Romeo Beckham Celebrates Turning 7!

09/02/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Happy Birthday! Romeo James Beckham begins his celebration with dinner at Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chao in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Looking dapper in his suit jacket and purple sneakers, Romeo, 7, was joined by mom Victoria Beckham and brothers Brooklyn Joseph, 10 ½ (not pictured), and Cruz David, 4 ½.

Click below for a photo of Victoria and Cruz, who was wearing an astronaut costume and a new hairdo!


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Snow on

Cruz is one of the coolest celeb kids out there! Go Cruz!

Daisy on

Romeo is so handsome is name certainly fits him perfectly!

Cruz is such a ham, on X17 they have a great picture of him making a funny face, I love the little design in his hair by the way!!

Mariel on

OMG he is a mini-David, he is really cute, such a beautiful smile!
Happy BDay Romeo!!

lolita on

HAPPY BIRHTDAY ROMEO!!! what a future hartbreaker! 🙂

someone can please tell me if its true that Cruz got dumped by his preschool after making alot of troubles there??
I doubt that its true, but this is what I heard.

emma on

Those boys are the most handsome things ever. There are photos of Brooklyn on other sites from this outing.
Her boys are growing up so quick. 10, 7 and 5 next February. It feels like only yesterday David stood there announcing Brooklyn had been born and now here they are a decade later.

April on

I just wonder how people get their kids to get a hair cut! I have an almost 3 year old who absolutely refuses! I found one place one time that was a kids place where they sat in power wheels and watched movies while getting their hair cut and that worked but has since went out of business……

Jessica on

Hmmm, I’m surprised no one is crying about Romeo’s clothing being inappropriate like a lot of people did on the most recent Kaia Gerber thread. I’m sensing a gender double standard.

Forever Moore on

While I haven’t been a big fan of this fam in the past, I must say that they seem like great parents who spend lots of time with their children…that’s great!

Elizabeth on

Does Victoria ever dress like she has 3 boys? If it were me I would be running around in flip flops and shorts! She always looks like she is coming from a photo shoot.

Andrea_momof2 on

Elizabeth, people complain that Britney doesn’t brush her hair and looks “like crap”, then complain Victoria’s too dressed up? Come on, does it really matter how she’s dressed?

They’re an adorable bunch! Can’t believe Romeo’s 7 years old.

Something About Baby on

Just as handsome as his father. Look out girls!

Layla on

Victoria and David’s boys are SO handsome!

Stephany on

Romeo looks so grown-up and adorable here! WOW! He is going to be a heartbreaker one day, that’s for sure.

Willa on

A woman whining about gender issues where there are none. Big shock. The difference between Kaia and Romeo is that Kaia wears makeup just to run errands with mom. She always dresses like a teenager (or older) while as far as I’ve seen Romeo dresses like a normal 7 year old boy when he’s NOT going to a fancy restaurant for a formal celebration. If Romeo dressed like this everyday, I’d find it just as weird as I do with Kaia. I’m sure most posters would complain about Victoria not dressing Romeo appropriately too so see, Jessica, no conspiracy here.

Ana on

Such a very good looking family. I don’t know why Victoria always dresses up like she is going to a photo shoot or she is going to walk the runway. I would love to see her in shorts and a t-shirt or flip flops or something very casual. Is she afraid that the paparazzi is going to catch her on a day off or what? Anyway, Happy Birthday to Romeo!!

kmb on

Hey, if I looked that great in a dress, I’d throw one on a lot more often. What’s funny is that we all know that if a picture was posted of her unkempt and disheveled, people would criticize her for that, too. If you can’t win, why not look great trying?

Micheley on

Ana- I think (and I think she has actually said this) that she just feels better when she is put together and looking nice. There is nothing wrong with that. She is beautifully and always looks beautiful. And we have scene her a few times in jeans and a shirt and I think even flip flops.
But what I respect most is that even though Victoria (and David too) are these beautiful people who are obviously into their public appearance and fashion, they always seem to let their kids express themselves how they want. Like in these pictures Cruz in his astronaut outfit, not all parents would let their kids do that.

Micheley on

Willa- Id also like to add to what you said (which I agree with) in saying that Romeo is also wearing Jeans and Nikes. I mean its not like he is decked out.

brannon on

No worries Jessica – I had the same immediate thought tbh. Of course I think they both look like normal 7 year olds (not sure how her jeans and flats are different from his jeans and nikes but in any case?) and regarding posh – not all mommies wear shorts and flip flops every day. Not sure I even own a pair of shorts tbh. To each their own (loving Cruz’ outfit as well 🙂 too cute!)

Karen on

I find it so incredibly cute how Romeo is all dressed up looking like a little man and yet is carrying stuffed animals just like the little boy he is.

I agree with Willa’s comments as well. I think every picture I have seen of Kaia she is wearing makeup or something I wouldn’t let my daughter dress in. But here we have a little boy dressed up for his birthday dinner. Also, I saw pictures of Brooklyn on another site and he is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, Cruz is wearing a custume so I would guess it was Romeo that wanted to dress up for his important day.

CelebBabyLover on

Karen and Willa- We actually have ZERO proof that Kaia ever wears make-up. Some girls and women have such an exotic look to them that they look as if they’re wearing make-up even when they aren’t. Kaia, for example, could just have very long, dark eyelashes.

In some pictures Kaia DOES appear to be wearing clear lipgloss, but I don’t see the harm in that. 🙂

jen on

With regards to hair cuts, Romeo in fact had long hair for quite awhile as he refused to have it cut!

Tracie on

Gorgeous children. I wish Victoria would smile more than she does. If I were married to David Beckham, I wouldn’t be able to wipe the grin from my face!

Denise on

Oh my word, Brooklyn’s 10. That’s scary. Time flies. These little boys are just so handsome, I adore Cruz.

jessica on

I love Romeo so much for some reason (apart from him being cute) but he just looks like he has so much personality and flair!
Can’t wait to watch him grow up some more

Kali on

LOL, I checked these photos out because I misread the comment and thought it was Victoria Beckham wearing the astronaut outfit, and thought how would that look any different??”.

Sunny on

Those boys are all so handsome!! Oh just in answer to Lolita’s question-the only thing that I can think of is Gordon Ramsey’s little girl was chucked out of her nursery school for bad behaviour (it was on one of his shows!) and because the couple are such good friends of the Beckhams it’s just a case of crossed wires-I don’t reckon the boys would get away with bad behaviour!!!
Anyway I hope that helps!!! x

Carly on

I read that Victoria Beckham has said that a mother should always dress for herself.

Nanny-Emma on

Romeo has certainly got the right name. How handsome! And I LOl’d at Cruz in his latest outfit!

CelebBabyLover on

Tracie- To be honest, it bugs me a bit that Victoria rarely smiles, either. The main reason it bugs me is because, shortly after the moved to the states, she said she would “try to smile more for America”….and it appears that she hasn’t lived up to her word.

However, I believe she has stated that she hates how she looks when she smiles, and it’s probably hard to get over that insecurity, plus not smiling is probably a hard habit to break!

MgAwsmEstevan on

She smiles more for America then she did when she’s was in British news. I mean, did anyone else see her on Ellen Degeneres? She smiles and she even took off her signature heels and wore tennis-shoes. Which I really didn’t think she would ever do. haha I think she just doesn’t smile for Paparazzi and she’s proved to me that she is a great role model as a wife/mother. She’s a fashion Icon, she always has to dress to impress. I’m really starting to like Victoria Beckham. =D