Brooke Burke Cuddles With Her Cuties

08/26/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Bebeyh/Meet The Famous

So sweet! Brooke Burke cuddles with kids Heaven Rain, 2 ½, and Shaya Braven, 17 months, while playing at Cross Creek Park in Malibu, Calif. with friends on Tuesday.

Although the park was “infested with paps,” Brooke tweeted that they turned the intrusion into a game instead. “We decided to take pics of the paparazzi taking pics of us. So fun!!!”

Rain and Shaya are Brooke’s children with fiancé David Charvet.

Click below for a second photo of Brooke and Rain!

Bebeyh/Meet The Famous

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charlene on

Oh that Heaven looks so adorable!!! And Shaya looks like his daddy!! Such cute kids!

Briley21 on

Wow what an beautiful little girl!

Kelly on

Wow! Rain looks just like Brooke, but with blonder hair, while Shaya looks like a clone of his dad! That whole family is just beautiful!

momof4 on

So cute! I think they both favor their Dad, especially the boy.

She’s cool to make a fun game of the paps although isn’t there another park where they could have privacy?

Patricia on

such beautiful kids!

they look so happy:)

amanda on

Well, I guess if you smile for the paps, you will get lots of good family photos.
But too bad that its something that celebrities can’t avoid. Especially when they have thier children with them.

french gigi on

oh be still my heart…i love seeing pics of shaya because him and my son could pass for twin brothers! show me more, show me more!
im a little biased of course, but that child is gorgeous!

Jennie on

just beautiful…hey use the papparazzi to snag some pictures for your family album heeheehee

cassie on

they are gorgeous!!

CTBmom on

Those kids are just adorable!

Shawna on

Oh my gosh! Shaya is like a mini David. It’s like a little clone!

Jazz on

Shaya looks just like David!! Both of them are super cute!

Brianna on

Heaven Rain is just beautiful and is getting so big! She looks a bit older than 2 1/2. And Shaya is just adorable!

Cassandra on

Oh my goodness! They are both so beautiful!

Andrea_momof2 on

Those are beautiful kids!

L on

Both kids look so much like their daddy, they are both sooo adorable!!!!

Jen Dc on

I think Rain likes having her picture taken!

Both the children are adorable, gorgeous! Big eyes… And they seem tall, like real kids instead of babies. It seemed to go so fast!

Tina. on

lol there cute 🙂

alice jane on

She has the most beautiful kids! Her older girls are just as gorgeous as her two youngest.

Chelsea on

Rain is adorable, but I just don’t know what it is about Shaya that gets to me, he is just soooo cute!

Mia on

I think Rain is a combination of both parents, but definitely looks a lot like her father + little Shaya is ALL daddy, so cute.

Stephany on

They are two adorable kids! Rain is such a beautiful little girl. And I think Shaya looks bigger than 17 months…he looks about the size of a two-year-old! Very cute photos.

Lana on

I feel horrible, but I thought Shaya was a girl not a boy. But sure is a cutie.

stephanie on

Shaya is david’s mini me! So cute!

melbel on

omg shaya looks just like daddy and very adorable!

rain looks a little like mom but also favors her dad a little more.

beautiful mom and children 🙂

April on

Ha Ha Brooke posted these pictures on her twitter and said “seems like the paparazzi are getting better pics than me these days…”

Such gorgeous children

gianna on

Shaya is gorgeous, he looks exactly like david. Rain looks the most different out of the 4 kids, and so much like brooke. Brooke hates paparazzi yet goes to a park where all celebrities go and paparazzi are always at, not to mention twitters everything all day, ok I believe her lol. Oh and she has a reality show involving her whole family coming out soon, but she hates the parazzi and attention right lol.

Julie on

Very cute kids. Thought they were both girls though..looked like a jean skirt at first glance..oops.

CelebBabyLover on

gianna- Where did Brooke say she hates the paps?

J-Lin on

Both are too cute!

Erika on

Lana- I thought so too! He just has a more feminine face, but I’m sure it will change, plus his outfit is a little girly, and I consider Shaya to be a girls name.

Heaven is adorable!!

*AJ* on

Im not sure how a jean shorts and teeshirt combo can be constrewed as “girly” lol I think he just looks more like mom in his colouring and eyes which makes you think he’s got more of a feminen look to him. I do see David in them but I think they took more of Mom’s side then anyone else’s. Especially because all four children look so much alike and their common trait is mom. It’s strange to look at them and think they are just babies because their features are so prominent at this early of an age though!
PS I think Gianna was reading Brookes Tweets about being annoyed about the paparazzi being at the park and taking the photos. Thats is where she got that information from.

gianna on

celebbabylover I’m talking aout brooke’s twiiter, where she posts a lot

CelebBabyLover on

gianna- I figured that’s what you were referring to. However, to my knowledge, Brooke didn’t say that she hates the paps, just that she was annoyed by them while at the park. There’s a huge difference between being annoyed by something and hating something.

*AJ* on

I can see Gianna’s point though, why post about being annoyed about something like that, knowing your going to a location where paparazzi are going to be. Especially when you have an awesome backyard and play area for your children. Why not just set up private play dates with other kiddos to get the socialization and not the paparazzi, unless your looking for it? I can see what Gianna was meaning by her post.

Lana on

Okay so I saw another pic today and I guess the baby is he boy and the older one is the girl? I thought the older one was a girl, but construed from the caption she was a boy. OMG I am too confused, but cute kids regardless.

CelebBabyLover on

gianna- I apologize. I don’t read Brooke’s twitter, so I didn’t realize she actually has said that she hates the paps. Anyway, I DO defend a lot of celebs, but not all of them. I may not be very open about it here on CBB, but there ARE times when I disagree with something a celeb is doing. For example, I was shocked when I read that Jade Goody’s ex-husband did not take their sons to her funeral. That just seemed wrong to me (after all, she was their mother!).

Lana- Heaven Rain, the 2-year-old, is a girl, and Shaya, the younger one, is a boy. 🙂

Lily on

Rain looks like Brooke, only with blonde hair. Shaya looks exactly like his dad.