The Alves-McConaugheys Soak Up the Sun

09/02/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Karl Larsen/INF

Family beach day! Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves, son Levi and Matthew’s mom Kay (not pictured) headed down to the shore on Sunday in Malibu, Calif.

While Matthew chatted with a few of the surfers out catching waves, Camila took Levi, 13 months, for a dip in the water.

The couple expect their second child in late December/early January.

Click below for a photo of Camila workin’ it in her bikini!

Karl Larsen/INF

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Lisa on

What a hot couple! In the first picture Levi looks like Matthews little accessory! Camila’s body looks great! She looks perfect for 5 months pregnant. I wonder if the next baby is going to be a little boy or girl! Either way the baby will be gorgeous and well loved! Love this family!

Daisy on

Levi is so teeny tiny!! Camila looks great too!

Alecia on

OMG, Camila is stunning! I ♥ the beach loving Alves-McConaugheys.

jessie on

cute family!

maggie on

is it just me or is there a black line down the center of Camillas belly?? cute fam pics

nettrice on

Maggie, it is very common for women of color, esp. of the African diaspora to have a “black line” down the center of our bellies during pregnancy. It’s called linea nigra, or black line. 😀

mmh on

Actually, I think it’s common for women of any color to have that line! I sure did, and I am not of “the African diaspora.” It took four or five months to go away post-pregnancy, actually!!!

Brandi on

Yes it’s called linea nigra. Mine was very very dark but it went away within a year of my son’s birth. Camila looks amazing and so happy.

Brianne on

I’m Irish and very fair skinned and I got the line as well. Just depends on the person and pregnancy. My doctor told me it was from increased estrogen.

Beautiful family! Love all of the recent beach shots of Levi. He’s a cutie.

Shannon on

I had the same dark line with all 3 pgs. I don’t think it’s just a thing in women of color, I am about as Irish white as you can be!

She looks absolutely gorgeous, and Levi is such a sweet little boy!

Lea on

I’m as white as you get and thirteen months after giving birth, my linea nigra still hasn’t completely faded!

Samantha on

I had the line too and I’m pretty darn pale.

nettrice on

Linea nigra is caused by hormones…but research shows that fair-skinned women show this symptom less often than women with darker pigmentation. Fair-skinned women also may notice a linea alba (white line) before the darker one.

Psst…regardless, Camila IS of the African diaspora. lol

Isabell on

Camila looks gorgeous and radiant. I wish I looked half that good when I was pregnant and even now. I can’t lose that baby weight and I’ve tried… Hope she continues to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and an easier labor.

missloUiSiAna on

gorgeous lil family!!

Shirelle on

I think Levi looks exactly like Camila. I think they will have another boy!

Michelle on

Levi is absolutely adorable!! In the fist shot, Camilla doesn’t even look pregnant! Beautiful family!

Amanda on

Fabulous looking family!
Definitely just depends on the pregnancy/woman with the linea nigra. I have an olive skin tone and got a pretty dark line with my first pregnancy…oddly enough no line with my second pregnancy and I am due around the same time as Camilla with my 3rd and no line so far this time

Rhea on

Such a cute family!
I hope they have a girl this time around 🙂

Mallory on

Wow! The first time I looked at the first picture, Camila didn’t even look pregnant! She looks amazing!

leonor on

nettrice, how do you know she is of the “African diaspora”?

Savanna on

Leonor – She’s Brazilian. Afro-Brazilian, I am guessing by the way that she looks.

urbanadventurertales on

I am so jealous of her!! She is a knock-out and always looks so fresh and low-key. Effortless. And her boyfriend is hot! And I love the name they chose for their son. Hope they’re having a girl this time, she will be gorgeous!

Auturo on

The largest population in Brasil are of the African diaspora/with European. Mixed race people (African & European) are the majority in Brasil today. It’s quite apparent from her facial features and coloring. She is a lovely representation of her country and Matthew is a lucky man.

sparkle on

Has anyone heard the rumor that Matt plans to move to Brazil with his girlfriend and children so that the children can grow up there can play on the beaches of Bahia the way their mother did?

txgal on

Pictures like this make me hate myself lol. She looks AMAZING and I can’t even tell she is pregnant.

Mariel on

hot hot latin latin!!!
she is so beautiful, i love her. Levi is really cute, so is his father!!

Jaime on

Hm, this would be why my comment wasn’t posted on the last Levi & Matthew post. Tried to share these photos with you guys a few days ago.

I think Camila looks great. And Levi is soooo cute!

mememememe on

Levi is miniscule for 13 months!

Michelle on

He’s the perfect size for his age.

ericka on

She is so beautiful…such a beautiful latina. She has like the perfect baby body.

Nikki on

If Levi is miniscule, then I guess my son is too, because they are almost the exact same size.

I’d guess he was on the lower side of average for height on the growth percentile charts (My son is too!) but it is still classed as average..

Lea on

I think what Nettice is trying to say, is that the linea Nigra is more common in women of colour (because it is), that is not to say no one else gets it!

I am white as day and did not get the linea nigra.

m-dot on

Cam looks great. I was thinking, wasn’t she pregnant when i first saw the pic. lol her son looks JUST like her. Matt had nothing to do with that one!

kimmy on

i dont think camila is that big for 5 months also any women can get linea nigra also i have never heard camila or matthew state she is of african descent she never stated she is black just brazilian

Ana on

I think that little boy looks so much like his mama. Looks nothing like Matthew at all! I hope this next one is a little girl for them! I don’t see Matthew with a girl for some reason, but I do want a little girl for Camilla. After having a boy, you would probably be wanting a girl. But I would not know that because I have 2 precious girls. Anyway, good luck to them!

nettrice on

Camilla is a Pardo from Brazil. The Pardo people are a mixed race group of European, African and some Amerindian. According to the most recent census of Brazil, the Afro-Brazilians are now the largest group in Brazil.

btw – I, too, have African, Cherokee, and European in my family and I call myself Black (with a capital B). 😀

kimmy on

umm nettrice just because you consider yourself black with a capital B that does not mean camila considers herself black

zeezee on

Kimmy, I think googling Brazil population and the term African Diaspora will give you insight into what Nettrice is trying to explain about Camila’s heritage, and that of a large population of Brazil.

Bancie1031 on

WOW Gorgeous family …. In the first picture I didn’t even notice that Camila is pregnant ….. in the second picture she has this little baby bump …. Can’t wait to see their new addition!

nettrice on

I think Kimmy and a few others dance around/try to avoid black and Afro-Brazilian. I put “black with a capital B” in a separate paragraph” as it relates to me but my initial point was already made. Camila Alves is Afro-Brazilian and in the U.S. people with the same or similar racial mixture often identify as black or Afro/African-American…and there is nothing wrong with that.

Angela on

I read an article online about Camilla and the leather handbags she designs.The article stated she is Afro-Brazilian.
In fact the name of her bags “muxo” has an african meaning.

Timmy on

Not everyone born in South America considers themselves to be Latina, especially the people in Argentina whose population is 85% European via European immigration.

Olivia on

I wish people would get a passport and fly to Brasil to see how strong the Nigerian Yoruba and Angolan heritage both ethnically and culturally is to that country. Brasil is tremendously distinct from its neighbors. I saw it first hand last year when I vacationed there.

Lily on

I think she’s having a girl.

sheryll on

That baby looks nothing like Matthew. Hope they have a girl next.

Sweet L on

According to modern science, we are all of “the African Diaspora.” Let’s just appreciate the beauty of this family and hope the next child is a lovely little girl. 🙂

L on

I understand what people are trying to say about her being African but just because she is Brazilian doesn’t make her African. There is such diversity in culture, race, and ethnicity there (Brazil). Her last name Alves is NOT African I’ll tell you that much. Alves is a Spanish name and I believe she has a Latin mixture not black. She looks Latin more than anything. I do not see any African features in her at all. Not that there is anything wrong with it…but call it for what it is.

As for the baby- leave his size a lone. All children are different.

Anyway they are all beautiful and seem very content and peaceful.

Auturo on

Alves is an old Portuguese name and the Spanish and Portuguese are two different things. Portugal has its own culture, language, customs, food, the entire bit. Brasil is an African/European mixed country it is not Latin/Hispanic Spanish in the least. Miss. Alves looks like so many other mixed raced (black & white) Brasilian women. She is not African of course, she is a mixture of African and European the same as the model Adriana Lima. I do not see any Hispanic features in her at all, only mixed race… and that is exactly alright and as it should be since that is her heritage. Learn history people.

Cindy on

She favors Jennifer Beals and Halle Berry who are also of the African/European mixture, but with Jennifer one does not see it so plainly but its there.

Isabella on

Unfortunately, some people in America mistake the Spaniards of Spain with the Spanish speaking people of the United States because we speak a common language. But the Spaniards of Europe are indeed European and not Hispanic. I am not inferring there is a problem with being of the Hispanics, but you must remember they are different in many ways. Not so much hybrid as in the Hispanics elsewhere. I’m sure Matthew and his lovely wife are very happy together and I know they will have a wonderful baby. I do not think Levi is small as some people believe, he seems to be right size for his age.

brooklyn on

How does one look like a culture? Some people are willfully ignorant about some things.

Nettrice on

Alves does not look like a culture, she is part of a diaspora. There is a difference…and I am only talking about people who recognize and want to be a part of the African diaspora.

brooklyn on

No, Nettrice, I agree with you because I have been to Brasil and I know who the people are and their history. I am only referring to L and her various aliases. Brasil’s culture and people are a blend of Europe and Nigeria.

elley on

well Camilla certainly has strong genes that kid does not look one bit like a tall texan like his dad.

Adriana on

I am from Brasil. In our country we don`t classified ourselves as Afro-brasilians, white, indian or whatever. It`s just not part of the culture.
Since 1500, when Pedro Alvares Cabral immigrated to Brasil from Portugal we started mixing the races. It has been 500 years of mixing different races. No one could claim they are Afro-brasilian because 5 generations ago the father came from Angola and the mother is first generation Italian. That wouldn`t make any sense.For that reason, we stopped the labels long ago.
Due to the census statistics, the government do have terminologies for that, but that will be the only place you will see that happening.
The country had a massive number of immigrants from Japan (the biggest colony of Japanese people outside Japan is in Sao Paulo), Italy (Sao Paulo and South) and Germany (South). That is when you will find girls like Gisele Bunchen and Alessandra Ambrosio.But, even they are a mix of races as well. Never mind the Jewish people who first went to NYC centuries ago, they mostly came from Brazil.
We classified ourselves mostly where we are from in the country rather then which color our skin has.
By the way, we don`t call anyone Pardo, only the researches use that name. We say moreno.
Brazilian is a mix and that is it. We are colorful! If you mix yellow and blue, you will have green which is a color on it`s own. Enjoy the color, forget the labels!
Camila is probably 25% black origin, 25% Portuguese origin, 25% indian origin and 25% something else. Then, you would have to call her Afro-european-indian Brazilian. How crazy!
500 years mixing different races has only one label…Brazilian.

By the way, she looks fantastic! I mean, the whole family 😀

Enjoy the day!