Celebrity Baby Lookalike Winners!

08/28/2009 at 12:30 PM ET
Bronx Wentz/Stellan McKinney; Stella McDermott/Maxine Smith — Flynet; David Livingston/Getty

Last month, the Celebrity Baby Blog ran a celebrity baby lookalike contest asking readers to submit photos of their little doppelgangers, and the winners are in!

Appearing in the August 31st issue of PEOPLE magazine, we’ve also put together a gallery of Stella, Bronx, Zuma and more, side by side with their lookalikes.

Check them out here!


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Alex on

They’re all beautiful. The ones that look really alike are Nahla Aubry, Max Muniz and Stella McDermott.

urbanadventurertales on

I’m Malachi’s mom (Nahla’s look-alike) and we are far from looking like Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey. But Malachi does have the same ethnicity as Nahla (3/4 white, 1/4 black).

JMO on

I agree with Alex. Those to me were the only one’s that slightly resembled these babies.

All the children are beautiful though.

charlotte c on

this my votes

max muiez
valentina pinault
stella mcdermott(best one)

i think the stella one is best one by far they could pas as twins

Jana on

The baby that looks like Stella is definitely the closest match. I couldn’t tell which baby was which! I wonder if her parents resemble Tori and Dean? ๐Ÿ™‚

Erika on

urbanadventurertales- Malachi is adorable!!
It’s funny how kids with 2 different looking parents can look so similar. I resemble my dads side of the family, and my mom has like a 3rd cousin who she looked nothing like, yet her daughter and I looked very similar in pictures as young children, even though our parents looked nothing alike.

I think Stella’s is the closest match, mostly because they have the same expression.

Amber on

I see Stellan in there! YAY!!!!!

Stephany on

My goodness, that Stellan is adorable. I was excited to see him!

I think the Stella/Maxine picture was the closest lookalike…they look like identical twins! And also the Max/Mateo.

Very cute babies all around.

Keri on

Baby Stellan is a celebrity in his own right! Google him if you don’t know his story!

Erika on

Amber and Stephany- who’s Stellan? Is he the son of someone on here (he is very cute)?

sdfsd on

The only ones that looked alike to me were Max and Stella. The others weren’t even close.

celebsarah on

The Stella look-alike is the best, IMO. So amazing! I do not see any similarities between Bronx and his “look-alike.” There was at least something similar about the others.

Jamie on

Erika–Stellan’s mom has a popular blog among the mommy-bloggers circuit. Stellan was born with heart problems, and she’s been blogging about that and other bits of her life. Recently it came to light that she has been lying about a lot of their medical situations and other stories, and a lot of people now refuse to read her blog anymore.

Regardless, Stellan sure is a cutie!

ashley on

i submited my baby’s picture because she looks like stella also, everyone one tells me that.

millikate on

I love reading about Stellan in Mckmama’s blog. She didn’t lie about Stellan. There was about another child that had a heart condition similar to Stellan (her name was April, I think) that she linked to her blog to ask for prayers and then found out that it was a hoax.

Maxine and Stella were the closest followed by Max and Mateo. All were cute though!

Jamie on

Millikate–yes, she has lied about a lot of Stellan’s medical issues, way over-dramatizing them. Additionally, she has lied about her husband’s two arrests & subsequent charges of domestic violence, their houses in foreclosure, the money she has received from the blog and where it goes, where she gets trips/furniture, etc.

I do like MckMama, but it does leave a sour taste in my mouth knowing how many of us she’s manipulated.

I do agree with you on the Maxine/Stella and Max/Mateo being the closest! And Malachi is JUST gorgeous.

Shirelle on

The babies they think look like Harlow and Nahla dont to me! but there still cute!

millikate on

Jamie, I googled and only found the story about April. Where did you get this information? Do you have a link to the story?

Jo on

The only ones I think look alike are Stella and Max. The rest aren’t even close, especially Nahla. I don’t know who they picked to choose the look-alikes but they need to find someone else next time!

Jamie on

Millikate–there’s no one article summarizing everything, but the blog overmckmama.blogspot.com has worked to expose everything. (Caution: the web site holds discussions in its comments sections, and there is strong language. This post of theirs summarizes things the best I could find: http://tinyurl.com/lulcpu). the Fox web site that had interviewed her so many times now are being ‘cautious’ about her (because of the accusations that have come to light that have turned out to be true, according to public police files, housing records, medical records, etc.). Additionally, Angie (Bring The Rain) and Kelly (Kelly’s Korner) no longer sport Stellan buttons on their blogs because of this. Additionally, in the comments section of the “over MckMama” blog, several of MckMama’s former friends have come forward and spoken about how different she’s become, and how untrustworthy. Finally, many medical professionals have come forward to talk about how the twitpics she’s posted of stellan with the information she’s shared are impossible, and how inaccurate her medical reports are.

Like I said before, I do like MckMama and I love her blog. Stellan IS sick, this is for sure, but not nearly as sick as she’s made him out to be. In fact, his most recent hospital stay (with him being ‘near death’) turned out to be rather routine and normal. I do feel used and manipulated, but I will continue to read MckMama’s blog because I do want to keep updated on Stellan.

Erin on

I have yet to see actual PROOF of any of the allegations about MckMama (aside from the April Rose thing which was NOT her fault). She doesn’t disclose EVERYTHING, nor should she have to and I think that is what has caused people to accuse her of lying. And as for exaggerating Stellan’s illness, I have hard time believing that since they have been featured on their local news more than once and like I said, I have yet to see hard proof.

Melanie on

You shouldn’t make assumptions or spread baseless rumors about Jennifer. She hasn’t been lying about anything related to Stellan. You may not like her (or the people who started spreading these lies may not like her) but she has never lied about who Stellan is, what kind of medical issues he has or anything. The rumors all started because people were asking for financial information about them and she wasn’t willing to give it out (nor should she have to). Jennifer is an incredibly kind, generous Christian woman. It’s not fair to smear her when she can’t defend herself.

Melanie on

I would also like to point out that if it were YOUR child in the hospital, it would probably seem a lot worse to you too. Maybe, since you’re viewing it from the outside, you think it’s ‘not a big deal’ but to her, her CHILD is in the hospital with a very stubborn form of SVT and has had HEART SURGERY before his first birthday. Call me crazy but as a mother I would be pretty upset about that too…

12345 on

what was the prize for winning this contest?
and was any one look-a-like chosen as the winner?

shalay on

All the babies are adorable, but I definitely think the Stella look alike has it in the bag. I can’t even see the difference!

And regarding the Stellan/MckMama issue…

I just checked out the blog that Jamie linked, and all I can say is that I’m disgusted. Although I’m not a loyal follower, I’m familiar with MckMama’s blog, and I’ve never once gotten the impression that she’s doing anything for attention. The anti-MckMama blog is completely ridiculous. Their claim for why she must be “faking”? Wondering how could any mother go for a massage while her baby is in the hospital, and similar accusations. Um, until you’re put in that position, you have no idea WHAT YOU WOULD DO. These people have ZERO proof that MckMama is lying about a single thing. The bottom line is that they’re just judgmental, rude people. And I’m usually a very tolerant reader of varying opinions.

Jamie on

Melanie–I do like Jennifer! I’ve said so multiple times. I enjoy her blog. But I was being honest in saying that I do feel a bit manipulated because I, in my opinion, believe that most of the accusations are true.

I feel for her that her son has gone through so much. But perhaps instead of taking pictures of him while his heart was supposedly being stopped and restarted and posting them online immediately just seemed weird and inappropriate.

Alice on

omg! That little Bronx lookalike totally looks like Daniel Craig!! Before reading the title I thought “where did they dig up Craig as a baby?” lol

Jamie on

And as for lies: yes, she does. Here’s proof:

Today’s post..
“We also visit Uncle Duke, who is about to graduate from the Marines. Although we are there too early to see him actually graduate, we get to spend brief time with him and are thankful.”

August 10, 2009 post…
“That’s right! We cheered on Uncle Duke, my husband’s younger brother, as he graduated from Marine boot camp in California. Did you guess correctly?”

Erika on

Thanks!! I wasn’t sure, because I saw everyone was talking about him. He is a cutie, though!

maggie on

am i the only one that thinks it’s werid how the nahla look-a-like is a boy! but they are so cute and nahla is gonna look like her mom (lucky)

Allegra on

I agree with the majority that Stella and Maxine look a lot alike, but I don’t see it with the other babies. They’re all cute, though!

Melanie on

Did it ever occur to you that by saying they were there “cheering on Uncle Duke graduating” that she meant they were there TO cheer him on for his accomplishment but not necessarily AT his graduation? When someone asks why you were there wouldn’t it be easier to say “we were there because my brother in law was graduating from boot camp” than “well, we went because he was graduating from boot camp but we actually got there a little too early so instead of being AT his graduation, we were just there around that time”?? COME ON. Tons of people explain things that way…and if thats your only “proof”, it’s pretty limited…

kj on

jamie, if you really read today’s mckmama post, you’d have realized that it was a an older post that she was sharing again.

anon on

Jamie, is it possible MckMama was using ‘as’ to mean ‘because’? I often use similar phrasing, and it means something different (to me anyway) when it’s preceded by a comma. It’s careless writing if they didn’t attend his graduation – but not necessarily intentionally deceptive.

Kara on

Some more tidbits of sad and shocking news recently discovered about Stellan’s poor mommy is that they’re currently being foreclosed on for the second time in a row and apparently, Stellan’s daddy was arrested, convicted and served jail time twice for Domestic Violence according to State of Minnesota court records. In fact, it’s also come out that that’s why Israel (Stellan’s daddy) couldn’t be with Stellan and Jennifer during his stay in Boston to correct his heart ailment. Word is that Jennifer plays up Stellan’s very common condition called SVT to drive traffic, which drives money, to her blog. If this is true, I feel so sorry for him. He’s a beautiful child. Yet another mommy blogger preying on the sympathies of others and lying about the rosy life she leads. It’s terribly sad.

CelebBabyLover on

The Nahla look-alike could pass for her brother! Anyway, am I the only one who feels like, if they were going to include Max in the look-alikes, they should have included Emme, too?

As for MckMama….If she truly IS lying, she should be ashamed of herself. However, if she isn’t (and I’m inclined to believe that, as, like another poster has said, we don’t have any actual proof that she has indeed been lying), then I feel absolutely awful for her.

I was very sick when I was a toddler. This caused me to end up in the hospital twice, and needless to say, I visited a lot of doctors, too. After hearing my parents’ stories of what they had to go through, I will never judge or criticize ANYONE who’s child is in the hospital and/or is very ill. Frankly, it sounds like h*ll on Earth, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!

Shalay- Your comment “Um, until youโ€™re put in that position, you have no idea WHAT YOU WOULD DO,” sounds exactly like something my mother would say, and I agree whole-heartdly!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I wonder why Max is listed as “Max Anthony Muniz”? His (and Emme’s) last name is just Muniz (at least CBB did it better than PEOPLE Mag, though. I subscribe, and in last week’s issue with the look-a-likes in it, they had Max listed as “Max Anthony”. That upset me a bit, especially since they obviously know that his last name is Muniz as they mentioned it in the article in their magazine that accompanyed Max and Emme’s first photoshoot. In their defense, though, maybe they just wanted to avoid confuse, since not many people realize that Max and Emme’s last name is actually Muniz! :)).

charity on

I’m so excited to see Stellan on here! You can find his mommy’s blog at http://www.mycharmingkids.net

Nicole on

I love Jennifer McKinney and I’m a huge supporter of her. I think that if you took the time to read her posts, and not just her posts about Stellan, you’d clearly see that the reason she started writing so much about Stellan is because she thought he wasn’t going to survive birth and her and Israel wanted their son to be known before he died. When he DID survive, and in fact thrived at the beginning, she felt that the Lord had heard the prayers of all of us who had read her blog and that it was her mission to tell Stellan’s story and raise God, the One who had given her so much. Her way with words is amazing, and her writing has touched me in so many ways. She’s just another humble servant of Christ, but the way she shares her faith with others is uplifting. I hope that by going to her blog I can somehow help her generate the money she needs to raise a baby who is so sick…to help her keep her house of out foreclosure…and to support her and her husband as they work through the problems in their marriage (and NO marriage is ever perfect). She’s an amazing woman and all of you who are spending so much energy to try and prove she’s wrong, I’ll be praying for YOU to find peace in your life, because you obviously are missing something in life if you need to spend your time trying to take someone else down.

Rachel on

Yay! For all these ADORABLE babies :O)
Stella and Max are the two closest look-alikes in my opinion and Malachi’s mommy — you still here?? He is a GORGEOUS baby!

As for baby Stellan? Who couldn’t fall in love with his big blue eyes. Stellan has been featured in many news stories… he was obviously in the hospital and he’s obviously sick. I think that is ALL that matters.

Shame on CBB for allowing commenters (one in particular) to come on here and make comments regarding a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with this story and this website. I’m calling for Jamie’s comments and any other negative comments about Stellan’s mothers website to be removed. It has no place in this forum.

JMO on

I don’t know who this Stellan kid is but he’s very cute. However he looks NOTHING like Bronx!

urbanadventurertales on

I agree that the Stella look-alike is the closest. I think that Max is close as well. Don’t think that Stellan looks like Bronx at all, but he’s a cute baby. My son (Malachi) does look like Nahla, although I think the pictures they have posted of both of them aren’t representative of how similar they really do look.

celebsarah on

kj…the mck post from yesterday was mostly a re-run, but if YOU had read her lead in, you would realize that things were added, including the part about the california visit, the domestic violence stuff, etc.

Rachel on

and btw — I think it’s important to actually read a quote before posting a quote.

Jamie, you need to go back and reread Mckmama’s blog from today. It clearly states IN JULY 2009… We also visit Uncle Duke, who is about to graduate from the Marines. Although we are there too early to see him actually graduate, we get to spend brief time with him and are thankful.

It’s really sad when people try to make others look bad by using their quotes out of context.

Bieta on

Stellan to me kinda outshines Bronx! He’s a really cutie. I think Stella is probably the closest match.

simplyjess on

What a gorgeous group of kids! I’m partial to Zaven….mostly because he’s my son. It’s been our joke since Zuma was born (Zaven is a few months older) that they were meant to be twins. Round cheeks, blonde mohawk, Z name…

That said, Stella & Maxine are definitely the closest match ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cute kids though. I want to smoosh all of them!

tara on

I think this is the lamest contest ever. I don’t care if my kids look like celeb kids, in fact I think my kids are cuter than most celeb kids and most parents should think that of their own children. Most of these kids look nothing like their celeb counterpart and poor Nahla has a boy look alike?