Gwen Stefani Spills on Her Life As a Rock Star Mom

09/01/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Courtesy Glamour

Once a typical teenager living in Southern California, Gwen Stefani admits that the rock star lifestyle she now leads with husband Gavin Rossdale and their two children Kingston James McGregor, 3, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 1, is a reality that is at times hard to accept.

“I grew up in a normal family,” she reveals in the September issue of Glamour. However, it is her day-to-day routine that leaves the songstress realizing that her childhood sense of normalcy is long gone.

“Yesterday…at the end of the night, I was there with [Kingston] putting him to bed, reading all his books, getting his diaper on and putting him in his crib. Then I got [Zuma], nursed him, put him to sleep. Then I went to a Hollywood party! It is extremely different from how my parents raised me.”

While she jokes that she may just be a “late bloomer” and her days of creating a stir in the media are still to come, Gwen credits her upbringing as the reason she stays grounded. Her lack of negative attention in the spotlight often leaves the mother-of-two imagining how she will ensure the same rings true for her boys.

“I was thinking today when I was driving, ‘How am I going to make sure that Kingston never does anything bad and doesn’t get arrested?'” she muses. “I was thinking, ‘How did I stay out of trouble?’ And I know it’s just ’cause my parents are so strict. I mean, I’m still scared of them!”

Fortunately for Gwen, her recipe for success from her own “sweet parents” is never far — she shares that the couple are a big part of Kingston and Zuma’s lives, often watching the kids when she is busy.

The journey of motherhood — and raising well-rounded kids — is not an easy one, admits Gwen, who never realized how difficult the responsibility would be. “I’ve always worked really hard, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done is have kids!” she notes. “Everything from getting up in the morning to trying to be consistent to trying to have the right feelings. But, of course, the rewards are great.”

Although Gwen never envisioned the abrupt turns her life has taken, she finds everything that much easier with Gavin by her side. “I always thought he’d be a good dad,” she said, quoting her hit ‘Simple Kind of Life.’ “And he has basically lived up to that and beyond, beyond.”

“He’s very, very passionate, and he’s very intense. He’s made to be a dad. I’m very lucky.”

Source: Glamour

— Anya

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Forever Moore on

Lucky indeed! Love this fam

Mia on

Everyone is different, some kids stay in diapers till they are 3, 4, or 5, whenever they are ready. The mind/the body don’t always catch up to each other at the same time. I love Gwen/her family, so adorable 🙂 I can’t wait for ND to come back on tour/new material.

mary on

Elizabeth, it’s very common for three year olds to still wear diapers, esp at nighttime.

I think it’s great that she is still nursing Zuma!

Nan on

Kingston may just wear diapers at night…..or all day…so what?! He’s only 3!

April on

I love this family, they are my favorites on cbb.

As for the diapers, my two girls were daytrained at 2 1/2, but they wore diapers or pull ups at night until 3 1/2. I think that’s quite normal (or seems to be in my area). Also Kingston has had a busy year, on tour with dad and mom and having a new baby brother, so he could be regressing a little. Who knows? He seems happy and loved and that’s what matters. No one is going to go to first grade in a diaper.

Erika on

I don’t think its unusual for a kid to be in diapers until 3…I know people who wore them until 4 1/2.

I love this family by the way!!! 🙂

Susan on

Maybe she was telling an older story – from 6 months ago.

I think she’s fantastic – good head on her shoulders and a great mom.

Mia on

That’s true, sometimes these interviews/articles are done 3-4 months before they are actually published. I would love to read more quotes from this article.

Liz on

isn’t he a little bit old to be sleeping on a crib?. My 22 month old son sleeps in a big bed boy already.

lucy80 on

why is kingston still in diapers at 3? a little less time on the road and a little more focus on potty training perhaps.
cute boys

mary on

Why bother posting something negative/snarky? It’s not nice to judge like that.

Lizz on

I love that she is still nursing Zuma

robinepowell on

Why is she changing Kingston’s diapers? At age three, shouldn’t he be into pull ups for night time? At least old enough that mom doesn’t need to change his diaper, he can put on his own undewear/pull ups.

Did I read right? Kingston’s still in a crib? Diaper issue aside, why is he still in a crib? Kingtson’s way past the age where he would fall out of bed. 😉

Ratty on

My parents didn’t toilet train me or my siblings until 33 months (as my sister was born in winter they waited till she was about 39 months, due to the cold) and we were all toilet trained within about two weeks. Its not necessarily a bad thing to wait till a kid’s older because they’re more ready for it. I used to baby sit for a family of five and they started toilet training all their kids at about 18 months and they still had to wear nappies to bed at 6!

momta2 on

My son was born a few days after Kingston. Although he wears undies and is quite “trained”, we still put a pull-up/diaper on him at bedtime. When he wakes up in the morning, he has his morning pee and on his own throws the diaper in the trash and puts on his undies.

Look…as it relates to pacis, diapers, nursing, co-sleeping, etc, my policy and my advice is to start worrying if these are still happening at 15!…reeeelax

cassie on

they really are a cute family

paula on

My older son was not fully potty trained until he was almost 4. My youngest will be 3 in a month and we just transitioned him to a “big boy bed”. Everyone is different.
LOVE this family!

CelebBabyLover on

Gwen said “…getting his diaper on…”, which makes me think that Kingston only wears diapers at night. Wearing diapers at night is pretty common for kids Kingston’s age.

Anyway, great that she’s still nursing Zuma, or at least was at the time of the interview (which probably was done three or four months ago, since Glamour is a monthly publication). Zuma had a bottle in the pictures of he, Gwen, the nanny, and Kingston at Gavin’s concert last week, but perhaps Gwen isn’t comfortable nursing in public. 🙂

sdfsd on

Boys are often late bloomers in the potty training department. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Camilla on

Liz, my 27 month old daughter is still in her crib and most likely will be when she is 3. It just depends on the family and what their preference are. My daughter wouldn’t stay in a bed at this point.

Louise on

Lucy80- what a mean thing to say.
My oldest boy is 4 and wears a diaper at night, he is usually dry but he has had a few accidents and I’d rather avoid having a wet bed. Boys often take longer to fully toilet train than girls and many of my sons friends also wears diapers at night.

Shannon on

My son is going to be 3 at the end of this month, and he has absolutley no interest in potty training. We’ve been talking to him and letting him sit on the potty, and he’s been seeing videos and reading books about it since he turned 2 1/2. He just isn’t interested, and his body has not yet caught up enough to tell him when he has to go. Our Dr and PAT educator both say there’s no reason at all to be concerned. It’s completely normal for a 3 year old to not be potty trained. And also, my son is in a toddler bed at this point, but he is certainly not old enough to sleep in a regular bed w/o falling out! (we learned that one the hard way a couple weeks ago!)

Gwen and Gavin seem like they are very hands on and involved parents. I love that Gwen is still nursing Zuma, I think I remember her saying she would nurse at least a year! Go Gwen! They are an adorable family, and while every now and then I disagree with some choices, I think they are very, very good parents to their 2 adorable boys.

Bieta on

There isn’t really any reason to potty train very early. Almost everyone learns by age 5, most people feel the strain of getting them out early because diapers are pricey. Stefani isn’t one of those people.

ecl on

As soon as I read this article, I thought, “Someone is going to make a big fuss that he isn’t potty trained” and I was right! I’m pretty sure some people just come on here to start problems. The diaper complaint is particularly lame since it doesn’t affect anyone, but the family. Moms need to get over attacking each other and realize that the reason they do this is because their role is so devalued in society. They have to make themselves feel special and skilled somehow!

Brandi on

I think he is potty trained during the day, he’s usually not wearing a diaper in photos we see here. And she says “putting his diaper on” so she probably means that he’s just not night trained. It is not a big deal at 3, my son wasn’t night trained until close to 4 even though he had been fine during the day since he was 2.5.

Gwen looks great on the cover, I like this photo of her alot.

JMO on

These articles are usually put out 2-3 months after an interview takes place. Therefore all this could of happened before Zuma turned a year old and before Kingston turned 3.

I know many 3 and even 4 year olds not potty trained! NOT uncommon although I do blame a lot of it on laziness of a child and/or parent. When I attended preschool in the 80’s you had to be potty trained to go. Now a days kids can go to school not trained so it makes it easier for parents to wait it out until the child is ready (or leave it on the school to do the work for them)! For me I think potty training is easier when started early. I know a 19 month old girl who is potty trained but I also know a 4 year old boy who isn’t and wants NO parts of it. All kids are different.

As far as the crib. Maybe King feels safe in it. What’s the big deal?? Although I’m surprised that at 3 he isn’t climbing out which if he is then should be put into a bed before he hurts himself by accidentally falling. I don’t know many 3 year olds in cribs but like I said this article could be a few months old. At this point she may not even be breastfeeding Zuma anymore!

mmh on

My son is exactly the same age as Kingston. He is in underwear fully, but that is only because he has NEVER had a nighttime accident. (Knock on wood!!!) He’d be in pullups at night FOREVER if he had (many of my friends’ kids same age or older still are)!!!! I agree with an earlier poster, no reason to risk a wet bed. =) Also, although my son is in a toddler bed now, he hasn’t been for long. He never tried to climb out of his crib and was very content in it, so we only transitioned him when we redecorated his room to a more “big boy” theme — and he’s done great with it. That said, I still call his bed a “crib” all the time!!! It’s hard to break that habit!!! =)

JM on

my son is about 6 months younger than kingston and has been fully potty trained for several months. all my kids were potty trained round about the same time within a range of six months (i mean when they were that age obviously not all in one go 😀 ) but it’s true that every child is different and sometimes as much as you may want it, it just doesn’t happen. my oldest son was fastest, potty trained at 13 months. unusually he was faster than my two daughters were as they are usually easier to potty train. and sure enough they were second fastest. potty trained at around 18 months to 24 months. second youngest son was potty trained at about 2 years to 2 1/2 with a couple of “accidents” along the way. and several months after his twin sister.
every kid is different.

Jessicad on

Maybe CBB could do a sound off on potty training? 🙂 I need advice and all the help I can get! From what I hear diapers or pull ups at Kingston’s age are normal though! Wish I had her “rock star” life, love her!


Here’s a link to one we did in February!

– CBB Staff

Samantha on

I thought it wasn’t unusual for a 3-year-old boy to still not be fully potty-trained? Don’t boys take longer to be ready than girls? My cousin (a boy) wasn’t potty-trained until he was five or six! But, that was due to parental and child laziness. He knew what he was doing and would tell his mom while he was going that she needed to change him. She actually told my mom that she was just going to wait for the preschool teachers to train him. She didn’t want to. But, most of the three-year-old boys I know of are just starting to potty-train.

Mariel on

“…Then I went to a Hollywood party! It is extremely different from how my parents raised me.”

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessicad on

Thank you!!! Couldn’t remember if there was one already up or not!

mememememe on

What so unusual about putting your kids to bed and then going out to a party? My parents did it all the time…I don’t go to many parties but I go out after putting the kids to sleep. Just because there are famous people at a party doesn’t make her lifestyle different. I’d say going on tour would be more different than an average suburban upbringing…

Stephany on

I work at a preschool and we start actively potty-training at 2-years-old. Almost every parent is ready before then actually. We do have a few children who turn 3 and aren’t potty-trained but for the most part, the kids are fully potty-trained. Of course, I don’t know if they still wear Pull-Ups at night (but since the parents usually give us their leftover diapers/Pull-Ups, I’m guessing not) and I don’t have any children of my own (my brother and I were both potty-trained at 16 months, though). The kids who aren’t fully potty-trained at 3 are usually the result of parents who are too busy or too lazy to focus on potty-training their child (unless they have developmental delays. We have one such child with developmental delays who is almost 3 and nowhere near ready to potty-train).

I’m not saying what Gwen is doing is wrong. Not at all. Her child, her decision. This is just my experience with potty-training. I’m figuring the Pull-Up is just for nighttime which I think is fine. The crib situation does strike me as a little odd because of safety issues. I didn’t think cribs were safe for a 3-year-old. But I’m not an expert on this issue either.

Anyway, the rest of the interview was fun! Gwen seems like a great mom!

Chandra on

I find it so appalling, the mother’s on this board that apparently only read the articles on this site to nit pick at other mothers. That is what is wrong with the world of motherhood, it’s chock-full of snarky know-it-all b*tches.

Who cares if he is still in a diaper?! You don’t take care of him OR pay the Stefani-Rossdale’s bills. So there for, YOU HAVE NO SAY! I mean some of you are truly sick, looking at “daytime” pics to determine if he is potty training? Really? That’s gross and voyeuristic to say the least. My son had to wear pull ups a night until he was five, due to a seizure disorder. (So there! Now pick me apart too!) How do you know there is not a medical reason for his need for diapers?! You don’t. ALSO, writing to tell people how quick you were to potty train your totbot, is nothing short of self-righteous ignorance.

Again WHO CARES?! *shakes head* If just ONE of you haters took that evil energy and puts it towards something positive. What a different world it would be…

P.S. By the way, MY two year old still takes a paci too! Let the venom fly!

mom2gavin on

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Chandra! My son is 3 1/2 and he’s still in diapers too!!! He just has had no interest in it but I think he will be soon because he wanted to sit on the potty last night. It’s not a contest or who is the better mom…what absurd comments!

Jenny on

I have two boys ages 3 1/2 and 2 1/2. My oldest was potty trained fully by 2 1/2. He was taking off his diapers all the time. Also at night time he wasn’t peeing in his diaper so that was when we potty trained him. It usually takes about two weeks working with the child to train. Also try going out in public with the child wearing underware and they might like that. We found that not using nighttime underwear worked for us too.

MiB on

Every child is different in the potty training department, but seriously, do you people read? Gwen said “getting his diaper on” which to me clearly indicates that he only has one at night (besides photos from the past 6 months or so show him without diapers). A lot of children are bed wetters and for many different reasons, mostly either because their nervous system is immature or because they are heavy sleepers. Bed wetting has nothing to do with lazy parenting or uninterested children, often it’s genetics (most children who wet their beds had parents who wet their beds too). I have known children who were fully potty trained by day (no accidents) from the age of 14-15 months but still wet their beds at age six. There are even adult bed wetters around! It is perfectly normal for a barely 3 year old to be fine out of diapers during the day, but still need them at night.

MiB on

I realize that I came off harsh in my previous post, but it upsets me to hear people talking about lazy parenting when it comes to bed wetting. Bed wetting is partly inherited and a genetical trait and partly due to heavy sleeping and is really quite normal. It has nothing to do with lazy parenting or unwilling children. The only thing parents can do is to put the children in diapers, limit their liquid intake in the evenings and wake them up to go potty before the parents go to bed. Kingston is barely three, an age at wich the reasonable thing to do is to put them in a diaper until they have been dry for three days, and then trying it without the diaper on to see what happens. Making a fuss about it usually makes bed wetting worse, and it isn’t anything to worry about seriously until they reach school age unless there are other problems.

Samantha on

MiB, you’re right about bed wetting. I had a 16 year-old student who told me she still wets the bed. She was an abuse victim, so it’s not unusual for her to still have this issue. But every child develops differently. Always important to remember that we don’t know the intimate details of personal situations.