Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Baby's Health Scare

08/30/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News

Like many parents-to-be, Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett were anxiously awaiting the ultrasound that would reveal whether their initial instincts of a baby boy were to be true or if the two would soon be seeking pink.

However, after a trip to the doctor only the day before, the couple were left with a much bigger worry: baby-on-the-way’s heart was showing abnormal beating patterns. “The doctor told us that there were heart problems — not problems, but it was like a skipped beat,” Kendra tells E!. “I was so scared and so was Hank, we were both very nervous.”

As baby’s health immediately became first priority, Kendra admits everything else was suddenly pushed to a back burner. “We didn’t even care about finding out the gender, we cared about finding out the next day if it was healthy,” she shares.

“I just wanted to get there and see that heart beating…and we did. We went there the next day and we were just both very nervous and excited at the same time, but we saw on the ultrasound the perfectly normal heart and that’s all we cared about.”

Once the health scare passed, doctors confirmed Kendra’s suspicions that she was indeed expecting a boy! “We cried and then all of a sudden…a penis! That was like the extra, to top everything off,” she laughs.

Baby boy — to be named Hank Baskett IV — is due on Christmas.

Source: E!

— Anya

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Sarah on

oh my, I can’t imagine how scary that must have been. I’m glad everything with little Hank is going great and I wish Kendra a happy and healthy pregnancy! She and Hank will be amazing parents =D

Lilliness on

I know there are some people who have something to say about Kendra. I myself think she’s a sweetheart, lol, but you can’t deny that she is absolutely in love with this baby! She already is a good Mama!

Chris on

Having a baby can put things into perspective. I think Kendra will mature a lot over the next few months. Glad the baby is okay!

KateRose on

So what I’m gathering from this interview is that there’s absolutely no part of her pregnancy that we’re not going to hear about. I would be looking forward to December when the Kendra/Kourtney “I’m using my unborn child to get attention” parade will end – but I fear the attention seeking will only increase once the babies are born.

Lynn on

KateRose, Kendra is nowhere near as bad as Kourtney. I love Kendra. And she said this weeks ago, after learning the baby’s gender.

And Kendra’s just excited about her pregnancy. Kourtney is giving us every single detail, which Kendra doesn’t seem to be doing.

L on

Oh gosh here we go KateRose you always have to put your two sense into EVERY single Kendra post don’t you!!!

I think Kendra is a free spirit & is so happy & in love with her husband and her baby the words just kind of come out! And it also doesn’t help that she is working with E! for her reality show that initially had nothing to do with a baby…her show is coming back in 2010 so of course they are still filming & keeping in contact with them…it’s not like shes parading around Philly begging for attention!!
Get off your hater horse & get over it!!

Glad everything is alright with little Hank, many blessings to you Ms Kendra!!

Tina. on

im with katerose,,, A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G.

KateRose on

“Oh gosh here we go KateRose you always have to put your two sense into EVERY single Kendra post don’t you!!!”

I’ve made two comments on two posts about Kendra out of about 100 posts about her, that surely does not constitute EVERY single post as you implied – but even if I did comment on every single post that would be my choice to make and not yours. You don’t get to decice what I post – so why don’t you just grow up and stop throwing a tantrum just because someone dared to have an opinion that disagrees with yours.

Jessicad on

Why do you guys read these articles if they just make you mad and annoy you?? Why do something you know is going to irritate you!! She wants to share her pregnancy with everybody, so what! I’m glad everything is ok with their baby and can’t wait to see him!

katie on

I really don’t get why people read these posts if they don’t like the person and then have to post how annoyed they are.. if you don’t like the person.. DON’T READ! It’s that simple.

I’m glad that everything is okay and I’m wishing them the best! Can’t wait to see the little guy. πŸ™‚

Lee on

I agree Jessicad, I don’t understand why people continue reading stories on this site that they don’t agree with and then complain about them. These celebrities, whether we like them or not are living their lives and they will share what they choose to share and sites like this will continue to give them a platform. The fact of the matter is, someone is enjoying these stories so that is why they are here.

Tiff on

I very rarely comment on any articles. But today, after reading comments by one particular poster, I feel compelled.

KateRose, you need to get over yourself. If you, along the rest of us, didn’t read CBB and other celeb news outlets, then we wouldn’t know how much or how little stars discussed their pregnancies. We make it happen. So either shut up or stop reading. Quite simple.

CBB – I would consider blocking her comments before more readers get ticked off and stop reading. We expect more of this site – even if it is now a part of People

Christa Bledsoe on

Poor Kendra and Hank. I can imagine how scary that must have been for them! I’m glad to hear the baby is ok πŸ™‚

Allie-Rose on

I think it’s very rude to judge Kendra on her past. Yes, she was a Playboy girlfriend, so what? Obviously that’s a page of her life that she turned. She’s moved on and I think she’s grown up a lot these past few months — and from the sound of some comments, the people who post them should do the same!

As for Kendra, I can’t even begin the imagine how she must have felt! I’m happy her baby’s fine

Me on

“Growing up” and “maturing” over the last couple of months doesn’t include giving a tell-all interview about how she lets her husband rub lotion all over her breasts. This woman has yet to show any sign of maturity since getting pregnant and I won’t be holding my breath for those signs to come any time soon.

I agree with KateRose. There is a way to talk about your pregnancy and have some class while doing it. Kendra and Kourtney don’t have that.

J on

Here’s the thing, if you don’t like the comments of others, than stop reading them. It’s the same idea as the constantly repeated “don’t read the article if you don’t like the celeb”, yet the same people who say this regarding article’s over and over don’t seem to understand how to follow their own advice regarding comments. You all tell everyone else to stop wasting their time complaining but YOU do the same thing.

urbanadventurertales on

I’m glad that she is not taking her pregnancy for granted. Enough women struggle with infertility and other pregnancy complications and Kendra seemed to talk very flippently about her pregnancy at the beginning. I’m glad everything is okay with the baby and to hear her say that she didn’t care about the gender.

As for Kourtney, she’s so jealous of her sister Kim that she’s willing to pimp out her pregnancy and baby in order to get more attention. Pathetic.

Alex on

Comments on Kendra posts always interest me because she’s like Marmite, you either love her or hate her, there’s not many people who are indifferent to her. Personally, I don’t like when readers see fit to police the comments themselves, and shout people down for having their view (however negative it may be) and I’ve said as much on posts about other people going way back. BUT I just don’t get the Kendra hate that goes on. Is it because she was involved with Playboy, and the glamour modelling in general? Or that she got married and pregnant early in her relationship with Hank? Or is there something else entirely that I’m missing? I don’t know a whole lot about her but I’m yet to see anything terribly unlikeable about her. If people don’t like hearing lots of details about pregnancy and babies (which I find hard to believe when we are readers of a site like this) they surely would skip past posts from celebrities they percieve to be oversharers? I don’t know….I just thought Kendra was nice.

danigirl on

Yeah, I don’t get why the haters take the time to read the articles and then make a comment. The celebs that don’t interest me? I just scroll past them. You won’t see me wasting my time to make a comment about somebody I’m not interested in just to make a point. I think Kendra is a little tmi sometimes but she is obviously elated to be having a baby with her husband. I try to ignore the tacky comments on here but you unfortunately comments don’t come with douchebag warnings. At least with the celeb posts you know what you’re getting into.

Mary-Helen on

I remember when I had to have an ultrasound because there was a concern my pregnancy was ectopic and the fear that came with it and the relief when all was well. It was refreshing to hear this story, so many celebs or pseudo celebs talk about their flawless pregnancies and weight loss and natural breastfeeding without any issues, you would think no one has any fears or concerns.

Kendra seems like a frank girl without much of an internal sensor, which can cause tmi moments but also some frank honesty. my best friend is VERY similar so I guess it’s just something I am used to.

Willa on

Tiff, I support you in your attempt to censor the views of those you don’t agree with by asking CBB to block any negative comments. I also think your comment which was negative should have been blocked. Oh, and my comment is a bit negative so it should be blocked too. Soon we can have nothing but happy comments which will be boring and then people will stop commenting altogether which would be boring so then people would stop coming to this site and go visit other sites where they could exercise free speech. Hey, maybe THAT’S why CBB doesn’t block every negative comment? Oh, well, I still think censorship is cool! Go, Tiff!

mrswilliams on

you no what i have picked up on…..its the same people saying the same nasty crap lol hmmmm green ladies why don’t you try another colour lol

if you dislike clebs soooo much errr stop visting this site, ohhhh but you like it, well i think so anyway, lovvvvv the drama , a little sad though…

well yeah she is going on and on as if she is the first woman ever to have a baby..just like we all did when we were pregnant , so why don’t we all try and remenber how we all were and put the claws away…

if you dislike kendra , fine but would you say these things to her face…..i very very much doubt it, some of you, not all but some are no better than playground bullies…catty little girls with nothing better to do that sit round hissing venom for o good reason other than you have nothing better to do…its not all i love her…shes so great but some of your comments are uncalled for. i think some here need to grow up.

Brooke on

Wow! well Congrats to Kendra and Hank anyways, that must have been scary.

I do have to say that i am getting annoyed with every single detail too but i do not think that Kendra is “Pimping out her pregnancy” she is happy and in love and having a baby. I think that Kourtney may be using her “celebrity staus” what that is i dont really know.. but she is using her’s to tell every single detail, i am getting more annyoyed with Kourtneys just because of the way her ended up, but all we can hope for is two great healthy babies, regardless of there parents.

Ashley on

Some media outlets (US Weekly, for example) are reporting that the baby’s name will be Henry Baskett IV, while others are saying Hank Baskett IV. I am assuming that Hank’s birth name is Henry Baskett IV but he goes by Hank..??

I bet the baby will go by the name Henry!

Sarah on

Well, if the folks who run this blog took the time to check out the details they will discover that the negativity comes from a few or even one person using various names. But we are all onto her ways and nothing she says will change the happiness growing with more abundance everyday. Kendra is a sweet girl and will be a sweet, loving mom. I wish her well and I can’t wait until she and Kortney are moms.

madamemselle on

God gave us opinions for a reason. Let everyone have their say. not everyone is gonna agree, but respect everyones views. Some people can be so tight laced on here!!

Stephany on

I really don’t understand while people aren’t allowed to have an opinion (unless it’s positive) on CBB anymore. Not everyone is going to agree and the positive/negative comments make this forum a lot more interesting! Come on, if all we wrote was “Aw, what a sweet interview!” this would be a boring site to comment on. And the negative comments are never said in a bad way. I think they’re usually pretty respectful.

Anyway, I like Kendra (much, much more than Kourtney). She’s seems like she loves this baby so, so much. I’m excited for her!

Erica on

I can only speak for myself, but one reason why Kendra and Kourtney irritate is because they are “pseudo” celebrity–famous for being on a reality show/acting like a dumbass/having no real talent other than sharing every detail with their lives with the media. Heidi and Spencer also fit this description. It’s not just about being a “hater”. For example, I dislike Julia Roberts waaay more than Kendra Wilkinson, but at least the former is an actual celebrity who doesn’t stay relevant solely based upon how many private details she sells/gives to media outlets. The comparison to Marmite doesn’t hold water IMO, because I don’t hate Kendra or Kourtney. I just think it’s funny how saturated this site can be with women who became famous for 1) having a sister with a sex tape and 2) being the fake girlfriend of an octogenarian. P.S. The difference between my opinion and others is that I would never tell anyone else here what they can and can’t say. Many people seem to have a hard time dealing with the fact that CBB already has moderators who don’t need anyone else doing their jobs for them.

Moira on

Yeah, Erica. What you said!!!

Micheley on

Kendra has always been the same, this is just her personality. We all know this, so if you don’t like her or what she has to say. Don’t bother reading. I don’t understand why people purposely put themselves in the middle of things they don’t enjoy.

marimel on

I love Hank and Kendra, I’m glad everything is OK with their baby!! I hope she has a healthy rest of the pregnancy and delivery!!

But can someone please explain to me how Kourtney Kardashian is any less of a celeb than Nicole Richie? I’ve said this before on another story, but I’ll say it again… Nicole has a famous father, Kourtney had a well-known father; Nicole became even more famous because she was on that stupid reality show with Paris Hilton, Kourtney became known because she’s on a stupid reality show with her family; Nicole has a clothing line, Kourtney helps run a few clothing stores; Nicole was in the media a lot because of substance abuse issues, Kourtney is in the media a lot because of a severe case of verbal diarrhea. The biggest difference I see is that Nicole has a charity, but even that wasn’t started until well into her pregnancy with Harlow. So how is Nicole Richie a celeb but Kourtney is only a pseudo-celeb? I’m not trying to be snarky, I truly am curious where the line falls.

As for Kendra, CBB reports on plenty of people who are arguably unrecognizable by a wide group of people. For instance, I haven’t a clue who that soap star that named his kid Peanut is, but I know he’s been on here a couple of times. If you don’t think Kendra has done anything noteworthy, then maybe think of her as another professional athletes wife and that is why CBB is reporting on her; like they did recently with Alonzo Mourning’s wife, and plenty of other athletes I have never even heard of. Basically, I feel like CBB would be covering her (maybe not as much, but still would nonetheless) regardless because she is now married to an NFL player.

I’m not trying to tell people what to say because the negative comments are as easy to scroll past as scrolling past a story about a celeb I don’t like is.

MissHeather on

I’m with Alex on this one!
We all come to this site for one thing…to read about celebrities and their pregnancies/babies…and there are complaints about a celebrity pregnancy related article?
Personally, if I don’t like a particular celeb I will just scroll past it and move on to someone I actually do like. It actually makes me laugh when I read negative comments because I know that someone wasted their precious time writing a comment about someone they don’t even like!

Jill on

Can’t we all just get along πŸ™‚

Bieta on

Nicole Richie is a celebrity, a celebrity is someone who is famous no matter the reason. Having said that, I do not celebrate or admire Nicole Richie and am not jumping on her mother of the year bandwagon.

Kourtney and Kendra are one and the same. They even did an INTERVIEW together, fame-whoring at its finest. These girls know that they are famous for no real reason(they aren’t actresses, singers, real designers) so they HAVE to put their personal lives out their to keep generation attention which equals money! I don’t hate on their hustle. tho i think they are both going to regret it 10 years when we rarely hear their names, but their children can google past fodder. They’ll have to deal with questions about sex with Uncle Hugh and how mom was lax with her pills.

For those of you who are SO sick of them, every time you click on articles related to them you are part of why they are so popular. Just keep that in mind and keep it movin’!

Micheley on

Marimel- I agree with everything you said.

Lacey on

I found out during my pregnancy that our daughter had “Situs Inversus”. That means that her organ including the heart are opposite sides. Lucky, everything was connected and perfect health. I total understand the scare and stress they went through. Glad everything is good!

Jess on

So scary. I’m glade their little guy is alright. We found out at 35 weeks that our son may have a problem, then a week later we were told he was fine. However, at 40 weeks our son passed away & we found out that he did in fact have the medical condition he was first diagnosed with, he was misdiagnosed when they told us everything was fine. Even once we thought things were fine, the initial scare took such a toll on us, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, it’s awful. So like I said, I’m happy to hear that they have a healthy baby on the way. I hope she has a good pregnancy. Like I’ve said before, you can tell she’s very excited.

CelebBabyLover on

Marimel- I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been wondering that as well (about why people consider Nicole Richie a celeb, but not Kourtney).

Bieta- Just to clear things up for you, I don’t think anyone is trying to say that Nicole Richie is mother of the year. All we’re saying is that she had done an amazing job of turning her life around, and DOES seem to be a very good mother. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Ashley- Yes, Hank’s real first name is Henry. πŸ™‚

janie on

Do we have to hear every little detail about her pregnancy?

This is pathetic!

Lauren on

I think the main difference between Nicole and Kendra/Kourtney is that from the second Nicole announced her pregnancy, she changed overnight. She went from being a drug addict and drunk driver-not to mention vapid party girl-to being an eloquent, outspoken young woman who vowed to finally be someone her child could look up to-and she kept that promise and then some. In her defense, while Kendra is still clearly not the brighest bulb, it’s very obvious that she loves her baby and will be a devoted mom. That said, the fact that she and Kourtney (particularly the latter) are quite obviously using their unborn children for every little last ounce of attention to take it away from the celebs who actually matter is what makes peoples’ skin crawl, especially those of us who read this site for news about real celebrities who are famous for their work and their families and are instead inundadted with articles about people we could give a damn about. So while Nicole may be from the same background as Kourtney and Kendra, I put her in a whole other category based on how she’s kept her word to clean up her act-and think most other readers do the same.

marimel on

Lauren– thank you for your explanation! While I personally don’t agree, I understand why you and others share that view.

What I will say though is that Kendra and Kourtney have to be contacted by the media to do these stories, so if the media didn’t think these two would sell, they wouldn’t waste their time on them, therefore, enough people must consider them to be real celebrities. This includes CBB, the more hits they get on their site, the better, so when Kourtney said she considered abortion and there were nearly 400 comments, CBB was sitting on the other side having a great day! They’d be foolish to quit reporting on people who cause controversy, at least from a business perspective. And CBB doesn’t always report on what some may consider “real” celebrities. As I mentioned before, they cover plenty of people who the majority of the general public may be unfamiliar with, such as various soap stars, lesser known athletes, etc.

marimel on

Bieta— not sure if your comment about Nicole Richie’s celeb status was in response to my post, but, just in case, I wasn’t trying to say Nicole isn’t a celebrity. She clearly is. I was simply stating how similar she and Kourtney are, yet can’t understand why everyone considers Kourtney to only be a pseudo-celeb. And I totally agree, a celeb is someone famous, regardless of the how that came to be. Hope that clarifies, if you misunderstood my point!

Bieta on


I kinda only skimmed through your post but my comment wasn’t really directed at you. When it comes to Richie, the kardashian sisters, the hiltons and now kendra the faulty point of them not being “real” celebrities always comes up.

I dont’ mind the posts on Kourtney and Kendra, I find them pretty amusing most of the time for different reasons.

and Celebabylover,

I really think some people would vote for Nicole Richie if there was a mother of the year contest. I understand that she’s had issues with drugs and all that but how many pats can one back take? I mean isn’t her child almost two years old? Drugs have been out of her life for sometime now which is fantastic, but yet some people are in TOTAL AWE when she takes her daughter to coldwater canyon. Everyone has their favorite celebrity moms, I get that. I like Mary Louise Parker, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry but there is a real zeal to the posts about Nicole Richie that are just bizarre to me.

marimel on

haha Bieta, you’re funny! I totally agree about Nicole Richie being “mother of the year.” The woman got her crap together and is seemingly doing a good job of raising her child…. isn’t that what she should have done? Kicking the habit and becoming responsible hardly makes you a candidate for the nobel prize of mothering (if only such an award existed, haha). I do like her though. And, I too find the posts on Kendra and Kourtney entertaining!

Amanda C on

I really don’t understand how these women are “whoring” or “pimping” out their pregnancies to the media for attention. It’s not like they ask to be interviewed or photographed or put on the cover of a magazine…the public is interested, and that’s what sells. I’ve yet to hear a story about one of them standing in the middle of Santa Monica Blvd., screaming, “My husband rubs lotion on my boobs!” or “I learned today that I have a mucus plug!” or “My ankles are so swollen, I can barely fit into my Manolos.” The celeb websites and weekly magazines seek THEM out, and which one of us wouldn’t take advantage of the situation to get some cash to make sure that their child is financially secure when he/she gets older? These women have made businesses out of themselves, and a shrewd businessperson has to be able to see a good opportunity to sell their product when a buyer comes knocking, and I don’t think that they should be knocked for that. As far as the people saying that someday, their children could google the things that their mothers have said…technology changes every day, and google may not even be around. We may navigate cyberspace in an entirely different way. And how many of us are, for example, googling quotes that Julia Roberts said back when she starred in Pretty Woman? It’s absurd. I remember her saying something when someone asked her if she was ever going to have children along the lines of, “I don’t think so. I like my flat belly just fine the way it is.” Are her kids going to do an internet search on that and feel bad some day? Who knows? That’s up to the parents to deal with when and if it happens. And I also noticed that sometimes, it’s the same people who are saying terrible things about the pregnant women who seem to be worried that the children are going to find their mothers’ comments online one day. Doesn’t seem to make much sense to me.

Bugs on

Get used to it people. If it’s about Kendra or Kourtney, we’ll hear EVERYTHING that is to be possibly heard. This is nothing. Wait till the kids are born. We’ll hear about their first breath, cry, sneeze, swallow, smile, eye-opening, and i don’t wanna go deeper cause it’ll be gross. ;-P

I agree that this is CBB and it’s about babies and what comes with it. But i wish i could see more of other celebrities.

gargoylegurl on

I enjoy reading about a variey of different celebs; whether they are reality stars, T.V., movie, music…whatever. I personally like that CBB runs stories on all kinds of celebs. I don’t think they have to have a certain degree of status of fame to be on here. It’s really quite simple, if you’re not interested in a certain post, skip it. ☺

CelebBabyLover on

gargoylegurl- Very well said!

Bugs- It’s entirely possible that Kendra and Kourtney will be more private once their babies arrive. Look at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, for example. When Katie was pregnant with Suri, they were fairly public about it (although they didn’t share quite the amount of information that Kourtney and Kendra are).

When Suri was born, however, they suddenly became very private about her. I mean, she was six months old before we ever saw photos of her (and yes, I’m well aware that she was actually four months old when the photos were taken. However, when they were released, which was in October, she was six months old. :))!

zeezee on

Ugh. I’d have to disagree. I’m sooo sick of hearing about non-celebs. And, honestly, I don’t know why the media seeks them out….no one cares! I mean, look how much the media makes stars out of all the MTV reality show people, like Speidi and such, and yet 95% of the comments on those stories are: please stop! make them go away! stop reporting on these morons!
So, based on that, I really don’t get why the media continues to report on some of these no-talent, reality “celebs”….when plenty people don’t care and make it known. So, I don’t know what is driving that, but it’s not demand by the public, IMO. This isn’t personally about Kendra…I don’t know much about her, I don’t find her interesting, so I don’t read a whole lot about her…but, just the statement in general that fans are driving the media to report incessantly on these people…I’m not sure that’s entirely true.
Anyhow, the bar has been lowered so much to be a celebrity these days….

sara on

Aww I’m happy everything is ok I have to found out that I was pregnant I really wanted a boy so he could be a little motocross racer. Sure enough we found out it was a boy I’m very excited. I bet u are to. Our baby will be taking his daddys name and he will be the fourth lol.

CelebBabyLover on

zeezee- Actually, people DO care. That is evidenced by all the comments on these and other posts about Kendra (and Kourtney as well). Not everyone likes hearing about Kendra (or Kourtney), but even negative comments are still comments, and from a business perspective, lots of comments is a good thing.

When magazines and websites get a lot of comments about an article, whether those comments are postive or negative, they know that it’s what sells, and are going to keep doing that type of article.

Also, obviously the media considers people like Kendra and Kourtney to be celebs, or they wouldn’t be in the magazines! Oh, and I have to ask….Do you consider Nicole Richie a celeb? Because she’s pretty much famous for the same reaons that Kourtney is (both have/had well-known fathers, both were/are on reality shows, etc.)? She’s famous for some of the same reasons Kendra is as well, except that obviously Nicole has never been a Playboy bunny, nor has she, to my knowledge, posed nude (at least for a picture intended for the public to see). Nicole is also married to a celeb…but so is Kendra. Hank is an NFL player, which some consider to be a celeb.

Hardly anyone ever says they’re sick of hearing about Nicole, and most people (myself included) are on pins and needles waiting to hear about the birth of her baby. Also, no one tries to claim that Nicole is not a celeb. Yet people can’t stand Kourtney and Kendra and claim they’re “non-celebs” or “psuedo-celebs”. Why the double-standard?

CelebBabyLover on

Bieta- Just to try to clear things up a bit…I think the reason many people are “in awe” as you say, of Nicole Richie, is that it’s amazing to think that just over three years ago, she was a party girl, arrested for DUI, and basically leading a troubled life….and now here she is, happy, healthy, and (from what we can see, anyway), a fantastic mother.

Also, I think people are still in awe of the fact that Nicole, as Lauren pointed out, she changed basically overnight. Not many people can change that fast (in fact, the only other celeb I can think of who changed that fast is Angelina Jolie. The moment she adopted Maddox, she seemed to put most of her party-girl, wild-child past behind her.).

Anyway, I’m glad everything’s okay with Hank IV. Finding out that he might have a heart problem must have been terrifying for Kendra and Hank!

Alyssa on

Same thing happened to us in April when I was 16 weeks along…ended up being nothing, the baby had a slight arrhythmia (sp?) but it worked itself out. I’m due next month with a healthy little girl.

Nickelle on

so glad baby Hank is doing well! Many congratulations to the parents to be and lots and lots of happiness! I’m sure they’ll be great parents. Kendra might not censor herself much but she’s a very sweet, likable girl.