Kourtney Kardashian's Sunday Stroll

08/26/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
James Breeden/Bret Thompsett/PacificCoastNews

Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick stepped out in Malibu on Sunday, window-shopping at Planet Blue before buying some shaved ice to share.

The reality star, 30, was just fulfilling a pregnancy craving! “I have more healthy cravings than my normal eating habits, like I crave fruit and cold things like smoothies,” she said recently.

Kourtney, star of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, is due in December.

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jenny on

Wow! She’s got a good size belly for not quite 6 months along. And she also looks very annoyed to be having her picture taken! LOL

Lacey on

I think it is more of the shirt she is wearing, but I think she is starting to show quite a bit.

Mariel on


Kristi on

She must have been hiding it very well until she announced her pregnancy either that or she got her baby bump over night!

Lacey on

She and both Kendra have grown in the past few weeks. Their on the new cover of US Weekly.

melissa on

I think it’s just the shirt she is wearing, i saw another picture in a different outfit and she has just a little bump.

She looks really annoyed.

B.J. on

I certainly don’t know the nature of their relationship (or even who they are, frankly), but it seems in pictures of these two, they are never touching and seem very distant. I get a weird feeling from the guy..

JMO on

wow did she just pop out or what?!

Vanessa on

does anyone know what Scott does for a living?

holden on

Christ, she really popped!

Dawn on

They dont even look like a couple. He should be holding her hand or something. They look miserable!

jingle jangle 81 on

I def. think the shirt is adding to the baby bump. Kourtney is a smart woman she knows that she doesn’t need to be all overly lovey dovey just because they are having a baby together. Scott’s younger than her and cheated on her in the past so I think they are taking it slow and just enjoying the day to day of their baby, but also love one another. I’m going to cheer them on and pray for the best!

**Scott kind of resembles Tom Cruise a little in this pic

Courtney on

Kourtney looks fabulous pregnancy is suiting her well can’t wait to see the baby

Mina on

Kourtney REALLY popped these last few weeks!! It maybe because of the top but do you think it’s twins? For someone not due for another 3-4 months, she’s got quite a belly.

Daisy on

Kourtney is teeny tiny, im sure thats why her bump looks so prominent! Kourtney has even said shes not really the “affectionate” type, maybe that explains their body language! Either way, I think she looks gorgeous…pregnancy really works for her! I also saw on E! last night both Kendra and Kourtney will be on this evening previewing their photoshoot, can’t wait!Thanks for the heads up on that issues Lacey!

MaryAnne on

I think the stripes of the dress makes it bumpier!

Those are some special shoes he has on! LOL!

ang on

i think can see the baby! pants for the baby & pants for her, i say.

daniela on

Omg MaryAnne! You’re right – those are some pretty darn special shoes! How did I miss them the first time is way beyond me! LOL!

marimel on

hahaha what is he wearing?!?! His style reminds me of Simon VanKempen(i think that’s his last name) on Real Housewives of New York City. Those shoes… yowza! The only thing to top this outfit off would be a sweater tied around the neck, a cigar in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other.

as for Kourtney, I’m wondering if maybe when she walks the draft is blowing the shirt up to look more full… if not, well, I’m shocked she was able to keep that belly under wraps for as long as she did! She looks beautiful, nonetheless!

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

THE SHOES POP! First thing I noticed besides Kourt’s expression.

Laura on

Her boyfriend dresses weird.

paperskyyy on

Those are actually the same shoes he had one in the post from a last week. I guess nobody noticed them before!

Kourtney looks amazing! Pregnancy most certainly suits her!

Julie on

I don’t think you can trust a guy that wears red shoes, LOL!

Jana on

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the length of Kourtney’s dress. If that’s a shirt, she’s not wearing any pants! 😮 Jennifer Hudson’s dress/shirt was much longer than that and people tore her apart!


she coulda done WAY better than him. He’s obviously not grow up enough for this if she HAS to place his hand on her stomach to bond with the baby.

sara on

I don’t think these two will last long once the baby is here. There’s no point in faking this sudden happiness just because you got your girlfriend pregnant. Just wait until the baby gets here and it cries and poops. He’ll be outta there so fast!

He certainly has a “flamboyant” style.

jordyn on

Jana, you can clearly see that
she is wearing jean shorts. =)

christina on

Jennifer H. is overweight, so it looked inappropriate — sorry, but it’s true. It looks fine on K.

Rebecca on

I think that’s a shirt she’s wearing. if you look closely, you can see blue material that look like jean shorts. either that or her undies are long legged!!

Sheri on

I’m not a psychologist ~ but I totally agree with Dawn here (blogger #11) ~ Scott’s hands in both pockets and nowhere near Kourtney as far as holding her hand, etc., looks very cold and distant to me. It’s as if he wants nothing to do with her! From what I’ve seen on the show, this guy can’t be trusted as far as Kourtney could throw him. I doubt this will last …

CelebBabyLover on

For the people saying that Kourntey and Scott aren’t being affectionate….There was just an article on PEOPLE.com that mentioned how, when they’re off camera, Scott is actually cuddling Kourtney all the time, and how he really loves her. 🙂

Here’s the link: http://tvwatch.people.com/2009/08/22/terrence-j-sets-record-straight-on-kissing-khloe-kardashian/

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I’m guessing it’s not twins. Considering how much Kourtney has already shared with us, I have a feeling she’d have spilled the beans already if she really was having twins. 🙂

Ellen Smith on

Yo, folks – he is a prepster, in case you haven’t figured it out. The madras shorts, Ralph Lauren polo, loafers with no socks – it’s a style, and actually not that flamboyant for a preppy guy. As for them as a couple, they do not look like they belong together.

Jowanta on

Oh, I see her jean shorts now… I had to look twice. I am not a fan of “daisy duke” shorts with a long shirt–especially when you’re pregnant. Christina, I disagree that Jennifer H is overweight. She’s a very healthy weight for her height–not sloppy or huge. I hate the stigma our society has when it comes to what’s considered “overweight.”

Ashley on

Jowanta, Jennifer Hudson is overweight and has been since her American Idol days but she does carry her weight well.

SweetDiva on

It wasn’t a good look on Jennifer and it isn’t a good look on Kourtney. Weight isn’t the issue. Both women look like they are wearing nothing more than a beach cover up in the street. It’s a pet peeve of mine when I see a shirt hem barely meeting the shorts.

CelebBabyLover on

ashley- Has Jennifer ever said she’s overweight? If not, then we really have no way of knowing if she’s really overweight. A person can look overweight but not actually be overweight for their height.

In fact, what actually matters the most is a person’s Body Mass Index, or BMI (which compares a person’s weight to their height to see if they are at a healthy weight for their height.). If the BMI is below a certain number (I think it’s around 25, but I’m not sure), then a person is not considered overweight.