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08/28/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

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mary on

My daughter who just turned 5 LOVES spiders. For her 5th birthday she wanted a tarantula. Now my husband and I talked at length about getting er either a tarantula or a snake (her favorite) I am willing to get one of them however my research into them shows that they can live from 18 years to around 30 years. I really don’t want a pet that long. I have a huge fear of spiders myself but because I want to be a “good” mom and embrace my children’s passion I will hold and touch them. Deep down inside I’m screaming NO but she has no clue. We have a pet store that we go to and get our dog food from they have snakes and beaded dragons, all sorts of animals that make your skin crawl and when we go there she gets to hold and feed “her pets”. She will pick up any critters, house spiders, flies, frogs, centipedes, She wants to help the animals. Our son is afraid she one day will join Green Peace. All I can say is she has opened my eyes and without her I would never have touched a tarantula. I still get wigged out when I hold one but I have a new respect for things like house spiders and centipedes I use to kill. Now I let them outside, instead of flushing them down a toilet.

MZ on

Mary, you are a better person than me, lol! Spiders are not going to be allowed in my house. We squish the ones we see, and none will be allowed as pets. I think just about anything else will be fine with me, just not spiders.

Rach on

I may get blasted for this, but I really do love the idea of uniforms in schools. I went through all these things with school and I will tell you, the ones that required uniforms, I found to be the best. To me, the cliques seemed to be more based on personality. I used to always comment how their always seemed to be much more cliques in my youth group at church, than there was in my school. No one was made fun of because of what they wore, we all wore the same thing.

Not to mention, it was soooo much easier on my parents ! Especially with 4 kids. We would go for our binders and stuff and see these kids and their parents going crazy clothes shopping. Not us, we got our school shirts for all seasons and I had my kilts and pants and all that was left was socks and shoes and school supplies. And it worked out so much cheaper than getting what was in style, or the hottest fashion. I am glad they are implementing that in more of the public schools now.