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08/31/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

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Rach on

About the circumcision article:

When I was pregnant, everyone told me to circumcise my son. No once seemed to really know why,but it was something that was seemilngly so commonplace that it was just assumed that it was done.I just thought, why ? why is this done is this day and age and country. I understand the religious reasons and the reasons that are in the Bible, but honestly I did not understand why people in this world did this now.

After much research, I decided against it.Everyone was shocked like “omg girls are going to make fun of him” or “omg it is so hard to clean” etc. Those didn’t seem like good enough reasons to me.None of my brothers are circumcised and they thought it was “disgusting” that I was even considering that. My mother had always taught us to wash with soap and water after using the bathroom from a very young age. Most people never knew anything like this and they thought it was funny or weird, most of them had never heard of a bidet or what it was used for.

I have a good few friends that have sons that have had “wonky willies” after a bad circumcision. I think that weighing the chances of that,and everything else, I just thought wth man, it is just some extra skin.

I had made up my mind that it is really not my choice, it is his. If he decided in the future that he wants it done, then that is fine and that is what we’ll do. If not, then that is fine too.

Lorus on

Rach – Totally agree with you. The three main relationships I’ve had in my life were with men who weren’t circumsized. I’ve never thought it was odd at all! My husband has no trouble cleaning his foreskin, pull back, wash, rinse, let go. Pretty simple to me! Takes me longer cleaning my lady goods!

Rach on

Lorus, lol I agree ! Def much easier and faster than cleaning the lady parts 🙂 You raise a good point though ! We as women can get the same things as men, but when people suggest cutting any of these parts off, people get all up in arms about it. I think, leave your parts alone ! If you have soap and water available… you are set !!