Melissa Joan Hart and Soleil Moon Frye: Celebrity Playdate!

08/31/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Meredith Jenks for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Former child stars Melissa Joan Hart and Soleil Moon Frye have known each other “pretty much our whole lives — we met when we were 5 or 6, on a movie,” says Melissa.

Since then, they’ve gone from girls “riding our scooters down the street,” says Soleil, to teens hanging out in Manhattan. “We’d take long walks and drink lots of coffee.”

There was even a time when “we tried to be wild” by hitting up nightclubs, Soleil says, before adding with a laugh, “It’s a little different now!”

The reason for the change? Melissa’s sons (Mason Walter, 3 ½, and Braydon Hart, 17 months) and Soleil’s daughters (Poet Sienna Rose, 4, and Jagger Joseph Blue, 17 months), who get together for L.A. playdates — over organic lollipops! — at either Melissa’s candy store SweetHarts or Soleil’s children’s boutique The Little Seed.

“We’re lucky both Poet and Mason have younger siblings,” says Soleil, 33. “When they play together with other children, they know to be nice to each other.” Uh…sometimes. “There’s accidental whacking each other in the head with toys,” says Melissa, 33.

Then there’s Mason’s crush on Poet. “He tries to love on her, but she’s like, ‘Go away!’ ” says Melissa. But Soleil predicts the kids will get past their differences: “Jagger and Braydon already like each other. And Poet’s falling in love with Mason eventually.”

Want to go behind the scenes at their most recent playdate? Check out this exclusive video!

Click below for bonus photos!

Meredith Jenks for PEOPLE for use on CBB
Meredith Jenks for PEOPLE for use on CBB

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Stéph on

Melissa’s boys are so handsome. They are so going to break hearts when they are older.

Poet and Jagger are very gorgeous girls too.

Stéph on

I hope Mason and Poet and Braydon and Jagger end up together when they are older, that would be so cute.

Brandi on

Such cute kids. It’s lovely that they are still friends after all this time.

Willa on

I get why Soleil is always showing off her kids (to bring business to her store) but why does Melissa do it? I thought she was a real actress with real acting jobs who didn’t need to rely on reality star tricks to get attention. Maybe I’m not remembering her career correctly, but I thought she was successful enough not to pimp out the kiddies?

andilea on

I would rather here have those pics released then the stalkerazzi pics. And soliel was a bigger star then melissa ever was.

Tina. on

thats rude. their kids are so cute! that be really cute if they ended up with eachother. mason and poet && braydon and jagger.

tyotashia52 on

I think that this is wicked cute. I loved these two actress when they were on the sabrina show together. Now there kids get to play together. That should be a new show all by its self. haha.

robinepowell on

Very cute gang they have. If Melissa has her two girls she wants down the road, Soleil’s girls will want to hang with them more. 😉

MZ on

wow willa. why do you come to this site if you don’t want to see celeb’s kids?

Amanda C on

Wow, Soleil is more beautiful in every picture I see of her. I remember growing up watching Punky Brewster, and I thought she was gorgeous then. She doesn’t look a day over 25, I don’t think. I really respect both her and Melissa for opening their own businesses and branching beyond the acting world, fulfilling their dreams in other ways. The world needs more female business owners. It’s time for the world to realize that anything a man can do, a woman can do just as well…and sometimes better. 😉

Minka on

I don’t know why these two put their children in front of the camera all the time. If you are an actual celebrity, why use your children to generate more publicity? I would suppose you would want the focus to be on your job instead.

On a lighter note, Melissa’s boys are absolutely adorable.

Jenna on

Does anyone know where Melissa’s dress is from in the first picture? I love it.

Rachel on

What cuties, every one of them! I’ve always thought that Soleil’s girls were huge (tall) and this video really shows it. Poet is tall compared to Mason (even for being several months older than he is), but it really shows with Jagger and Braydon who are the same age. They really ARE tall!

starr on

It’s nice to see they have been friends for so long. Good friends are hard to find. Their kids will have a long friendship too.

sage on

I love these two mama’s. The kids are so adorable, I love Mason especially. Melissa has had a pretty good career with Clarissa Explains it all and Sabrina the teenage witch which were on for for a lot of seasons and have a pretty good following, and doing movies for Abc family and the etc, now she is going to do dancing with the stars. Also Soleil has done Punky Brewster and even joined Melissa on her show Sabrina the teenage witch, and writing a movie . Both have had pretty good career’s and if they want to show off their kids let them.

andilea on

I really don’t understand why some people feel the need to get on here and bash these celebrity mothers for releasing pictures of their kids. The bottom line is: Because of people who voraciously read all these magazines, the paparazzi has a huge stake in stalking all the celebrities and getting as many pictures as they can. A lot of times the pick and provoke the celebrities (often scaring the babies) to get reactions. A lot of stars release these “staged” pictures instead of the pap pictures. That way the pap pics aren’t worth as much.

sat on

well said, sage!

CelebBabyLover on

andilea- I agree. Also, most of the pictures we see of Melissa and Soleil’s kids are actually paparazzi photos.

pelin on

I really,really love melissa and her boys!I dont think its a wrong thing to show off your children.If you are on this website,then you will see celeb kids,and there’s nothing wrong with that.They are so handsome and she is proud of them.I think its not about career.And ı really like melissa’s dress,she looks so young in this photo

michelle on

It’s these kinds of blogs that perpetuate the need for paparazzi to get photos of all the celebrity kids. I really admire women like Melissa and Soleil who periodically release their own, controlled photos on their own terms.

But let’s remember we are on a gossip blog that purchases paparazzi photos (even if it’s through People Magazine). What do you really expect? I hate the idea of the paparazzi talking photos of kids all the time, but I do enjoy this blog. Can’t have it both ways.

Sadie on

People seem to miss the point in the “pimping kids” debate. As with everything in life, there are different degrees of doing things. For example: Brad and Angelina release a series of pics when their babies are born to control the environment and stave off the paparazzi driven by the intense interest in their offspring. I understand that. They do not commission photo shoots of their children merely to get themselves exposure in a magazine when their profiles are flagging. They don’t need to – the intense interest in them is due to their popularity in the acting and humanitarian fields. They understand the paps go hand in hand with their profession, but you will not see them parading their kids around to get them press or raise their profile.
On the other hand – you have SMF, MJH, Tori Spelling, Denise Richards, Jodi Sweetin, Brooke Burke… none of these celebs are particularly talented or have skyrocketing careers, and there is no way they would get the press they get if it wasn’t for the interest in their kids. So they USE their kids to get in the press! Simple as that.
As a parent, it is your job to protect your children (and that includes their right to privacy) FIRST AND FOREMOST. Your profile should come a distant last.
What a cop-out the argument is, “don’t come to CBB if you don’t want to see celebrity kids”. Some of us are just disgusted and sick to death of the usual suspects appearing in staged photoshoots and telling us every last intimate detail about their kids. There is a classy way to do it and a totally exploitative way of doing it.

michelle on

We’re hardly getting every little intimate detail of these children’s lives. What the parents share are only a tiny fraction of what they are really like in real life.

Say what you want, but the truth is that there is a market for these pictures…otherwise no one would be interested. If you want people to stop sharing pics of their children, stop visiting websites that make money off posting these pictures.

I choose to continue to visit CBB, despite the horrible turn it has taken since the sanctimommies took over, because I enjoy peeking into these celebrities lives.

What would you rather see on CBB Sadie?

Anna on

I agree with Sadie, it is very obvious which celebs are releasing photos of their children to stay in the spotlight. Most of the names Sadie mentioned would have been completely forgotten if they hadn’t pushed their babies in the spotlight.

Brianne on

I love seeing photos of “celebrity” babies and I’m not afraid to admit that. : P I do, however, think that there is a difference between coming on here and seeing photos of MOST celebrity babies/kids and the children of people like Melissa, Soleil, Tori, and Denise. They are all celebrities in their own right, but some of them (like the names I listed) USE their children as a means of publicity. I call them “I’m only in the media again because I had a baby.” Is that rude a comment to make? Possibly, but I do think they are absolutely “pimping” out their children to further their day in the spotlight. But, I come here to see the photos, so I guess I don’t have room to talk. lol

crystal on

I don’t get the big deal at all. Every mom goes out and shows off pics of their kids regardless if they are celebrities or not. so their kids pics are online, what’s the big deal? half of you prob have a facebook or myspace and have pics of your kids on there too. let them be happy mommmas already. they aren’t doing you or their kids any harm

pelin on

I completely agree crystal!

JM on

Sadie i completely agree with you. there is a lot of hypocrisy here over who we do and don’t get to criticise. for some reason MJH is one of the ones who is only ever complented and angelina jolie often gets critisiced (like for not dressing her daughter “girly”???) but i agree that i respect those parents more who understand they can’t completely get away from the media interest and so get it over with when their kids are born and won’t remember it, rather than “pimping them out” for years on end. we hardly ever see the jolie-pitts because they choose to give their kids privacy and not involve them in their careers. afterall they are their careers and their career choice. tori spelling, MJH, denise richards etc have made the decision for their children that they have to be in the media spotlight. and no one can tell me that decision wasn’t made because it helps their parents’ careers. it just doesn’t seem right. and there is no doubt about it, photos like these ones are all about mummy staying in the media spotlight. i wish people would just admit to that.

Nicole on

The entire point of this blog is ‘celebrity babies’ that means babies of ALL celebrities, and pictures of said babies whether taken by paparazzi or released by their parents. This article (along with the video and pictures) comes from People, so they probably did a small piece in an issue on these women and their respective businesses (Melissa also owns a candy store, SweetHarts). I don’t understand why it’s considered ‘exploitive’ for these women to be sharing pictures of their children with a blog that’s all about CELEBRITY babies. Tori Spelling is a successful author (she’s been on the best seller list), she has a jewelry and clothing line, plus her family’s show on Oxygen, so she’s hardly a ‘has been.’ She’s regularly stalked by the paparazzi so releasing pictures on her own terms is her way of trying to avoid being stalked.

You either come here to see pictures of ALL the CELEBRITY BABIES or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways. I’d much rather look at pictures that a parent releases in a controlled setting (i.e. photoshoot) than ones some creepy paparazzo got by climbing a fence to a celeb kid’s school and snapping away. You either want to read it all or you don’t. Pick one… you can’t have your cake and eat it to.

That said, I love these two. Seeing that their friendship has lasted this long is quiet refreshing and seeing that they’re trying to raise their kids as normally as possible is refreshing as well. The kids are adorable!

Sadie on

Nicole, you are missing the point. As I said, there are varying degrees of doing things. Just because people come to this site to hear anecdotes and “cute” stories about the celebs’ kids from interviews or TV shows they may have missed or do not have access to, or want to keep up to date with birth and pregnancy announcements, or see a couple of pics, it doesn’t mean they HAVE to feel OK with seeing the same celebs ALWAYS shoving their kids into the spotlight for their own gain. There is a huge difference between, say, Gwen Stefani talking about juggling touring with two young boys and Brooke Burke telling the whole world about her sex talk with her daughter, or Tori Spelling inviting the whole world into her daughter’s first birthday party.
Yes, a lot of us like seeing pics of the kids to see how they are growing, but we don’t need to see a new pic of Liam and Stella McDermott every day, all staged by their parents.
You are also missing the point that everything Tori does for a living involves the use of her children – from her books and TV show to her clothing range. So I very much doubt she would have much of a career left if not for Liam and Stella.
Michelle – I hope my first paragraph answered your question.

LB on

Love these families and loved growing up watching Melissa’s and Soleils shows!!:)

Sarah M. on

Celebs can’t win! They don’t take their kids out to avoid the paps or they don’t release their own personal pictures to show their kids off, and all you hear is “Is something wrong with the kid?”, “Why are they hiding their kid(s)?”, etc. They take their kids out despite the paps or release personal pictures to try to forstall the paps following them everywhere they go, and all you hear is “Why are they pimping their kids out all the time?”, “Do we need to see their kids?”, etc. It’s a lose/lose situation no matter what they do!!!

All 4 kids are gorgeous/handsome!

pelin on

I think Sarah M. ‘s comment is explained everything perfectly!thanks, thats the true point,ı believe

Nancy on

Personally some of my favorite kids! Along with Violet and Seraphina Affleck!

Red on

I asked MJH where her dress is from and she said she believed it was from the Aqua collection from bloomingdales.