Alison Sweeney Dishes on Her Newest Family Member, Megan!

08/26/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Brian Doben for PEOPLE for use on CBB

On January 12, Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney, 32, and Dave Sanov, a California Highway Patrol investigator, 36, gave son Benjamin Edward, 4 ½, a baby sister, Megan Hope. The Days of Our Lives actress and her husband tell PEOPLE about how life has changed since welcoming their new arrival.

Dave: Now that we have a girl, I never guessed that she’d be so different from a boy. Ben reacts to airplanes, funny noises and crazy faces.

Alison: Megan loves sparkly, little-girl things. And I swear, Dave agrees you could change her outfits 15 times in a day and she’d be happy!

Dave: When Ben got his first look at Megan, he couldn’t stop smiling.

Alison: Before she was born, Ben picked out her pacifiers, so he feels in charge of her and responsible.

Dave: The age difference is going to be perfect: They will be young enough to play with each other, but old enough not to be at odds with each other.

Alison: Ben had just gotten to the age where you don’t have to take so much stuff with you anymore — you know, a couple of toys in my purse. Now we’re starting all over again with Megan.

Dave: Thank God Megan’s got Ali’s good looks.

Alison: And both my kids are total cheese balls in front of the camera. I know they get that from me!

For more celebrity babies, check out the August 31st issue of PEOPLE.

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TheFirstPositiveHolly on

I read that in the newest issue and I came here to see if they posted it! It is so cute to know that Ben looks after his lil sis. Actually, when I was little, my brother and I were 3 years apart. He and I don’t get along and never did. 😉 It’s nice to know that Allison gave birth to such a sweet boy. He’s not the slightest bit devil from what I here! It looks like they tried to keep in the color scheme! We all know that Megan definitely kept with the scheme! Megan is so cute in her little green outfit. She has blond hair now instead of brunette! Isn’t that something? Ben looks really tall for a four-year-old! Tall boys are always cute! I know some six-year-olds and they’re not as tall as him! Too cute for words! 🙂

Tina. on

Benjamin and Megan are so cute! 🙂

Brooklyn on

Beautiful family. Megan is adorable!

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

I can’t get over the adorableness of ben and meg! I hope they call her Meg! That’s cute in my opinion, I love the name Megan deeply! lol. 😉

Andrea_momof2 on

TheFirstPositiveHolly, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic?

They look like a nice family to me! 🙂

Cece on

You just want to pinch those cute cheeks on her daughter!

Laura on

Cute picture!

I did think it was interesting when they said they are far apart enough to not be at odds with each other. My sister and I were four and a half years apart and fought ALL the time lol. But perhaps Ben and Megan will be different.

Lacey on

Beautiful family!! Megan is totally Alison.

Stephany on

Benjamin and Megan are gorgeous! I think Ben looks exactly like Alison! They are such a good-looking family.

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

No, Andrea_momof2, I wasn’t. My bro and I didn’t get along, and it’s great that Ben is being a responsible big brother. I think it’s great that Alison had another child! Megan is so cute I could eat her up! 😉

baby carriers backpacks on

Nice family pic. I wonder how many shots it took to get the little one to smile and look at the camera.

marnie star on

Such a beautiful family. God bless you all!

marnie star on

Ok I gotta know, how did she met her now husband? He is a hottie.

Mia on

I think it really just depends on how you prepare the older sibling for the new baby + everything involving that. Some kids who are 15 months apart either get along perfectly or don’t get a long. My brother + I are 6 years apart + we have always been very close, so I think it really just depends.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Mia, I agree. We have a 3 year, 4mth gap and they still get on fine, nearly 20 mths after little sis arrived, never had jealousy issues, thankfully. He even gets upset when she goes down for a sleep, wants her up to play with!. Depends on the personalities/upbringing I think. We hoped our gap wouldn’t be too much but as she gets older realise it’s not say 6 or 7 years or so or longer, not a huge gap in hindsight as can still play together but not too close to be too chaotic, diff stages, don’t need all the baby gear, oldest toilet trained etc. It works well for us and he’s great with her; they’re great little mates – may change as they become teens of course so making most of it, lol. Sam always gives her a kiss when Freya goes down for a nap and at night, we encourage his big brother relationship and they play together which is sweet. He’s very protective. I have cousins (sisters) only 18mths apart who don’t get along, so don’t think the two under two years or less gap makes a huge diff, may sometimes help as close together don’t know any different with a sibling if younger, but it’s not always a guarantee of a close bond. They look a happy family. Nice to see recent pics of their new addition. I like the name Ben and also prefer Meg over Megan too, as another poster mentioned.

mmh on

I am hoping a four-year age gap is good too, as that’s what my kids will be!! =) We wanted the oldest out of diapers and yes, with less “stuff” to drag around. It’s what works for us, and I hope it works for the kids! =) I have two brothers, one six years younger and one 10 years younger. Get along great with both of them. I think it all depends on personalities… And really, you have to do what works for you as a family and bring them up in the best way possible — that’s all you can do!

kim on

I have almost exactly nine years between my 2 boys and it seems more like nine months the way the fight and carry on! I laughed when I read that

Laura on

My sister (4 and a half years older) was great with me until I got to be old enough to have a mind of my own and she got to the stage where she was easily embarrassed by her family. When I was little she loved to carry me around and play with me. But once I was wanting to do my own things she realized I wasn’t as much fun, haha. We also have very different personalities so that didn’t help. We get along great now (I’m 21 and she is 25) but we don’t live together anymore and I think that helps LOL. I definitely think that the relationship between siblings has everything to do with their personalities not really the age gap. And even when children get along most of the time, there are bound to be arguments every now and then.

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

I didn’t get along with my brother, and he and I were 3 years and 2 months apart. 😉 I don’t think it has to do with age, more like the way your personality is, as someone stated. My sister and I are ten years and some weeks apart, but we get along perfect most of the time. I think that’s great that lil Megan and her big bro Ben get along, as not everyone does with age difference. Some siblings get along, others don’t. Megan is so cute!

CelebBabyLover on

My brother and I are almost exactly three years apart (his birthday is just under a week before mine), and we’ve always gotten along great. 🙂

Seraphina on

Lovely family. 🙂

It is nice that they Ben and Meagan get along at the moment. I think as we all get older we have the usual fights with our brothers and sisters but we still remain close. Getting along with siblings as adults is very much a case of personality.