Sibling Rivalry Arises Between Tori Spelling's Kids

08/25/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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She turned 1 only recently, but Stella Doreen McDermott is a quick study.

Her mom, Tori Spelling, says her and husband Dean McDermott‘s daughter has started standing up to her older brother Liam Aaron, 2.

“Everything’s ‘mine’ now,” Tori told PEOPLE Saturday night at the Much Love Animal Rescue‘s third annual fundraiser Bow Wow WOW Howlywood! in Los Angeles.

“It’s ‘mine, mine, mine.’ That’s the new thing. Before, she was too young, so she gave [Liam] whatever. Now she pulls back and says ‘mine’ when he’s pulling away a toy.”

“Mine” is not the only word in Stella’s vocabulary, noted the Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood star, 36. “Stella is talking up a storm. She’s just turned 14 months and she’s literally repeating everything.”

Big brother is also doing some growing up of his own. “Liam’s at the point where he doesn’t just cry,” Tori says. “He puts on the big boy face where he’s holding back the tears.”

Source: PEOPLE

— Sara Hammel

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TheFirstPositiveHolly on

Aw that’s too cute. Every little girl always has “MINE MINE MINE!” in her vocab, and the lil Liam putting on a big boy face is too cute. I like Tori Spelling, and her kids!

Whitney Sterk on

ugh- my cousins (girls) are 6 months apart – they fight over everything….one picks up a toy and the other wants it, or one picks up a dress and the other wants to wear it – its hard to run interferance all the time.

ang on

Stellas a smart cookie.tori says she also uses the potty and both kids swim very well too

Christa Bledsoe on

I think Stella is the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life. Seriously.

Cortney on

^Whitney- My younger brother and sister are 10 months apart, they are the same age 33 days out of the year but how are siblings 6 months apart?

mmh on

Cortney — I had to read Whitney’s comment three times, but I’m thinking the cousins might not be siblings??? Just that they’re all cousins?? That one threw me too!!!

Anonymous on

Cortney — Whitney’s cousins may have different mothers.

robinepowell on

It was going to happen eventually, that Stella would decide she had enough of Liam taking what she thinks is her. 😉

Alice on

Cortney – maybe the girls are not sisters but cousins too? And they fight when they’re together because they’re close in age.

Stella seems to have quite a personality, that’s very cute!

Shan on

My daughter and my niece (both 9 months) are 3 weeks apart. They fight terribly. Add my three year old daughter to the mix and I know we are gonna have lots of problems when they are older.

Xan on

I wonder what made Liam decide not to cry for things? This is in absolutely no way drawing the conclusion that Tori and Dean have told him not to cry (because they want to toughen him up, want him to act like a man, etc.). But, I am simply curious about the psyche of a little guy that age. It seems that crying is the ideal way for a little one to get their way. I wonder if it’s something that develops naturally as a child starts to use language to communicate?

TMia on

My son, who will turn 4 in October started doing the same thing when he was around 2 1/2 where he holds back tears and doesn’t want to cry, especially in the company of others. My mom says he’s gaining a sense of pride and self awareness. It stunned me when he would get upset or hurt and instead of crying (or shedding just a few tears at least) he would turn away, look up to the sky, or go into the next room all while fighting the tears. I would always ask if he was ok and he’d just nod his head until he felt more composed and would rejoin the group.
Little guys these days…they make you laugh and feel more and more proud of them. I guess it was his way of learning to cope with things in his own way because his dad and I never tell him not to cry or to hide his emotions.

Maya on

I think somethings not right when a child as young as 2years old doesn`t cry when he feel like crying. Usually fighting back the tears doesnt begin until the child is around 4 years old after being told by grownups in daycare or kindergarten for years not to cry, that theres nothing to cry about. But even then this only goes for the little things, not the big ones. I guess its not until schoolage kids become really good at keeping their emotions in control. Its really sad when such a young child should feel embarrased by crying in front of others.

Ruthella on

My kids are the other way around; my boys have always given their little sister any toy she wanted because ‘she’s the baby’. But now the baby is two years old, they’re starting to grab it back! It’s good for her to learn to share though, and to learn that just because you’re the littlest, you don’t get everything you want! 🙂
There’s no fighting back the tears around here yet, my four year old REALLY lets loose when he’s upset and he doesn’t care who hears him! Luckily it’s not that often 😀

Alex on

Their kids are absolutely adorable! I wonder if they’ll have any more kids.

CelebBabyLover on

Alex- Tori has said that they’re planning on it…But not right away.