Heidi Klum Hoping For 'The Light Bulb to Come On' For Baby's Name

08/28/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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As the producer and host of Project Runway, designer of several clothing, shoe and fragrance lines, and a mother of three, Heidi Klum is no stranger to making tough decisions. However, due with her fourth child — a girl — in October, the Victoria’s Secret Angel admits to USA Today that she has finally been stumped in choosing a name for her daughter! “Because we know it’s going to be our last baby, it’s way harder,” she explains.

“Before it was like, ‘This is the name and that’s that.’ We’re going to wait until we see the baby and hopefully the light bulb will come on and then it’ll be like, ding-ding-ding!”

While the name game may be weighing heavily on Heidi and her husband Seal‘s minds, the model has been kept busy with the day-to-day job of running the household. Noting that she would have made “a very good event planner,” Heidi designated herself “captain of the ship” this summer when Seal hit the road on tour in Europe. “I’m definitely the organizer of who is doing what,” she shares. “What are we eating, where are we going, what’s the plan for the day; Making sure everything runs smoothly.”

Fortunately, her top-notch management skills always include play time for Leni, 5, Henry, 3 ½, and Johan, 2 ½, who are given free reign of the house. “I’m not someone who is like, ‘Okay, this is a museum and you can’t sit here and you can’t touch this and everything has to be put in its place,'” Heidi explains.

“They live there as much as we do. You come into our house and there is a giant elephant and lion to welcome you. We have those big stuffed animals and we have toys and things everywhere.”

Still holding strong on her stance that baby-on-the-way will be their last, Heidi laughs that the couple are being overrun by their troops! “We’re outnumbered,” she jokes. “Four is perfect. Three is a lot. But four? It’s a lot of work.” According to expectant mama, as two actively involved parents, the pair have reached their limit.

“We’re hands-on and we feel like this is what we can handle.”

Source: USA Today

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penny on

Alice would be a good name for her baby girl, fits well with Leni, Henry and Johan, IMO.

Erika on

I like her other kids names, and I can’t wait to hear what they name this one. Her kids are beautiful1

Is Leni’s real name Helene, I read somewhere it was, but I wasn’t sure?

maggie on

i can’t wait to see pics of the baby. i think a german name would be good i don’t know any names but it might be good. oh and i did hear leni’s real name is helene but i like the name leni better.

Kait on

If that’s the case, it sounds like Heidi and Seal like the H in their children’s names. Johan is kind of an exception but it still has the letter. So I think the point I’m trying to make is that I think it’ll be something starting with an H or that has an H with the German feel incorporated. I can’t wait to see the little baby! Finally we’ll see how beautiful a girl Heidi and Seal can make in addition to their boys, no doubt Leni is beautiful too.

CelebBabyLover on

Erika- I’m pretty sure Leni’s name is just Leni, as Heidi has always referred to her as that. 🙂

DrSticky on

I’m glad she’s admitting that she doesn’t think she can handle any more. And I know they ARE very hands-on. But they do also have some nannies to help out…which makes me think of the moms to 6 kids who do the raising without nannies & do it so well, they are heroes!

Mary-Helen on

I felt the same way about my newest addition. We had to outsource to friends for ideas because we just couldn’t come up with anything!

I’m sure they will pick out something fab.

Sandra on

Erika, I also think it is just Leni (I have a German friend who says it is a normal name in Germany;)).

Kait on

Actually, everyone Leni’s full name is Helene Boshoven Klum – I looked it up because I do distinctly remember someone calling her by her full name on a site’s post.

CelebBabyLover on

Kait- That can’t be true, because it has been basically confirmed that Leni has no middle name. If you found the info on wikipedia, you need to know that anyone can contribute to wikipedia, so the information on there isn’t always acurrate (same thing with IMDB). 🙂

In anycase, CBB always posts celeb kids’ full names (with a few exceptions, such as Henry and Johan, since they have long, multiple middle names). For example, CBB always lists Naomi Watts’ oldest son as Alexander “Sasha” Pete. If Leni’s name really WAS Helene, they’d have her listed as Helene “Leni” Klum.

CBB seems to have very good sources, so I trust them. 🙂

Whitney Sterk on

Leni is actually Helene and it is pronounced Laney…..

jessie on

once they see the baby they’ll know which name would fit. i think they’ll pick something similar to the boys combining both german and african names. can’t wait to see her!

amelita on

It’s not Laney, it’s pronounced lee-nee.

stevie on

We went throught the exact same thing with our fourth! we had no problem naming the first 3 but the last one was the hardest, maybe because we knew that was the last baby for us too so it had to be a good one 😉

I don’t know what that little girls name is for sure Leni/Helene but if you llok at her website it says Helene, when I’ve heard her say her name on tv she pronounces it Lenny I noticed which makes sense if her name is Helene.

alexis on

Heidi daughter name is pronounced laney. On an interview she said laney. I’m pretty sure it’s not lee-nee.

CelebBabyLover on

I think Leni IS pronuced more like Lenny, but when Heidi says it sounds a little like “Laney” because her German accent. 🙂 Anyway, interesting that Heidi’s offical site has Leni listed as Helene. I wonder why she’s never stated that Helene Boshoven Klum (if that is indeed Leni’s full name) is Leni’s full name(especially since she and Seal released both of the boys’ full names when they were born)? Or has she?

Dorie on

Hey, I think it is pronounced Leni just as it is written with a German “e”, this sound doesn’t exist in the English language.
How does Seal call her?
Wikipedia lists her as Helene but I personally think her actual name is Leni. Maybe someone thought Leni couldn’t be a real name? Well, it is quite popular in Germany at this time, there are running around a lot of very little Lenis and very old ones as well.

Maybe the little girl will be a Marie?

2little on

I do believe Leni’s birth name is Helene. I’ve heard it a couple of different places. When I heard Heidi pronounce it, it sounded like lay-nee. Could be because of Heidi’s accent.

Micheley on

Leni’s full name is Helene.

Mia on

Maybe they will choose another “J” name, since they have Helene (Leni), and Henry, and then Johan.

Ashley on

Her name is Helene!!!! Everyone can stop arguing about it now. Celebbabylover, you are wrong actually!

Lutece on

Leni is pronounced Lénee. The “é” like in café or ballet. And it’s short for Helene. Until Heidi chose that name, it lead a very marginal existence as a nickname for Helene.
And I should know – as I am German.