Another Baby for Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham?

09/01/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

It appears as though there are no shortage of reasons for Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham to celebrate.

Fresh on the heels of their August 1st wedding, Rhea was spotted on Sunday at The Grove in Los Angeles sporting quite the baby bump.

Though no official announcement has been made, a source says the couple are expecting their fourth child.

Already parents to Ella Rae, turning 6 tomorrow, Michael, 3, and Brendan Joseph, 11 Β½ months, they have made no secret of their desire for a big family.

Last summer, Mark — 38-year-old executive producer of the HBO smash Entouragejoked that “when the kids are good, we want eight or nine.”

He went on to call life in a full house “hectic…but a lot of fun.”

The actor’s rep did not respond to requests for comment.

Next up for Mark is the Peter Jackson-directed feature film The Lovely Bones opposite Rachel Weisz, in theaters on Dec. 11.

Source: PEOPLE

— Missy

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JMO on

It seems Ella is quite that daddy’s girl and who can blame her!!

Lynn on

I think she’s definitely pregnant.

And what is this, Pregnancy and Birth week? So many pregnancy announcements (Duggars, Halle Berry, etc.) and birth announcements all in the span of two days.

Mandy on

It definitely seems like a new baby is on the way! Mark doesn’t look too happy to have his family’s picture taken though.

Congrats to them!

Courtney on

congrats to them she deffinately looks pregnant and as cute as can be I might ad Ella is deffinately a daddy’s girl and a little heartbreaker

Mallory on

Oh, that would be cool! These two make pretty babies. πŸ™‚

Marilyn on

They reported today on the !Hola! website that she’s expecting a girl and they had a different photo of them but she definately looked pregnant.

cassie on

oh congrats to them!!!! they have an adorable family

Alice on

Halle Berry’s pregnant? How did I miss that that?

Chelsea on

Congrats to them! I love big families!

Marilyn on

Alice: They are reporting she’s 3 mos. along on the Life & Style website.

Courtney on

as of now Halle being Pregnant again is only a rumour in life&Style Magazine but Rhea deffinately looks about 3 months prego so congrats to the family

Alicia on

Yes, Rhea is pregnant. Right before their wedding, Mark and Rhea found out they are having a girl. πŸ™‚

Alicia on

I think Rhea is around five months right now. Their wedding was August 1st. Her beautiful dress was really loose and flowy but you can definitely make out a baby bump.
Here’s a link that takes you to another picture of Mark and Rhea and their family:

Courtney on

but after three kids already you’d think at five months Rhea would be huge cause your body streches more with each successive pregnancy

Alicia on

She’s definitely farther along than three months. They already found out the gender before they married and that was a month ago. You can find out the gender of the baby at 17 or 18 weeks, right? Some women carry small anyway even if it is their fourth child.

Marilyn on

Alicia: I meant that Halle is supposedly 3 mos. along, not Rhea.

Courtney on

yeah thats about when most people start to find out the gender of their little bundle of joy but the way you carry also depends on the way the baby is laying in the womb and the mothers height taller women usually carry smaller than their short to average counterparts

Mandy on

Yeah she’s gotta be farther along than 3 months.

Anyways, here’s the link for the Halle thing:


Stroller looks like a Peg Perego Pliko P3 in Papaia

bungalowbliss on

Ooh, really?? I hadn’t heard about Halle! Yay!

Bancie1031 on

LOL that’s funny …. I didn’t even read the headline when I seen the picture and the first thing that popped to mind was “WOW is Mark and Rhea having another baby” …..
If they are infact having another bundle of joy then congratulations to the whole Wahlberg family and I wish then the best of luck.
JMO – lol yes Ella is certainly a daddy’s girl.
If they are indeed having another little girl and Mark spends as much time with her as he does Ella I have a feeling little Ella is going to be jealous of her (I could be wrong but …. who knows) …..
I love this family!!!!

Bancie1031 on

And oh yeah …. I thought that the reason they wanted so long to get married is that …. well after the fact that Mark wanted to make sure before he got married since he doesn’t want it to end in divorce …… Rhea didn’t want to be pregnant during their wedding. They wanted to wait until after she had Brendan …. am I remembering correctly????

janie on

Congratulations! Love Rhea – she is gorgeous!

Terri on

That was quick after the last baby. Congratulations.

Jennifer on

Definitely looks that way. No arguing over photographic proof. πŸ™‚ I’m not sure but thought they were one of the celeb couples who didn’t announce and just let the pics do the talking for all of their babies. If so, that seems to be what’s happening here!

Bieta on

If Halle Berry is pregnant shes farther along than 3months. That pic they have in life and style is from july or August. I personally hope she is pregnant, because she’s expressed wanting more kids and all this “congrats on your baby!!” stuff would probably be hurtful if she hasn’t conceived.

As for the Wahlbergs, I’m glad to see that Markie Mark got his act together(didn’t he break up with her briefly?) and she seems like a dedicated parent. I just googled her, I can’t believe shes 31! With soon to be 4 kids!

Sandra on

Bieta, yeah 4 kids at 31 is a lot – but still my aunt was a mum of four at 25!

Olivia on

my mum was a mum of 3 at 24

CelebBabyLover on

Bieta- Then she’s probably not pregnant. She announced her pregnancy with Nahla at three months, so I’m guessing she’ll do the same thing if/when she does get pregnant again.

Anyway, Life & Style is one of the most unreliable tabs out there (not that any of them are that reliable!), so I’d take it with at least one entire salt shaker, if not two!

In anycase, I wish the media would lay off Halle. She’s made it clear that she had a hard time concieving Nahla, and alluded to the fact a few months ago that she is/was (depending on whether or not the rumor about her being pregnant again is true) having trouble concieving again (she said that, “My mind wants another child, but my body is saying something else”).

Oh, and if Halle IS three months pregnant, than the new baby is due in March, the same month Nahla was born. If that’s the case, I hope s/he isn’t born on Nahla’s birthday. Nahla should have her own day! πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as for Rhea….I think she is! I wonder why the waited 2 plus years after Micheal’s birth before getting pregnant with Brendan, but less than a year after Brendan’s birth to get pregnant with number 4?

Also, Alicia, we don’t even know for sure if she’s pregnant, let alone if they’ve found out the gender. I hope it IS a girl, though. Then they’ll have two of each. πŸ™‚

Whitney Sterk on

She looked pregnant on her wedding day. They did not announce the last pregnancy till later om….

Bancie1031 on

does anyone have the picture of Halle Berry? I haven’t seen it and now I’m very curious!

And WOW I didn’t know that Rhea was that young …..

Kait on

If her and Halle Berry are pregnant that’s awesome… but in their position I would be absolutely MORTIFIED if there was speculation that I was expecting and it wasn’t true… and the paps following their every moves asking if they’re expecting. I would be very humiliated and p*ssed off, excuse my language.

sdfsd on

Just because Mark is carrying Ella doesn’t mean she’s a “Daddy’s girl.” I think you guys read too much into these photos sometimes . . .

Marilyn on

CelebrityBabyLover: At first Life & Style entitled it something different, then they changed it to “It’s Official”, if that means anything (as if they had confirmed it). I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the !Hola! article, it states Rhea and Mark are expecting a girl. !Hola! is always the first/one of the first to have info on babies/pregancies. For one thing, they are ahead of the U.S. by something like five/six hours, so their news gets online faster. The only problem is you have to know Spanish to read what they are reporting.

Daisy on

Such a cute family, Mark is still so handsome after all these years!! & I think Halle is pregnant again despite Life&Style being a bad source for facts…she has had a little bump recently and I think she hasn’t announced it yet because she is so annoyed with the paps anyways seeing how they always hound her and Nahla!

superhare on

Ooh, really?? I hadn’t heard about Halle! Wow!

Alicia on

Trust me, she’s pregnant and the baby is a girl. Read my lips. I have inside information πŸ˜‰
Remember, I even told you-well not you, but everyone here- the date of Brendan’s birth- September 16th- and nobody believed me. But I was right about that.
And by ‘inside information’, I mean psychic powers that I think I possess but really don’t. πŸ˜‰ I’m just a good guesser. Let me have my fun πŸ™‚

Josie on

Yes, she is pregnant. Her cousin confirmed that before the wedding. My son’s step-mom is her cousin..they carry the same way too…then drop that baby weight…so disgusting! JK! Congrat’s to the ENTIRE Wahlberg clan (I have a feeling Uncle Donnie is gonna make an announcement!)

Alicia on

Wow, thank you so much for those tidbits, Josie! Oh my. Is Uncle Donnie expecting another one as well? Guess I’ll have to wait and see. Oh boy, you really have the scoop. I’m jealous πŸ˜‰

CelebBabyLover on

Well, now I’m more convinced then ever that Life & Style is wrong about Halle. Apparently they also claimed that she concieved Nahla via IVF….and that isn’t true. Halle has basically confirmed that Nahla was concieved the old fashioned way. Plus, I don’t think Halle would be able to do IVF even if she wanted to due to her diabetes (from what I’ve heard, the hormones and such you have to take before IVF in order to help you ovulate can reak havoc on a diabetic woman’s blood sugar.).

Also, I just saw that picture of Halle, and she doesn’t look pregnant at all to me. When and if she does get pregnant again, I’m sure we’ll hear an announcement when she’s three months along. πŸ™‚

As for Rhea…I feel bad that people have apparently already found out the gender of her baby. I mean, what if she and Mark want that info kept private?

Courtney on

celebs have no private life since the perliferartion of the tabloids

CelebBabyLover on

Courtney- Unfourtnately, that seems to be the truth. 😦

Alicia on

Well, it’s really just fun speculation. It hasn’t been confirmed yet anyway. But the baby will definitely be a Boy or a Girl πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Alicia- LOL! Good point! πŸ™‚

Bancie1031 on

sdfsd – Mark himself has said on numerous talk shows (including late night talk shows – Jay Leno, Conan O’Brian) that Ella is very much a daddy’s girl, his little sidekick. And that she has him wrapped around her little finger lol ….. those were HIS words πŸ˜€
Josie – I’m nosey and I’ll bite … what kind of announcement is Donnie going to be making?? Give us a hint at least.

ALSO does anyone have a picture of Rhea and Mark’s wedding picture/s? I haven’t seen them yet but I know that they’re some out there.

Alicia on

Mark just confirmed today to US magazine that he and Rhea are expecting again.

Alicia on

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie1031- I’m guessing that Josie means that she thinks Donnie might be the one to announce that Rhea and Mark are expecting again, if indeed that is the case (which it definently seems to be!). πŸ™‚

April on

Alicia, Mark did not confirm anything. The way that article is written means the magazine confirmed through their own sources.

Bancie1031 on

Alicia – thanks for the link to the pictures πŸ˜€
CelebBabyLover – that makes sense πŸ™‚

aj on

Has a picture of baby Brendan ever been relesed? Just wondering. Cute family.