Gwen and Zuma Party in Pasadena

09/03/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale keeps his eye on the paparazzi as he and mom Gwen Stefani arrive at a houseparty on Sunday in Pasadena, Calif.

The little cutie, who recently turned 1, apparently partied hard, because he’d lost both his shorts and his shoes by the time he and mom left!

Gwen, who is featured on the latest issue of Glamour, told the magazine,

“I’ve always worked really hard, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done is have kids! Everything from getting up in the morning to trying to be consistent to trying to have the right feelings. But, of course, the rewards are great.”

Click below for a second photo!


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Kim on

I love Gwen but what is she wearing??

Layla on

That little chunkymonkey is too cute- Gwen has some adorable babies!

Bren on

I just can’t get over how cute he is! I think Kingston is cute but he is more handsome if that makes sense? Zuma is just all around a cutie like you just want to pinch his cheeks.

Kristi on

The expression on his face in the first picture is to die for. It looks like he is thinking “What are you looking at?” Lol what a cutie pie!

mmh on

Good for Gwen admitting that having kids is hard work — so many people just talk about their ‘easy babies.’ I personally couldn’t agree more with her point of view!! But the rewards are huge!

Nanny-Emma on

Theres never been a baby I’ve wanted to steal as much as Zuma! Cute isn’t the word!

dee on

He’s gorgeous! Oh no, it looks like he’s starting to thin out a bit. I always miss the baby chunkiness when it goes away.

Brandi on

I usually think Zuma is all Gwen but in that first photo he looks alot like his dad! The little arched eyebrow is so funny!

Nicky on

*giggles* it’s not a party until you lose your pants and your sneakers. Congrats Zuma for surviving your first houseparty!!

Anyways, that second shot is the first time I’ve really noticed a resemblance between King and Zuma in around the eyes.

Rebecka on

He looks so sweet in the second picture 😀

urbanadventurertales on

I think he’s been looking more like Gavin lately. She has really cute kids, but I still can’t get over the name “Zuma”. WHY!!!???

danielle on

He curtainly is a cutie,has a few facial expressions thats resemble his older brother yet looks totally differnt at the same time as to Kingston.
urbanadventurertal:Thank you for saying what Ive always thought,I must admit Ive never been fond of the name either, but I guess to each his own

Stephany on

Weird because I looked at that first picture and thought, “He looks so much like Gwen!” And it’s the first time I’ve really seen a resemblence to either parents. (It’s just me – I’m terrible with resemblences.)

Zuma is such a cute baby! I love seeing pictures of him…he always has the cutest little expressions!

All Women Stalker on

ZUma is looking more and more like Kingson every day. Cute! 🙂


ABG on

I want a yellow bra!

Gwen’s so pretty. Kim #1: I like what she’s wearing. Wish I could pull it off!

Zuma gets cuter every time I see a photo of him.

Shannon on

Same here, Kim, same here! I think her and Gavin seem to be great parents, but I will never understand why she wears the things she wears.

Zuma is freaking adorable!

Lola Marie on

Isn’t he her twin!

cassie on

he is SOOOOOO cute!!

natalie on

Wow, Zuma DOES resemble Kingston a lot! Obviously, he’s extremely fair while Kingston has always been on the darker side, evidently inheriting that from their dad, but I sure see some Kingston in Zuma in that 2nd picture!!

About the name: Yeah, Zuma hasn’t exactly grown on me either, but I don’t care, that baby is just too freaking cute for words!! We’ll get used to the name, just like we got used to Apple.

About Gwen’s style: She’s always been a bit different when it comes to clothing, hasn’t she? But I think she pulls it off just fine. As long as she’ll dress her age (meaning I hope I won’t be seeing Gwen in an outfit like that in 20 years..) and keep that unique style, she’ll be fine and look amazing. But yeah, she could have worn a white bra. Definitely…

Bela on

Natalie, how can you say Gwen is dressed for her age? She is almost 40 and she looks like something she should wear at home, not to a party. You see her whole bra, why even wear a shirt, it does not cover much. I don’t expect any girl or wonam to dress like that.

Mia on

Usually Zuma is ALL mommy, but that expression (in both pics) says Gavin all over it LOL. Gwen Stefani can wear whatever she wants, she’s Gwen Stefani HAHA.

urbanadventurertales on

Natalie: I agree that it’s a name that could grow on us…but to be honest, it’s been a year and it still hasn’t! I’ve grown fond of the more unique names like Apple, Kingston, and I’ve always love Harlow…but Zuma has yet to grow on me. Everytime I hear I think of the song “All I wanna do is zuma zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom, just shake the room”

Mary-Helen on

Aw…he is so cute! Love how ditched his shorts and shoes by day’s end.

za on

Bela you sound very fashion naive. Gwen is an icon of fashion in modern day America. She doesn’t need to dress ‘her age’ or ‘mommy’ her outfits; she dresses like Gwen Stefani and does a great job of expressing herself, not to mention she is fashion forward in dressing her sons. Her children are adorable and will grow into fashion savvy men who probably won’t be interested in pursuing boring-ensembled, narrow-minded, average, run of the mill partners that have minds in the shape of boxes.

CelebBabyLover on

Aww, it looks like he’s starting to lose the baby look!

Shannon on

Maybe in LA she’s an icon of fashion. Here in the the Midwest, almost everyone who sees her clothing scratches their heads while thinking, WTF?

April on

It just depends on where you live I think. We’re in Brooklyn and a lot of my hipster mom friends dress like Gwen and they look great but I can see why the look wouldn’t work in the Midwest or down South.

brannon on

I think that’s true of all clothing styles. Her look would totally make sense where I live. However, just one more reason why its not a good idea to be judgmental. Fine to not like her outfit, but to act as if its inappropriate or a bad example of “mommy” because you can see her bra is silly. You’re supposed to – part of the look! Love that baby!

Susan on

The thing that amazes me about Gwen is that we NEVER see even a hint of dark roots! She must be “touched up” every other day!

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

He has hair just like Mama’s

Jennifer on

What a cutie! I think he looks just like his mama, whereas Kingston looks just like his daddy. 🙂

Jennifer on

In regards to what Bela said about the way Gwen is dressed, I think she looks great! I hope I look that hip at 40. Who says you have to look and dress a “certain” way as you get older? I’m 32 and dress any way I want to…always have, always will. I think it’s great that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. As women we should never have to sacrifice how we want to dress/our sense of style, and that definitely includes those of us who are over 30,40 and who are moms!

Samantha on

He is Gwen’s mini-me!