David Boreanaz Welcomes Daughter Bardot Vita

09/01/2009 at 01:30 PM ET


David Boreanaz‘s bundle of joy has arrived. Wife Jaime Bergman delivered the couple’s second child, daughter Bardot Vita Boreanaz, on Monday, August 31st, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

Baby Bardot weighed in at 7 lbs., 14 oz and joins big brother Jaden Rayne, 7, at home.

The birth comes as a relief to Bones star David, who had been staying close to home in case Jaime, who had been on bed-rest, went into labor.

“I must maintain a 20-mile radius. I cannot travel beyond that,” the former Angel star, 40, told PEOPLE recently. “If I do, I’ll freak out — I have to be there when the baby comes.”

Now that Bardot has arrived, the couple can breathe easy.

“We’ve been trying to have another baby for a couple of years now so we are beyond excited,” Bergman, 33, recently told PEOPLE’s Celebrity Baby Blog. “We’re over the moon.”

David and Jaime announced the pregnancy in March, revealing the sex of the baby in July. Jaime’s due date was today.

The new season of Bones will premiere Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

— Reporting by Julie Jordan

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Brooklyn on

Congrats to Jaime & David. I can’t say that I like the name however.

melissa on

Congrats! I love David! I was a little surprised with the name though.

Lara on

I wonder if she was named after Brigitte Bardot?

JMO on


So pronounced Bar-Doe ??

hmm not a great first name choice but to each their own.

janet on

Congrats to them both! Interesting name, I like it even if it wouldn’t be my own personal choice. I’m not that brave, lol. Can’t wait to see pics of baby girl.

Lynn on

Congratulations to David and Jaime! I love the name.

Ekaterina on

Oh wow, congrats!

As to the name, I sincerely hope she’s not named after Brigitte Bardot. She’s been convicted of inciting racial hatred in France five times. She’s quite frankly a terrible person to be named after.

Chloemon on

Yeah. This is great news. The name is a little surprising but rather beautiful.

Can’t wait for the first photos

Lila on

Congrats to David and Jamie on their healthy baby girl! I hope she brings them much joy.

I agree- not a fan of the name. Bardot sounds like a “Harlow” rip off.

Allie-Rose on

Congratulations to the Boreanaz family and welcome to baby Bardot.

I’m not too fond of the name, providing it reminds me of Brigitte Bardot who I particularly dislike as a person.
I hope they’ll call her Vita, which I wonder where they got it from…

michelle on

I LOVE THAT NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for them. Now he can go a bit further from the house. :):):)

Christina on

Bardot? *sigh* I’ll just say congrats to the proud parents.

Max'sMom on

UURRGGG…really do not like the name but to each their own.
Congrats nonetheless.

All Women Stalker on

Yay, congrats! Just started watching Bones and I love him there.


millikate on

That’s a new one. I go through birth announcements for my blog and I’ve never seen a Bardot before. Interesting.

Meredith on

According to mybabynames.com ( and I have no idea if its a reputable site), the name Bardot is an aboriginal/german name meaning Giant/ Light or Water. Maybe this is where they found her name…I kind of like it. It sounds interesting and foreign, even though I myself would never chose it.
Congrats to the family!

Ashley on

Congrats David and Jaime! Best of the luck with two kiddos!

Not loving the name, but hey, it’s still better than some of the names out there.

Daisy on

I am ALL for unique & intersting names, but honestly…that sounds like the name of a nightclub or some restaurant…Congrats to David and his family though!!

fuzibuni on

the name Vita is lovely. i haven’t heard it before.

Micheley on

Love David Boreanaz!
Not a fan of Bardot, but I love the name Vita. Maybe she will go by Vita? πŸ™‚

galain on

Vita means life in Italian. Hope David’s Italian/Latin got better since his Buffy/Angel days, lol.

Congrats to this beautiful family!

Chris on

Bardot Boreanaz is a mouthful but congrats! Maybe they’ll call her BB.

Micheley on

So I just looked up the name Bardot, and it is a German name. Since David is part Czechoslavakian, which being Czech myself alot of the names in our family are also popular German names, maybe that is where it came from.

CTBmom on

Congrats to them….I bet little Bardot is beautiful. I’m not sure how I feel about the name. Although, Vita is kind of pretty =)

Robyn on

Seriously yall, if you don’t like the name, just leave it alone. Just say congrats to them. I *love* BOTH her names. Gorgeous. She’ll grow up with a very “international” sounding name πŸ˜€

I love David Boreanaz too btw. Love him on Bones.

holden on


Surprising name, that’s for sure. Bardot itself is not a bad name, but Bardot Boreanaz doesn’t go so well.

I always find it a little strange when parents name one child a trendy, popular name and name a second child a really different, unknown name. Jaden and Bardot…Violet and Seraphina Affleck, also.

bieta on

I kinda like the name Bardot! But I’m not really a fan of Brigitte Bardot at all, so it kinda ruins it for me. Vita is nice word! She can go by life(which is a pretty neat nickname).

Lily on

Congrats Boreanaz family! I am totally digging the baby’s name–I like it :o)

bieta on

Ekaterina- Exactly! Her legacy in France is mixed at best! She’s become a crazy old lady.

bieta on

Deneuve is a pretty cool name tho!

Janine on

Congrats! The first and last name are a bit of a mouthful, but Vita’s quite nice.

daniela on

Don’t love the name, but congrats to the family!

babyboopie on

Maybe its a prank?! Whoever would call their child that?!!

liline on

as a former playmate, Jaime must admire brigitte bardot who used to be a sex symbol. But I’m french and I can tell you she’s been linked to extreme right activists and said some pretty appaling racist things.

Brooke on

I am completely LOVING the name….Totally funky and I might have a new favorite…

Angel on

I don’t care for the name at all. The first name seems very masculine to me and their son’s name seems very feminine (although it’s a beautiful name, just seems girly).

Anyway, congrats to them. They are beautiful people.

Marilyn on

I like Bardot but not sure if I like it with the last name — a little too much alliteration going on. I like Vita, too.

Kaykay on

Love lovel ove the name

nks on

awful name. poor, poor kid. seriously? what’s wrong with an normal name?
but congrats to the family though.

Jessi on

I LOVE him on Bones! Congratulations. I actually like the first name.

Emilia on

Congrat to them !!!! So happy for them.
Vita is a perfect name but Bardot…
I live in France: Brigitte Bardot is quite controversial here and, despite her famous past life, she’s not appreciated anymore. She is said to be very narrow minded, racist and intolerant.
In my opinion, to give a last name as a first name is a bit weird, but maybe it’s because in France we’re not used to that (at all).

Tina. on

i really like him on bones, hes so funny:D its a kind of weird name, but its not my kid. im really, really happy for them and wish them nothing but the best πŸ™‚

Liliana on

Congrats to David, Jaime, and big brother, Jaden. I’m sure she’s beautiful.

I’d like the name if it didn’t remind me of Brigitte Bardot. Her racial remarks, among other things, spoil it, for me.

elle on

here weeee gooooo again with celebs trying to come up with “original” ideas for names. just MO.

FC on

Bardot Vita Boreanaz? It’s not a bad name to have, and it seems to go quite well. It’s different, and I like it. Besides, I’m just happy to hear the baby’s here and well-accounted for.

Congrats to David and Jaime on their daughter. πŸ™‚

Sue on

HORRIBLE name . . . these poor kids!!!

Micheley on

I hate how we are all assuming that we know why they chose Bardot, we do not. And also if they did name her after Bridgette Bardot, it could be because they think she is a beautiful little girl and Bridgette was a beautiful lady. Being in the states I didn’t know any of the stuff posted on here about Bridgette, and I wouldn’t consider it to big of a leap to say that neither did David and Jaime. IF that is where the name comes from.

dee on

I like the name. And one less Ava, Lola, Emma, Madison, or Addison is fine by me.

Congrats to the family, I’m glad to hear everyone is healthy and happy!!

mmh on

But do you guys like it less than Jayden Rayne???? I actually think compared to that, Bardot Vita’s not that bad!!!!

Carissa on

I’m sorry when did all you critics adopt these kids who’s names you hate so much? Leave it alone. They are not you’re kids, so why all the chatter about this little girls name? It’s a name and you and I may never know the real meaning behind it, unless they come out and tell us, and even then it might be miss quoted or taken out of context. Those of you who are so caught up on a name of a kid you will never meet or have a hand in raising,you need to get a life. To each their own,worry about you’re own kids. Just an opinion.
BTW I kind of like the name

Jana on

Bardot? I hope they’ll call her “Dotty” for short. She’ll probably go by “Dot” when she gets older and somehow forgive her parents for giving her that awful name. Congrats to the happy family!

Jana on

It’s always a self-righteous person on every thread telling us what and what not to say. It’s a waste of time because no one will listen. Besides, the family may as well get used to it because that name will be critiqued for the rest of the child’s life.

liline on

I’m sorry but some names have horrible connotations, you’d frown if a kid was named after somebody really offensive from here, and if you choose a name from another culture, the least you could do is check it out! And it’s ‘Brigitte’ Micheley.

Caren on

Bardot Vita Boreanez?? That’s…different. Sounds like the scientific classification for some sort of animal or plant.

taegan on

Congratulations to David and wife.
Bardot, different but beautiful name!

bre on

People have already posted the meaning of the name, and I didn’t read that it meant xenophobic french actress that no one has heard of in 30+ or however many years. And I’m sure Brigitte is not the only person in a world of 6 billion people with the name Bardot!!

Anyway, Congrats to David, Jaime, and Jayden on a healthy additon to their family.

CJM on

Horrid name, period. It looks and sounds ugly and unfeminine.

I have a traditional name that has two possible spellings, and it still goes mispronounced every day! All my teachers got it wrong in school my entire life. And it’s a simple name.

Celebrities (or anybody else, for that matter) who give their kids really offbeat names are doing the kids an injustice.

LeeAnn on

First off, congratulations to David and Jamie for the birth of a healthy baby girl!
Secondly, we are not the parents of this child, Burdot Vita is a lovely and unique name, it’s international and may be related to family origins, none of us know.
Thirdly, even if the baby’s name was somehow influenced by the famous Brigitte Bardot, it’s not our place to make assumptions or bash the Boreanaz’s choice. Also, Brigitte Bardot’s comments tend to relate to the mistreatment of animals used in sacrificial religious practices and are not directed towards a race. She is an animal rights activist, not a racist.
In addition, Mr. Boreanaz participates in many interviews so therefore we will probably eventually learn about the inspiration of his daughter’s name.
Again, Congrats to the family!

Joey on

David is Northern Italian so maybe the name means something great in Italian. Is his wife french?

brannon on

I Love Love Love the name but it surprised me considering how much I dislike their sons name! They don’t go together but baby bardot definitely lucked out! Congratulations!!

JM on

just so you know Bardot is not at all a popular name in German speaking countries. i would have said it was a French name as i come from a German speaking country and have never met nor heard of anyone with that name.

congrats to them and i hope all are happy and healthy. but in my opinion a pretty poor name choice.

cassie on

congrats to them!

Willa on

For those Americans who don’t know, France has no freedom of speech so a person can be charged with hate speech if they write an article or do an interview where they complain about a religious practice. In Brigitte Bardot’s case, she was complaining about the treatment of animals by Muslims. Personally, as a woman, I’d be more apt to complain about the treatment of women by Muslims, but whatever. You’d think a country like France would be progressive but. I have no idea why David and Jaime named their daughter Bardot but I respect their right to make that decision as much as I respect a person’s right to speak freely. Thank goodness I live in the US or I might get in trouble for this post.

Personally I think people like David and Jaime name their kids something a little different because they have very common names themselves and maybe they always wished their names were more original? They named their son something pretty trendy but girls can get away with more originality than boys. It’s why you can name a girl Michael, but not name a boy Michelle. Well unless you live in France. Full circle there.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Congrats on the safe arrival of their new baby girl, nice for their son to have a little sis. Like their son’s name but not their daughter’s, but congrats anyhow, long as baby and mum are happy and doing well, is the main thing, but surprised at the name have to say.

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to them! Not so sure about the name but it’s their daughter.

Sarah M. on

I like Jayden better than Bardot! Maybe Bardot will grow on me. But, hey, they aren’t my kids so it doesn’t really matter.

Congrats to the family on a healthy, much wanted baby!!

Amber on

Sounds like a stage name for a stripper. Sorry, but that is the very first thing that I thought of. I understand that choosing a name is a very personal thing, but don’t parents think about how their child will be perceived based upon their name? It may not be fair, but it is most certainly true.

Shelby on

I actually like the name. It’s unusual, but pretty. Guess I don’t really know all the negative associations, so I’ll just go with the sound of it. πŸ˜‰ congrats to them!

Hilda on

Congratulations! The name sounds somewhat oldfashioned but ok.
I find it surprising that people have commented that the 2 kids names do not match. I didn’t know they had to!?
Some get upset because we r giving our opinions about baby names. HELLO! Last time I checked we were allowed to state our OPINIONS as long as they rn’t rude or offensive. They r just opinions people, we all have one! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE!!

Alecia on

Congrats to the Boreanaz family, they chose water names (FOR BOTH KIDS) like myself. I absolutely love their name choice, Bardot= Water or light & Vita= life.

Jane on

Bardot is just awful. It’s reminds of the actress. It also sounds very harsh. Vita reminds me of vita muffins. I don’t like the boy’s name either. Still, it could be worse for a Hollywood baby. I wonder if Bardot will look like Mom or Dad. Jaden is David’s mini me.

SofieBee on

All I’ve got is congratulations.

Karla on

Since David is half Italian and half Czechoslovakian perhaps the name has a special meaning in Czec.

Bieta on

It just accord to me: The name is pronounced Bar-doh. My little cousin who is american called it Bar-dot when she read this. And with the french pronounciation the r isn’t really said its a soft r.

zanna on

Jana: Why on Earth would she go by Dotty or Dot? The word dot isn’t even part of the pronunciation of the name…It’s pronoundced like Bar “dough” NOT Bar “dot”. It is French and the t is silent….I think it’s unique and actually quite beautiful…

cathleen on

I actually love the name Bardot. It’s on my list!

Jennifer on

I love the name!! So fun and unique. πŸ™‚

Leni on

Karla: I am from the Czech Republic and the name Bardot has no special meaning in Czech or Slovak. I guess David’s mother is Slovakian.

I like the name. Congrats to the family!

Anna on

I don’t like Bardot a lot. I’m presuming they pronounce it the French way even though people are saying it’s German. I like Vita better.

Jess from Ohio on

It’s actually not all that bad imo. I really like Vita a lot as well. Congrats to them! I feel like she was pregnant for a long time for some reason.

sexymarcy69 on

i love it! but i guess there could be still another names out there that could be suitable for the baby.. but still, i like it! ;D

Mariasha on

lol, seriously if that name is German, I must have been living under a rock here for a while. Never, ever heard of it as a first name. Not even in the Middle Ages. πŸ˜€

Congrats, anyway and good luck to the girl with that name that she won’t be teased too much.

Tiffany on

I can understand people not liking the Bardot,b/c it is unusual,but Jaden??Jaden is a very common name esp in Australia.
And Will Smith has a Jaden and Britney has Jayden too.

Congrat to David & family-each to their own,no need for posters to be snarky to each other.

Tiffany on

I just clicked on the section of this blog that deals with the top baby names of 2008. Jaden is number 2!!!So,I don’t know where some of you live,but it is quite common now!

Teds22 on

Why are people saying maybe they will call her Vita. They named her Bardot,so they will most likely call her Bardot.Just b/c YOU don’t like a baby name,no need for silly comments-Like “call her Dotty or Dot”???

CelebBabyLover on

Hilda- But some of the comments HAVE been offensive. For example, a few people have actually said, “That poor kid!”.

kyotoyoshi on

People always come up with these claims like “oh, that person is 1/18th german/czech/french/italian (with little to no connection to their Europe roots since they’re 10th generation American), so maybe the name is of some significance” when people who are actually from those countries have hardly ever heard of those names, especially never heard them used as first names.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, they either named her after the wine or Brigit Bardot. If they named her after Brigit then they’re lucky most Americans don’t know about the kind of xenophobic nonsense she spews on a regular basis.

kyotoyoshi on

Willa – You’ve pretty much glossed over a very complicated situation, not to mention, painted France as some kind of oppressive nation. The reason why Bardot has been arrested for her controversial statements about Muslims (and I assure you, it’s not just for her “complaints” about how they treat cows. And I quote: “I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts.” She has also made comments about the “Islamisation of France”) is not because France doesn’t have written free speech laws. The French excercise as much free speech, press, right to assembly (they love this one) as the US. The reason why her statements have caused controversy is because it is hate speech against Muslims, who have been persecuted quite a bit in France for years. The issue goes beyond “she doesn’t agree with how they treat cows.”

Allie-Rose on

Willa – as a French person, I’m am very offended by what you said about France? Where on earth did you get that we have no freedom of speech? Just because Nicolas Sarkozy tried to limit freedom of speech like George W. Bush did doesn’t mean we can’t say what we want.
As for Brigitte Bardot, it’s not only her comments about the treatment of animals by Muslims that shocked, but also her known affiliation with the Front National, the French extreme right, openly racist party, that she has funded more than once.

Dazzle on

congrats to them.interesting name.

Harley on

Aw, congrats to them!

I’m with most of you, Bardot is just…an odd choice. I totally back Vita. But, it is better than some I’ve seen lol. Either way, I’m thrilled for their newest addition πŸ™‚

Anka on

There seems to be a lot of Czech and Slovak discussion here on the name…As a Slovak I’d like to clear up
Bardot is NOT I repeat NOT a Czech or Slovak name at all

Jaedyn on

Congrats to Jaime and David! I do not like the name though…

Bella Mama on

i love the name.. Bardot.. very pretty..

mmh on

Uh, I actually DON’T like the name Jayden BECAUSE it is so popular (not to mention made up). Just because something is popular doesn’t mean everyone likes it!!!!!! Some of us have minds of our own!!!!

nico on

just for the record: bardot is not a german name – certainly not a first name, and I haven’t come across it as a surname either.

JM on

kyotoyoshi, finally someone getting it right. many western democracies have certain elements of their freedom restricted, America is no golden child that is exempt from this. arguably the american media in particular is biased and exclusive and certainly not as objective as a lot of european media (including french media). so to say france has no freedom of speech is preposterous. at least france properly excercises separation of church and state.

Kaguriel on

What’s worth with the name Bardot, should it have been chosen thinking of Brigitte Bardot, is that this actress has been sued by her own son who tried to prevent the publication of a book in which she said of being pregnant with him that she felt disgusted of having a tumor growing inside her…Isn’t Bardot the name of a restaurant in LA as well? Vita’s meaning is nice though. Anyway the most important thing is that the baby is healthy! best wishes to the family

Patrice on

I LOVE, love, love that name!! Super original but still classy and beautiful : ) Congrats to David and Jamie!

Jessi on

Isn’t all names made up? Just wondering. Someone mentioned that Jaden is made up.

Patricia on

Congrats Jaime and David!

I actually like the name Bardot. At first I was kind of like hmm, but it has a nice ring to it:)

Jen on

Totally should have named her Aurora.

Aurora Boreanaz

Johanny on

Jen — Aurora Boreanaz, that is hysterical! They should have consulted with you.

Angie on

Congrats to David…and Bardot does go w/Jayden Rayne. If Bardot means water and Vita mean life…Water of life. Obviously Jayden’s middle name is a take off of rain.

Either way, I’m sure she’ll be gorgeous just like her mom and dad.

natalie on

Bardot is a French last name and I think it’s a poor name for a baby. Just like someone said, Brigitte Bardot has been convinced for racial hatred several time and quite frankly, she’s an exceptionally bad person to name your child after.
I can’t stand this latest trend to name your kid famous last names. I mean, like that actress who plays Meredith Grey’s half-sister on Grey’s Anatomy… Come on, she named her daughter Anniston! Like, gee, I wonder where she came up with that idea!
I don’t have anything against coming up with unique and special names but some people are taking it just a tad too far. Anniston and Bardot are excellent examples of that.
Vita isn’t too good a name either. But it’s far better than Bardot anyhow..

Oh, and to all of you saying it’s an Aboriginal/German name.. Give it a rest, it’s not. And even if it is, I’m 1,000,000 percent sure they didn’t choose it because it’s Aboriginal…

Dee on

Why are people criticizing the choice of name David and his wife picked? They laid together and made a baby and therefore should be able to name it Banana if that’s what pleases them.

The name obviously has meaning to them and thats why they honoured their child w/ it. Grow up a lil people and lets just celebrate the fact that a new life is here and everyone is healthy and doing fine.

SSB on

I love Bones mostly because Booth is my dream man. But this is a silly name. The alliteration of Bardot Boreanaz is nasty. Plus Brigitte Bardot is a poor, poor role model. Aurora would have been a MUCH better name.

Well said, Allie-Rose and kyotoyoshi! I also completely agree with natalie!

ericka on

I love the name…I’m assuming its pronounced “bor-doe” are they wine enthusiasts? Vita is beautiful name also

sandy on

congrats to david and jaime…love the name, can’t wait to see the new season of BONES… Bardot does go with jayden… my nephews name is jaiden..

CelebBabyLover on

natalie- Chyler Leigh was NOT the one who came up with the name Anniston for her new baby. She has said multiple times that it was her husband that picked the name (because they have an agreement that, whenever Chyler is pregnant, whoever correctly guesses the baby’s gender first gets to name the baby).

I’m also pretty sure that Chyler said that her husband didn’t pick Annistion because of Jennifer Aniston. I could be wrong about that, though.

mmh- Jayden is definently NOT a made-up name. It’s actually a name that’s been around for quite awhile now. I once knew a girl named Jayden (although it was spelled Jaiden), and she’s at least 9 or 10 years old now.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, here’s what Chyler Leigh said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show about why her husband picked the name Anniston for their new daughter: (Ellen had just asked if Jennifer Aniston was the inspiration behind the name) “She is like my best friend,” before clarifying, β€œI’ve never met her actually, no [laughs]. It was just something…my husband and I were trying to look for different names and both of our kids have a traditional and a unique name, so we were kind of just looking for something not as common.”

So the name is NOT after Jennifer Aniston!

Mia on

I like the name. I think of Bridgette Bardot, who was gorgeous when she was younger. Bardot Vita Boreanez is a very cool name, very old-hollywood.

Jessi on

I don’t understand why people have a problem with names on children.

Edna on

Bardot, why not just call her pubspot, or whiskeyblotch

pam on

as much as I’ve watched bones… I’ve never seen david do an interview – so this may be a dumb question – but please consider the above.

How do you pronounce his last name?

Crystal on

I have a two year old daughter named Bardot and yes she is named after Brigitte Bardot. I have always thought Brigitte Bardot was a beautiful actress and style icon from back in the day, (not her recent behavior) and wanted to go with a French name. I went to school for French and love the language and culture and fashion. Most people have liked her name, we call her “Bebe” for short.

Lisa on

Re: #109, Ericka.

The wine is Bordeaux. The name is said Bar-DOE.

Crystal on

Yes, the wine is bordeaux Bor-doe, and the name is Bar-doe. People usually don’t listen to you when you tell them how to prounounce. It’s actually simple if you think about it.Most people either love the name or hate it, I know first hand.

Lola on

I think Bardot is an OK name, not one I would chose, but I admire its uniqueness. I don’t like the name Vita, however. It sounds like a grocery store brand to me.

Holly on

I just heard, how sweet a little girl. I love him he’s great on Bones =)

Alesha on

did eveyone forget the ttc they had? or that she was on bed rest?-meaning that either she&/or the baby were in danger? that is more important than quibbling over the meaning of THEIR child’s name. It means something to them!! Congrats to them on a healthy addition, and while it is unique, the name has no reflection on this child, this human being, that was so wanted from the get go;)

Sara on

“How do you pronounce his last name?”


pam on

Thanks Sara!!

grace on

i heard about the girl and oh how cool congrats to them and Bardot is a cool name :).By the way David Boreanaz is so cool on Bones,Angel,Buffy the vampire slayer..

grace on

Bardot Vita is a kind of wierd but nice , cool and a unique name.Congrats David and Jaime πŸ˜‰ i like Jaden better as a name but Bardot Vita is quite nice for a girl.

grace on

congrats david

AmyM on

Aw, I don’t really like the name Bardot but Vita is the middle name of my mom’s best friend. I love it, its Lithuanian. Anyway, Congrats on the kid!!!

kathryn on

congrats too the both of you i am sooooooooo happy for you david xxx