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09/03/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

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Rachel on

I’ve heard the walmart story several times and I just don’t get it. No way in the world would the man have been able to slap my child once… let alone FOUR OR FIVE times!?! I’m trying to accept that maybe the mother was just to shocked to act… but seriously, if it was my child… ONE arm movement towards my two year old would have been more than enough for me to know he certainly wouldn’t be pulling another.

anonymous on

I am REALLY torn on the vaccine issue – We’re currently trying to get pregnant, but I really can’t decide if I’ll get the vaccine. I just have a hard time believing that a vaccine that won’t harm me or my (potential) baby can be rushed through trials, etc. so quickly. Thoughts anyone???

MZ on

I think the mother’s back was turned and that’s why she didn’t see him to stop him, based on what I’d read on another site. I just could not believe this! I don’t know what I’d do if someone hit my baby…I’d be livid!!!

Anonymous, I don’t know what I’d do, either. Normally I don’t have issue with vaccines, and we get the regular flu vaccine every year. I believe this H1N1 has been blown way out of proportion and that it isn’t going to be much worse than the regular flu, though perhaps rampant. How fast this particular vaccine has gone through trials concerns me as well. Dr. Gupta has a really great article for parents on protecting your kids this flu season on CNN. As a public health practitioner myself, it’s all common sense: do not cough or sneeze into your hands, even with a tissue. Use your shoulder or, even better, crook of your arm. Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds (sing the ABCs), making sure to get the soap on the backs of your hands and in between fingers. If you do get pregnant during this flu season (or if you already have an OB you work with), talk with your OB about your individual risk factors (like, if you don’t work or work at a small office, you might be less at risk than if you work at a hospital). Good luck! 🙂

Alice on

Wow!! I would never DARE to slap someone’s kid!! Maybe give them a dirty look if they’re screaming, or telling them directly to stop if it’s really disturbing and the parent does nothing but hitting them!! no! It’s already a very personal decision of the parents if they’re okay to slap their children once in a while to discipline them… wow I’m just floored by this. That man has a problem!! Also I can’t understand how the mom didn’t react, I’m sure the kid cried harder when the stranger hit her.

Cathy on

All flu vaccines are made at about this pace, every year a new flu vaccine is made to fight against the previous year’s strain hoping that the strain will not have changed too drastically in one year. The H1N1 vaccine is just like these other flu vaccines except it is resistant tot he H1N1 strain instead of whatever last year’s strain was or whatever strain health officials deem most likely to pop up that year.

Rach on

I will beat the isht out of anyone that thinks they can lay hands on my child. Stranger, boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, babysitter whoever.

I know its not the same but when I was pregnant there were so many breakouts everywhere of listeria,flu etc,so I stayed cooped up in my house. My husband would come home and go immediately to shower. Anyone that came into my house would always sanitize their hands etc and if they were sick, they were not over at all. I think MSN Messenger was my best buddy during my pregnancy and home cooked and well washed and cooked foods. I think it is definitely something you should talk to your physician with and look at your previous history. I have never ever recieved any of the yearly flu vaccines that they offer for free. On the news though, they said that with the cold, swine flu will be much much worse.

And God bless that little child in India

MZ on

Cathy such a good point! I can’t believe I forgot that!!!

anonymous on

thanks for the response folks 🙂 i don’t get the regular flu vaccine, either. i’m a teacher, so the exposure risk is higher. still not sure what i’ll do though. ugh! i wish these decisions were easier.