Britney and Jayden's Sushi Snack

08/28/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

After wrapping up three concerts at Madison Square Garden earlier in the week, Britney Spears heads out for a bite to eat with her sons Jayden James, 2 ½, and Sean Preston, 3 ½ (not pictured) in New York.

The trio, plus bodyguards, ate lunch at Sushi Damo on Thursday afternoon.

The popstar’s Circus tour heads to Boston next, where Britney, 27, will perform tomorrow evening.

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Viv on

I love Britney, but why don’t I ever see a picture with her holding Sean Preston? Just asking…

Mary-Helen on

Aw, my little ones love sushi too. Really causes the in laws to raise some eyebrows but they love the cucumber rolls.

Jayden looks so much like Britney, he’s so cute.

Amy on

Maybe because he’s almost 4 years old?

J on

I was thinking the same thing Viv. I think maybe that she just prefers Jadyen to Sean Preston, which would explain why she is always holding him. That’s probably all it is.

Tia on

I love that this question NEVER fails to come up when it comes to Britney and her sons. It has been shown that Preston is a little man who likes to do his own thing and Jayden throws little fits and likes to be held by Britney. I doubt she prefers one over the other. Seems like people WANT Britney to have a favorite or something. There are plenty of pictures of Britney with Preston. Yet, people always seem to miss those. Not as interesting I guess…

jenny on

J how could you possibly believe that she prefers one child over another? Thats is the rudest comment I have ever heard. Sean P is going to be 4 years old soon. I don’t know about you, but I would not go around carrying a 4 year old, nor would my 4 year old want to be carried..Get real

Mandy on

I used to think those boys were ‘all Britney’ but I’m starting to see some Kevin in them too.

But didn’t she give up her custody rights or whatever? She gave Kevin full custody? Am I wrong? It just seems like she’s with them a lot to have that still be possible.

Tia on

I don’t even care for Britney all that much. She seems to be turning her life around and that is great for her and her family. I just think that a lot of people just want to see the girl still down in the dumps and love to criticize every thing she does. Not saying that is what people on here are doing, but it is very noticeable when you see the same person say the same thing over and over.

And don’t think she give up her rights. Kevin was granted temp full custody while Britney was getting better. They have reached a new agreement now that she is out I believe.

holden on

Annabelle — Not that I believe this is the case with Britney, but parents should NOT have favorites. It is a big deal. Maybe it does happen, but it shouldn’t. And it is completely insulting that someone would imply that a parent chooses one child over the other. I would be offended, hurt and furious if someone said that to me. You say that Britney Spears should be treated the same as anyone else, but if she wasn’t as famous as she is I’m sure you wouldn’t have dared to make that comment. Maybe you should re-read your own words before posting. And it is not “worshipping the ground she walks on” to defend someone from irrational, rude comments like J’s.

But anyway. Britney looks great and so does Jayden, but it always strikes me how much older than her age she looks.

noam on

mandy-kevin had full custody awhile back,while britney was in psych. treatment. however, since then, as she has gotten better, they have returned to a shared custody. for awhile, it was shared, with kevin traveling with them, but now i think she has them on her own as well.

Kate on

In regards to Britney constantly carrying Jayden and not Sean, I have noticed this too, I can’t recall the last time I saw her with Sean Preston.
The point someone made that he prefers to walk and walk is irrelevent because he is always being carried by a bodyguard or assistant. Look back at any recent picture and you’ll notice it. I’m not passing judgement, just pointing it out.

Q on

I love JJ’s shoes. The boys must be having so much fun on tour.

I’ve seen video of JJ acting jealous when Preston is holding their mom’s hand. So maybe Britney just holds him to avoid a fit. It’s not like we see Preston moping around & looking sad. He looks perfectly content holding someone else’s hand or being carried by another person.

Well KateRose since her hair is of such great concern to you the new pics should absolutely thrill you. She took the boys to see Shrek on broadway & her hair is done. I don’t know if CBB will post them, but look around the blogs, i’m sure you’ll see them.

lizzielui on

Hair gripes again? Here’s the link for Britney’s Shrek outing with the boys.

Annabelle on

Holden: I absolutely agree that parents shouldn’t have favorites. I think that’s horrible too – but I’m not to naive as to think that it doesn’t happen. I also don’t see why it’s so horrible for someone on a celebrity site to say that they think she does have a favorite – it’s not as if Britney is ever going to read that comment. And if, by some chance, she does, then that’s just too bad for Britney because she chose to exploit her personal life to get attention, so she has to live with the consequences.

KateRose on

Q: Yes, I saw those pictures on justjared, and I thought she looks 100 times better than she does in this picture. And it’s not such a great concern – it just baffles me why a person who is attractive like Britney is would chose to walk around looking so crappy all the time. It seems like a huge waste of her good looks.

daze on

oh new comments about britney favoring one kid! that so original…lol

here’s some pics of britney and Preston one or two weeks ago: (he gets a kiss after giving her a flower 🙂 so cute)
and my favorite:

however it seems that when the boys have to be carried from a point A to a point B, britney will pick up JJ. I don’t know why. maybe he’s lighter to carry, maybe he needs comfort from mommy when papz are around…. There’s in fact nothing wrong with that since she seems to give them equal attention at any other moments!

Shannon on

I’m sure there are better words to describe how someone might think Britney looks than “crappy”. I personally see nothing wrong with a mother of 2 tossing her hair up right quick if she’s going on a few personal errands or whatever. However for people who don’t agree, and think everyone should look perfect all the time, there are much more polite ways to express your opinion.

And has it ever occured to anyone that she spends hours with people messing with her hair and makeup almost every day when she is performing? That maybe if you spent that much time being brushed and coiffed you wouldn’t want to mess it with when you were at home too, and would much rather just throw it into ponytial and go? Kind of like I can’t stand to talk on the phone, b/c I did that for a living for 3 years. At the end of the day I don’t even want to look at a phone.

As far as her carrying Jayden goes, number one, SP is a whole year older than JJ. Maybe he doesn’t want his mom to carry him. Maybe he prefers to be held by a guy. Maybe it’s just b/c Britney is so slight and SP is just heavier than JJ, so he’s harder for her to carry safely. I know if I were walking through a big crowd of paps, I wouldn’t want to be holding the child that was harder for me to carry. I highly doubt this is out of a favoritism for JJ. It’s most likely more of a prefernce by Sp or a safety issue.

Shannon on

And BTW, I am not a crazy Britney fan, and believe me I know she makes her mistakes, just like I do. However, the kinds of suggestions and opinions and assumptions you always see about Britney seem really unfair and usually uncalled for.

mrswilliams on

Britney is would chose to walk around looking so crappy all the time. It seems like a huge waste of her good looks.KateRose

SHOCK another britny hair comment from …lol lol

well i think she looks just fine, and not crappy or wasting her looks in anyway xx just lovely the way she is!,

as for always carring j…well my son is 2 and love love loves walking, he never wants me to carry him where as my daughter always wants ‘mummy ups’ lol all children are diffrent, just like mums some care about the gloss on the out side,make up, hair, matching outfits lol some don’t, ….

just my opinion xxxxxxxxx stay health to errr not brush my hair again lol lol lol

Q on

I saw the pic of SP @ the Sushi place. He was holding a big blow up spider man, so cute.

Annabelle what is your problem?? She didn’t exploit anything to gain attention. She got it the second she her cd went #1 when she was 16. These so called “consequences” are used as a cover to attack another parent.

Shannon makes a good point. Britney has been touring for months. Her hair is always done for the show, maybe she wants a break from it on her off days.

meghan on

We should all be lucky enough to look so “crappy”.

jenny on

Annabelle since you can obviousley read minds, for your info I don’t care for her. So I realize that you personnly know myself and Brittany, and know that I worship the ground she walks on, but believe me you are wrong! Im not a fan, but to say that she prefers one child to another is just ridiculous to me. I could never imagine favoring my son over my daughter or vice versa. Maybe you worship the ground she walks on and your afraid to admit it, but I don’t

MZ on

WOW I can’t believe some of the comments today. I’m not a Britney lover, but I do think some of the nitpicking has gotten ridiculous.

Annabelle, a lot of celebs read this site. Melissa Joan Hart and Soleil come to mind. Just because celebs make their living being in the public eye doesn’t mean they should have to be subject to mean comments about their parenting. Surely you weren’t suggesting that Britney became mentally ill to attract attention? It appears as though she’s trying really hard to get her life back together. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think we ought to cut her a little bit of a break.

Dissertation Help on

She is beautiful and her son is cute

Sam on

Sorry Amy (and others), but a year ago when Sean was almost three, exactly the age Jayden is now, she STILL carried Jayden and not Sean. It’s not only carrying, it’s sitting beside, pushing his stroller, holding his hand etc. etc.. Sure there are pictures of her with Sean, but the simple, and as we see it truth of it is, she is 95% Jayden. THAT’S why it’s always mentioned here because it’s an accurate observation and not a pleasant one to consistently see.

Sam on

Kate, you said it best and you are spot on!

jenny on

annabelle sorry you can’t understand, I will break it down for you: you accused me of worshiping Britt when you have no idea what you are talking about. No where did I say that I even liked her. I said that it is horrible to even think a mother favors one child to another. understand now?

daze on

i just wish people would stop thinking that a couple of pictures taken during 5 minutes in a day are a good representation of people’s life.
cause that’s when people feel free to say stupid things like : this kid’s not happy, this kid’s not dress appropriate, this kid looks slow, this kid should be off of the bottle/the paci, this kid should be walking….

but really if it makes you feel better as mothers to criticize perfect strangers, if it makes you feel like you’re a goddess who can’t do anything wrong and look better than everyone then…go on and enjoy it. take the little pleasure of life where you can. I just hope you have a minimum commun sense and keep those useless ideas for you when you are around people you don’t know and who don’t ask your opinion.

daze on

i forget to add : of course everyone is free to give is opinion but there’s a way to tell it without sounding like the ultimate judgmental person

Kait on

She looks great and dispite all this favouring one child over the other nonsense, her boys are just happy to be reunited with their mother I’m sure. I wish she’d stop getting her hair bleached or whatever she’s done with it. She’s beautiful without it and I have to praise her for working so hard to get into shape and go back on tour even with all the problems she’s been having in the limelight. I think it was her knee on the Onyx tour that really started the issues but I’m so glad that thus far she’s gotten better and ignores the negativity and grows from it.

colleen on

Wow…just wow.

Another observation… Kevin held Sean Preston all the time too. It wasn’t until recently that he started to carry Jayden. Yet I haven’t seen the same comments about him favoring one child over the other. From other pictures that I’ve seen, Jayden would often be upset or crying whenever he his with other people. However, rarely have I’ve seen him upset in his mother’s arms. Maybe he feels better in her arms, where as Sean is okay with other people.Having people take pictures and screaming at you can be frighting to a child. I don’t think it’s favoritism, I think all parents ( if they have more than one)have a child that they can relate to more than another. It doesn’t mean that they love another more.

Bottomline…it’s just pictures of a couple of minutes in front of a camera. Both kids look happy and so does Britney. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

melania on

Does anyone else have kids that are close in age?! I know I do and I nearly always carry the baby. I mean actually pretty much always. Jeez. Other moms take turns carrying the big one and the baby? I carry the baby. And not cause I like her the most, I promise, but because she is littler. This is coming from the oldest of 5 and I do remember my mom always carried the baby too- and I’m not even traumatized because why would she carry me when she has a baby to carry. lol. This seems so ridiculous.

Bancie1031 on

Geeezzzz maybe it’s because Jayden’s the light one …. even a year ago he was the light one ….. or maybe it’s because Jayden is a momma’s boy and Sean P’s a daddy’s boy ….. or maybe it’s Jayden feels more safe with Britney carrying him instead of her bodyguard ….. who knows …… Is it really that big of a deal??

ANYWHO! Aww Britney and Jayden looks great. I love Britney’s glasses does anyone know where I can get a pair?

Leah on

I just love seeing pics of her happy and with her kids again…I know there may be a million reasons to hate her, but personally I have been rooting for her to come out of her “darkness” for a long time.

Who the hell cares which kid she’s carrying people?!

The Writer on

Britney looks good, Jayden looks good … and people still nitpick. Did it ever occur to people that Sean may be a little heavy for Britney to carry at this point? He’s almost four. Jayden is smaller and probably easier to lift, given her small frame.

Kitty on

Did anyone ever think of the fact that Jayden’s first couple of years in this life, was not spent being loved and nurtured by his mother? During that time Britney was a mess. Alot of bonding needs to go on with Britney and these children. Jayden appears to be a needier child than Sean. I think the most important fact lost here is that both children are loved very much by both their parents and the boys seem very happy.

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie1031- Actually, Kevin DID say in an interview with PEOPLE earlier this year that Jayden is definently a mama’s boy. 🙂

Lorus on

I’m not really a fan of Brit but you can clearly see that her roots have extensions weaved into them and that’s why her hair looks that way. People criticized her hair looking “unbrushed” while she was out with her boys the other day as well. You can tell that she’s styled/brushed the top and the base looks bad because of the extensions. She’s been spending a lot of time with her boys lately so maybe she chooses to take them out to eat or to the park instead of getting her hair done.

Anonymous on

I wish she had not dyed the boys’ hair. It made their head look like it has really dark spots in some sort of a bizarre pattern. There is no need to dye or bleach a baby’s hair, sorry.

Both her boys are cute.

J on

Jenny, if me saying that Britney prefers Jayden over Sean is the rudest comment you have ever heard then maybe you should get out more.

I never said she didn’t love Sean – I’m sure she loves Sean as much as she is capable of loving him but it is quite clear that her preference of child is Jayden. That is not just the carrying – it is also in videos where she pays zero attention to Sean, always pushing Jayden’s stroller, in her christmas video message removing her hand from Sean’s to hug Jayden. Maybe in hinesight it would have best when she got pregnant with Jayden if she had have thought long and hard about what was best for Sean and then made the appropiate decision. After all, she got pregnant with him only 3 months after the other one was born. Maybe she should have thought about what would have been best for Sean.

Sam on

‘J’ excellent posting and I agree with you completely. It DOES matter that she is always with Jayden, it matters to Sean and it matters to Jayden. Sean is just 12 months older then Jayden, still a very little boy and he needs the touching, the attention and the cuddling from his mommy even if Jayden is a ‘mommas’ boy. Momma’s got two very little boys and needs to teach them by showing them that BOTH of them, whether Jayden has fits or not, are deserving of her touch. I’ve seen video of Jayden’s fits when with Britney, but not when with Kevin, so obviously Jayden knows when to pull fits and who they work on. Kids live what they learn, it’s really that simple.

jazmine on

I would doubt that Britney would purposely chose one child over the other. I have seen videos, photos where she is interacting with Sean, for example when they were at the pool last week. I think a lot of mothers tend to the youngest child differently than the older kid (s). I think the most important thing is what’s happening at home, even Kevin has said she is very affectionate to both of them. I think her putting on a show in front of the cameras to her kids would be worse. Making sure they see her kiss and play with them and not receiving it at home, I think would be more harmful.

Lorus on

Maybe Jayden is a Mama’s boy? Sean could be very independant. I know someone whose son NEVER liked to be held. He always wanted to walk on his own and do his own thing. Then there is my 8yo who still cuddles up to me and asks me to pick her up every once in awhile while we’re out and about. I’ve even seen twins who are opposites! Does the parent prefer the one they are carrying more than the one who wants to run?
If anything, with Brit’s post partum depression after Jayden’s birth would make it more likely that she was more attached to Sean.

Sam on

No one is saying Britney doesn’t love Sean. They are saying that she is always (95% of the time) holding, sitting with, cuddling with, pushing the stroller of Jayden. Stop trying to give excuses FOR THE PICTURES WE SEE. They speak quite clearly for themselves and those of us that choose to comment on it are speaking the absolute truth about what WE SEE. Britney is always (95% of the time) all about Jayden. And you can give any excuse you want – age, momma’s boy, fits, but it’s still about what WE SEE and that, I repeat, is Britney with Jayden. 🙂

mrswilliams on

oh shhh all of you!

do you no britney……no then you have ZERO i reapeat ZERO idea what your talking about, i carry my daughter EVERY WHERE because she likes it, my son hates it, he is 2 and hates being carried, so from all your silly misinformed comments i love my daughter more!! what utter utter rubbish, you only see a small part of her life in these pictures you have NO IDEA what goes on behind closed doors, for god sake STOP this vile vennom filled rubbish and leave her alone! i can not get over how you judge this woman, you all say god help her children…god help yours too if you teach them your nasty ways.!

Shea on

First of all, her oldest son isn’t called by his first name Sean, he is called Preston.
Second, has anyone every thought that the “manny” carried Preston and Britt carries Jayden because Jayden is lighter? It only makes sense that she, being a not real big person, would carry the smaller child.
Also, when they are down playing, like the pictures at the pool for example, Preston is actively playing about and doing his own thing…he’s a year older. When you are a toddler/preschooler a year is a huge difference. Jayden is still at the “clingy” to mommy age.
Personality wise, Preston may be a more outgoing and spirited little kid, while Jayden may be more shy, quiet and need extra reassurance. Preston doesn’t look mistreated, neglected, unloved, or like he is suffering in the least little bit. He looks like a happy-go-lucky little boy.
You people that are on the “Britney only loves Jayden” kick, really need to chill. The nick-picking is getting old every time a picture of Britney and the kids is posted.

Sam on

There is nothing nasty about commenting on WHAT WE SEE. WHAT WE SEE PROVES what many of us are commenting on. Has nothing to do with love. It has everything to do with what we are saying, which is BRITNEY DOES CARRY, CUDDLE, PUSH THE STROLLER OF, SIT BESIDE, HOLD, etc. etc. JAYDEN WAYYY MORE THEN SHE DOES SEAN. For the last time (in this set, because I will be back!) FROM WHAT WE SEE BRITNEY DOES INEED, WITH NO ARGUMENT, SHOW MORE AFFECTION FOR JAYDEN. SIMPLE, HUH!

Sam on

‘Shea’ it’s also getting ‘old’ for you and others to suggest that so many posters are talking ‘love’. I agree with what ‘Sam’ is trying to state…………..the ‘love’ has only been stated once or twice, but many more are saying many more times that from the pictures shown to us Britney does show more affection for Jayden, and from the pictures shown to us doesn’t show as much affection for Sean (he is called Sean, I’ve heard the nanny on videos call him Sean). Many posters keep commenting on the same thing because the pictures are the same……….Britney with……….Jayden.

CelebBabyLover on

J- Are you seriously suggesting that she should have aborted Jayden? I’m sorry, but that’s one of the most horrible comments I have ever seen on here. I mean, basically saying that a mother should have killed her child is plain awful!

Sam- First of all, agreeing with yourself is a great way to get people to not take you seriously (then again, maybe you’re a different Sam than the first one who posted. If so, I apologize).

Also, Britney and Kevin have both referred to Sean Preston as “Preston” in recent interviews. Britney’s mother Lynne also referred to him as “Preston” in a PEOPLE magazine article about her book several months ago. But fair enough, he might go by Sean when he’s with his nannies.

Anyway, didn’t you see the pictures of Britney and her boys at the pool last week? Britney was kissing Preston in one of them (incidentally, there was a picture of him giving her a flower right before that). Also, have you forgotten that she carried Sean ALL THE TIME for the first seven or so months of Jayden’s life? Then people were complaining about never seeing her with Jayden!

That said, I think what Shea and other posters have been trying to say is that yes, we DO see Britney with Jayden a lot in public. However, none of us have any idea what goes on behind closed doors. For all we know, she spends plenty of time with both of them when she’s at home.

In otherwords, we really shouldn’t judge how she feels about Jayden from photographs that capture maybe 10 seconds of their lives.

Sam on

Actually, I did post to myself and of course I knew everyone would see that. I was trying to be humorous because things here are getting too heated. I’m tired of repeating myself and defending myself because I comment about the pictures I SEE. I don’t want to be taken ‘seriously’ here, it’s a very nice site, with very nice people, so I tried to lighten it up. However it’s time to admit that Britney does indeed spend 95% of her time with Jayden in her arms. We can’t keep going back to the pictures by the pool – they were beautiful of her with BOTH children but they are almost a one time thing. My point (and that of others) is that many of us continue to comment about Britney/Jayden because it’s what is consistently and constantly out there for us to see. No, we don’t know what goes on ‘behind closed doors’ but I’m willing to bet that Jayden is as possessive of Britney, and she allows it, even behind those ‘closed doors’. All that said, they are a lovely little family of two sweet little boys and their healthy mom, living their lives and they are having fun!

Now, breathe………..

Jeanie on

You people need to get over yourselves…She loves her sons just fine. There are plenty of pics of her holding Sean. I can’t stand when people come to this site just to bash other moms. J…It is awful that you are suggesting she should have aborted Jayden.

CelebBabyLover on

Sam- And what I was trying to say is that we really can’t say that she is with Jayden 95 percent of the time, since we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe she is with him 95 percent of the time in public, but if we’re talking about ALL the time she spends with her boys (both in public and at home), then we can’t really say for sure that she spends 95 percent of her time holding and/or paying attention to Jayden.

For all we know, she could be spending most of her time at home with Preston, rather than Jayden.

I also want to point out that, while it definently seems like Jayden is possesive of Britney, Preston’s personality and/or desires may also be part of why we see Britney with Jayden a lot. Maybe, for example, Preston is “Mr. Independant,” and likes to spend a lot of his time exploring on his own, rather than attatched to mommy’s side.

Or maybe, like someone else said, when both boys need to be carried from point A to point B, Preston actually prefers to be carried by the bodyguards or nanny.