Michelle and Matilda's Brooklyn Breakfast

08/29/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Katie B/Eagle Press

Matilda Rose Ledger enjoys the view while walking home from breakfast at a Brooklyn café with mom Michelle Williams and friends on Thursday.

Matilda, 3 ½, is the only child for Michelle and the late Heath Ledger.

Michelle’s next film, Martin Scorsese‘s Shutter Island, will be released in February.

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pia on

aww lovely matilda. i adore her.. she looks like such a happy little kid.. and very cute too.
and i YEARN for the day when nobody posts on here ‘she looks just like her father. so sad’ or whatever.. cause they do every time there is a photo of her. she’s michelle’s child too and she’s getting on with it. there. said my piece. just a real pet peeve of mine.

rhyssa on

Matilda looks so happy! I recently divorced my husband and my two kids have been getting used to their new step-dad. It’s not easy for kids (or parents) but life does go on. It is SO nice to see that Matilda has another man in her life. Of course the step-dad can never replace daddy, but it helps to have a step-dad/or a male friend rather than no dad at all. I applaud Michelle for getting on with her life and giving Matilda the stability she needs. Yay! Good Mommy!!! 🙂

Doreen on

Matilda is so cute! I was just watching this movie I think it was Heath’s first movie, ’10 Things I Hate About You’! Love that movie, so cute! Heath was a hunk! 🙂

sat on

Shutter Island looks like a really good thriller from the previews! I hope it does well! This is a nice pic of Michelle and Mathilda with friends.

Mary-Helen on

Aw, what a pretty lil girl!

Matilda seems like such a funny, social child. Whenever Michelle is out with them she is always riding on shoulders, getting piggybacks or swinging with them! She seems to really adore Michelle’s inner circle and interacting with them. She just always seems to be having fun.

cassie on

matilda looks so much like her father

stephanie on

Beautifel Matilda, beautiful Michelle, beautiful Heath ❤ RIP

Lola on

I have to laugh at the grip she’s got on his forehead! It brings a whole new meaning to “facelift”!

Brooke on

Pia – I don’t see any problem at all with saying that Matilda looks just like her dad, because it’s not like anyone was criticizing Michelle. I see no problem at all with saying that.

Is it just me or does the lady in the white dress look just a little bit like America Ferrera from that angle?

Anyways, Michelle looks great and Matilda is such a cutie!! 🙂

Bella on

I believe that is Michelle’s sister Paige and her brother with them.

Matilda is getting so big. Can’t believe she’s almost 4.

Solène on

I thought it was America Ferrera too at first glance!

mememememe on

They all look so relaxed yet hip…ahhh…I need a trip to NY in summer ….

Matilda&Heath on

Matilda is so cute, she looks just like her father.

pia on

brooke, i don’t have a problem with the she looks so much like her father.. it’s the rest i cannot abide. of course she looks like him. it’s not original to think or say it, like making the WILD statement that the sky is blue or whatever… but the SADNESS part. god, it was so SO sad that he died, and he is always going to be absent in her life – it’s terribly tragic. but.. somehow it makes me sad for them – michelle and matilda – that their whole life is represented on here as one long HEATH LEDGER RIP. do you know what i mean? and anyway, it’s just my peeve.

Maya on

So great to see Matilda have (what looks to be like) such a strong and loving mother… She’ll grow up to be a strong, self-confident woman…

Denise on

She does look like her father. And thank God for it! That’s all she has of him. She was so young when he died, she won’t remember him except in some deep recess of her subconscious. I particularly like pictures showing her smiling and waving to the photographers her mother has cautioned her against! In spite of all parental negotiations, Matilda will retain an independent streak, I hope. Which is also just like her father. She seems very open and kind and sweet. I am glad Michelle has allowed her personality to develop without too much restraint. I worry her new father, who ever he turns out to be, treats her with love and kindness. I also hope she will have more chances to be with her father’s family. She is all they have left of him. And yes. I was Heath’s long before I’d ever heard of Michelle.

jk on

Just checked out the trailer for “Shutter Island” and it looks great!!!
Matilda is a doll..Michelle is a wonderful Mom..

CelebBabyLover on

Denise- Matilda will never have a “new father”. No one can ever replace Heath!

Terri on

Matilda is getting to be so big. Such a cute little lady.

ericka on

This has never happened before when I see her pictures. Usally I’m soooooooooooo happy to see her and I think shes so beautiful such a happy child but I had a very horrible sense of sadness come over me when I saw this photo. It made me think of her father when he’d carry her like that and the fact that she won’t remember him when she gets older…and if she does her memories won’t be very fresh.I guess I’m connecting my own grief of losing my sister and how certain aspects or memories get fuzzy after awhile.

Noelle on

I dont know, all the things I’ve heard about Michelle makes me hope to hell that Matilda does remember her father and the incredible person, and talent he was.