Seamus McDowell's First Premiere!

08/25/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
John Shearer/WireImage

Malcolm McDowell hit the premiere of his new horror film Halloween II with an unexpected guest — son Seamus Hudson, 8 months.

“He’s going to see his first movie tonight, poor thing,” Malcolm, 66, joked. ‘You think it’ll affect him for his whole life? Oh well.”

The actor explained that if he wanted to bring wife Kelley to the event, Seamus had to come too “because his food source is carrying him.”

Malcolm and Kelley are also parents to sons Finnian Anderson, 2 ½, and Beckett Taylor, 5 ½.

Additionally, Malcolm is dad to Charles Malcolm, 26, and Lily Amanda, 28, with ex-wife Mary Steenburgen.

Halloween II
hits theaters Friday.

Source: Press Association

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Amber on

Snuggles!!!! Oh my goodness, look at this beautiful baby boy! He looks like he has quite the personality. Love the little black t-shirt and jacket!

cathy b on

He is way too CUTE!! look at those cute shoes he has on, and I love that jacket as well!!

MamaC on

What a cutie! My son’s name is Seamus as well, so cool to see a celeb baby with the same name!

ErykaWynter on

That little boy is absolutely to-die-for!

dee on

That is a BEAUTIFUL baby. And I love his shoes!

Erin on

I love Malcolm as Terrance on Entourage, love how he goes at it with Ari! Seamus is adorable.

Jen Dc on

That is certainly daddy’s son! Seamus looks just like Malcolm.

Marilyn on

Is he saying Seamus is going to watch Halloween II? I hope not! Of course he wouldn’t pay much attention, but he could still see and hear some scary stuff if he was in the theater.

BWiley on

What a GORGEOUS baby!!!!!

Kristi on

He is too cute and I love the shoes

stacy on

Super cute little guy! I know it’s not my business, but I do feel sad for kids whose parents (the Father in this case) have the children when they are over 50. He’ll be 84 when he graduates college, and his dad may not be around much longer to enjoy that.

Victoria on

He is SO cute! Love his little shoes!

crimpe on

Ha!! LOVE this post! Everything about it! Malcolm’s comment is hilarious and spot on. Mom looks great. Dad looks happy. And that BABY!!! He is just the cutest thing I have seen in a loooong time. Doesn’t look like an old man or tiny adult, he looks like a fab chubby baby. Those eyes! Adorable outfit, check out the shoes! Oh this just really makes me smile.

Shaya on

His son is soooo cute. wow I didn’t know Malcom used to be married to Mary Steenburgen and I’m the go to girl for useless celebrity information. 😉 I loved her in the movie Parenthood and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Okay now that I look at that pic again I have to say his son is the most adorable baby boy I have seen. Who can resist those cheeks?!

me on

wow, he’s gorgeous! reminds me a little of Zuma+Henry Driver….CUUUUTE!!!

JMO on

My that is a cute baby!

I don’t think a premiere of any kind is necessary for a baby…but it’s not like the kid will have any idea what’s taking place…btw his little shirt is adorable!!

millikate on

I love their boys’ names.

mary on

Have food will travel! Haha on that note that baby is super cute:)

lace wigs on

how about that? 6 decades old and he’s still having children! congratulations!

missnorcal on

sometimes actors will bring their families with them to walk the red carpet and to go to the after parties…but they won’t actually watch the movie because it isn’t age appropriate…i think he just wanted to walk the press line with his wife and child because he loves them and is proud of them…that baby has the most beautiful face and i LOVE his shoes…

Whitney Sterk on

I love his shoes!

jen on

Honestly, one of the most beautiful little boys I have ever seen. He should be in ads!!

meghan on

What a beautiful boy! The perfect shirt for the occasion, too. Did you notice his shoes? They’re spectators, like what dapper gentlemen used to wear with their three-piece-suits! Too adorable!

Sarah M. on

Absolutely precious! I was wondering if anyone would bring up the age thing.

Twins-on-The-Way on

Where do i begin, its and interesting name, that’s for sure, but i am a bit unsure on how to say it! I am a little worried about their age… mostly, When Seamus is 20, and looking to bring home girls, and start a family of his own, Malcolm will be in his late 80’s. What about when Seamus, has children of his own, his parents wont be able to play with their grandchildren, It’s rather sad really! Sometimes, i just wish these celebrities would think about their child’s future before making the decision to have children so late in life. Nonetheless, his a beautiful baby!

Kait on

He’s such a beautiful little boy! Beautiful blue eyes and I love his hair color is the same as his skin tone. His shoes are precious and that shirt is so appropriate and cute on him!

Vanessa on

This baby is so cute!

kmb on

what a gorgeous baby!!!!

Sami on


Its pronounced ‘Shay-muss’. But say it a little faster that when you first read aloud.

I love the name.

CTBmom on

That is one gorgeous baby boy! I love the name Seamus….it’s a good Irish name.

CelebBabyLover on

Love Seamus’s outfit!

Kait on

Twins-On-The-Way, I am sure Malcolm thought of that before /he/ had children of his own. Maybe his parents passed away before their grandchildren were born. Not everyone can focus on that. Yes, I would personally love to have children before my parents pass away but not everyone can rely on that one thought as the whole decision for starting a family. Maybe he wasn’t well-balanced with a stable flow of income when he was in his twenties. At least he is old enough to provide for his family right now and I’m sure he’s a great father.

Sandra on

Definitely one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, he is so gorgeous. 🙂

I like the name Seamus.

meghan on

i’ll never get it through my head that alex from a clockwork orange has kids. and so many!

Rachel-Jane on

Yes, as Sami said it’s pronounced Shaymus. It’s an Irish Gaelic name, a version of James. Love it.

And little Seamus is absolutely adorable, his father’s image with those big eyes!

sam on

he’s the copy of his father and absolutely adorable 🙂

Karen on

Ok, one of the cutest celeb babies out there. What a doll!!

Ruthella on

Wow Seamus really looks like his dad! The double of him in fact! Very cute. Is his wife famous?
Each to their own, but I would hate to be doing the baby thing in my 50s/60s, for so many reasons. Still, Seamus is obviously a happy little guy and let’s hope he has many happy times to come with his parents 🙂

TMia on

Seamus is such a cutie!!! He’s definitely one of the cutest celeb babies!! Aww…I hope we get to see more pics of him.

Lola Marie on

Oh that baby is the cutest thing ever!

Wow I never knew he was married to Mary??? That is quite a age gap between his kids 🙂

I can relate to the age difference. My mother had my brother when I was 17…I’m 26 and he is 9 🙂

JM on

the name isn’t unusual at all. it’s a very common irish name, the irish version of James, so it’s only unusual to the extent that James is. i personally LOVE that name. i love lots of Irish names.
i do however tend to agree that there are more complication with parents who are SO old. but obviously it’s their decision, their business and nothing to do with me. so best of luck to them.

mims on

i couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but seamus’s face looks like matthew lillard (i remember him best as shaggy in the scooby doo movies and without a paddle) anyone else see that lol

Elisabeth on

Looks like he is wearing the PJ top from Gymboree
It comes in girls pink as well and glows in the dark :o)

Electra on

He definitely looks like his father. How handsome.

Shannon on

Oh my goodness, mims, you are so right!!! That is hilarious! What an adorable little boy. Perfect outfit for the occasion!

Kadi on

I don’t know who they are, but that little boy is cute!

CelebBabyLover on

Kait- Read the post carefully. He DID have kids when he was younger, with his ex-wife (his oldest is 28, so, if I’m doing the Math correctly, he was in his 30s when he first became a father.). 🙂

My guess is that, once he and his currently wife got together, they wanted to have baby together, which is completely understandable, IMO.

Lola- Don’t worry, I’m even worse. I don’t even know who Mary Steenburgen is (other than, thanks to this post, that she was once married to Malcolm)!

All of that said, I love how the way he incoperated his name into his eldest son’s. IMO, doing it the way he and Mary did (i.e., using the father’s first name as the baby’s middle name) is the best way to do it. That way, there’s no confusion because of having two people with the same name in the house, and the baby still has his own name as well. 🙂

Shelly on

Twins-on-the-way, Im Irish and Seamus is a very common name here. It is pronouced “Shay-mus” and it is the Irish version of the name James. Its more common in men over fourties now but very recently in Ireland theres been a growth of old Irish names becoming trendy as baby names for example Malachy, Seamus and Donnacha. Mind you that little boy could carry-off any name, he is absolutely beautiful!

natalie on

Oh wow, Alex de Large!! I don’t follow Entourage so I didn’t even know Malcolm was on that show but I gotta tell ya this – he still looks pretty good for being over 60!! And that little boy of his looks just like him, I bet he’s gonna be a real handsome kid one day.

I would looove to see pictures of their elder sons, I wonder if they favor their dad too?

CelebBabyLover on

Obviously I didn’t read the post very clearly, as, when I first read it, I thought Seamus was his only child with Kelley. I just now re-read the post…and discovered that they have two other sons together. I wonder if they will try for a girl?

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with little boys. Just wondering if either of them want a girl is all. 🙂

SofieBee on

Shelly, I know how to pronounce Seamus and Malachy (love Irish names) but I don’t know how to pronounce “Donnacha.” I could look it up online, but am too lazy to do so right now. Is that a boy’s name or girl’s name? I know you can’t phonetically sound it out like you do in American English…otherwise we would mispronounce “Siobhan” as “Cee-Oh-Ban” instead of the correct pronunciation of “Shiv-ON.”

SofieBee on

Well, Shelly, I looked it up anyway! Donnacha is pronounced DUN-a-kha and is the Irish form of Dennis. Little Seamus is gorgeous. He looks just like his father! And I didn’t realize Malcolm had been married to Mary Steenburgen, who is now married to Ted Danson.

Shelly on

SofieBee sorry for the delay!

Yes thats the correct pronunciation of Donnacha, its my brother in laws name, its a gorgeous boys name I think 🙂