Sound Off! When Did You Reveal Your Pregnancy?

08/25/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
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Celebrity pregnancy announcements can be touch and go. Some stars, like Cรฉline Dion, revealed their pregnancies early on, while stars like Colin Farrell — whose girlfriend is reportedly pregnant — have chosen to stay quiet and let the baby bump do the talking. Obviously there’s a happy medium, too, as many stars reveal their pregnancies around the half-way point — as soon as those bumps start to show!

So here’s your chance to Sound Off! Tell us: When did you reveal your pregnancy?


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sil on

first pregnancy i told everybody as soon as i did the pregnancy test. Second pregnancy the same…but unfortunately i had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, and it was so hard to tell everybody I was not pregnant anymore, so when i got pregnant for the third time, I didn’t tell anyone (just my mom and sister, and of course my husband! :)) until the second trimester, when I was sure everything was ok, and now I have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl ๐Ÿ™‚

Robin on

I was six months pregnant when I started telling people. Luckily there was not much of a bump to worry about giving it away.

Caryn on

Both times we told our parents in a cute creative way right off the bat. But as for telling friends and extended family we waited another month but it was hard! I had a miscarriage in my early 20s and so wanted to be sure each time

Lyss on

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant, and am trying to decide the right time to tell my friends and family. I always told them pretty early but for some reason kept it to myself this time. We have an ultrasound at the end of the week, so maybe this weekend
I have just known too many people that announced too early they were pregnant and had to let everyone know they had miscarried

Amber on

I found out before I missed a period that I was pregnant. We were too excited to keep quiet, so the whole family heard our news that night. I only kept quiet about it at work. Next time, I think we’ll wait a little longer before sharing the news.

Samantha on

I told my husband, parents and best friend (who was also pregnant) right away. My coworkers found out at 8 weeks, but not because I told them. We had to do restraint training for the new school year, so I told the trainer I was pregnant because the trainings get very agressive and he slipped it out in front of everyone! I just stood there looking dumbfounded. Everyone else (in-laws, extended family, friends) found out after the first trimester.

Cheryl on

Well,the first time I couldn’t hide I was pregnant.I went to the hospital to have a pregnancy test done and right after I found out I was expecting a friend of mine noticed me and came up to me.I was very excited and couldn’t lie to her when she asked me why I was there.
The second time I was more prepared and fortunatelly I told the family(except for my husband who knew from the beginning) when there was a small bump.
The third time I couldn’t hide it again.We went to Hawaii with some of our family friends and there was where I started feeling sick and all so everybody was sure I was pregnant even before I did the test.We’re expecting our third child every moment now!

Sophie on

With my first son, after having had a miscarriage before, we decided to wait a couple weeks. We told a couple close family around 8 weeks, and then started telling others around 10 weeks.

With my second son I was about 6 weeks when we announced it.

Stella Bella on

I told my husband the day I ovulated and I told my sister-in-law at about 8 weeks. We told everyone else at 12 weeks. I felt sorry for my mother because people gave her a hard time for not telling them sooner (!) and no one believed her that she had just found out.

Angelia on

With both pregnancies we told my parents, siblings and his family right away. We told a few friends right away. Coworkers I didnt tell until 3 or so months along.

Gingi on

With Baby #1 we didn’t tell any of our friends until I was 12 weeks. We did share the news with our families and my mom told all of her friends. We were living out of state, she was excited and it her first grandchild. I also knew that if god forbid something happened these were not people I woul have to face.

With pregnancy #2 things were different since we were having “suprise” twins (no fertility or family history).” When I discovered I was pregnant we shared the news with our immediately families and a handful of close friends. I learned we were having twins at 6 weeks and the only people we shared that news with were our parents and siblings. No one else. It was so early and we were familiar with “vanvishing twin syndrome.” In addition, good friends of ours had miscarried twins a year earlier after having told everyone and we watched how hard that was for them to go through. Once I hit about 13-14 weeks it when I started sharing the news with that we were having twins.

I am somewhat of a private person and while I can understand the desire to sharing the news early it’s nothing something I would ever to do. I’ve known too many people who’ve done that and then sadly miscarried. When I was about 10 weeks pregnant with the twins a co-worker announced her pregnancy. She was about 5 weeks along and while everyone was thrilled for her, it was tough when she miscarried a week later.

HappyMommaToBe on

It is so ironic that this is the topic of discussion right now!

I am currently 13 1/2 weeks into my first pregnancy. For some reason, I have been so worried of having a miscarriage, that I didn’t want to tell anyone in the beginning. (Just my hubby.) So, last week we had the first ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. SO AMAZING! We had a family dinner with my side last night, and just told them the news! Now tonight we’re having dinner with the hub’s side, and we are going to tell them all tonight!!! It is so exciting!

I’m going to tell my boss and co-workers next week once I’m in my second trimester.

I cannot wait to have it all out in the open, although my miscarriage fear is still lurking ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Just can’t wait for my next OB appointment to hear that little heart beating again ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

Being pregnant is a personal issue and everyone has a different set of circumstances. Telling or not telling will be different for everyone.

Chicki on

I am not pregnant, but I find that it’s in very poor taste to announce a pregnancy to co-workers as soon as you find out. I don’t mind if you tell your family and close friends, but to tell everyone at work just subjects everyone to your stories, sicknesses and baby planning for 9 full months – god forbid the mother-to-be has to take everyone on an emotional rollercoaster if the baby is lost early! I speak from experience – it’s always better to wait and it shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings to do so.

I understand that Celine Dion is happy and extremely excited to be pregnant again – I totally understand – but announcing it to the world this early just seems a little narcissistic to me. Why not keep some of that time private for just your family and/or close friends? Now we will all be talking about Celine until next May and beyond!!

Robyn on

When I took a pregnancy test, I was about 4 weeks and told my husband and my mom. He then called his mom which I didn’t mind. Otherwise, we waited until we had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks, and saw a heartbeat to tell everyone else.

Micheley on

My husband was the only one who knew until I was five months pregnant, with my frist baby. After that we told people around four months after we found out the gender. I think support is such an important part whether you stay pregnant or miscarry, but for me if I had miscarried I could not have told everybody and I could not have handled them feeling sorry for me.

Amy D. on

With my first I told my immediate family at about 8 weeks. My grandmother was in a nursing home and unable to speak so my dad told her my little secret. She smiled a huge smile and then tried all day to tell the rest of the family. So I told the rest of the family at about 10 weeks. Then word of mouth spread it around. With work I told them pretty early on as my job had certain hazards not good for pregnant women.

With my second I hid it from my employer until 12 weeks then shared the news which was not well received. I told my husbands family at 9 weeks and my family shortly after. Some people didn’t evenhear that I was pregnant again until I was 6 months pregnant!

Christine on

I’ve told people slowly. Family first at 8 weeks. Friends soon after. Work at 10 weeks. Neighbors, strangers, everyone else… not yet; they can figure it out as I get bigger.

Rach on

Well, I only told those close to me in my inner circle as soon as I found out. Everyone else found out at my 13th week after I did my ultrasound thanks to facebook status alerts lol

Leggy Nic on

We told our families at 9 weeks. My first OB appt was at 8 weeks and I wanted to make sure things were going okay. I told my immediate boss at 12 weeks. It was a busy time at work and some of my personnel were pretty high strung so I waited till 16 weeks to tell them. But most of my division are working moms so they guessed much earlier.

mt on

My cousin told to the whole family on january 6th that he and his wife were expecting a child, and the baby was born the 6th of september; can you understand it?? I’m still counting and wondering how did they do it!!

Sorry for my english

gaia's mom on

I found out at about 6 weeks, didn’t tell my husband until about 8 weeks. After I told him he played we are the champions and ran around with a hockeystick (he’s weird). I like to mull things over in the solitude of my I was really hesitant to say anything to anyone else. Prior to getting pregnant we had already planned to leave the country on a working tour. So we left when I was 3 months and told my mom and then the family at about 4 months when we were in Tunisia over a bad web cam. I’m not sure why we kepted mum so long, I guess we knew how excited both families would get and we’re both very anti-hoopla and our familes are very hooopla.

Miche on

With my first one, I told my family around week 7 and everyone at work figured it out around week 9 because I was SO sick. I’m now 11 weeks along with #2 and we just told everyone last week, after we had an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat.

Leah on

I waited until 14 weeks to let it be known but we had told our immediate family around 8 weeks.

MaryAnne on

I have no problems telling adults right away. I am a sahm so no work issues. But for my third we didn’t tell our 2 kids until I was 18 weeks. I had an ectopic pregnancy before I had my 3rd and wanted to make sure all was well before they knew about #3. Thankfully, when everything was going on with the ectopic they never knew what was going on at all.
It is a personal decision. I could deal with dealing with loss as far as the adults go but would have been heartbroken explaining it to my kids. We are done having kids, so no worries about that!!!

Jessicad on

I told everyone right away, at 6 weeks. I couldn’t hide it, I was so shocked and excited and I wanted the world to know. I also work in radiology so I was able to have an ultrasound the day after I took the at home test and saw a heartbeat, so I felt ok telling everyone. I just had a feeling everything would be ok with the baby. I understand people wanting to wait until they’re out of the “danger zone”, but I also think it would help having friends and family to support and comfort you through a miscarriage if it happened. I can’t imagine the pain or having to hide it from people. To each their own I suppose.

Carol on

I told my parents as soon as I found out, I was about 2 weeks along. My parents told both sides of the family right away. I didn’t tell work until 3 months – no point in getting them into panic mode until I was in the safe zone. In regards to family pregnancy is something to be celebrated, as soon a you can start celebrating your little bundle of joy the better.

Rachael on

We told our families around 10-12 weeks. Unfortunately my son was stillborn at 38 weeks, so there really is no “danger window” that you’re out of until that baby is born… I don’t have a problem with people telling right away, but still feel telling everyone you’re 4 or 5 weeks along is too early… I enjoyed keeping it a secret from everyone (but my husband) and enjoying that special time in our lives no one else knew about.

Allegra on

mt- January 6 through September 6 is technically only 8 months, so your cousin’s wife could have been around 4 weeks pregnant when they told everyone.

I plan on telling my family and friends after the first trimester. The thought of having to tell everybody that something went wrong if it did is unappealing to me. I am a very private person and would be uncomfortable with so many people knowing what happened and feeling sorry for me.

jaQ on

with my first, i told everyone right away. i was slower with my second– told my mom at 6 weeks, my dad and siblings, grandparents, a bit later… i waited til 15 weeks (it was halloween ’05) to tell my step-dad because he had freaked out the first time, me being 18. i was 21 then, and didn’t know how he’d react, but it was okay.
this time, i told my grandma the instant i found out, because i happened to test at her house. it was my birthday and my boyfriend was having a party since the town fireworks were a block from our house. i told my mom and best friend at the party, and then my dad and step-dad and everyone over the next coulpe weeks.
i didn’t really want to, because i knew i would get the “again?” comments, and i sure did. really? with three?

Maria on

When pregnant with my son,I told my boyfriend the day I found out (which was,coincidentally,his birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ ) in October (I got pregnant in early September) and my family sometime around Christmas,when they came to London to meet their future in-laws, and it was probably the best Christmas of my life!Did the same with the girls too,although I was a little worried because it’s a double pregnancy.I told everybody (except my boyfriend who found before me,lol) when I was a couple weeks into my second trimester.I totally respect that some people can’t wait to share their joy but it’s a little less painful when a miscarriage stays between you and your partner,I guess.

jessie on

i think i’ll wait until after the first trimester

me on

Rachael, i’m so sorry for your loss, that must have been awful. its true, just goes to show there’s no ‘ideal’ time.

i think i’d wait when i have kids, just until the 12 week scan when you have a scan to show people, it feels more real after then too i guess.

Vera on

First we adopted a boy, then just 18 months later we adopted boy/girl twins, and 15 months after that I was pregnant with my first baby. We had just moved from england to north america, i was stressed and busy, and even though we were trying i was sure it would take longer. Only my husband and I knew, and the doctor obviously, until I was 18 weeks, when we blindfolded my mum and mum in law and took them to the gender finding out untrasound. Our close family knew around 25 weeks, when I started to show (LATE, i know!) and I told my best friend at 21 weeks. Everyone else, my extended family, my friends that didnt see me often, they didnt find out until I was in my third trimester. I had a very small bump, even at the end, and I went 6 days overdue, so to hide it I usually just pushed a double stroller and carried a toddler on my hip. And nobody asks you if youre pregnant when they see you’ve got three kids under 2. NOBODY.

My second pregnancy came when my youngest turned two, we were not trying not to have a baby, and with four kids around i didnt notice until i was 9 or 10 weeks along, i didnt have any symptoms. I didnt show until around 20 weeks, i told our close family when i was 18 weeks, and i just sort of let my friends figure it out, or we would be making plans for a trip or something and i would say, i dont know if i can do that, i’ll be enormous by then!

Naomi on

I am 3 months in and still not revealing! Not sure when I will- maybr at 4 months.

Bea on

I told anyone who crossed my path right from the get-go.I think the whole culture of not saying anything until the 12 week mark just exacerbates a womans suffering if she miscarries.Six weeks before I fell pregnant with my daughter,I had to have a termination at 14 weeks due to severe fetal abnormalities.My friends knew of that pregnancy from day dot,and exactly what happened thereafter,and if anything happened in the 2nd pregnancy I wanted them to know,too,so I didn’t have to deal with the added burden of keeping my grief to myself. I should also mention that I wasn’t remotely fazed if people I didn’t really know knew of the pregnancy. I think we need to be a lot more open about these things.

Ama on

Well after several miscarriages in between three healthy and beautiful pregnancies we kept very quiet for each of them until we knew everything was OK. However; I did tell my mom, I just couldn’t keep it from her! Obvious my husband was the first to know. And one of my best friends.

When it came to his parents and family I was nearly 4 months pregnant with our daughter when we told them (she is now 7), 5 months with our son (he is now 5), and almost 4 months with our second son who was just born in April.

It is a personal choice and it depends on the support system a woman has, I truly believe. Who will be there for her if she sadly has a miscarriage. We have lost pregnancies including a set of twins at 5, 8, 12 weeks and another very early pregnancy.

CelebBabyLover on

gaia’s mom- Why did you wait two weeks to tell your husband? It just seems very odd to me that you wouldn’t tell him right away (after all, it’s his baby, too!). However, I realize there might have been a very good reason why you waited.

My own mother, for example, did not tell my dad right away when she found out she was pregnant with me. She found out just a few weeks (or even days, I don’t know for sure) before my dad’s birthday…So she waited until his birthday to tell him the news, which I think is sweet. What a great birthday present! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I don’t have any kids myself, but, with each of my mother’s pregnancies, my parents waited until my mother was three months along before telling anyone (even their own parents!) that they were expecting. This is because my mother had not one, but two very early miscarriages (i.e., both before the third month of pregnancy).

Susie on

With #1 we said we’d wait till 12 weeks. After about 3 days everyone knew because we couldn’t hold it together. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
#2 we didn’t say anything until just before 12 weeks, but it was easy to hide because a) it was winter and I was hiding in my sweatshirts, and b) our family didn’t live nearby to watch us closely.
#3 we didn’t say anything until at least 12 or 13 weeks. Some people were still finding out around 19 weeks. But I was definitely showing by 12 weeks, I couldn’t hide anymore.

suburbanmummyuk on

11 weeks with my first to everyone. ANd then with my 2nd I told everyone very early. was very annoying lol should of kept my mouth shut!

Joan on

As an FYI – Celine Dion didn’t really want to reveal so early she is expecting for the second time. The thing is that she called her mom on her cell phone to tell her she is pregnant. But her mom was in a supermarket and started to cry and got all excited and said “my daughter is pregnant!” to someone with her. But a guy in the store heard this and called a radio station in Montreal to report this!!!! So after all the rumors flying and many calls, Celine’s press agent had to confirm the news. What would you do in such a case? Celine would never lie about something like this… It’s early on, but congrats to Celine and her husband.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

First time around waited wait til 11 weeks to tell parents & sisters (only told close friends, cousins, aunties at around 13 weeks though). 2nd pregnancy sadly had a miscarriage at only 8 1/2 weeks, had only told my mum beforehand, being early on, as had to for another reason. Silly as it sounds, found like that jinxed it, of course it wasn’t mean to be anyway but it put me off saying anything too early as no hurry really, even though of course we were excited. Third pregnancy didn’t tell anyone, including immediate family, until I was 13 weeks. I know some people like to tell early, can’t wait etc, and have the attitude of being open with family and means they have support if something sad did happen but for us we didn’t want to rush into telling everyone til we’d got past the 12 week mark esp after miscarriage previously, didn’t take anything for granted. personally think it would be hard having good news then sad to tell, as much as people are caring and sympathetic. Now have a lovely 19 mth old girl and almost-5-year-old son. Wouldn’t want to tell whole world before say 12 weeks, personally, but I hope pregnancy goes well for Celine Dion and hubby though, fingers crossed…

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Rachel, I’m also sorry for your loss, very sad.

Hayley on

I wanted to wait until 12 weeks to share the news, but I was so sick I had to reluctantly let everyone know at 9 weeks…I couldn’t not tell them – my mum thought I had swine flu!!!

Julie on

Now I wait until the first trimester is over. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks and I had told a few people. I wish I would have waited. I know a lot of people who tell the world when they first find out only to lose the baby a few weeks later.

gia on

My husband was bursting at the seams & told everyone as soon as the blood test was positive!! I wanted to kill him…I really wanted to wait until at least 12 weeks…I ended up having a miscarriage at 9 weeks & not only did we have to suffer the painful loss, but so did everyone he told. Next pregnancy we are definitely waiting until the start of the second trimester & he agrees, lesson learned.

Hayley on

Soaplover – LMAO means “Laughing my ass off” and ROFLMAO means “Rolling on floor laughing my ass off” It took me a while to figure out too, and why do we have to abreviate EVERYTHING?! It only took me a couple of seconds to type the full thing out!!

Angelika on

We told our families at 11 or 12 weeks…can’t remember… I was able to hide it at work until I was about 22 weeks pregnant…I actually could’ve hid it longer, but I had been so sick for so long that people were beginning to think I had some horrible disease. Not telling work for so long was because I didn’t want people giving me unsolicited advice or trying to pat or touch my belly.

kasey on

number#1 pregnancy was twins told everybody right away but lost them at 6 weeks.pregnancy#2 waited till 10 weeks and now got a 4 year old daughter,pregnancy#3 waited till 12 weeks but lost the baby at 13 weeks. all babies conceived through ivf. trying for a 8th time.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

kasey: all the best with your next attempt, hopefully a new addition to join your daughter. We feel blessed to have our two (sounds corny perhaps but it does feel complete with her, our little addition we were waiting for!, and so relieved after miscarriage, she was meant to be, and a little girl after our son was icing on the cake) after preeclampsia first time around, then a miscarriage with 2nd pregnancy, so although we were lucky with conceiving easily enough, didn’t have straightforward time while preg first two times (I nearly died having our son almost 5 years ago now, was induced over 6 weeks early), so I was monitored closely with my 3rd pregnancy. My heart goes out to you and hope you’re blessed with a healthy baby.

gaia's mom on


It must seem odd. Well, there was a lot of stuff going on at the time, and I actually found out the day he left and his work is stressful enough so I wanted to wait till he got back.

Plus, I wanted to get things smoothed out, I had to find ob/gyns in every place we were going to be and stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong I was really happy/excited and wanted to tell him but my pregnancy with our job obligation was difficult and I just wanted to have a bit of a plan so he could really celebrate and not just worry about this and that.

Pamela on

I told everyone right away. I was sooo excited. It was our first baby. When we found out, we were already finished the 1st trimester, so it was a good time. We also told everyone right away because my Grandma was in the end stages of her cancer, and I wanted to tell her about the baby, and that if it was a girl it would be named after her. My little girl is now 2.5!

pep on

i have not told anyone, including my husband. i am about 5 weeks. i’m scared to tell him and my family. his family will be really excited.
i’m not sure how i even feel. been ttc for 1.5 years, and now i’m really just ambivalent

MrsShep on

We are absolutely waiting until after the first trimester for our next child. Unfortunately, my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage around 9-10 weeks (they couldn’t pin point it exactly since it was a delayed miscarriage). We were definitely comfortable announcing it to the whole world, which we did, because we had heard the heartbeat. To each his own.