Ingo Rademacher on Marriage: Maybe, Baby

08/30/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Jill Johnson/JPI

Labels are interchangeable in the home General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher shares with partner Ehiku and the couple’s 13-month-old son Peanut Kai. “I call Ehiku wife, sometimes fiancée, sometimes girlfriend, sometimes baby mama,” Ingo said with a laugh during a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest. “We haven’t gotten married yet, but we’ll get around to it sometime.”

The couple, for now, are content to explore the world with their son in tow. “He travels great,” Ingo notes.

“Kai has been traveling for a long time; He’s been to Hawaii, like, five times already and Germany once.”

Air travel is about to become more complicated for the couple, however. “He just started walking and he’s pretty much only walking now,” Ingo, 38, explains, “so we have to see if we can keep him on our laps.”

Source: Soap Opera Digest, August 25 issue

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Ivey on

Hmm now they are calling him by his middle name, maybe all that Peanut uproar made them stop and think.

Chris on

So in other words they will never get married. I still can’t get over the name Peanut.

Jenna on

That’s exactly what I was thinking–I notice they’re not calling him Peanut.

JMO on

I had a feeling they’d call him Kai…but it makes me shake my head in thinking why didn’t they just make that his given name and his middle name peanut….or better yet just have peanut as a nickname!! So pointless if you ask me!

Willa on

I had a male friend who didn’t want to get married but lived with and had children with a woman. After eight years together, they broke up. He figured without them being legally married (just a piece of paper) his individual assets were safe and the whole breakup process would be easier than going to through a divorce. Ah, but most states consider people living together for a certain period of time as common law married and she took half of his stuff anyway. Men and women should be smarter about living with someone and thinking they’re financially safe because they’re not officially married. The law’s not on their side. Now he refuses to move in with the woman he’s been dating for five years. They have a kid together but he won’t live with her because he knows the law doesn’t care about that piece of paper. She doesn’t seem to care though because she “feels married to him.” Whatever works for them.

I just think about that guy whenever I read about a celebrity who lives with their partner, has kids with them, but acts like marriage itself isn’t a big deal and that they’re financially and emotionally safer without the piece of paper.

elle on

oh dear, ingo should just do kai the hugest favor and legally drop the name “peanut.” it will save the child from years of ridicule, especially during the school ones.

Mariasha on


Ever considered that some people just don’t want to get married, without “keeping their assets safe” in mind?

Like everyone HAS to folloow the book and just do what people think is right.

Anna on

Willa not everyone doesn’t want to get marries because of money issues. I know plenty of people that have been together for many years. My aunt and uncle even have 3 children (oldest is 19) and are not married. It is because getting married does not add anything to their relationship. They don’t need a stranger to tell them they are now committed to each other.

Mallory on

Thank heavens they are not calling that child Peanut.

Rachel-Jane on

Having studied law (albeit Scots Law, so a different jurisdiction) I can’t help but feel that the piece of paper that is marriage provides a massive safety net. For one thing, here in Scotland, a father doesn’t have parental responsibilities and rights if he hasn’t been married to the mother at some point during her pregnancy. If one partner dies unmarried it is far more difficult to inherit their estate if you’re not their spouse. It is also more difficult to get alimont if you split up too, although not impossible (the parents are required to pay child support for example).

Actually, if anything, I think that not getting married to ‘keep their assets safe’ is a very selfish reason for not getting married if you love someone enough to have children with them.

Tina. on

i think the name is cute, but they do call him kai. i watch GH every day and read the mazagines and whenever they interview him he always says kai.

Belle on

As one who studies the law I can 100% tell you that most states do NOT recognize common law marriage. I believe as of a year or 2 ago only 11 did. That being said, after spending many years in family law I have noticed most who don’t think marriage is an important thing have commitment issues. There are some exceptions but it is rare. Another thing, in most states if you are not married you have no rights to even see your partner in the hospital or make funeral arrangements if, God forbid, something were to happen. Personally, I think marriage has just fallen out of style and like all things will come back again. It is the platform shoe of life. It will go away for a while but it will return.

LB on

If they are always going to call him Kai, then why name him the ridiculous “Peanut?”

Siri on

They might not called him Peanut but it’s still his name. He will have to write that name for all legal papers for the rest of his life. I’m all for unique names but that one is just weird.

L on

Are people going to start going crazy because he refers to her as his “baby mama”…!? Probably not…

Tina. on

ppl stop bashing the name, its their kid and they can name him whatever they want.

JMO on

With the divorce rate so high sometimes you marriage just isn’t for everyone.

My brother has 3 kids, 2 different mothers, and doesn’t EVER want to be married. He’ll flat out tell you he’ll never do it. He’s content with his girlfriend and kids and gets a long for the most part with the ex of his other child.

I don’t disagree with him. I really could careless about marriage. I guess because we grew up with two unhappy parents who “stayed together for the kids” and then my mom was a stay at home mom for awhile and didn’t have very much of her own income. She now looks back and wishes she’d been stronger to go about it a different way.
I guess that may be why my brother and I have a sour taste in our mouth when marriage is brought up. We just feel like you can love someone without having to walk down an aisle (which imo is a waste of money anyways)!

Ivey on

Marriage is not supposed to be about a piece of paper either, or a dress a ring etc. It is supposed to be a vow. I will stand by you no matter what, stated before family, church and state. Not that many people take that as serious as it actually is, and those are the people who end up divorcing or never marrying at all.

danda_lion on

“ppl stop bashing the name, its their kid and they can name him whatever they want.”

This type of comment cracks me up — no one is saying that they *can’t* or *couldn’t* name their kid Peanut. Of course they can call him whatever they want. This site allows comments, and people ought to be able to discuss and give their opinions. The trend of celebs giving their children *unusual* names is a valid topic for discussion and opinions, in my opinion.

aimy on

I don’t need marriage to know that I’m committed.

Crystal on

I fullly believe if a man wanted to marry his “significant other” he would. I do not believe that he really wants to marry Ehiku because if he did they would be married…..PERIOD!!! For all the naysayers who say she may not want to marry him believe me when I say it goes both ways. If you want to be married you would get married!

CelebBabyLover on

Crystal- They might very well get married eventually, though. I mean, look at Milla Jovovich and her husband, or Kimora Lee Simmons and her husband. Both couples recently tied the knot…Despiting having wait awhile before doing so.

marimel on

CelebBabyLover– Kimora and Djimon are married?!!?! When the heck did that happen haha??

Crystal on

CelebbabyLover-Milla Jovovich is a very good example. So is Rhea Durham and Mark Walberg. However, I still believe when they are really ready nothing will stop them from getting married.
Marimel-They had a commitment ceremony but it’s not legal.

CelebBabyLover on

Crystal- Not legal? That’s the first I heard of that! For all we know, they made it legal at a courthouse here in the states before they went to Africa (there have been other celebs who got married overseas that have done that. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are one example.), and thus their marriage is legal.

Also, when Kimora confirmed their marriage in the interview accompanying Kenzo’s first photos, she never said it wasn’t legal (she also referred to it as a wedding, not a commitment ceremony). 🙂

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I hope they continue to call him Kai, not Peanut. Their child, their choice, but like others here, I can’t help but have an opinion as it’s so way-out unusual as far as names go! Can’t imagine how cruel it would be for him growing up. Kai is a million times nicer/more normal, esp as he ages. Perhaps they have given into public pressure, or just decided they prefer Kai personally, looks like a Kai more, who knows…?

Crystal on

Celebbabylover-according to various media outlets and wikipedia the marriage is not legal. I’m not making this stuff up. I looked it up. Try it!

CelebBabyLover on

Crystal- Wikipedia is a great site…but, unfourtnately, because it’s a site that anyone can contribute to it’s not always the most reliable, especially when it comes to things like information about celebrities.

I don’t what other sites you looked on that said the marriage isn’t legal…but if they were tabloid sites, or sites that are basically Internet versions of tabloids, then I wouldn’t trust them, either.

Bottomline: When I see it in PEOPLE or another reliable source, or Kimora herself confirms it, I’ll believe it. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I’m sorry if I sounded snappy. I just feel bad that people are apparently already questioning Kimora and Dijimion’s marriage. I hate it when the media has to try to spoil such a happy event. If Kimora and Dijimon’s marriage indeed wasn’t legal and they want people to know about it, they’ll tell us. Otherwise, it’s none of our business. 🙂

Crystal on

CelebBabyLover- I understand. I was very happy for them too. I ♥ Kimora and Djimon! I’m just saying. When they are both ready nothing will stop them from getting married.