Kellie Martin's Creative Kid's Room

09/03/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

As a child, former ER star Kellie Martin loved acting out in the “big gowns and high heels” that filled her dress-up box. Her daughter Margaret ‘Maggie’ Heather, 2, however, prefers cooking — and cleaning! — to costumes. “She has a little mop and a little broom. But her favorite thing is the wooden kitchen; I’ll start dinner, and she’ll ‘cook’ too,” says Kellie, who lives in Los Angeles.

Just outside the playroom (a onetime sunroom “surrounded by trees and sky,”) Kellie and her husband, lawyer Keith Christian, 35, planted a garden filled with strawberries, carrots —and pumpkins “that are so big already, I’m scared they’ll take over the yard!” But Kellie, 33, loves the room’s connection to nature. “It’s very joyful,” she says. “I want this to be a place where Maggie is inspired.”

Andrew Southam for PEOPLE for use on CBB

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Andrew Southam for PEOPLE for use on CBB
Andrew Southam for PEOPLE for use on CBB

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October on

I love this room! It’s just what a playroom should be, fun and creative.

Bren on

Very cute! I love all the light shinning in.

rb on

I agree. I like it a heck of a lot better than Estela’s playroom!

Kat_momof3 on

I LOVE this room… perfect choice (assuming you have a sunroom you can convert) and I love how functional and child-friendly it is…. I’m sure it will inspire Maggie because it already inspires me to want to go in it and play.

millefleur on

This is my ideal playroom. So bright and happy, and I love all of the wooden toys!

Loralei on

What a great playroom! Love the food and the table and chairs. What a fun place to play.

Daniela on

Now THAT looks like a mad fun playroom!!! Not too girly, perfect for some serious playtime! 🙂

B.J. on

Little Maggie’s room looks a lot more kid-friendly and colourful and just plain more fun than Estela’s fancy, girly play room.

Liliana on

This is more my style. I live in the city so our “playroom” corresponds with the living room but if I did have the space, I’d love to do something like this. I love all of the natural light, as well.

And what a cutie Maggie is in her ballet outfit!

amandamay on

Great playroom!!!

crg on

I wish I had space for a room like this!

Kristin on

Wonderful Waldorf-inspired playroom! Check out sites like Three Sisters toys. They have all of this beautiful stuff.

Rach on

I agree with the above posts.

As soon as I looked at it, I said “now that is a REAL child’s playroom !” and not something that was just set up for a photo op, or something that is overly decorated etc.It looks so child friendly and inviting. Not something that they would be afraid to touch etc.

urbanadventurertales on

This room seems like a “real” playroom instead of the Hollywood glam ones! I like that it’s actually a sunroom that was converted. For those of us who live in the city where space is limited, that’s what sunrooms often become!

idaho beef on

what a wonderful idea. why do people give up that kind of creative play when we all know how much we enjoyed it as kids?

Sadie on

Agree, agree, agree.
To all the posters who seem to think a kid could actually play, draw, run, climb, build, bash down and create in Estela’s playroom, with its antique dresses and white carpet and meticulously arranged blocks… check this out. THIS is how a child plays. Just gorgeous.

Bieta on

I like how everything is wood. Its easy to clean and can become an heirloom or can be given away.

CelebBabyLover on

I have to admit, this IS much more my taste than Estela’s playroom. 🙂

mememememe on

Much more my style than Estella’s room which, while beautiful, was a tad prissy. Lucky Maggie!

Sanja on

I agree with everyone, THIS is what a playroom should be like, imo. It can be used as the child grows and any future brother can use it without being smothered in frilly, girly stuff (like in Estela’s room).

April on

Beautiful room! Does anyone know where I could find the rainbow toy in the background of the first picture?

Natalia on

I love this playroom,the kids feel free to play.I am not a wood toys fan.But Looks nice.My son’s playroom I choose a lot color and little tikes e step2 toys all plastic since I don’t like wood LOL.
This room it’s much better and fun than Estella’s play room.

marcie on

What a wonderful playroom and I love that it is a space for both girls and boys. There have been too many designer/over-styled rooms lately and this room has a lovely warmth and realness to it. April, the Giant Rainbow Nesting Tunnel is made by Spiel and Holz.

kathy on

what’s up with Kellie’s foot??

ladymama on

That is the coolest toy shelf

Mia on

I just love all of the colors, very nice.

danigirl on

I love both this room and Estela’s room and would have been excited to have either one as a little girl.

Megan on

Love all the ER kids! Saw the first one in people a while back but can’t remember the other two. Does anyone know if they were in there?

Jessica on

Her chubby little legs are soooo adorable!

Brianne on

Cute, but not my style. A lot of people mentioned that Ali’s playroom for her daughter was too girly, now I think Kellie’s is too masculine. I think it would be nice for a boy, otherwise it’s just too bland. But to each their own and if the child loves it, that is all that really matters! : )

Stephany on

I wouldn’t exactly call the room ‘masculine.’ I think it’s more non-gender specific. While I did love Estela’ playroom, I think Maggie’s is much more kid-appropriate. It has places to discover and create. I love all the natural light and wooden toys! Very, very cute!

Karm on

Now THAT is a great playroom!!! What a contrast to the one we saw yesterday!

Shan on

now this is a room I would not be worrying about a little mess in, its great

ab on

Beautiful playroom! Beautiful mother and daughter! Have loved Kellie since “Life Goes On”!

Serenes on

What a beautiful play room! Anyone know where such realistic looking veggies can be purchased?