless I bet little Walker is gorgeous…I can’t wait to see him!! Congrats Taye & Idina!!!

CTBmom on

Yea!! I am so excited for them!! I am dying to see a pic of the little guy…I bet he is beautiful! Oh, and I LOVE the name Walker Nathaniel! Congrats to Taye and Idina!

noam on

yay! they are too cute together. i was at a charity event in la once, and taye diggs was there. he was playing with the kids in attendance, getting down on his knees so he’d be eye-to-eye. i had no idea it was him until later in the evening, they announced his name as he got on the stage. they both seem so classy.

Brooklyn on

Aww! Yay! Congratulation to both Taye and Idina. Oh and I love the name Walker!

Tia on


Cassandra on

I love the name! Congrats to the new family.

Mel on

So excited to see this baby! Congrats!

April on

Great name! I love Taye Diggs!!!!!! He is one handsome man! My baby’s name is Nathan so I’m partial to liking that!

Now when are we going to hear about Nicole Richie? I sign on 200 times a day to keep checking and nothing!

Yaz on

Lovely strong name! Bet he’s a gorgeous bub.

fuzibuni on

love the name… it’s in my family and i hope to use it one day too.

Whitney Sterk on

This is one baby I was waiting on – love them both (as actors,singers, performers)

CONGRATS and welcome Walker (he’s a little RENT baby, since that is how they met)

denise on

congrats to the both of them on their baby-boy. i absolutely love his name. i wash sure with having rather unique names themselves they would go all apple on us, i´m glad they didn´t.

Lynn on

Great name. I love it. Congratulations!

And seriously, is this Celebrity Baby Week? How many pregnancy and birth announcements have we had this week?

paperskyyy on

denise: Taye isn’t actually his real name. It’s Scott 🙂

jdfhsahj!! So excited to hear about this baby! I bet he’s a cutie… and already musicallyyy talented!

Beth on

Finally he’s here!! I can’t wait to see pics of little Walker! Congrats to Taye and Idina on their beautiful baby boy!

heather lynn on

OH MY GOODNESS… LOVE the name!! Congrats to Taye and Idina on baby Walker! I bet he came out singing 🙂 I cannot wait to see pictures of the little guy who is undoubtedly gorgeous!! Many congratulations going their way.

Mandy on

Congrats to the happy couple! I can’t wait to see a photo!

Lacey on

April-I,too am stalking CBB, to hear from Nicole Richie.

Congratulations, Taye and Idina! I love the name Walker!

Liliana on

Congrats to Taye and Idina on the arrival of their son. I’m sure he’s gorgeous.

Xan on

Great for them! Not as much a fan of “occupation” names (Taylor, Rider, Walker, etc.) as appear to be the other readers and the happy parents :), but best wishes to them. Bet their baby boy will be a heartbreaker!

Shan on

That kid is bound to have a gorgeous smile.

Mommyof3 on

What an adorable name for an adorable baby (ok I have not seen pics but I can only imagine..lol) Congratulations to the family!!!! 🙂

As for Nicole Richie, I too am DYING To hear about the birth. Both her and Joel have not been on Twitter in about a week so I assume they are preparing for the awaited arrival. Oh well…I’ll just keep loggin on here constantly to find out..lol

Cat on

They’ve been together for THIRTEEN yrs! :)) amazing, and it’s really cool to see an unconventional timeline, where it looks like they really waited until they were ready to take each step in their relationship, ie marriage and now a baby.

I just looked it up, and yeah, Taye is from people teasingly calling him “ScotTAY” when he was younger! Funny 😉

Vicki Boston on

Hope Walker grow up to be as entertaining as his folks.
Walker Diggs-welcome to the world kid.
Have a wonderful SEASONS OF LOVE.
NO DAY BUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel-Jane on

I love these two! Congratulations! Not wildly keen on the name, but have nothing against it. Prefer the middle name personally, but what does that matter? So long as Taye and Idina love the name that’s what counts! I’m sure little Walker is absolutely beautiful, how could he not be with those genes?! Can’t wait to see a picture of him.

Also, re: Nicole Richie, I read she is under the care of a doctor due to collapsing with grief at the news of DJ AM’s tragic death. Really hope she’s okay and that she has a safe birth!

Tia on

Cat I agree! They married after dating 7 years. Then they had a baby after being married for six. They really went at their own pace. Good for them.

mandii on

Yah!!!! Congrats! Walker Nathaniel is a fantastic name!! 🙂

Tina. on

omg yay:D thats such a strong and cool name! i love him on private practice! very, very happy and excited 4 them 🙂

aroundtheywaygirl on

Congratulations Taye and Idina!!! ~must resist urge to make Talladega Nights joke~

Lynn on

Rachel-Jane, the National Enquirer said that about Nicole, so I’d take it with a grain of salt. She attended DJ AM’s funeral yesterday, so I think she’s going to be okay.

I love the name Walker. At least it’s a normal celebrity baby name.

Nicole was not in attendance, that was misreported, unfortunately, and by the time PEOPLE.com corrected the article it had gone wide. She’s been at home since 8/25, as far as we know.

– CBB Staff

ashley on

I love the names…It’s one of my favorites after Marshall and Everett, but my soon to be hubby says that if we have a son and name him Walker, he might just call him T.R.(Talladega Nights) to stress me out!

ashley on

Mommyof3 I have been wondering where Nicole Richie has been as well I love following her on Twitter and have missed her funny posts but I was thinking maybe she was mourning the loss of DJ AM?

Mary on

I have to say, Walker Diggs is a pretty bitchen name. Congrats!

Ana on

yyyaaayyyy!!!! I’m so happy for them!!!!

Beth on

Congrats to Taye and Idina. Like the name it goes well togehter : )

Brandi on

Congratulations! Love the name….

AM on

I honestly think Nicole Richie has probably not been on twitter, etc because of DJ AM. I’m sure she’s going through a really tough time right now and wants some privacy before and after the birth of her child

Rachel-Jane on

Lynn, I’d read it on heatworld.com (British site, I’m from the UK), but now knowing it came from the National Enquirer I am more doubtful. Still, most reports say she’s grieving so I’d expect that’s why she’s not been on Twitter etc.

Honestly can’t wait to see photos of little Walker.

Brooke on

Very nice name……Congrats. They seem like a wonderful couple….

urbanadventurertales on

Congrats Diggs family! I’m sure he’s an adorable baby!

I’m anxious to hear about Nicole too! I can’t imagine the array of feelings she must be having about AM and also being about to give birth. What a strange thing. I bet she’s having a boy, also.

pam on

Congrats….and a nice normal name to boot. It isn’t something that is trendy and will be dated. It a name that could have come from most any time period. I am sure they are over the moon.

Daisy.. on

That is such a good name. Walker Nathaniel, fits perfectly. I do not know why but it really cheered me up to see this announcement. I have no real knowledge of Taye and only know Idina from Wicked but they are such a sweet couple. Also I like how the announcement mentions that both parents as well as little Walker are doing well. Although mama and baby doing all the hard work birth is exhausting for daddy’s too lol

Christina Kuykendall on

Wow. What a beautiful couple. I know Walker will be a gorgeous little guy. Congrats to the happy new parents!

Stephany on

I love, love, love the name! Walker Diggs just sounds so cool! Congrats to them!

Nicole Richie hasn’t updated Twitter since Aug. 27th and Joel Madden was Aug. 28th so I’m just waiting and waiting for this announcement! Perez Hilton (you know, because he’s so accurate and trust-worthy!) said she’s on bed rest so who knows? I can’t wait to hear the sex and the name of this little one!

Maddy on

ohhh! great news!! i’m so excited & happy for them! i bet walker is ADORABLE! i hope they share pictures with us eventually. congrats!! 😀

sgtmian on

he’s here! i don’t usually care about these announcements, but i’m so happy for them! aw.

j.U.d.E. on

I think they are a gorgeous couple and I’m sure the little guy will grow up to be one handsome man! But I just don’t like the name AT ALL! Walker.. I mean, it’s like someone who walks. Or a walking stick or I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m European and not English native speaker. But using last names as first names is pretty rare and then you want to use one that doesn’t really mean anything. Walker, Singer, Actor, Jogger, Listener, Jumper, Driver and whatever else. Nope. Don’t like it. It would be like calling my son Sänger/Chanteur (German/French for singer) or Fahrer/Conducteur (German/French for driver). Nobody in Europe would do that (with exceptions of course). Both parents have nice names (Taye/Idina) and they call their son Walker… It’s not the prettiest of names. Just my opinion.

Hilda on

OMG! Poor kid! What will he do w/ a “normal” name!lol Just kidding. Congratulations 2 ’em. Love the name. This pregnancy seemed so short.

Elle on

Mazel Tov! And I love the name.

janie on

I love the name Walker. Taye and Indina are gorgeous!

Pierre on

Congratulations to Idina and Taye.

JM on

jude i can kind of see your point. coming from europe myself. i am not at all crazy about the name. but it’s not sometihng he will get bullied or teased for and i believe in america at least it’s not so unusual. so i guess, their choice…
congrats to them and their little one.

Daniela on

Yay! I’ve been waiting on this news!!! I absolutely love the name (I have a cousin named Walker), I’m so happy they named him a “normal” name. LOL! Can’t wait to see pics of the lil one! Congrats Taye and Idina!

Alex on

congraulations the name is great!!

yeah i also noticed that niether nicole or joel have updated twitter!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Yay, congrats to the new parents. Little Walker arrived on my son’s 5th Birthday too – not that that matters, lol, but as he started school today, it was a big milestone week ending Kindy and starting school – the time’s flown. Think I would’ve preferred Nathaniel Walker but he’s their baby, and it’s not bad as celebrity names go! Look forward to seeing some pics.

Karm on

Walker. . . Texas ranger!
Not sure what I expected for a name but it wasn’t this one.

Marilyn on

Stephany: Their friend DJ AM died to that’s probably why.

I love the name Idina and Taye chose!

Heather on

Yay! Congrats to this wonderfully talented and loving couple on the arrival of their son. I hope they share pictures – not that looks matter, but man that is bound to be one gorgeous boy!

Kait on

woooo! funny, I had a feeling today… I thought Nicole Richie was going to have her baby but it turns out it was Taye and Idina. That is a very cute name, masculine but adorable. I can’t wait to see how they take on their new roles as parents. congrats to the new family of three!

Bieta on

I don’t really like the name Walker, but it fits well with the last name and the middle name. Congrats to them both!

idaho beef on

congratulations on the newborn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S on

Congrats. He’ll be gorgeous I’m sure with those genes, and have a leg up on the performing.

Twins-on-The-Way on

Aww, how exciting!

I love the name, my name is Taya, and my fiances brothers name is Nathaniel, haha. So i’d say i am rather happy for their choice.

Nita on

Congrats on the new blessing. Smile.

Lisa on

That baby has hit the DNA jackpot! I think this couple is fantastic.

CelebBabyLover on

Lynn- Exactly! Also, apparently there were some reports that Nicole went into labor upon hearing the news of DJ AM’s death….but her mother said that was not true. Therefore, I’m guessing that the thing about her collapsing with grief is also untrue (especially since it came from the National Enquirer, which less reliable even than Star!).

I’m sure she IS grieving. After all, he was her boyfriend at one time, and, if I’m remebering correctly, they parted on good terms and remained friends (I think the spilt was mainly due to the fact that Nicole was trying to distance herself from clubs and the “night scene” in an attempt to turn her life around….and obviously that was something DJ AM couldn’t do, because of the nature of his job. In otherwords, they just went in different directions, so to speak.). However, I doubt it’s as bad as the Enquierer claims.

The tabs are probably going just as crazy as the rest of us waiting for the birth of Nicole’s baby…so of course they’re going to do what they always do….make up crazy stories!

Oh, and if Nicole has a boy, I wonder if she’ll incoperated DJ AM’s name into his somehow? I can’t really see she and Joel using Adam as a first name, as it just seems too “normal” for them somehow (for the same reason, I can’t quite picture them giving a baby boy the first name Michael after Michael Jackson, either), but I CAN see them using it as a middle name. 🙂

Anyway, back on topic! Congrats to Taye and Idina!

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just went to PEOPLE’s website, and they just posted (as in, an hour ago!) in article about DJ AM’s memorial that was held yesterday. While Nicole did not, as CBB said, attend the actual funeral on Wednesday, she DID apparently attend the memorial yesterday, along with Lindsay Lohan, and others (which makese sense to me, as, from what I’ve read, the funeral was more of a private affair for the family, and the memorial for his friends).

Therefore, it sounds like she is indeed okay (I’m not saying she’s not grieving, just that the National Enquirer probably WAS wrong about her collapsing with grief, and the report about her being on bed-rest was probably wrong, too, unless it’s just paritial bed-rest.)! 🙂 That also seems to confirm that she hasn’t given birth yet, as I doubt she’d have attended the memorial if she had just given birth in the last few days or even weeks!

marcie on

Congrats!!! Walker is a lucky baby to have Idina and Taye singing lullaby songs to him.

Shannon on

What a great, strong name! I am soo happy for them, they are such a great couple. Congrats to the Diggs family, many, many blessings for you!

And I too am going crazy waiting for news on the new bundle from Nicole and Joel! Ahhhh!

Vicki Boston on

My WARMEST happieness and Best BREAK A LEG for Taye/Idina/Baby
Love Walker’s name.
Wait til Walker sees Idina doing OVER THE MOON in the movie version of RENT.
He’ll thinks his mother is a SILLY Mom.
May Taye/Idina and Walker have many happy SEASONS OF LOVE for years to come.
Bless Ya Taye/Idina/Walker!

Jennifer on

This little guy is going to be so gorgeous. I can’t wait to see a pic! Congrats to the happy family!

Nicole on

Congrats Idina and Taye! I’ve loved you since the first days of RENT, and I’ve loved watching the two of you together throughout the years. You’re an amazing couple and Walker is so lucky to have such great parents! Hope we get to see a pic of the beautiful boy soon!

Maddie on

I know I read this kinda late, but am so happy and excited Elphie’s had her baby! Lol. Congratulations Taye and Idina, I be he’s gorgeous!

LauraC* on

So glad for them, but if they’re both Broadway stars, imagine their baby!!! 🙂