Sarah Michelle Gellar's Prenatal Pilates

08/26/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
Bauer Griffin

Expectant mama Sarah Michelle Gellar showed off her belly in a fitted workout top while out and about on Tuesday.

The former Buffy star, 32, started the morning off with a Pilates class before heading to Gelson’s Supermarket for some grocery shopping.

Baby on the way is due this fall and will be the first for Sarah Michelle and husband Freddie Prinze Jr.

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Jess from Ohio on

I can’t wait for this baby! I am going to guess girl and I think they will give her a traditional name.

Lynn on

Sarah looks due any day now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Baby Prinze came in the next few days or weeks. Wonder if Jaime Bergman (David Boreanaz’s wife) will give first, or if Sarah will.

I’m going with girl just because of baby shower pictures.

Mary-Helen on

She is so cute preggers!

daniela on

She is breathtakingly beautiful in this pic!!! Pregnancy most def looks fab on her!

Lacey on

I’d guess Late Sept/Early Oct. I’m not a fan of hers but She does look really cute.

evilbuffyfan4eva on

i love sarah and freddie and i am so glad they are having a baby they will make such cute parents and their child will be adorable =D

love them both to the end of the world and back =D

Winky on

I bet their baby is going to be a real cutie, good luck guys!

Erica on

Why is Sarah Michelle Gellar always alone in pictures, where is Freddie? It would be nice to see him pampering his adorable pregnant wife on a nice date from time to time. I would love to see a shot of him with his hand on her belly, something! Other pregnant couples like Taye Diggs and Indina, Marc and Jennifer, etc. were photographed out to dinner or on dates SMG is always out walking the dog. I know Freddie is filming 24 but other celebrities were working on projects and still made time for their pregnant wives, she always appears to look so lonely 😦

holden on

^^ I agree…I wish I saw them both together more. We always saw Allyson Hannigan and her husband together, even though I think he was working on some movie called Milo. Maybe Freddie is busy with some other project too and we just don’t know about it. Or maybe they just don’t like to be seen out in public together. They’d probably get even more attention than they do by themselves.

On a diff note, Sarah looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what she’s having/what the name will be!!

Mary-Helen on

@Erica and Holden: It has been mentioned several times w/ threads dedicated to SMG that Freddie is filming 24 (which requires him to work very specific hours to ensure proper lighting/darkness because of real time format) and has been working with WWE and Nancy O’Dell to promote a charity dedicated to fighting ALS. I’m sure he spends alot of time with Sarah, but because of the erratic 24 shooting schedule, he isn’t seen out as frequently. I know Keifer Sutherland has said that the shooting schedule for 24 is bizzare, to maintain real time format and most of the cast isn’t seen out and about during filming.

Sarah and Freddie are also intensely private people and were rarely photographed together (or seperate) before she got preggers, so perhaps the paps respect their repeated requests for privacy.

Court on

I definitely don’t think she looks due “any day now.” I am due October 5 and she looks smaller than me (although I am sure most celebs would). I would guess mid-October?

arizona family on

so, the vampire slayer has finally decided to have some kids, huh? i wonder what they might be like?

Chelsea on

Oh brother! Sarah and Freddie are a private couple and there’s nothing wrong with that! Some celebrity couples just don’t want to be in the magazines every week and I can see why. I’m sure Sarah and Freddie spend plenty of time together at home, I find it so bizarre that people are saying SMG looks “lonely”…please! Freddie is at work!

Here’s a pic of Freddie and Sarah from July 23:

It’s pretty obvious to me that they don’t like having pictures taken of them together.

Shannon on

Awww the pics of them together are soo cute! Thanks Celsea! I agree, it’s well-known that they don’t like the attention that comes with them being out together. We’ve never seen a whole lot of these two, together or alone. Give them a break, they’re just intensely private people. I say good for them for keeping thier personal life out of the spotlight. Also, let’s keep in mind that SMG is probably still trying very hard to keep to herself, but b/c of the pregnancy, the paparazzi focus on her is probably increased like tenfold!

They are such a sweet, solid couple. I am so thrilled they are having a baby together. I can’t wait to the little one!

J.J. on

She looks great!! My guess is that baby on the way will be a girl and will come late September/early October 🙂

Jen on

I’d say she looks like she has about a month or so to go. I am about her height and her weight and that is what I looked like between 7.5 and 8 months.

As for not being seen together. While I was pregnant, both my husband and I worked. We were often not together in public. It meant nothing about the state of our marriage and I’m sure it means nothing regarding theirs.

cassie on

she looks cute..wonder if its pregnant pilates there such a thing?

lis on

SMG has said repeatedly that she prefers a private life. She was not a big celeb on the photo scene until she became pregnant – that’s a bit of a magnet lately. I’m sure a few months after the baby arrives she’ll go back to being rarely seen. It’s not a big deal..

Sophie on

There are a few photos of the two together floating around- i’ve seen them.

SMG looks really beautiful in this picture, absolutely glowing- i think she looks like Kristin Bell here…

singingmama on

How unfortunate that we’ve missed pretty much missed our opportunity for a pregnant Buffy in a special reunion show…

Joy on

Sarah Michelle looks very healthy. I love her hair color. Perfect for her! Can’t wait to see the baby!

Fan on

how do you know that is not his hand behind her. Maybe this particular photographer just wanted a picture of the mom to be. I think she looks stunning!