Brooke Burke on Her Party of Six

08/28/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

In March 2008, season 7 Dancing With the Stars champ Brooke Burke, 37, and her actor fiancé David Charvet, 37, added a boy, Shaya Braven, 17 months, to their brood of three girls, Neriah, 9, Sierra Sky, 7, and Heaven Rain, 2 ½. Here, the parents talk about their crazy lifestyle.

David: I like that there is a little more testosterone. Having all these girls around me was a little difficult. Especially for the electrical bill, when all the hair dryers would go on at once!

Brooke: I am super-close with my girls, but I have always wanted to have a son, and I was committed to keep on going until I got him.

David: There is a really strong connection between Shaya and me. He is very deep when he looks at you. Having my son has been a dream come true and I really feel we’re going to be close.

Brooke: Three was much easier. Four rocked my world because two of them are young enough that they absolutely need me at all times. There is a lot of action, and it’s a lot busier. We all help.

David: It’s very, very hard, because there is always somebody that needs something. At the end of the day when everybody is asleep, we’re so exhausted from starting at 5:30, 6 o’clock in the morning…

Brooke: Like, you know that date we thought we wanted to go on? We’re too tired. A lot of couples have date nights — but they don’t have four kids!

David: Instead, we’ll have dinner at night in the cabana, have a big fire and bring out the instruments.

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Nikki on

Shaya is just adorable. The whole family is just beautiful and Brooke looks amazing after having 4 children. Well done to her! I hope I’m able to spring back into shape after children! Lovely photos once again.

Annie on

Cute pics.

shalay on

I love this family. They seem so down to earth and loving toward one another.

celebsarah on

I know this site is about celebrity children. But I guess I’m here more for the reports about children OF celebrities. Not children who are constantly used by their parents to stay in the spotlight.

missloUiSiAna on

What a happy & beautiful lil family!

Deb on

They’re a beautiful family! I know we don’t know what happens behind closed doors but…from everything I’ve read/seen,it seems like David doesn’t really have much interaction with Neriah and Sierra. I know he’s their step-father and not their father but I really wonder if he’s ever one-on-one or even just spends time with both of them.

Jana on

From what David and Brooke are saying, I awesome they don’t have a nanny or any type of help. Is it me or is Brooke holding and favoring Heaven Rain in every pic? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of her holding Shaya!

gianna on

Neriah and Sierra are so cute, perfect mix of brook and their dad garth fisher. Shaya is gorgeous, he looks exactly like david. Rain looks older for her age, and in my opinion looks the most like brooke out of all the kids. Deb it’s funny you mention david with the girls, cause not too long ago brooke wrote a blog how step families are hard and how she feels she has to take david side or the girls, how she is like the middle person. It sounded like the girls and david don’t get along so well, and I read his twitter too, he only talks about rain and shaya. I understand those aren’t his bio kids, and they visit their father every week brooke has said, but it just seems like he isn’t like travis barker or seal that embrace a stepkid. He also mentioned how he hopes brooke and him can have a 3rd child someday, but brooke jumped in and said her plate is full with four kids.

natalie on

@ Deb, #6
You know what, I was just wondering the same, because I noticed that David’s sitting with their “daddy’s boy”, while Brooke is sitting with their “mommy’s little girl” while Neriah and Sierra are sitting alone, like all aside, in both pictures. Maybe it’s just the photoshoot but I reacted to that and came here to see what you other girls (and boys) had written.
I can’t recall seeing any kind of pictures of David with Brooke’s older daughters, which is a crying shame, seeing as he’s their stepdad and they’ve been living forever. And in most interviews I’ve read with them, they only go on about Shaya and Rain.

It must be pretty tough to see your mom start a “new” family with someone else. I’m not being negative, and I’m sure Brooke is a fantastic mom to all of her children, because from what I’ve been able to see for a while now, she truly is, but my point is that I’ve been there, down that same path as these two lovely girls, and I know it’s really hard to settle down with the facts you’ve been given.
But they look really happy, and that’s the main thing. And Rain sure is a big girl, I can’t believe how quickly these kids grow!! It’s crazy

gianna on


Jana on

Gianna, that’s interesting. All that talk about getting up at the crack of dawn and being too tired for date night is just a load of crap then. Some celebrities will say or do anything for a photo op! I get the impression that Heaven Rain is her “favorite” of the four children.

dress on

I agree with Deb and Natalie, I was thinking the same thing! I was just wondering, who is Neriah and Sierra’s father? How is Neriah’s name pronounced, kind of like Mariah with an N?

The family is gorgeous!

Willa on

I don’t normally begrudge a person for wanting a child of their own gender (as a woman with all boys, I’d love a girl) but David is a little too outspoken about his preference for his son. On Superstars, when it looked like he would go home, he said he was disappointed because he wanted to win the show for his son. Well half of the people on that show were women so why wouldn’t he want to win as a way to inspire his daughters too? In this article, he clearly seems more keen on the boy and stupid comments like the one about the electric bill make him look sexist. His daughters (step and bio) are nine and under. I hightly doubt they spend all their time blowdrying their hair. Then again maybe he was just so arrogant and annoying on that show, that I can’t stand him now and look for things to prove he’s a jerk, but this article did that for me.

I’ve never liked Brooke either. You’d think she’s the first woman to have children and “work” before. The kids are cute so maybe from now on, I’ll look at the pics and not read the story. Less stress that way.

Lauren on

Well to defend brook a little, i have older HALF brothers 6 and 8 years older than i. I also have a younger brother who is close to my age. In all of the family photos my mom and dad was either carrying me or my younger brother because we were both babies/toddlers, and my two older brothers were always off on the side because they were becoming independent and less needy.

My half brothers tolerated my dad (their step dad) but they never could have that close bond with him. My dad treated them like his very own but he had a difficult time raising them. As my two older brothers grew up they realized what a good father he was and now their bond is stronger than ever.

JMO on


Yes it’s Neriah like Mariah.

When she was on Dancing with the Stars he was with the girls a lot. And in the behind the scenes video he was playing with all the kids.

I have to think it’s natural for one to be more close with their biological child. Not that he doesn’t care for the girls but he wanted a son, he got one, and now he’s just close with him. I am sure he loves and plays with them all the time we can’t judge from a few photos.

The family is beautiful. The two older girls will be knock outs and Shaya – no words! He’s a doll.

Andrea_momof2 on

I think it’s assuming a lot that because David doesn’t talk about Neriah and Sierra on Twitter to think he doesn’t care about them. They’re the daughters of his wife, I’m sure he loves them. BUT they also have a father who I gather they see quite often. It’s possible they don’t open up to David as much either because he’s not their father.

It’s unfortunate if they don’t get along but I don’t think a lot speculation will ever help determine that.

gianna on

andrea actually their the daughters of his fiance, they are not married. As for speculation, just going by the blog and what brooke herself wrote, so I think she wouldn’t write something like that or mention it if it wasn’t true.

shalay on

Brooke has a wonderful blog on that I think would clear up a lot of questions. (In fact, here is the link to one particular post: ) Nowhere in it does she say that David doesn’t get along with the girls or vice versa. She simply says that having a blended family can be challenging, which is very true. I think it would be different if her older girls didn’t have their bio father in their lives. Maybe we would see David taking on that role completely. But Brooke has said repeatedly that she and her ex have a very healthy relationship, and that the girls love being with their dad, stepmom, and other sibling.

David might not feel that it is his place to be “Dad” to them. My parents divorced when I was 8, my mom re-married soon after, but they still shared joint custody of my brother and me. My step father was always wonderful, but he never tried take over as my dad, because I already had one that I saw all the time. Not every step-parent has to become the actual parent, like the case with Sandra Bullock or Travis Barker, where the bio parents aren’t really raising the kids anymore. When both parents are 100% involved in their children’s lives, it’s ok for their new spouses to be there for guidance, love, and support but I understand them feeling that they are only “step-parents” and not the children’s real parents. And it is probably very natural for them to be closer to their biological children whom they are raising with their current spouse than with their stepchildren who are older and are being raised by their other parent half the time. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

Leah123 on

Those pictures are beautiful and Brooke Burke is definitely gorgeous and an inspiration when it comes to healthy, active living which is why I follow her blog and Twitter. However, I have to agree with Willa that her blog comes off as self congralutory when it comes to “balancing work and motherhood.” It bothered me recently when someone commented that she could slow down her life a bit if it was so hard and she took it as being from a “hater” when it seemed like a perfectly valid and innocent comment. I think that she leads an extremely blessed life with much more help and breaks than most working moms, and wish she would acknowledge that.

shalay on

And for the commenter who stated that she felt like Brooke’s two older daughters were off to the side in the pictures, while Brooke and David are posing with the younger ones: I’m pretty sure that is because they are toddlers. Most families with very young children will stand with or hold them in pictures, while the older kids can manage just fine on their own. I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that Sierra and Neriah are not David’s daughters. It’s kind of funny how people try to decipher an entire family’s dynamic by looking at two pictures.

Sadie on

Funny how Brooke was whining about the paps following her one week, then the next week – what do you know! – a big spread on the family in People.
When are these Z-listers going to realise you can’t have it both ways? You can’t court the attention one minute, then turn it off the next.

Sadie on

PS – in their defense, I don’t think you should read too much into David holding Shaya and Brooke holding Heaven Rain. The photographer or stylist would have positioned them like that in the photos.

kerlyn on

Just a thought…when kids get to a certain age they do not like to be talked about by their parents and I imagine that is even harder for “celebrity kids” because their friends at school hear things and can taunt and tease them. Perhaps the older girls asked their parents (all three) to not tell their “stories”.

lizzielui on

I think it’s fine to speculate over certain things but people really need to be realistic when it comes to blended families and how they interact with one another. Adjusting to step-parents and step-children can be a difficult process, and that reality is not slight on the step-parent or the kids involved. It’s just the way it is. Sometimes, children do not react to their step-parents as well as one would like, especially with children who are nine and seven like Brooke’s older daughters. They’re kids. They’re fussy and temperamental and do not want to listen to reason with someone new. My mother remarried when I was nine. I love my stepfather to pieces but let me tell you… it was a difficult process growing up. It took him and my brother several years to come to a place of peace. We saw my biological father on the weekends and throughout the summer and it took a while for us kids to adjust to the back and forth. On the one hand you want to stay loyal to your father so your first inclination is to rebuke everything your stepfather is about. On the other hand you don’t want to upset your mom and be difficult and contrary all of the time (which my brother was for a very long time If my step-dad said something was white my brother automatically said it was black, even it he had to sacrifice something he liked.) As a child, you’re kind of stuck in the middle about what to do. For us, it took a years to reach a good balance. we are all at an amazing place in our relationships now, but there were definitely times when I am sure my step-dad felt everyone was against him and like he wanted to jump because of how difficult we were. When my brother graduated from college he and my step-dad went on amazing week long trip together just the two of them. It was then that my brother finally admitted that he felt like it was his job to be a rebel rouser and against everything my step-dad stood for out of respect for my father. He told him, “You could have been Santa Claus and I still would have snubbed my nose at you. I thought my dad would have hated me if I admitted you were actually kind of cool.”

Marilyn on

Jana: I’ve seen several photos of Brooke holding Shaya. She takes turns holding each one. Also, I’ve seen David holding Heaven a lot, too.

Marilyn on

dress: Neriah and Sierra’s father is a plastic surgeon but his name escapes me at the moment. He’s been on TV before and is semi-well known.

Crazysauce on

I usually stay out of discussions, but this has been bothering me for a while. Maybe the photographer staged them that way, yes, okay, but there’s a way to be staged like that and still show a sort of family cohesiveness that is definitely missing here. Every blog, every twitter, every picture of her on this site is her with the two younger kids. As a kid with younger half siblings, I understand that for those two older girls, it must be hard and seeing pictures like that reinforces that YOU do not belong. And while I have no idea what Brooke is like personally, I know that if she has the time and inclination to continue to parade her children out in front of the public in order to further extend her fifteen minutes of fame, maybe she should take a few minutes to make sure her older girls are feeling loved and included.

They are her children. No matter what. Children trump husband.

The kids are beautiful, though.

cara on

neriah and sierra sky are gorgeous! and heaven looks like brooke. shaya is a cutie – but in the interview, it is very clear that shaya is the boy they’ve waited for so long…why would anyone assume that brooke favors heaven? yes, heaven is with her a lot, but so is shaya. i really hope neriah and sierra get enough attention and love. i actually think shaya’s the fav. prob cos he’s the youngest and a boy that they were dying for. my parents got married pretty late and didnt think they could have kids, and i’ve heard that my dad was actually dying to have a son. they had my brother and then me. and even though im the youngest, i’ve always known they prefer him just a bit. maybe that’s the case with shaya….they wanted a boy so badly, that when they got him they were so happy and loved/spoiled him a little more.

CelebBabyLover on

Craysauce- Maybe the older girls WANTED to pose the way they’re posing in the photos.

Marilyn- I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Brooke holding Shaya, too! In fact, when he was younger, there were even a few pictures of Brooke carrying him in a sling (and in at least one of those pictures, it was just a mommy-son outing. None of the girls, per the write-up accompanying the picture on blogs and such, were with them.)!

dress- Neriah and Sierra’s father is Garth Fischer, who is a plastic surgeon. 🙂

As for Brooke lying about not being able to go on date nights and stuff….In all fairness, we have no idea what the schedule with the nannies is like. They could, for example, maybe they only come on certain days, or maybe they only help out during the day, but not at night. Not all celebs have live-in, 24-7 nannies.

Tina. on

i really like brooke, she doesent annoy me like other certian celebrities, rain is the cutest.

Tina. on

huh, maybe brooke doesent say alot about sierra and neriah because their father garth doesent want them in the spotlight alot, i dont know, just a thought. but she can talk about shaya and rain as much as she wants cuz there dad doesent mind. idk :S.

mp on

Brooke’s insistence on a son really unsettles me. It seems she doesn’t value her daughters as much as Shaya, especially her comment that “I was committed to keep on going until I got him.” She made a similar comment on Chelsea Lately a month or two ago, which shocked me. And seeing it in print verifies that I didn’t misinterpret her televised remarks.

shalay on

I don’t find it unsettling in the slightest to want to keep having babies until you get a certain gender. I don’t have children yet, but I’ve always known that I am meant to have a daughter. To me, there’s no question about it. Does it mean that I don’t want sons? Absolutely not. I will welcome and love any child I am blessed with, and I couldn’t imagine favoring one child over another. But I understand having the intense desire to have a child of a certain gender and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

I also think a previous poster may have been right when mentioning that Sierra and Neriah’s father might not want the girls in the spotlight very much. That could be a major factor as to why people see Rain and Shaya more. But reading Brooke’s blog, I honestly can’t say that she blatantly leaves the older girls out of her posts. She mostly talks about “the kids” and she actually just took one of the older girls (I can’t remember which one) on a mother-daughter trip to New York, and she tweeted about their excursions together the entire time. Sorry if it seems like I’m coming across as a Brooke Burke fanatic, because I’m really not, but I do follow her twitter and read her blog, and I feel like a lot of people are jumping to false conclusions over a few pictures.

CelebBabyLover on

mp- But Brooke also said that she is “super-close” with her girls. 🙂

michelle on

Sanctimommies unite!

Wow – I just have no idea how you think you can learn so much from a few photos, blog posts or TV interviews. We don’t know this woman.

Think about the people you work with on a daily basis. You know them, you talk to them and you hear about their lives. But unless you interact with them out of the bubble of the work environment, you don’t really know what their home life is like. And if you don’t really know them, then I guarantee you do NOT know Brook Burke or her family.

sdfsd on

mp, what I took from Brooke’s comments was that she wanted both daughters and sons. Obviously she had girls first and she wanted to keep trying until she had a boy as well. That in no way says she values her son over her daughters. I’m sure if she had three sons first she would have kept trying til she had a girl.

Lilly on

MP, I wholeheartedly agree with you. The whole determined to go on until I got a son thing doesn’t feel right to me either.

Dazzle on

woowww what a beautiful family.they look adorable.

SAR on

I think people are making some harsh judgments based on a couple of photographs. Brooke has shown in many instances that she adores all her kids. Yes, she’s glad she had a son after three girls, but that doesn’t mean she has forgotten her daughters at all.

As for her paying more attention to Rain than Shaya, and David paying more attention to Shaya than the girls — well, maybe Shaya is going through a phase where he wants to spend a lot of time with his dad. Similarly, maybe Rain is going through a phase where she wants to spend a lot of time with her mom. The older two girls may be at the age when they’re starting to feel “independent.”

daze on

i just think they’re expressing their feeling badly! lol. it’s highly possible that david doesn’t look that much involve with the two oldest girls while in public to respect their father’s feeling. well i’m just guessing, i could be wrong.

however i agree that brooke’s comment on the fact she would keep having kids until she had a boy is a little strange but i’m sure she’s happy with her three girls!

i remember the time i was like 10-years-old and crazy in love with david charvet! lol. he was a singer here in france and was so hot!!! i don’t know if he had a singing career in the USA?

that was very successful in france but when i look back at it… not that good!

Mary-Helen on

I don’t know if she favours her children with David or not, but I’ve noticed from the pics she posts on Twitter and such, they are all of Heaven Rain and Shaya and rarely does she mention the older children. It could be something she has talked about with her first husband and some arrangement they have instead of favourtism, kwim? Perhaps he doesn’t like her discussing their children in the media?

Hayley_B on

Awwwww, my first thought when I saw the pics was, “What a cute family.” I was surprised reading some of the comments…I don’t think the older girls are left out – Brooke seems to adore all her kids.

Blended families are definitely not easy – especially for a step-parent. My mom recently got engaged to a man with an 11 yr old son (who is emotionally more like a 7 year old at times). They have been together for two years and it’s been a slow process for her with his son – relationships take time. The boy spends 4 days with his dad and my mom and then three days at his mom’s house each week.

My mom works full time as a University professor, so she doesn’t see the boy often except in the evenings. His dad works full time from home, so he is the primary caregiver. My mom helps take care of him, but she does not parent him – he has two parents, and the decisions on his welfare are up to his parents. She spends time with him, helps him with homework and plays a part in his life – but that’s it. She has four kids of her own who are mostly grown, and her fiance does not play any role in our lives, as we have a father, but we welcome him as a friend.

I think that’s the case with many step-parents. Imo, it doesn’t mean David doesn’t love the older girls, he’s probably just hesitant to overstep when they have two parents. With his kids – he and Brooke make the decisions, so it’s different.

And I have seen plenty of interviews where all 4 kids are mentioned, so I don’t think they’re leaving anyone out. The two little kids are with Brooke and David full time, so naturally there’s more to talk/tweet about.

Marilyn on

I recall one photo of just Brooke and her two older daughters together at an event and the other kids weren’t there.

Cat on

I just wanted to respond to one poster who said that it’s natural the girls and David to not be so close because they are older and may not want to listen to a “new” person in the family…the girls are 9 and 7 now, but Brooke and David have been together for close to 4 yrs if not more considering Heaven is 2 1/2, so that would mean David has been in the older girls’lives since they were 5 and 3 respectively. That is not old at all, and they may have been even younger, (no offense, but Brooke sure didn’t wait long before jumping into another longterm relationship). I just don’t get a huge fatherly vibe from him at all, like I would with someone like Seal or Jerry O’Connell. Some people have kids at a point because they think it’s time, and that’s what I get from David Charvet. He’s a pretty boy and seems to have kept the personality from his younger days.

On another note, I wonder if David will teach the two little ones French as that’s his native language?

millefleur on

It makes me feel weird how often they talk about the importance of the boy, as if the girls weren’t good enough. It seems like they favor the boy a lot, and also the one (youngest) girl they have together. It will be interesting to see how the older girls do as they get older. I hope they will be happy. Kids aren’t dumb and they know when parents play favorites. Also, all of this complaining about having four kids and how exhausting it is is growing tiresome. They are wealthy and have nannies. They even say they kept having kids so they could get a boy, and they did. Now they have four kids, stop complaining about how hard it is. It was their choice. Sorry for the rant – these are just not my favorite celebrity parents!

millefleur on

Also, that is a lot of pressure to put on a boy. If he feels like the one and only much celebrated all important boy in the family, are there going to be all of these manly expectations on him to be a certain way? What if he turns out gay? Will they be devastated?

sat on

In answer to the post above, a man is a man regardless of being gay or not, and hopefully his parents will know that! I’m sure they are quite liberal politically and socially and in the 10% chance their son is gay they will accept it because they love their son for who he is.

isabellasmama on

Does anyone know where the 2 older girls’ dresses are from??

Stella Bella on

When it comes to blended families, there really isn’t any winning, at least not until the kids are grown and out. Brooke’s family isn’t any different just because they are well-off and famous; glad to see her admit it!
Lovely family photos. The kids are all beautiful, but I have to say there is something about Rain that captures my heart. She’s a real cutie! 🙂

mp on

*applauds millefleur*

Bieta on

It seems painfully obvious to me that they were asked a question about Shaya. I dunno, to me anyway.

lana on

i really do believe brooke loves all four of her children, no one is doubting that. i think brooke seems like a nice, down-to-earth woman, and her husband seems nice enough from what i’ve seen. but it seems more than a little weird that both of them would undoubtedtly continue producing children until they had a boy. like even if they had to have say, 6 girls before that boy…as if the girls didn’t matter. i would hate to grow up and read about how my parents waited and waited for a little boy, and i was just a girl they had in the middle of their quest – hoping that i would turn out to be a boy. that’s the only reason they were getting pregnant. it doesnt seem right to me. like i know i HAVE to have a little girl when i finally have kids. but i would never say let me just have as many boys that come before i get my girl. i would probably adopt or something. anyway, JMO

CelebBabyLover on

lana- David is Brooke’s fiance’, not her husband. 🙂

mememememe on

I have to say I was a bit irked by David and Brooke’s comments about wanting a boy.

Gina on

The first pic of Shaya’s smile just melts my heart!
As for all the comments about the older two girls are “just left alone in the pictures”… yes they are older and can sit there and hold a pose w/out running off like the younger 2 probably would. And EVERYONE seems happy in the pictures… including the older girls.

SH on

Brooke: Like, you know that date we thought we wanted to go on? We’re too tired. A lot of couples have date nights — but they don’t have four kids!

This comment made me laugh out loud. She has every nanny, babysitter, housekeeper, WHATEVER at her disposal. She’s not kidding anybody! I have 4 kids (5 and under) and it IS hard to have a date night! BUT she doesn’t even have a CLUE how hard it is for real people!!

Lindsay B on

Love the kids, they are so cute. As for Brooke & David, hmm glad they are raising such great kids but their comments are another story..

Jennifer on

Neriah looks like a younger version of Bristol Palin!

Tina. on

wow! she loves her daughters! its so annoying to read how ppl say she doesent love them as much as her son. jennie garth has repeadly said she wants a son next- it doesent mean she doesent live her other kids! UGH!

Mia on

The comment about “date night” also was funny, I mean-yeah you have 4 kids, but you have extra help. At least Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie are honest about it, “Yes, we have nannies, and sometimes we have them stay, while we go out on a date/weekend trip”.

Monique on

From the comments she made in another article, it didn’t sound like David and her older daughters got along.

Ah Ha on

Brooke and David have not bothered to get married. Brooke became famous because of modeling for Frederick’s of Hollywood-a fairly racy langerie mag, and then Playboy etc etc. Why she is supposedly the go-to woman as far as child rearing and motherhood is beyond me. Says a lot about our society. Her children are gorgeous no doubt.

anamarie on

Someone said that Brooke might have a nanny that just comes few hours just to help…well just for you to know she has a live-in nanny,an assistent, a chef, and a maid. Life is not that hard, she makes money, when we all read her blogs on her new modernmom website. She knows very well what she’s doing, she want us to really relate to her and to belive that she lives a life like most of us. I’m blessed to have a lady that comes and help with my home and I can’t tell you how easy is not to always clean my house, so I can’t imagine how a life with so many people around you will be…for the rest of us is left to the imagination!!!

Ashleigh on

anamarie, friend of the family’s? Unless your answer to that is yes, you have no idea what goes on in Brooke’s life.

anonymus on

And it’s funny how people assume that with two photos are an idyllic family, I do not know what happens to them within doors, is it? Brooke is always displayed with their young children in the pictures and there are barely older photos, which are going to make the excuse that they are with their father ….. All the time …..? Come on!