Charlotte Church 'Definitely' Wants More Kids

09/02/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Courtesy Hello!

Having two children under two has done nothing to deter Charlotte Church from her stated goal of having a large family.

Speaking shortly after the Saturday christening of her son Dexter Lloyd, 7 ½ months, the 23-year-old songstress — also mom to Ruby Megan, turning 2 this month — said that she and partner Gavin Henson may have revised their timeline, but not their intentions!

“We definitely want more kids,” she revealed to Hello! magazine, “but we think we’ll wait a few years now until Ruby goes to school.”

Weighing heavily on her mind is the discomfort of pregnancy. “I suffer badly with aching hips when I’m pregnant and last time, with Dexter, it was so painful,” Charlotte lamented.

Her own weight, on the other hand, is not a concern.”I couldn’t care,” Charlotte proclaims.

“When I get to the stage where I personally think, ‘Crikey, I’ve got to do something about this,’ I’ll eat less or eat healthier but I won’t be spurred on by what’s written in the media.”

Noting that her wardrobe offers a “ridiculous” range of sizes, Charlotte does admit that she’s pleased with where she’s at. “It is kind of nice to have my body back,” she says.

As for their second child, the couple say that they’ve been blessed with an easy-going baby. “As long as he’s getting attention and someone’s holding him or playing with him, he’s happy,” Gavin beams, prompting Charlotte to add,

“Especially women — he’s a terrible flirt.”

Source: Daily Mail via Hello!

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Jess on

What an adorable family. I think she looks fantastic!

Bren on

She looks great! What a beautiful family. I love her hair!

Chelsea on

Cute family!

maggie on

lol when i first looked at the photo of Ruby brushing her hair in the mag,i thought it looked like her hair had been dyed blonde! lol light trick me thinks

Nikki on

I think I might take a trip to the newsagent and get this edition of Hello!

Charlotte is so down-to-earth and seems like a great mum. She has had a couple of slip-ups in the past but who hasn’t?

They are a beautiful family. It’s a lovely photo to have chosen as the cover pic.

MissMissy on

She looks fabulous, and it’s good to see a picture of the kids (which I don’t recall seeing in a while). What a sweet family. 🙂

merry on

We havent seen them for a while. Beatiful young family. The kids have gotten so big!

Alex on

MissMissy and Merry – I don’t think there is a huge amount of tabloid interest in Charlotte and Gavin as a couple, which is probably good for them since they seem to be quite private people. I don’t think they wanted the children photographed publicly, which is what surprised me about them making the Christening public. Oh well, the children are so cute, it’s nice to see pictures of them :).

Daisy on

Beautiful family!! Gavin is so handsome :-]

Lilliness on

Awww looks like someone is teething 😦 My 7 month old looks the same way in all of his pictures too!

Beautiful little family!

Alana on

Love them!

Mary-Helen on

What a cute family! I love their names!

Marie on

They also live in rural Wales where there’s unlikely to be very many paparazzi; certainly not ‘professional’ ones. So when you live a quiet live away from the limelight like that, it really doesn’t matter if you feature your family in a magazine, you can get the public celebration aspect (and let’s not forget, Charlotte Church was loved by the public as a young girl and knows there is an interest in her life) without it disrupting your day to day life. I’ve no doubt Gavin and Charlotte know that.

maman on

Blessed with an easy-going baby. “As long as he’s getting attention and someone’s holding him or playing with him, he’s happy,” Hahaha this sounds very FAR from easy going!! 🙂

Stephany on

Maman, I was thinking the same thing! I wouldn’t call always needing attention easy-going! Hm… I guess my definition differs?

They are a beautiful family, though!

Mia on

Both babies look like her, very cute.

sat on

I am loving the suit and tie! Handsome young dad!

skunknuggets on

She sounds like a very down to earth woman. I think her weight looks normal to me and not like she ‘needs’ to lose any, but perhaps by celebrity standards, some people may think she needs to.