311's Nick Hexum Welcomes Daughter Echo

09/03/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Billy Tompkins/Retna

It’s a girl for 311 singer/guitarist Nick Hexum and wife Nikki! The couple welcomed daughter Echo Hexum at approximately 4 a.m. on Saturday, August 29th following a homebirth, according to a Tweet from Nick. Of the experience he writes,

“Words cannot describe how amazing it was. Time to go to bed.”

Just four hours later Nick, 39, followed up with “thanks, you guys…my heart sings today,” and on Tuesday said, “Day three of parenting. This is the greatest thing ever.”

Echo is the first child for the couple, who were married last New Year’s Eve.

Source: Nick Hexum

Thanks to CBB reader Jennifer.

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Anon on

I like the name

Bella Mama on

i love how he expresses his happiness… so sweet πŸ™‚

Sofie on

Isn’t there some kind of law about what you can name your child in the US? That name would not have been allowed here in Norway I don’t think.

mims on

nick and nikki? aww! lol

April on

Sofie there are no laws that I am aware of. Besides Echo is a Greek mythological name, she was the nymph who lost everything but her voice, remember?

denise on

sofie, unfortunately there is no law in the US as to how your name your child, hence, apple, echo, bronx, . . . are names given to children. while i lived in the US i met a mom whose kids names were bambi and e.t. ugh.
iΒ΄m so glad there is a law here in switzerland, forcing parents to chose a somewhat normal name.

i have no idea who he is, donΒ΄t care for the name at all. but, he sounds very sweet.

Shannon on

I love the name Echo. It’s unusual, yes, but it doesn’t sound crazy. I think it’s actually a very pretty word to say. He sounds so sweet. Congrats to him and his wife on their new baby girl!

Erika on

Sofie- i think there are some ‘words’ you can’t name your baby. Like the F bomb, and stuff. But other than that, you can name them pretty much anything.

That said, I don’t think this is the worst I’ve heard. It would be pretty, if it were a name. But congrats to him. A lot of baby girl announcements in the past week!

lizzielui on

April is right. Echo is a name of a nymph from Greek Mythology. It is a also the name of a heroine in a Marvel comic book series. Furthermore, a law in America on what one can name their children would never be feasible, seeing as how many people who live here come from vastly different countries and cultures with traditional names that are unfamiliar in America. And even if there were a law, who’s to say that the name you may want to choose for your child would past the test? For example, under this so called naming law it could be the case that common Norwegian names like Aevar or Signy would be frowned up and not allowed by the U.S. governement.

millikate on

Yeah, that is the only law that the U.S. has here is that you can’t give a curse word as the name. I have a blog that I post actual baby names from birth announcements (names4real) and sometimes I’m amazed what people come up with. I’ve seen a couple of Echo’s. Boy and girl.

Willa on

Well said, lizzielui. The idea of telling people what they can name their children sickens me. How conformist must a society be? I personally wouldn’t name my child something so original as Echo but it heartens me when other people feel free to express themselves by naming their child creatively. These people clearly hope their child’s original name will lead the child to be more of an individual. Fitting in isn’t everything. It shouldn’t even be in the top ten of important life lessons. Plus these children have the right to change their name if they choose to as adults.

Plus like lizzielui pointed out, what about cultural differences? Not just from Norway but I’ve had several students from Burma with Dong in their name. Yeah, dong means something very different in the US than in Burma but if some people can’t be grown up about hearing the name dong (none of my lily white students have made fun of it) then so be it. Should we tell people from other cultures, their chosen name isn’t on some list so they have to change it to Jane or Bill? Plus who would decide on the list? I’ve heard people on this site complain about the names Felix, Sarah, Max, Bob, etc. Who will dictate what name is weird or offensive or overused? Heck, most people can’t get their inlaws to agree on a baby’s name but, sure, let’s have Big Brother get into the act too.

Robyn on

Congrats Nick! I love the name Echo. As a singer, that’s a good name for his baby. I remember having the biggest crush on him when I was in high school. I loved 311, hehe.

Samantha on

I agree with you Willa. I don’t like laws that limit freedoms in general, but the idea of the government telling you what YOU can name YOUR child is pretty sick. And this is coming from someone with a really bizarre name that I’ve hated my entire life (my name is not Samantha, that’s just my screen name). My real name is a very uncommon Greek name, as my family is from Greece. Even though I hate my name, my husband loves it and I never changed it because it is a pain to do so after a while. Having said this, I would not have wanted the government to tell my parents that my foreign name was inappropriate. That should be up to my parents to decide, not the government.

Angel on

I’m usually not a fan of unusual names but I really like this one. It sounds very sweet to me, as does her daddy.

JM on

congrats to them. echo is not what i would choose but it’s not nearly as bad as some other names people choose.

i agree that it shouldn’t really be dictated what you can name your kids, apart from obvious things that could cause them real problems. (like those people who named their son Adolf Hitler, that’s just cruel).

Mallory on

I actually kind of like this name. And Sofie, considering there was a story about a kid named Adolf Hitler here in the US a while back, I don’t think any name is off limits here. Besides, the idea that the government can tell you you’re not allowed to name your kid what you want to name them is way too communist big brother for me.

Sofie on

Thanks for clearing this up everyone, I just didn’t think of Echo as being a real name….and yes, in Norway there are pretty strict laws about names. For example my husbands name is Steffen and my mother-in-law wanted to spell it Stephen, but her request was turned down, having said that, it was over 35 years ago….things are probabley better now, I hope!

Micheley on

Mallory- I was just going to bring up that story. Wasn’t it shot down? Im pretty sure they weren’t allowed to name their child that in the end.

Sofie on


Really? A child was named Adolf Hitler? How aweful! Makes me think there really should be some kind of law in the US!

Rachel on

Aw, forget the name. If people want to name their kids stupid names, let them. Who cares?

I find it funnier that they were married New Year’s Eve! This seems to be a honeymoon baby. πŸ˜‰

Mallory on

Micheley and Sofie – Actually, the issue was that the parents were trying to get a birthday cake for him and the cake people refused. Even sicker, they had a daughter named Aryan or something.

Shannon on

The name Adolf Hitler was not shot down. It was the name of a 4 or 5 year old kid I think in PA, and it came to attention when a bakery refused to put it on a cake and they were sued. His sister’s middle names were Aryan Nation and they had another kids with something else just as Nazi-ish. Those children were taken from their parents custody eventually.

Shannon on

Mallory looks like we both saw that story!

Shannon on

Ah! The sister was Jocelynn Aryan Nation and the youngest wasn’t as bad it was Honzslynn Hinler Jeannie. And people on here think the name Echo is bad!

Lee on

Echo? They must still have that hangover from their New Year’s Eve wedding.

alana on

I believe another “law” here in the US is that you can’t name a child any numerals or punctuation marks where none would know what to do with it. The numbers are restricted, I believe, because it would mess up the social security system, and the punctuation marks because nobody would be able to even begin to pronounce it. Like, you can’t name your kid 11233, 11*668!, or anything like that. But the number one (spelled out) or any number I suspect would be okay. (I rather like the name Seven) πŸ™‚

alana on

oh, btw, I really do like the name they chose too. Echo is very pretty when you say it.

Cassandra on

I think I’m the minority here, but I like the name. Its actually a girls name and I’ve always thought it was pretty, especially the legend behind the name. Its always nice to have a name that has a history. Congrats to the family. πŸ˜€

Mallory on

Alana, my mom is a teacher, and her colleague had a student named La-a. Pronounced La-dash-a. Nothing is off limits here in the US. haha!

daze on

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that name! it’s unusual but very pretty. Remind me of mythology of course but the first things i thought was “oh it’s the name of Dollhouse lead character” (yeah i know i’m very cultured!!! LOL)
i think if it was going to be used in France it would be more on a boy. but i like it on a girl, i think it’s very strong and ‘mysterious’.

alana on

LOL to La-a, Mallory. Hyphens are allowed I believe, just not asteriks or other symbols like &, #, @, !, and such… I think.. πŸ™‚

Tina. on

thats so cool and different:D congrats to them.

JMO on

I have to say, NO name surprises me these days!!

JMO on

The little boy named Adolf Hitler was from New Jersey. The 3 kids were taken away but NOT soley bc of their names. CYS was called on them and apparently they were taken away for other reasons. The parents claimed to have invited all types of children to the party (i.e. blacks, asians) and said they were not racist yet the dad had nazi tattoo’s on his body and his kids sported nazi names…yeah I guess they weren’t racist after all *rolls eyes*

Lis on

I love 311!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby and I danced to “Amber” at out wedding πŸ™‚
…Can’t say that I love the name, though…it’d be better for a boy, in my opinion πŸ˜‰

Kathryn on

I’ve known an Echo before…she’d be in her mid-twenties by now. It’s not that wild.

M. on

Nick and Nikki…. no wonder they chose the adorable name Echo!
They’ve probably heard people talk of their cute echo/similar sounding names their entire time as a couple and thought what a better idea than to chose a name that reflected themselves in it.
I’m sure Echo will grow up to cherish his name as much as anyone else will!

Leto(Gaia's mom) on

We were actually looking at Echo for our daughter, but decided on Gaia instead. Mythology is a good source of names literally hundreds to choose from some more recognizable than others (that’s where my own name is from). Our next daughter if we have one will be named Eris which is from greek mythology as well.

And the child named adolph was taken away from his parents because they were both unemployed or some b.s reason like that. One of the childrens names was aryan and the other himmel. I think that A.the parents aren’t very clever anfd B. We can’t take away peoples rights to be ignorant hicks.

MZ on

I think Echo is kind of pretty….it’s the middle name that confuses me. Anyone known where it comes from/what it means?

Hallie on

MZ–that’s Hexum is her last name πŸ™‚

I think the name is pretty and sweet, and I love the mythological connection. And I LOVE that they had a homebirth!!!

Mary-Helen on

I know in Canada there is a law banning “eccentric” baby names. Someone in Quebec was fighting it because he wanted his son’s middle name to be Avalanche.

However, Echo is a Greek name and with a last name like Hexum, you can get away with something a little edgier. I think it sounds really nice together. It’s not like Audio Science or Pilot Inspektor or something really weird.

MZ on

LOL Hallie. WOW I can’t believe I missed that. Hahahaha!

Pippi on

The Nazi/racist family sickens me. I HATE the name Apple, Petal Blossom Rainbow, etc., but I’d take them any day over the names they chose for their children!!!

I actually like the name Echo. It’s different, but it sounds beautiful when you say it!

Jennifer on

YAY! I submitted this, SO glad it got posted. 311 has been my favorite band for 14 years. I drove 14 hours to see them on 3-11 day last year and I’m really happy Nick finally found someone to settle down with.

I was skeptical on the name at first too but I think it’s pretty. Nick is very spiritual, not in a traditional way. I’m not surprised at the name.

Erika on

Well the name Adolf Hitler is rediculous, HOWEVER Adolf is a German name. They can’t tell you not to use that, but they definately shouldn’t have allowed his middle name Hitler. That offends people, and that poor kid.

daniela on

Seriously….Echo?! These celebs really try to out do one another with these off the wall baby names, don’t they?

LOL @ Eve – that was hilarious!!!

Oh well, congrats anyway regardless of how I feel about the name! πŸ™‚

nona on

I feel like “nick” and “nikki” are echoes of the same name, so naming their daughter Echo makes sense to me.

Bieta on

I don’t really see how the name is outlandish, the word ECHO originated from the greek myth. So it was a name before it was a word.

Leto! Echo and Gaia are actually in a story together. Echo angered Pan by denying his love so he killed her and spread her body all around the word and the pieces were picked up by Gaia; but Gaia left only Echo’s voice which lingered in time forever.

The only bad thing I can say about the name Echo is that none of the stories involving her are nice.

Sarah M. on

Erika – I agree. Adolf isn’t bad and is fairly common. It becomes bad when you put Hitler right after it. A positive spin can’t even be put on Aryan Nation, though. Hinler (sp?) might not be so bad on it’s own, but paired with siblings names Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation, it’s bad. I heard that they got their kids back after they were taken away. I could be wrong, though. (I hope I am.)

Jennifer on

There is a really pretty song called “Echo” by Incubus on their Morning View album. But I seriously doubt that is where he got it from.

CelebBabyLover on

Lizzielui- I agree completely! I know a woman who immigrated to the States from a foregin country with her family when she was a child. If the U.S. DID have some kind of naming law, her parents more than likely would have been forced to change her name, just because it’s not considered a “normal” or “typical” name here in the U.S.

Her name IS a bit difficult for most people here in the U.S. to pronounce (even I mis-pronounced it at first), but it doesn’t seem to bother her, and she’s eliminated the issue of pronuciation problems some what by going by a much easier to pronounce nickname. πŸ™‚

My point is, like lizzielui, I’m actually glad there aren’t any laws here about what you can and can’t name your kids (except for neccesary ones such as not being able to name your kid a curse word). The decision of what to name a child should be the parents’ (I DO agree, however, that names like Adolf Hitler and such shouldn’t be allowed. That’s just cruel to do to a child.).

Oh, and I also want to point out that there are apparently no naming laws in some other countries as well. For example, I once read about three children from Australia who were named Bathroom, Kitchen, and Garage…after the rooms they were concieved in! That, I have to admit, IS a little over-the-top!

lnatt on

Wow – my 7yo daughter is Echo Skye! We love the name; it really fits her. We picked it out 8 years ago, before there were quite so many unusual celebrity baby names (some, but not as talked about as now). She gets a lot of compliments on her name. We wanted something unusual, but easy to spell, and we have since stuck with the “word name, nature-y” theme – her brothers are River and Sage. We are also a homebirthing family πŸ™‚

Ratty on

We have certain naming laws in Australia, most of which are to do with the use of titles as names, ie. Queen, Princess etc. I had a friend whose parents wanted to name her Princess Eleanore, but Princess wasn’t allowed as a first name, so they named her Eleanore Princess. Jordan and Peter Andre’s daughter’s name would never have been allowed here. I also heard a story of a couple who named their son Duke, but when they submitted it to Birth, Deaths and Marriages, they were told they had to change the name.
I personally think the name Echo is really cool – I love Greek mythology names.

Caren on

I like the name Echo.

I know in Denmark you have go thru tons of paperwork to choose a name to be aproved. IMO that would be a total pain. Glad there’s no rules like that in the U.S. but man some people would need it *lol*

jaQ on

i think Echo is an adorable name~ Apple is precious in my opinion too. personally, i hate the newer “trendy” names. won’t list them, out of respect, but to each his/her own! πŸ™‚ and a big congrats to them! i am planning my first home birth this winter, for my third child. such excitement!!!

Glenda on

Jennifer, I don’t think they chose the name from the Incubus song, but you do knoe they used to tour with them, right?

I’ll be seeing them (311) in a few months and I’ll ask Nick where the inspiration came from. I have a feeling it has to do with mythology.

Mia on

I think the name is pretty cool. And just a side note about the name “Bambi”, thats sometimes a nickname for Barbara. At least they didn’t name her another “Nick” name between Nick + Nikki LOL.

mememememe on

I always thought Echo would make a good name but personally too out there for me so good on them.I love old real names…

Jane on

I don’t think Echo sounds attractive at all. I think it might become more popular because of the character on the show, Dollhouse.

punkprincess on

@ post#41:

Actually, there isn’t any specific law in Canada regarding “eccentric” naming – unless the name is, as in the US, considered cruel or obscene. The case you’re referring to in Quebec was argued under Quebec civil law, which (for complex political reasons) operates under completely a different system for most day-to-day matters.

But seriously, do people feel the need to surf this blog just to find out what “crazy” name celebs are bestowing on their *traumatized* children? Wouldn’t it be great if all D-listers and above would just name their kids “MAx”? Oh, wait….most of them do. And it’s boring as $%&^.

danette on

i am sooooo happy for them. been a fan of 311 for over a decade. it makes me so happy to see the birth of his family. stay posiive and love your life, yall

carrie edwards on

This name is all about music. When two artists come together they bring greatness. Echo is beautiful.

Mella on

My daughter is 12 and her name is Echo as well. I think it is such a beautiful name and it makes me sad when soo many people judge what parents choose to name THEIR child. Oh..and just to let you know my daughter has gone to several schools all over the U.S. and has NEVER been teased because of her name

Ambrse311 on

I didn’t bother to read all of these posts…I am a HUGE 311 fan and I just wanted to add that “Echo” may also refer to the fact that the parents basically have the same name (Nick/Nikki), so it’s an ‘echo’….just a thought!

Ambrse311 on

Oh and I’m in IL and I saw a name change done at a county building…the new name is “Pussycat Doppleganger”….NO JOKE. And this girls original name was like Jennifer Willis or something quite normal….figure that one out!!!