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09/01/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

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ashandra on

I’m so excited for the Duggars next baby! I think they are very sweet and a nice family.

Shelby on

Say what you will but I am so excited for the Duggars! I’m not going to argue or validate here but I want to post my congratulations!! Love them~

Chelsea on

I am so surprised that Michelle is pregnant again! I thought for sure Jordyn-Grace was going to be their last baby. Jim Bob and Michelle are great, loving parents and I wish them the best. I wonder if the baby is a boy or girl? Time will tell!

Sarah on

I am excited too! They are great parents, a lovely family and bringing up their children in a really wonderful way. Now if their children were wild out of control brats I’d take issue with #19 but they are doing an excellent job with them so I say “CONGRATS!”

Elzbieta on

I think Michael K was dlisted said it best:

“In case you didn’t know, all of the Duggars 18 children have names starting with the letter J. Michelle said that the family has already printed up a list of J names for boys and girls that they haven’t used yet. How about “JUSTSTOPTHISUCKERYALREADY Duggar”?”

Mandy on

I’m excited for another little Duggar! Anna and Michelle’s babies will be only 5 months apart!

melissa on

Congrats to the Duggars. I thought they would stop once they started having grandchildren but i guess not. Anyways, they are great parents and the children are loved and taken care of.

ashandra on

Melissa, they are choosing not to stop until Michelle Duggar cannot become pregnant anymore. So whether they are grandparents are not is irrelevent to their child bearing choices.

I have been on a few blogs and so many people are saying cruel things about the Duggars. I think it’s awful. Yes, having 19 children is unusual. But the parents are in a committed, loving relationship, support their children emotionally and financially, and love them to pieces. I think Michelle Duggar is a great mom. I have seen people make much worse child bearing decisions.

Rachel on

I don’t dislike the Duggar family but I do think it’s time for them to stop. Just because a woman CAN get pregnant doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to continue to do so. Michelle is 42 years old. She’s had 18 healthy pregnancies and 18 healthy children, while there’s no real reason to believe this pregnancy or this child will be any different, there is proof that as the age of the mother increases, the risks to both the mother and the baby increase as well as the likelihood of genetic disorders.

She has 18 beautiful children to take care of, the youngest not even a year old yet. She needs to start thinking about the fact that she should want to be around to see them ALL grow up… to all become adults. At this point she’s pushing the limits.

melissa on

Yes, i understand that they said they would keep having babies as long as they could. But for some reason i was thinking once their children started having children that they might stop. It’s obviously their decision.

Mary on

I personally can not stand the Duggar family. I have seen a couple episodes of their show and something about them really irks me. They stress to their children the idea of self control and chastity, but as soon as they get married they have nineteen children? Just because you are married, and just because you CAN have nineteen kids doesn’t mean you should. It just seems so hypocritical to me. Don’t kiss your fiance until you’re married, but as soon as you ARE married, feel free to get her pregnant until her body simply can not handle it anymore. Enough is enough. You are not collecting art or even animals. These are nineteen children. Their grandchild will be older than this baby! Ugh, I can’t. I just can’t.

lulu on

I agree with the above posters time to stop having kids.. my womb hurts just thinking about giving birth to 18 children if you have kids that are old enough to give you grand babies its time for you to stop having babies MY TWO CENTS…

Leto(Gaia's mom) on

I adore! Michael K is so crass/crude, but he’s hilarious. If the Duggars really think how they’re raising their children is fair and right; then good for them. I’ve only seen their show once, but the kids seem more or less well-adjusted and happy. I wonder how long Michelle will allow this to go on, I mean this has to be impacting her physical well-being in some fashion.

ashandra on

Mary- how is it hypocritical to teach your child chastity and self-control and then have many children after you are married? They are only to abstain from sex before marriage, but after it is expected that you have it with your spouse. I respect that your viewpoint is different, but your label of them being hypocritical is very confusing. After all, I’m sure all couples that are chaste before marriage copulate at least nineteen times after it!


19 children?? OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

My grandmother had 12 and I admit it is fun to have a big family, I have about 40 cousins…just on my mom side!! lol

I personally would only have 3 maybe 4 but 18+ heck no!! lol I need sleep lol

That said, congrats to them…

bieta on

My prayers go out to “baby of Vibha” and his family, particularly his father who made that journey to save his child!

Sophie on

That poor little mite in India, My heart goes out to baby Vibha and his family I hope he pulls through

JM on

my problem is not with the amount of kids the duggars have, more with them themselves. i don’t agree that you should necessarily go on having kids for as long as you can and i think if religion weren’t involved a lot more people would be critcising them. i don’t like how they raise their kids. but i do hope this baby is happy and healthy.

Meg on

I personally feel sorry for the Duggar children. How can you get enough time with your parents if they are 18 others to compete with? While it would be a fun place to live (never boring, that’s for sure), I would never want that for my children. I don’t like the Duggars because they say in their show that the older children are taking care of the younger ones, and that’s unfortunate because that’s not how it should be, IMHO. Something about them just rubs me the wrong way, but I wish her a healthy pregnancy (and personally, no more!).

Laura on

I agree with you Meg. I understand the children are healthy and loved, which is absoultely fabulous. BUT there is no way you can spend much quality one-on-one time with 19 children. And to expect the older children to help out is just very unfair. I’m not saying no older siblings should ever help with their younger siblings, of course it is fine every once in a while. But to expect them to be there helping every day sometimes for a large portion of the day is sad to me. They are not the parents and just because they were born into the family shouldn’t mean they have to become parents at such a young age.

I do wish Michelle a healthy pregnancy. I wouldn’t think it would be good for your body to go through 19 pregnancies but I have no idea. Also she is getting older so hopefully it doesn’t affect the child in any way (Down’s, etc.)

Mary on

Ashandra–let me clarify. I think it is hypocritical to teach your children restraint and self control when you yourself seem to not have any. I understand that they do not believe in birth control, but there are still other ways. For me, nineteen children is way too many. And if you are not using protection, and you know you will inevitably get pregnant, it isn’t smart. It’s lucky they seem to have enough money to support their family because, oooh boy if they didn’t.
I’ll just say what my mother always says, “That woman needs to have her husband sleep on the couch once in a while.”

ashandra on

But Mary, the point is that the Duggars wish to have as many children as possible. They don’t use natural family planning. They wait for six months after the baby is born and then resume marital relations. So, I still don’t see your point. It is not unnatural for married couples to be intimate 19 times during a 20+ year marriage. It doesn’t mean they have no self control- this is what they want.

sarah on

Enough allready! I’ll bet some of the older children cant wait to get out of that house so they dont have to continue raise their brothers ans sisters. If you took away all the older kids I’ll bet the baby making would stop.

Kait on

I really think it’s odd that of course she’ll be a grandmother and still bearing her own children, but I support the Duggars 100% because, unlike Octomom, they are not in debt and they are doing a FANTASTIC job of raising their children. They may be different but Michelle and Jim Bob are doing what they can to keep their children from becoming television junkies. Yes, they do have a show. Yes, they do have children. Do I think they’re exploiting their children in any way? NO. Because unlike Jon and Kate who couldn’t even last 10 years, the Duggars have lasted 25 and I don’t see any fake attitudes coming from one of them. Sure, we may find them to be extreme, but they’re definately good people and I’m glad they have morals – I wish the one thing Michelle would do is read into the problems. I don’t think it’s terrible that she is having children, I just think it’s a little naive of her to say “no I don’t need to read the pamphlets, I know the risks.” I think she’s going to have at least two more children after this baby honestly. Good luck Duggars, you are real rolemodels – but I hope people don’t become inspired by you for the wrong reasons.

Lisa on

I agree with Meg and Laura. My biggest issue with the Duggar family is their “buddy system” and the amount of responsibility it places on the older kids. I can understand them helping with the younger siblings to learn certain things for their future families, but it seems to me that Michelle and Jim Bob are taking advantage of their older children. They chose to have the kids. They need to be the ones taking care of them.

Alice on

Meg and Laura – that’s exaclty what I think too. I guess their family is more like a giant summer camp than a family, you can’t have alone time with your parents, I wonder if all kids even talk to their parents every day… on the other hand that’s how they are raised so they think it’s right and they won’t complain and they are happy that way.
But I will be curious to see in 30 years if they chose to have as many kids as their parents did. Or they thought giving time to their kids was worth a little birth control.

someone on

IMO I think Michelle and Jim Bob are selfish. If they have more kids they can take care of themselves, then it is too many. The responsibility should not be placed on the older siblings to take care of the younger siblings. That is not good parenting.

Julie on

I get more and more annoyed by the Duggar Factory each time they have another child. At least by now they’ve been at it long enough that with each new child that is born, an older one will be on their way out the door. Out with the old, in with the new…Duggar Style!

Lena on

Regardless of how many children the Duggars have, they are promoting a lifestyle that many people simply cannot afford, financially, emotionally, physically, etc. If they can have 19 children and provide for them in such ways (which it seems that they are raising fairly healthy children) then it is not anyone’s place to start on the slippery slope of usurping a woman’s reproductive rights.

BUT, having a television show in which you advocate such lifestyle choices can have consequences. To the Duggars, they may be spreading their beliefs (and probably feel quite good about being a factor in someone’s choice to have more children) but it’s concerning to see some blog comments (on different sites) where people have decided to adhere to the Quiverfull philosophy after watching the Duggars. If you read them, they seem to have a romanticized idea about having so many children, identifying with the Duggars when they were living on very little, and expecting that, in time, they too will be able to come to a point when they will be able to comfortably support their now ever-growing families. The Duggars are an anomally no matter what category they are placed in: they have thus been able to support a family of 18(+) children and their children have faired relatively well. The danger comes in when an impressionable young family sees the Duggars as a role model. What happens when the 21 year old newlyweds decide to forgo all birth control and 5+ children down the line realize that despite the quasi-reality label, 18 Kids and Counting simply isn’t how real life goes.

Rach on

These Duggars.. lol at the comments very true.I came from a family of 4 kids and I know that ran my parents pretty dry trying to make time for all of us and working and THEM raising us and not us raising each other.

I agree with those above, just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should. I CAN take my money and go out and buy a kazillion more shoes, but something tells me that I should save it instead for my son’s future and emergency money.

I think they are really really pushing luck. My mum had never heard of these people until the other day and she raised a really good point. Yes, they have been blessed with children that do not have any disorders/defects/ whatever, but wouldn’t it be a shame for these children to lose their mother to a complication of pregnancy? From what i understand, they have not always been easy. There is a point when you look at the needs of your children and just say, ok, I have to put them first. Not only that, if they didn’t have this buddy system in place and they actually raised each child themselves they would see that they should focus on the ones they have, not the ones they could have. Not only that, I think all parents want to be young enough to be there for their kids on the special days of their lives.