Britney Spears and Her Broadway Baby

08/29/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

After wrapping up three concerts at Madison Square Garden, Britney Spears continues to make the most of her Big Apple adventures, checking out another Broadway show, Shrek the Musical, with sons Jayden James, 2 ½, and Sean Preston, 3 ½ (not pictured) on Thursday night.

Britney, 27, performs her Circus tour in Boston tonight.

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Donna on

So glad to see her finally getting positive attention. I have become quite a fan of her’s recently. I feel a connection somewhere. Maybe it’s the mother thing, who knows? My question to her- how on earth does she get those kids to sit through things like that? LOL I want to take my girls to a baseball game, but they’d never sit through it!

Keep up the good work, Britney! Leave the past where it belongs…behind you.

Lola on

Her hair looks great!

Rachel on

Jayden is stunning! He is a little clone of Britney. The haircut is great. I am also glad to see that for once Britney is being presented in a positive light in photos. Yay Britney!

crimpe on

Yikes. I think this is a rough picture of them both – like they just need some space.

Ryo on

Jayden is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! And look, Britney’s done her hair and Jayden doesn’t have a pacifier – and only 4 comments. Funny how that works.

jazmine on

Someone really loves Broadway.

Sam on

Oooops, she did it AGAIN. No surprise there.

mrswilliams on

wonders how the britney haters will be unkind because this pic is ‘crappy’ hair, no dummy woooooo britney well done you lol lol lol

honestly if any one says her looks bad i’ll tear out my own lmao xoxo

i think its great she look healthy and so do those lubly boys xx good for you hun xxx keep it up , we are all rooting for you xxxx keep carring j every where if it makes him happy, be safe and well xxxx

Mary-Helen on

Britney looks great but tired. Jayden looks pretty tired too. Must have been a long day, I know I feel that way after a day out with the kids too. Jayden is such a cutie butt though, a mini Brit through and through.

Karla on

Lovely photo and Britney and Jayden. Love her, think she’s doing a great job these days. Keep it up Brit : )

Shea on

@Donna…..if you start taking kids to things when they are babies they grow up knowing how to sit and watch and behave when attending. My kids were taken to movies, live shows, nice restaurants, church, etc from newborns and always werew able to sit quietly and behave. I never put my kids in church nursery, they sat in the church with me until they were old enough to go to sunday school, they have never had problems sitting through a movie (of course I took them to movies and shows that were geared for kids when they were toddlers, not movies they would find boring and lose interest in). If they grow up accustomed to being in public places and sitting still then it isn’t an issue for thewm.

Julia on

Awww, too cute. Jayden looks alot like Brit, and Sean looks more like kevin, imo.

Dana on

I thought she looked kind of sad…but she does look good. I just hope the magazines are wrong when they say she may be going back to how she was before. She just has been so excited about her tour and doing great things with her kids. I just don’t want to see her fall about when she has made such an awesome comeback!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Dana- Don’t worry, I think it’s tabloids saying that, and we all know how unreliable they are! 🙂

Also, I don’t think Britney CAN go to far downhill as long as her father has conservatorship over her.

kmb on

Wow KateRose, wow. I haven’t commented on any of these recent Britney photos, but I feel inclined to this time. You love to pick fights on here; it’s a picture of a celebrity mom and her son. If you’re so concerned with the “celebrity worship” that goes on here, why are you CONSTANTLY commenting on photos of Britney? Ha, you’re getting ridiculous. Your incessant and judgmental commenting on every Britney photo recently makes you “look incredibly immature.” Cute kid, Britney looks good, the end. Leave it be hun.

sat on

mini-me alert! Very cute 😉

mememememe on

Shea…Hate to disagree but well, I disagree. Kids are different. Some are just more placid or shy and some are more physically active, gregarious or curious. I don’t think parenting makes all that much difference to which ones will sit still at church!

mrswilliams on

KateRose Says:
August 29th, 2009 at 10:57 pm
“wonders how the britney haters will be unkind because this pic is flawless”

Hate to break it to you, but thinking someone’s hair looks bad does not make a person a Britney hater. Or are some of you incapable of seeing shades of gray? It’s possible to like someone and not like everything they do. It’s also possible to dislike something someone does without hating them. Implying otherwise makes you look incredibly immature

No my dear, what makes some one immature is feeling the need to pick at some one who has done nothing but step out with her family and some one took her photo, there are shades of grey I see them very well thank you for asking, i am no britney fan i am a fan of MOTHERS, i am a fan of sticking together and supporting each other rather than catty little comments about hair and the way they dress their children, as long as they are taken care of and loved does any of that superficial rubbih matter??? i have seen lots of post and it would appear to me you make negative comments in all of britney posts so it would appear to me you are what i would class as a britney hater as you can’t seam to give the girl a break…. i am in no way saying for you to worship her although you seam to think any one that says any thing other than nice is, i am just pointing out it takes more energy to be negative so why bother..just skip past , as i would if i saw some thing i didn’t like..why waste my time commenting on it…

‘She looks decent, good, appropriate, better than usual – sure. But good grief, the celebrity worship that goes on here is frightening with the comments like “flawless.”’

i think that if you are able to pick away at a lovely picture like this then you are TRYING to find some thing wrong which is frightening to me.

oh and as you so clearly told me again and again i am allowed to state MY opinion and in MY opinion its a LOVELY FLAWLESS pic of a young mum and her son… her hair looks lovely, her make up is nice, i am not a fan of the top but she looks nice in it, and little J is flawless but then i like to see the good in people, and not waste my time only thinking bad things about people i don’t even no…….

Q on

There were a ton of pictures from that night, this is the worst one. In the other pics SP, JJ & Britney look so much happier. Hope they all had fun.

Wow KateRose you just never quite do you? Must every post from you be some condcesending lecture??

Why don’t you take your own advice & let others have their opinion. Constantly raging on someone’s hair doesn’t make you a hater, saying a picture is flawless doesn’t make you a worshipper.

Kristen on

Geesh, this site used to be “known” for their nice comments. What happened, CBB? Letting all the trolls in?

I think Britney and Jayden look great together. I’m sure they all had a great time at the show! The paps take photos so fast, they could capture a sad or tired look when the next nano-second they are smiling and laughing.

terra on

Britney is kind of notorious for showing up at a theater, getting her picture taken and then leaving during the first act. I don’t know if that’s what happened here, but it has happened in the past and I just don’t trust that she and her kids sat through the entire show. She’s trying to generate good publicity for herself by being photographed in all of the right places. However, with the stories that I’ve read in the past about her disrupting the entire theater by leaving in the middle of the show after her photo-op was over, I feel distrustful when I see pics like this.

daze on

terra i don’t know where you information comes from but you must be mistaken. Britney is absolutly not notorious for leaving theater in middle of a show. For all i can remember she is, to begin with, not even notorious for showing up into theater so it would be hard for her to leave!
Plus this is a picture of her leaving after representation not coming before so i guess if she had leave earlier it would be mention somewhere.
you win random comment of the day 🙂

lori on

I dont post on here very ofter neither, but I read alot of the comments and look all the pics. “Kate Rose” is allways NEGATIVE about Britney exp.! If you have nothing positive to say on a site thats REALLY for looking at the CHILDREN, not judging the parents then you shouldnt really say anything at all, even though you CAN state your opinion “freedom of speech”..Honestly, if you have nothing positive to say then why say it? just asking….. does it make you feel like a better person judging someones HAIR? for real….theres a site called “The” its for negativity and people that wanna judge people by stupidity…try going there, im sure you will love it! but I am curious to “WHY” you feel the need to be the way you are?are you that misserable in life you have to get on a site and be the way you are, with your horrible comments….whether your a Britney fan…or a Nicole fan etc….(you get my point) you should keep your crapy comments to your self..just saying….

terra on

I follow theater a lot closer than I follow Britney, and I’ve read several stories about her leaving theaters mid-performance after being photographed outside. One of them was the LA production of Wicked, and at the time it happened I had a friend working at that theater at the time, and he told me that everyone involved with the show was really excited that Britney was there, but then she and her entourage got up during the first act, about 20 minutes into the show, and made a noisy, disruptive exit. Also…that’s a picture of her walking through the theater lobby. It doesn’t say “before” or “after”, so for all anyone knows we could both be wrong.

Stephany on

Well, I for one, think this is a great picture of Britney and Jayden. I’m no Britney fan but even I can say this! I love the new haircuts on the boys…very cute.

Bieta on

Britney looks good! Her hairs glossy, her boy is adorable and thats all that matters.

CelebBabyLover on

If Britney DOES often leave in the middle of Broadway shows, it could easily be because Preston and Jayden are the type of kids who CAN’T sit through an entire performance, especially at night.

Bancie1031 on

Awww cute picture of Britney and Jayden. I love how much time Britney spends with her sons, she seems to do a lot of things with them.

Teresa on

i’m so happy britney finally got her life back on track!
and i agree with what some other people said, if those rumors about britney leaving shows during intermission is true, then it’s probably because her kids are still young and they can’t sit still!
and by the way, i’ve seen shrek. its hilarious!

Jen on

Well done Britany ur finally on the right track, u look stunning. Alson Jayden has a bit of similarities as a couple of David Becksham kids, Britany keep up the good work 🙂

Terri on

Some people are often negative, and some posters are often positive. Their right as long as they follow the rules. Why does anyone care either way?

Britney does look tired. Jayden is cute but I miss the boys with their longer hair!

CelebBabyLover on

Terri- Because sometimes the negative comments are said in a nasty way.

Bill on

I think Britney Spears gets a bad wrap. I think her children are cute and that they are blessed to have her in their lives. Go Britney!